KUSF In Exile 03.27.12 Noon-3 PM Carolyn

If anyone personifies the word 'maven' it's DJ Carolyn. Her impeccable
taste in punk, garage and rock has influenced Bay Area listeners for over
two decades. A listener passionately sent in, 'she has always been the
only DJ that matters. She finds music nobody else does, and it rocks!' Her
dedication to the local scene goes beyond spinning the latest indie disc
or old-school classic, to outright mentorship of fledgling talent. Catch
her weekly show... and you'll find out why, when it comes to Bay Area
rock, you've been served." -From SF Bay Guardian who awarded Carolyn as
2006's and 2008's Best DJ: Terrestrial Radio

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12:01PM Dead Boys "Sonic Reducer" from "Young, Loud and Snotty" (LP, 1977) on Rhino/Warner Bros.
12:04PM The Killjoys "Johnny Won't Go to Heaven" from "Raw Records - The Punk Singles Collection" (LP, 1977) on Anagram Records
12:07PM The Dictators "(I Live For) Cars And Girls" from "Go Girl Crazy!" (LP, 1975) on Epic
12:10PM Ambulance "IT'S ALL UP to YOU" from "It's All Up To You b/w I Remember" (7 Inch, 2011) on Sing Sing New
12:12PM Women In Prison "Circles & Circles" from "Strange Waves - Single" (7 Inch, 2011) on Hozac
12:15PM Roommates "Kelly, I'm Not A Creep" from "Winnifred EP" (7 Inch, 2012) on Slumberland (USA) New
12:17PM Dan Cunneen "THE ANSWER" from "The Answer b/w Shoot &Share! - Single" (7 Inch, Rock, 2011) on Rendezvous Recordings
12:20PM Cheap Time "Night To Night" from "Wallpaper Music" (LP, 2012) on In The Red (USA) New
12:26PM Teledrome "Replacements" from "Double Vision - EP" (7 Inch, 2012) on Hozac New
12:28PM Andy Human "Center of Gravity" from "Toy Man - Single" (7 Inch, 2011) on Tic Tac Totally
12:31PM Cowbones "New Girl" from "To Speed Shock Spoken - Irregular New Verb" (CD, 2011) on Ossatur New
12:39PM The Gordons "I Just Can't Stop" from "Time To Go - The Southern Psychedelic Moment: 1981-86" (LP, 2012) on Flying Nun (New Zealand) New
12:42PM The Sleaze "Retro sexy in blue" from "Called You Once" (7 Inch, 2011) on Total Punk
12:45PM Dead Farmers "Suns Of Thunder" from "Go Home" (LP, 2011) on RIP Society (Australia)
12:48PM Poppets "The Long Highway" from "The Long Highway b/w Heaven Only Knows" (7 Inch, 2011) on Ken Rock
12:50PM Muck and the Mires "King Of The Beat" from "A Cellar Full Of Muck" (CD, 2011) on Dirty Water
12:53PM Shitty Limits "Messin' With The Kid" from "Straight Forward b/w Messin' With The Kid" (7 Inch, 2011) on La Vida Es Un Mus Discos
12:54PM Total Control "Retiree" from "Henge Beat" (LP, 2011) on Iron Lung (US)
12:56PM The Swingers "Certain Sound" from "Certain Sound b/w Baby" (7 Inch, Rock, 1979) on Descabezados En Acapulco New
01:00PM Tav Falco's Panther Burns "Bourgeois Blues" from "Behind The Magnolia Curtain/ Blow Your Top" (CD, 2011) on Fat Possum New
01:06PM Wild Billy Childish and The Spartan Dreggs "Forensic R'n'B" from "Forensic R'N'B" (CD, 2011) on Damaged Goods
01:09PM Hammer Damage "Laugh" from "Automatic Lips b/w Laugh" (7 Inch, 2011) on Last Laugh Records
01:13PM Manic Depressives "Silence On the Radio" from "Manic Depressives and 0:30 Second Flash" (LP) on Rerun
01:15PM Punk On Mars "She's On the Radio" from "Hey! Tiffany - EP" (7 Inch, 2012) on Zoo Music New
01:21PM Pins of Light "No Way Home" from "II" (LP, 2012) on Alternative Tentacles (USA) Local, New
01:25PM Weekend "THE ONE YOU WANT" from "Red - EP" (LP, 2011) on Slumberland (USA)
01:29PM The Kinks "I AM FREE" from "United Kinksdom" (Rock, 1965) on Castle Music
01:32PM Lumerians "Dethray Bradbury" from "Burning Mirrors 7"" (7 Inch) on Rococo Local
01:35PM Iceage "White Rune" from "New Brigade" (LP, 2010) on Tambourhinoceros
01:37PM Lost Sounds "Plastic Skin" from "Lost Sounds - EP" (7 Inch, 2011) on Goner (USA) New
01:45PM Dávila 666 "Sera, Sera" from "Pa Que Vives - Single" (7 Inch, Rock, 2012) on Oops Baby Records New
01:49PM The Mind Spiders "Read Your Mind" from "The Mind Spiders" (LP, 2011) on Dirt Nap
12:51PM Yek Koo "Oh Woman" from "Alone Together #3" (7 Inch, 2011) on Emerald Cacoon (USA)
12:54PM Sic Alps "Breadhead" from "Breadhead - EP" (7 Inch, 2011) on Drag City (USA) Local
12:58PM Evans The Death "Telling Lies" from "Telling Lies - Single" (7 Inch, 2012) on Fortuna POP! New
02:02PM The Chrome Cranks "Lover Of The Bayou" from "Ain't No Lies In Blood" (CD, Rock, 2012) on Thick Syrup Records New
02:12PM Feedtime "Dead Crazy" from "Today Is Friday" (LP, 2012) on SS New
02:17PM Guided By Voices "Keep It In Motion" from "Keep It In Motion - Single" (7 Inch, 2012) on GBV Inc New
02:19PM John Wesley Coleman III "Virgin Mary Queen" from "The Last Donkey Show" (LP, 2012) on Goner (USA) New
02:22PM Gentleman Jesse "Eat Me Alive" from "Leaving Atlanta" (LP, 2012) on Douchemaster New
02:25PM The Blank Fight "This Bike + This Guitar" from "House Band Feud" (LP, 2008) on Silver Sprocket
02:28PM Bad Daddies "Sargent Shriver" from "split with White Fang" (7 Inch, 2012) on Finch Records New
02:29PM The Presence "Concrete/Metal" from "Meeting The Demand" (7 Inch)
02:31PM The Psychopaths "Till the Stroke of Dawn" from "Till The Stroke Of Dawn b/w" (7 Inch) on Mighty Mouth Music
02:34PM The Morning Shakes "I Wanna Get High" from "I Wanna Get High EP" (7 Inch, 1995) on Weed Honkey
02:37PM Thee Cormans "Cumin' N' Goin'" from "Biker Bitch b/w Cumin' N' Goin'" (7 Inch, 2012) on In The Red (USA) New
02:40PM The Wrong Words "i will change your mind" from "I Will Change Your Mind b/w How To Keep A Straight Face" (7 Inch, 2012) on Trouble In Mind (USA) Local
02:44PM Unsane "Ghost" from "Wreck" (LP, 2012) on Alternative Tentacles (USA) New
02:47PM The Reactions "Nights On End" from "Saturday's Gone Wild" (LP, 2012) on Cheap Rewards New
02:50PM White Fang "Chairman of the Bored" from "split with Bad Daddies" (7 Inch, 2012) on Finch Records New
02:53PM Kids Of Zoo "Blackscratch" from "Everything's Cool (Debut LP)" (LP, 2012) on Adagio
02:58PM Spider Fever "Whatcha Gonna Do" from "Whatcha Gonna Do - Single" (7 Inch, 2011) on Hozac

KUSF In Exile 03.27.12 9-Noon Radiodrome DJ Schmeejay

Visceral Cinematic Music

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David Sylvian & Holger Czukay "Premonition" from "Plight & Premonition" on Virgin
Ofra Haza "Im Nin'alu" from "Slow 45" on BMG Ariola (France)
Tom Carter "Monument 2" from "Monument" on kranky
Art Bears "In Two Minds" from "Hopes & Fears" on RE
Rob Reich "Invention No 6" from "The Balancing Act" on S/R -- JS Bach
Buffalo Bills Barbershop Quartet "A Cup Of Coffee, A Sandwich And You" from "Barber Shop!" on Columbia
Terry Riley "Descending Moonshine Dervishes" from "Riley: Descending Moonshine Dervishes" on Kuckuck Schallplatten
Robert Wyatt "Experiences No. 2" from "Jan Steele/John Cage: Voices and Instruments" on Antilles
Swingle Singers "The Cries of London" from "Berio" on Decca
Enya "Orinoco Flow" from "Slow 45" on Geffen
Mary Kay Cosmetics "Your Show" from "Demonstration Record" on MK
Greetje Kauffeld & Paul Kuhn "Junge Liebe im Mai" from "Single" on Columbia (Germany)
The Smoke "High In A Room" from "Das Chris Howland - Schlager Studio" on S*R International
Loggins & Messina "Keep Me in Mind" from "Mother Lode" on Columbia
George E. Lee And His Orchestra "Down Home Syncopated Blues" from "Territory Bands Vol 2" on Historical
Sparks "No More Mr Nice Guy" from "Slow 45" on Bearsville
Okkyung Lee "One Hundred Years Old Rain (The Same River Twice)" from "Noisy Love Songs" on Tzadik
Bielefelder Kinderchor "Was Fang Ich An" from "Single" on Electrola (Germany)
Sparks "Wonder Girl" from "Slow 45" on Bearsville
Es "She Puts Out the Fire In Her Heart With Her Tears" from "A Love Cycle" on Fonal
Alice Cooper "Only Women" from "Slow 45" on Atlantic
Mogollar "Katip Arzuhaum Yaz Yare Boyle" from "Mogollar" on Diskotur
Rick Wakeman "Jane Seymour" from "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" on A&M
Belle and Sebastian "The State I Am In" from "Tigermilk" on Matador
Cheap Trick "I Want You To Want Me" from "Slow 45" on Columbia
Lou Champagne "Machine Music" from "No Invisible Means"
Fehlfarben "Feuer an Bord" from "Single" on Electrola (Germany)
Eleanor Bodel "Att Le Mot Nagon" from "Single" on Electrola (Germany)
Killing Joke "Change" from "S/T" on EG

KUSF In Exile 03.27.12 6-9 AM DJ Stevil

6-9 am The Stevil show is a moody collage of music that soothes and attacks your senses every Tuesday morning from 6 to 9 a.m.  If music is the language of the heart, then the Stevil show is hieroglyphics on the caverns of the aorta.

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06:01AM Alpha "RAIN" from "Come from Heaven" (1997) on Virgin UK
06:06AM Carpenters "Rainy Days And Mondays" from "Carpenters: Gold - Greatest Hits" (Rock, 2000) on A&M Records
06:09AM Scott Walker "It's Raining Today" from "Scott 3" (1968) on Fontana
06:13AM Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "The Carny" from "Your Funeral... My Trial" (1986) on Mute Records
06:21AM Violent Femmes "It's Gonna Rain" from "Hallowed Ground" (1984) on Rhino/Slash
06:26AM Rank And File "Sound Of The Rain" from "The Slash Years" (Rock, 2004) on Rhino/Slash
06:31AM Anduin "A Light In The Darkness" from "Abandoned In Sleep" (2009) on SMTG Limited
06:37AM Dan Deacon "Woody Woodpecker" from "Spiderman Of The Rings" (2007) on Mistletone Records
06:40AM AFX "Wabby Legs" from "Hangable Auto Bulb" (1995) on Warp Records
06:46AM Kill Memory Crash "PUSH" from "American Automatic" (2005) on Ghostly International
06:51AM Thee Oh Sees "I Won't Hurt You" from "Castlemania" (LP, 2011) on In The Red (USA)
06:53AM King Khan & The Shrines "(How Can I Keep You) Outta Harms Way" from "What Is?!" (CD, Album, Private, 2007) on Hazelwood Vinyl Plastics
06:56AM 13th Floor Elevators "Fire Engine" from "Psychedelic Circus" (Rock, 2009) on Retroworld
07:00AM Sand Blasters "Water Gunn" from "Space Bar-B-Q" (1996) on Mostly Harmless Music
07:06AM Charlotte Gainsbourg "OUT OF TOUCH" from "Stage Whisper" (CD, 2011) on Because Music
07:10AM Dengue Fever "Flowers" from "Dengue Fever" (MP3, Album, Private, 2003) on Mimicry
07:14AM Black Flag "Three Nights" from "My War" (Rock, 1983) on SST Records
07:21AM Samara Lubelski "Walking In the Waves" from "Future Slip" (2009) on ecstatic peace
07:24AM Oscar Brown Jr. "But I Was Cool" from "Sin & Soul" (Jazz, 1996) on Hallmark
07:27AM The Four King Cousins "The Girl's in Love With You" from "Introducing The Four King Cousins"
07:30AM Laika & The Cosmonauts "Psyko" from "Cosmopolis 1988-2008" (2008) on Grand Pop
07:32AM THE SPITS "DROP OUT" from "19 Million Ac" (Rock, 2008) on thriftstore records
07:37AM Nikki Sudden "Beethoven's Ring" from "Groove / Crown of Thorns" (2002) on Secretly Canadian
07:42AM Degenerate Art Ensemble "ABACADEF" from "Cuckoo Crow" (Jazz, 2007) on Tellous
07:48AM Excuse 17 "Forever Fired" from "Such Friends Are Dangerous" (Rock, 1995) on Kill Rock Stars
07:51AM Times New Viking "These Days" from "Born Again Revisited" (2009) on Matador (USA)
07:54AM The Golden Ring "Hey Girls" from "Iranian Styled 60's Guitar"
07:56AM Wounded Lion "Hunan Province" from "Wounded Lion" (2010) on In The Red (USA)
07:59AM BIRDS OF PREY "The Owl Closes In" from "The Hellpreacher" (Rock, 2009) on Relapse Records
08:01AM Captain Sensible "Glad It's All Over" from "Generation Underground" (Rock, 2011) on Mixed Repertoire
08:09AM Death In June "Break The Black Ice" from "The World That Summer" (Rock, 1986) on NER
08:13AM Ava Mendoza "I'm So Tired, I'm So Glad" from "Shadow Stories" (2010) on Resipiscent (USA)
08:15AM KABLE "Woopsy" from "The Hand" (Rock, 2011) on Deep Dot (USA)
08:17AM Busdriver "Less Yes's, More No's" from "RoadKillOvercoat" (CD, Album, Private, 2006) on Epitaph
08:21AM Grampall Jookabox "Let's Go Mad Together" from "Ropechain" (2008) on Asthmatic Kitty
08:25AM Helen Kane "My Man Is On The Make" from "The 'Boop-Boop-A-Doop' Girl" (2009) on Delta
08:27AM Impediments "You Want a Square" from "Impediments" (Rock, 2009) on Happy Parts
08:31AM 999 "High Energy Plan" from "Separates" (2009) on EMI UK
08:36AM Graham Repulski "Burnt Bootleg Antiquity" from "Into An Animal Together" (Rock, 2011) on Shorter Recordings
08:38AM Slumber Party "SO SICK" from "Musik" (2006) on Kill Rock Stars
08:41AM The 4 Instants "Caravan" from "Discotheque"
08:46AM Velvet Underground "FEMME FATALE" from "GOLD" (CD, Album, Private, 1996) on Polydor
08:49AM William Parker's Organ Quartet "Document for LJ" from "Uncle Joe's Spirit House" (2010) on Centering

KUSF In Exile 03.26.12 11-Midnight Room For Four DJ M Theo

Before there were recordings, music at home meant playing the piano; and before the inexpensive mass-produced piano, music at home meant gathering to play instruments together. With focus on the quartet, /Room for four/ explores the music that was written not primarily to be performed for an audience, but to be /played/ – for the players’ own enjoyment.

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KUSF In Exile 03.26.12 10-11 PM Jazz On The Cusp DJ Doctor Jekkyll

For over a century, jazz music has continued to be a living, breathing entity. To date, the music itself has defended itself admirably against those self-appointed guardians of last year's blues who would compartmentalize jazz as swing, bebop, cool, avant-garde, etc. Rather than hearing jazz as a sequence of separate styles, it is important to hear its continuity across time. Jazz is always on the cusp, always searching, always ready to incorporate a new discovery into the body of work that preceded it. There is no radical break between swing and bebop, between bebop and cool, between the early New Orleans styles and the avant-garde group improvisations of the 1960s. The music exists on a continuum.


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KUSF In Exile 03.26.12 8-9 PM Polka Fetish DJ Jacob

Polka Fetish is a weekly 30-minute blast of polka music brought to you by djs Schmeejay, Cactus, Jacob, and Masha. Polka from all over the world is presented with all the gemutlichkeit we can muster.

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Polka Fetish 2012 March 26
hosted by Jacob

Lawrence Duchow and his Red Raven Inn Orchestra, "Cinderella Polka" [RCA Victor]
Don Peachy and His Orchestra, "No No Polka" [Cadet]
Romy Gosz, "Loudmouth Polka" [Polkaland, 1960]
Li'l Wally and The Harmony Boys, "You Are My Sweetheart Now" [Jay Jay]

Johnny Pecon and His Orchestra, "Oh Johnny, Johnny, Play Hootenanny - Polka" [Dana, 1946]
The Mulcays and their Electric Harmonicas, "Beer Barrel Polka" [Cardinal]
Ampolaires Orch., "Old Timer's Polka" [Jay Jay]
Elmer Scheid & His Band, "Under the Double Eagle" [Pleasant Peasant]
The Naturals, "Get Happy Polka" [Chicago Polkas]
Dick Rodgers and His Orchestra, "Dancing Fingers Polka" [Polkaland]
Ed Kenney's Old Timers, "Musicians Come and Play (Polkas)" [Ole Tyme Jamboree]

Six Fat Dutchmen, "Swiss Waltz" [Dot]
Dick Pitlik and His Orchestra, "Starodavna Sousedska" [Balkan International]
Romy Gosz, "Let's Get Together Waltz" [Polkaland]
Cousin Fuzzy and His Cousins, "Lonesome for You Annabelle" [Pop/Polkaland]
Bernie Roberts and His Orchestra, "All I Want Is You" [Pageant]
Myron Floren and His Accordion, "Put Your Little Foot" [Coral]

Frank Yankovic Orchestra, "My Honey Polka" [Buckingham]
T-Bones, "City Hall Polka" [Cuca]
Frank Hermanek and the Melody Men Polka Band, "Arise My Darling Polka" [Artists' Life]

Eddie Blatnicks Polka Pals, "I Can't Stop Doin' the Polka" [Jay Jay]
Verne Meisner, "Clap and Turn" [Cuca]
The Scandinavian Boy's Orchestra, "Röjan Polka," Scandinavian Dance Music [Scandinavian Music Company/Harmony Music, 1948]

KUSF In Exile 03.26.12 7-8 PM Fembot and Friends

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KUSF In Exile 03.26.12 3-6 PM DJ Blue Lew and DJ AJ Curtis

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KUSF In Exile 03.25.12 Noon-3 PM DJ Miranda and Chris Fish

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12:11PM Deerhunter "He Would Have Laughed" from "Halcyon Digest" (MP3, Single, Private, 2010) on 4AD
12:18PM No Age "Losing Feeling" from "Losing Feeling EP" (2009) on Sub Pop Records
12:22PM Yo La Tengo "Flying Lesson (Hot Chicken #1)" from "Electr-O-Pura"
12:25PM Spiritualized "ELECTRICITY" from "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space" (Rock, 1997) on Dedicated
12:29PM The Men "OPEN YOUR HEART" from "Open Your Heart" (2012) on Sacred Bones Records (USA)
12:33PM Suicide "Ghost Rider" from "Suicide" (LP, Album, Private, 1977) on Red Star
12:35PM Handsome Furs "Officer of Hearts" from "Face Control" (CD, Album, Private, 2009) on Sub Pop Records
12:41PM Gogol Bordello "MaLa Vida" from "East Infection" (CD, Album, 2005) on Tee Pee Records
12:44PM New Order "Leave Me Alone" from "Power, Corruption, & Lies"
01:11PM The National "Bloodbuzz Ohio" from "High Violet" (CD, Album, Rock, 2010) on 4AD
01:16PM The Smashing Pumpkins "Cherub Rock" from "single"
01:19PM The Smiths "Jeane" from "7""
01:22PM Spoon "All the Pretty Girls Go to the City" from "Kill the Moonlight" (LP, Album, Private, 2002) on Merge Records
01:25PM Sebadoh "Telecosmic Alchemy" from "Bubble and Scrape" (2008) on Domino Recording Co. LTD
01:27PM Lou Reed "VICIOUS" from "Transformer" (CD, Album, Rock, 2002) on RCA (USA)
01:30PM Girls "Vomit" from "Father, Son, Holy Ghost" (Rock, 2011) on YOSHIMOTO R and C CO.,LTD.
01:36PM The Go-Betweens "KAREN" from "78' Til 70 the Lost Album" (CD, 2008) on The Go-Betweens
01:41PM Bongwater "Bullaby" from "Box of Bongwater"
01:44PM Desmond Dekker "Shanty Town" from "the Harder they come" (LP, Album, Private, 1973) on Mango
01:47PM Man Or Astronaut "space alphabet" from "Experiment Zero"
01:50PM Crystal Stilts "Sycamore Tree" from "In Love With Oblivion" (CD, 2011) on Fortuna POP!
01:55PM Rolling Stones "Monkey Man" from "Let It Bleed" (CD, Album, Rock, 1986) on abkco Records and Music
01:58PM Rowland S. Howard "(I Know) A Girl Called Jonny" from "Pop Crimes" (Rock, 2009) on Liberation Music
02:02PM Rocket From The Crypt "Short Lip Fuser" from "Circa: Now!" (1993) on Interscope
02:06PM Dávila 666 "Los Cruces" from "Tan Bajo" (LP, 2011) on In The Red (USA)
02:10PM A Place To Bury Strangers "I Lost You" from "Onwards to the Wall EP" (2011) on Dead Oceans
02:13PM Melted Toys "COME ON" from "Washed & Dried EP" (2011) on Underwater Peoples Records
02:17PM Modern English "Black Houses" from "The Best of Modern English - Life In the Gladhouse 1980-1984" (2000) on 4AD
02:23PM Talking Heads "Heaven" from "fear of music" (LP, Album, Private, 1979) on Sire
02:26PM Reading Rainbow "WASTING TIME" from "Prism Eyes" (2010) on Hozac
02:30PM Scratch Acid "She Said" from "The Greatest Gift" (CD, Album, Private, 1990) on Touch and Go Records
02:32PM Bette Midler "FRIENDS" from "The Divine Miss M" (2005) on Rhino Atlantic
02:35PM Cibo Matto "Know Your Chicken" from "Viva! La Woman" (Rock, 1996) on Rhino/Warner Bros.
02:40PM Jaill "Beggar Sincere" from "There's No Sky (Oh My My)" (2010) on Decorated Records/Burger Records
02:42PM Of Montreal "Oslo In the Summertime" from "The Sunlandic Twins" (Rock, 2005) on Polyvinyl Records

KUSF In Exile 03.26.12 9-Noon Permamelt DJ Nathalie

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09:00AM Dub Syndicate "The Show Is Coming" from "Tunes from the missing chanel" (LP) on on u sound
09:03AM New Order "Blue Monday" from "Blue Monday - Single" (1983) on Rhino/Warner Bros.
09:10AM micheline Presle "jeunes filles en detresse" from "jeunes filles en detresse" (Single)
09:13AM micheline Presle "les impures" from "les impures" (Single)
09:16AM FRANK SINATRA "THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT" from "The Best Of The Best" (CD, Album, Jazz, 2011) on EMI (Reprise Records & Capitol Records)
09:19AM Josie Cotton "Johnny Are You Queer" from "Johnny Are You Queer? - The EP" (2011) on Scruffy Records
09:22AM Marc Bolan & T. Rex "20TH CENTURY BOY" from "best of"
09:25AM Ken Nordine "flesh" from "Colors" (CD, Album, Private, 1995) on Asphodel
09:28AM The Sweethearts "beauty is just skin deep" from "beauty is just skin deep" (Single)
09:31AM The Crystals "He's A Rebel" from "He's A Rebel" (Single)
09:34AM James Brown "signed, sealed and delivered" from "Prisoner Of Love" (Other, Single, Private, 1963) on King
09:37AM Michel Colombier "Frere Convers" from "Capot pointu" (1997) on Mam Productions
09:40AM Jon & Robin "You Got Style" from "elastic event"
09:43AM Alain Bashung "J'sors avec ma frangine" from "Pizza" (1989) on Universal Music Division Barclay
09:46AM Albin de la Simone "comme les pièces d'un puzzle" from "Le soldat rose"
09:49AM Dara Puspita "Musafir Cinta (The Love Traveler)" from "1966-1968"
09:52AM Au Pairs "It's Obvious" from "Playing with a different sex" (LP, 1981)
09:55AM Daft Punk "Around the World / Harder Better Faster Stronger (Live)" from "Alive 2007 (Live) [Deluxe Edition]" (2007) on EMI France
10:00AM Pierre Henry "Psyche Rock" from "Messe Pour Le Temps Present" (1996) on Universal Music Division Classics Jazz
10:03AM Psychic TV & PTV3 "Boys Are Girls and Girls Are Boys" from "silver monk time"
10:06AM The Birthday Party "Zoo Music Girl" from "prayers on fire"
10:09AM Blur "Girls & Boys" from "Parklife" (CD, Album, Rock, 1994) on EMI UK
10:14AM Iggy pop and james williamson "Consolation Prizes" from "kill city" (LP) on bomp
10:17AM New York Dolls "Persona;ity Crisis" from "New York Dolls" (LP, Album, Rock, 1973) on Island Def Jam
10:20AM Carmen Miranda "Mama Eu Quero" from "Carmen Miranda" (World, 2008) on 3 Moon Records
10:23AM Janet Mansfield "that makes it" from "divas exotica"
10:26AM The Chiffons "When The Boy's Happy (The Girl's Happy Too)" from "doo-land, doo-lang, doo-lang"
10:29AM Catherine Deneuve "lady from amsterdam" from "lady from amsterdam" (Single)
10:32AM Yello "SWING" from "Yello 1980-1985 - The New Mix in One Go (Remixes)" (1984) on Universal Music Domestic Pop
10:35AM Grace Jones "LA VIE EN ROSE" from "LA VIE EN ROSE" (Single)
10:38AM Léo Ferre "c'est extra" from "c'est extra" (Single)
10:41AM Michel Polnareff "Sous quelle etoile suis-je né ?" from "Love Me Please Love Me" (1997) on Polydor
10:45AM Señor Coconut Y Su Conjunto "tour de france" from "El Baile Aleman" (CD, Album, Private, 2000) on Emperor Norton
10:48AM Prince and The Revolution "LET'S GO CRAZY" from "Purple Rain" (LP, Album, Private, 1990) on rhino warner bros
10:51AM The Cramps "you got good taste" from "smell of female" (LP) on big beat
10:54AM Magnetic Fields "The Dada Polka" from "REALism" (CD, Album, Rock, 2010) on Nonesuch
10:57AM Morrissey "Hairdresser On Fire" from "bona drag"
11:00AM The Residents and Renaldo & the Loaf "the sailor song" from "title in limbo" (LP) on ralph
11:03AM Ana karina "ma ligne de chance" from "Pierrot le fou soundtrack"
11:06AM Jean-Paul Gaultier "How to do that" from "How to do that" (Single)
11:09AM Melba Moore "The Magic Touch" from "the magic touch" (LP) on kent
11:12AM Peaches "RELAX" from "I Feel Cream" (2009) on XL
11:15AM Marlene Dietrich "honeysuckle rose" from "the best"
11:18AM micheline Presle "les impures" from "les impures" (Single)

KUSF In Exile 03.25.12 3-6 AM DJ Battleax

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KUSF In Exile 03.25.12 10-Midnight The Soul Shakedown DJ Terry Dactyl

iPhone and iPad Player

Carla Thomas – B-A-B-Y

The Dixie Cups – People say

The Marvalettes – I want a guy

Denise Keeble – Love school

Betty Wright – Clean up woman

Katie Webster – Hell or high water

The Dells – Show me

Shirley and Company – Shame shame shame

James Brown – The chicken


Joe Simon – Drowning in the sea of love

Soulville Allstars – Nothing in this world matters (to me but you)

Ural Thomas – Pain is the name of your game

Lee Fields – You’re the kind of girl

Michael Jackson – I was made to love her

Marlena Shaw – California soul

OC Tolbert – You got me turned around


Phil Phillips – Evil dope

Harlem Underground Band – Fed up

Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings - Loner and stronger

Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings - He said I can

Camille Yarbrough- All hid

Betty Davis – Anti love song

Joe ‘Groundhog’ Richardson- Take it off


Otis Redding and Carla Thomas – Tramp

Wilson Pickett – Get me back on time Engine Number 9 parts 1 and 2

The Swordsmen - Hip thang

Sons of Slum – Right on

King Floyd – Everybody needs somebody

The Temptations – I got to find a way (to get you back)

KUSF In Exile 03.25.12 8-10 PM The Cotton Exchange DJ David Katznelson

Blues like you want to hear....


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This weeks Cotton Exchange features folk yeah’s Britt Govea, playing some of his favorite blues

I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water-Reuben Chinnery
Blues #2-Belton Sutherland
Evil Devil Woman Blues-Joe McCoy
I Am In That Heavenly Way-Bukka White
Need More Power-Carrie Robinson
My Gone Home-Sonny Terry/J C Burris/Sticks McGhee
Vernita Blues-Sleepy John Estes
Broke and Hungry Ragged and Dirty Too-Sleepy John Estes
Pootnang Little, Poontang Small-Jimmie Strothers
A jam by the Black Ace
Charley (take 1)-Lil Son Jackson
Charley (take 2)-Lil Son Jackson
Hound Dog-Big Mama Thorton

Britt Govea Set
Wade In The Water-Bob Dylan
I Know I’ve Been Changed-Victory Travelers
See That My Grave Is Kept Clean-Blind Lemon Jefferson
The Train I Ride-Mississippi Fred McDowell
Bottle Up And Go-Snooks Eaglin
Blues Run The Game-Jackson C Frank
Memphis, TN-Sandy Bull
Dissatisfied Blues-Bert Jansch
Lungs-Townes Van Zandt
Because Of Your Eyes-Bonnie Prince Billy
Lonesome Road-Josh White
No, No No I Won’t Come (Go) Down No More-Michael Hurley
Preachin’ The Blues take 2-Son House
Dark Night Of The Soul-David Lynch, Sparklehorse, Dangermouse

I Asked Her If She Loved Me-Henry Townsend

KUSF In Exile 03.25.12 6-8 PM Spotlight Wall Of Sound Phil Spector DJ Andre

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Pretty Little Angel Eyes- Curtis Lee
Spanish Harlem- Ben E. King
I Can't Make It on Time-The Ramones

I'll Never Need More Than This-Ike & Tina Turner
He's A Rebel- The Crystals (Darlene Love)
Be My Baby- The Ronettes
River Deep Mountain High- Ike & Tina Turner
Bony Maronie- John Lennon

Isn't It a Pity- George Harrison
Ebb Tide- The Righteous Brothers
Baby I Love You- The Ramones
How Does It Feel?- The Ronettes
Da Doo Ron Ron- The Crystals
Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah- Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans
Puddin 'N' Tain- The Alley Cats

Try Some Buy Some- Ronnie Spector
Just Because- John Lennon
I Me Mine- The Beatles
I Love How You Love Me- The Paris Sisters
You Came, You Saw, You Conquered- The Ronettes
And Then He Kissed Me- The Crystals
Hold On Baby- Ike & Tina Turner

Walking In The Rain- The Ronettes
Chapel of Love- Darlene Love
Sweet Little 16- John Lennon
Uptown- The Crystals
Do You Remember Rock N' Roll Radio- The Ramones
Let It Down- George Harrison

To Know Him Is To Love Him- The Teddy Bears
Young Boy Blues- Ben E. King

KUSF In Exile 03.25.12 3-4 PM Doppia Fila

Doppia Fila: Italian Music and Culture around the Bay
Beppe Circana

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KUSF In Exile 03.25.12 1-3 PM Liquid Konspiracy DJ Phenix Catsinger

An incendiary journey into the kool depths of humanity's collective unconscious like sol blending lights 'round planets of discontent'. A red glare of bubbling eclectic esoteric over ground soundscapes...

DJ's: Emerald Koolant and Phoenix Catsinger

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KUSF In Exile 03.25.12 10-1130 The Consortionist

Music with a Medieval Classical Twist

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KUSF In Exile 03.25.12 8-10 AM Whiskey Before Breakfast DJ Richard White

A two hour set of Folk, Acoustic, Flat Picking, Traditional, Bluegrass, Contemporary, and everything else related with waking up in a relaxed way to get the Sunday started off. Originally a radio show that was on WKSU, with Kerry Blech in the 70's, which led to the Folk Alley that we hear now.

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Mr. Fox "The Gypsy" (1971)
Jack Rose "Yaman Blues" (2004)
Jozef van Wissem "Ex Patris" (2010)

James Blackshaw "The Broken Hourglass" (2008)
Helena Espvall "Home Of Shadows And Whirlwinds" (2008)
Steve Gunn & John Truscinski "Wythe Raag" (2010)

Peter Lang "Future Shot At The Rainbow" (2006)
John Fahey "What The Sun Said" (1965)

Anne Briggs "Young Tambling" (1971)
Tim Buckley "Gypsy Woman" (1969)

Tim Buckley "Sing A Song For You" (1969)

KUSF In Exile 03.25.12 2-8 AM Rampage Radio DJ The Last Angry Manny

RAMPAGE RADIO is a 6 hour Heavy Metal radio show founded by Howie Klein, Ian Kallen & Ron Quintana which aired on KUSF 90.3 FM in San Francisco every weekend from March 6,  1982 until January 16, 2011 and continues to appear weekly on KUSF In Exile. The early years of Rampage featured the heaviest bands from the UK NWOBHM scene, Europe & the worldwide metal underground along with classic '70s bands and the roots of metal going back to the late '60s. Legendary artists such as Mercyful Fate, Yngwie Malmsteen & Metallica sent demo tapes to Rampage in the early '80s, receiving their first airplay on this show when no one else was willing to take a chance, and we are proud to have introduced listeners to every new worthy development in metal that has emerged over the last 30 years. Rampage Radio is now into it's 4th decade of weekly broadcasts and we continue to play non-commercial metal to an enthusiastic worldwide audience.

1st Three Hours

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2nd Three Hours

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ACCEPT-Fast As A Shark
NIEFELHIEM-Servants Of Darkness
THIN LIZZY-Thunder And Lighting
INSANITY-Vision Of The Apocalypse
NILE-Smashing The Antiu
HIRAX-New Age Of Terror

HELL FIRE- Recorded Live @ the SUB/Mission SF 3-23-2012 and Re-Broadcast
-Metal Masses
-Let It Roll
-Escape Purgatory

DEICIDE-The Lords of Sedition
STRYPER-Soldiers Under Command
BOLT THROWER-Return From Chaos

VAN HALEN-Feel Your Love Tonight
KISS-I Was Made For Loving You Baby
OLD GRANDAD-Your Guts On Rye
FEAR-I Don't Care About You
CANNABIS CORPSE-Gallery Of Stupid High

-2 Minutes To Midnight
ACCEPT-Up The Limit
BAD BRAINS-She's Calling You
TENACIOUS D-The Metal Live
EXODUS-Metal Command
THE WHO-Happy Jack
-I'm A Boy

CELTIC FROST-Os Abysmi Vel Daath
BEWITCHED-Under Satan's Spell
SLAYER-Alter of Sacrifice

KUSF In Exile 03.25.12 1-2 AM Swamphell DJ Swamplord

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Intro: Nokturnal Mortum - Tears of Paganism
Varg - Zeichen Der Zeit
Natural Spirit - Гайдамаки [Haidamakas]
Catamenia - Coldbound
Adorned Brood - Bless Our Warriors
Valknacht - Balder's Rebirth
Cadacross - Wreath of the Seven Stars
Shangren - The Battle of Water and Fire
Valtari - The Final Call
Skyfire - Shadow Creator

Hello all! My name is Andrew Noerr, and I am a DJ here on KUSF in Exile. I am a freshman at the University of San Francisco, and I have always been interested in radio/TV broadcasting. Because of that, I chose to be a media studies major. Music and sports are my main interests, and music is what I am pursuing on the radio side.

I have a show on KUSF in Exile titled "Swamphell", and my name on the air is DJ Swamplord. The show airs from 1-2 a.m. late Saturday nights/Sunday mornings, and it actually is a very intense heavy metal show! I feel that it works well airing right before the famous Rampage Radio show that airs from 2-8 a.m. My focus is to shed light on the many great foreign bands on the metal scene, which also means that I will not be playing many bands from the United States. The genres that I play are 50% folk metal and 50% a combination of black and death metal. A fun thing I do for this show is that I am willing to play metal from all around the world, as metal is actually a very prevalent genre of music in many areas. One can realize this if they tune in to my show, so support me and give this a chance! Thanks for all the support!

KUSF In Exile 03.24 11-1 AM PM Saturday Night Rockers English Pound Radio

From Kingston to London and beyond … jammin’ reggae radio
Bob Loney (the Humble Lion) Colin Broomfield (Brixton Hitman) English Pound radio


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KUSF in Exile 03.24.12 430 to 5 PM Samedi Culture

Cultural News and Music from the French Speaking Community. Featuring interviews with French speaking personalities, special guests, and new music. Broadcast in French, hosted by the French Cultural Services; this program is sponsored by the French American Cultural Society.


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KUSF In Exile 03.24.12 4-430 PM The Pastor Tom Show

The Pastor Tom Show

Personal Growth and development specialist Dr. Tom Polcari brings aboard topics that are too hot to handle by other stations. Regular listeners weekly come from every age, sex, and ethnic background. The music will consistently surprise and delight. Producer and host, Dr. Tom Polcari.

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