KUSF 03.23.10 3-6 AM Box Of Records DJ Pete Accident

the grateful dead -- dark star

burton greene -- bloom in the commune
personal and the pizzas -- i can read
pierced arrows -- coming down to earth
the electric bunnies -- sailing all alone tonight

foxy -- tena's song
bobby womack -- across 110th street
steely dan -- the fez

dynamite singletary -- super good
james blood ulmer -- jazz is the teacher, funk is the preacher
sparky rucker -- cold and lonesome on a train
robert wyatt -- sea song

henry's dress -- definitely nothing
devendra banhart -- tick eats the olive/roots
dieter moebius -- temperate
erdman/ito -- the coach with six insides (excerpt)
alpha beta -- astral abuse
home and garden -- big winter

the dead c -- mansions

richard and linda thompson -- night comes in
the art museums -- we can't handle it
ty segall -- caesar
nothing people -- in the city
the chills -- never never go

lord composer -- hill and gully ride
lonnie johnson -- uncle ned don't use your head
rev. anderson johnson -- if i could hear my mother pray again
parva -- mosem-e gol
african head charge -- primitive
the upsetters -- tidal wave

celio balona -- tema de batman
jonas reinhardt -- mumma deed family clone
guided by voices -- watch me jumpstart
butterglory -- trapped

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KUSF 03.23.10 Midnight-3 AM DJ Sky

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

KUSF 03.22.10 11-Midnight Guitar Journeys DJ Teja Gerken

KUSF 03.22.10 10-11 PM Classics Without Walls DJ M Theo

KUSF 03.22.10 9-10 PM Ragtime Machine DJ David Reffkin