KUSF In Exile 06.02.12 9-10 AM Poet As Radio

POET AS RADIO is a new, weekly program on KUSF In Exile, airing Saturdays from 9am to 10am at www.savekusf.org. Jack Spicer said that the poet is not a creator, but a conduit, getting messages from an undefinable source to form the poem. He thought of a poet as a radio, broadcasting words. We like to think of POET AS RADIO as an opportunity for writers to broadcast their words as well.


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KUSF In Exile 06.02.12 Midnight-3 AM Time Warp DJ Geo Baha

An eclectic warp through time, encompassing the best on and off the charts sounds. From the present to the far past and back again. Take the journey with us!

Producer, Bodacious Brenda
Hosts, JD Smith, Sneeze Limbo, Eli Moss, The Owl, The Heat, Prem, Bodacious Brenda, and Amper Dan.

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KUSF In Exile 06.01.12 10-12 AM The Friday Night Session

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Jesse Futerman - Yusef feat. Milo of Sibian & Faun (Jus Like Music)
Just Friends - Avalanche (Clown and Sunset)
Face + Heel - Dragging Your Chains (Warm)
Jonti - By This Shore (Stones Throw) Sine & Moon (The Album) 1
Jed and Lucia - Smoke SIgnals (Ubiquity)
Pavla & Noura - Don't Owe Me a Thing (Clown and Sunset)
Major Lazer - Get Free (Downtown Music)
Cocoe Rosie - We Are On Fire (Touch and Go)
Debruit - The Day I Lost My Funk (Civil Music)
2562 - Jerash Hekwerken (When In Doubt)
Pavla & Noura - Siblings Music (Clown and Sunset)
Bukky Leo & Black Egypt Skeleton (Gilles Peterson Beach Mix) (Agogo)
Bjorn Torske .- Langt Fra Afrika (Todd Terje Remix) (Smalltown Supersound)
Drumagick - Brazilian Parade (Tru Thoughts) Summer Samba Club EP
Dalua & Mestre Maurao - Carreira (Drumagick's Extended Running Mix) (Tru Thoughts)
Stéphane Vera - Peppermint Funk (Si Begg's Astral Funk Remix) (Nice and Smooth)
Michael Kiwanuka - Rest (Universal)
Max - cant keep living this way (download)
One Little Plane - She Was Out In The Water (Text)
Samuel Yirga - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (Real World)
Homecut - No Freedom Without Sacrifice (Blue Daisy's In Memory Of Remix) (First Word)
Sweatson Klank - I Can't Explain (Project Mooncircle)
James & Evander - CTSOF (Velvet Blue)
forlove - city limits (download)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Ffunny Ffriends (Nirobi Edit) (download)
The Shaolin Afronauts - Brooklyn (freestyle)
headshotboyz - Friendly Kind Encounters (download)

The Friday Night Session is a Bay Area institution with a loyal following both locally and worldwide. Playing a consistantly vibrant selection of electronic music the show jumps the lines between contemporary and vintage sounds from around the globe. Co-hosts Tomas and Cez join Andrew Jervis in a weekly adventure into the world of house, hip hop, down-tempo, dubstep, disco, soul, jazz, rare groove, dub, Afrobeat, Brazilian, funk, and psych between 10 p.m. and 12 midnight on Fridays. The show often features exclusive unreleased cuts, DJ mixes from around the world, guests and ticket giveaways to local events. Established in 1996 by Andrew Jervis (Ubiquity Records), it was the radio first show in the Bay Area to play acts like Massive Attack and Portishead. Over the years guests on the show have included BBC DJ Gilles Peterson, Kruder and Dorfmeister, 4Hero, TM Juke, Alice Russell, Spiritual South, Kirk Degiorgio, Koop, Vadim, Windsurf, Jimpster, Fauna Flash, Skylab, King Britt, Nobukazu Takemura and Tim “Love” Lee. The show continues to support local and international genre-busting artists

www.popyourfunk.com | www.fridaynightsession.com

KUSF In Exile 06.01.12 930-10 PM Shoestring Radio Theatre

Shoestring Radio Theatre was founded in 1988 by its producer, San Francisco writer Monica Sullivan.  The independent company specializes in producing original works by gifted contemporary artists as well as new adaptations of traditional favorites (www.shoestring.org).  In 1998, Monica Sullivan and Shoestring Radio Theatre received a Certificate of Merit for Radio Drama Production from the National Federation Of Community Broadcasters Golden Reel Awards.


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KUSF In Exile 06.01.12 9-930 PM Movie Magazine

Movie Magazine International provides an entertaining and informative look at the Bay area film scene.  It offers in-depth reviews of new features, reports on older re-discovered treasures, & interviews with the men & women behind the cameras.  (www.shoestring.org)  Producer Monica Sullivan is the author of “Videohound's Independent Film Guide”, First and Second Editions.


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KUSF in Exile 06.01.12 7-8 PM Mad River Band The set of DJ Archie Patterson


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Artist Track title + Time Label Country

Mad River A Gazelle 2:40 Big Beat UK

Mad River Orange Fire 3:30 Big Beat UK

DJ-A voix1 1:28

Mad River Merciful Monks 3:44 Edsel UK

Mad River Eastern Light 8:07 Edsel UK

Mad River Wind Chimes 7:18 Edsel UK

Mad River War Goes On 12:43 Edsel UK

DJ-A voix2 1:23

Mad River Paradise Bar & Grill 3:37 Capitol USA

Mad River Leave Me/ Stay 7:10 Capitol USA

Mad River Cherokee Queen 4:08 Capitol USA

DJ-A voix3 1:26

Richard Brautigan Telephone Door 0:52 Collectors Choice USA

Richard Brautigan In Watermelon Sugar 2:22 Collectors Choice USA

Mad River w/ RB Love is Not the Way to Treat a Friend 1:59 Capitol USA

Total Time 62:24

After doing various radio Specials the past year I was asked by KUSF in Exile in San Francisco to host a weekly program every Friday night at 7PM Pacific time. The first show aired on OCT 28 and featured UK Psychedelic Rock & Acid Folk 1968-1970. The programs focus will be highly eclectic with music played ranging the spectrum of sound and styles. I began Eurock as an FM radio program in California in 1971. Now after 40 years I have come full circle to begin again a new musical adventure. Tune in, Listen & Enjoy every Friday night!

KUSF In Exile 06.01.12 4-6 PM DJ Germ

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KUSF In Exile 06.01.12 3-4 PM FAB MAB LIVE REDUX Tuxedomoon DJ Terry Hammer

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TUXEDOMOON Live @ the Boarding House San Francisco 12/3/79 a Ralph Records record release party:

I never got a set list so I do not know the titles to 3 instrumentals

Introduction by Jay Clem Ralph Records
title unknown
What Use?
Seven Years
title unknown
59 to 1
title unknown
Family Man
Nervous Guy
Pinhead On The Move

Nuns - Do You Want Me On My Knees?

Next week's show features 999 recorded live at the Old Waldorf 7/2/79 (1st set which broadcast live on radio)

FAB MAB LIVE REDUX is a collection of live tape recordings that were recorded,mixed & produced by Terry Hammer circa 1979 through 1981 for various Bay Area radio stations.The weekly program was originally called FAB MAB LIVE.This is your chance to go back in time to the period when it all began and enjoy the great punk bands who started it all. These recordings were recorded sitting in the loud venues with headphones on and mixing on a cheap Peavey 12 channel mixing board direct to 2 Track Reel To Reel.They reflect the way the bands sounded at the time,drunk,stoned,out of tune and sometimes in tune.So,sit back,tune in,turn on,and experience the thrill of being at the great punk venues back in the day when it all began.And since these shows were mixed on headphones,they also sound better listening to them with headphones on turned up LOUD! Most shows are less than an hour,so, the hour will be filled with a delicious mixture of old school punk & reggae,with a taste of motown & 60's garage bands to round out the program.For a complete list of my live recordings,go to my website at http://www.angelfire.com/oh/liveperformances/livetapes.html

KUSF In Exile 06.01.12 Noon-3 PM In Quarantine DJ Stereo Steve

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oshun - rattle of life
sonny rollins - 52nd street theme (alt take)

freeport - it's a brand new morning
wooden ships - crossing
the assemble head in sunburst sound - low island blues
a-frames - black forest 2
endless boogie - smoking figs in the yard
39 clocks - psychotic louie louie

jakcie lomax - home is in my head
harvey mandel - leavin' trunk
joe south - hush
zz top - just got paid
robert pete williams - high as i want to be

pierre moerlin's gong - downwind
soft machine - chloe and the pirates
madura - it's a good time for loving
elias hulk - we can fly
charisma - street theater

minimal man - now i want it all
transitional - my collapse
moonshine - two trains
carlos suntan & john mclaughlin - the life divine
russian circles - when the mountain comes to mohammed
arachnoid - toutes les images

the bar kays - son of shaft
little willie john - fever
charlie and inez fox - mocking bird
leon's creation - mirage
ltd - back in love again
stanley clarke - school days

port-royal -sun green

KUSF In Exile 06.01.12 9-Noon Sleeves On Hearts DJ Irwin

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sleeves on hearts (Music) with Irwin 06/01/2012 09:00AM to 12:00PM

09:05AM Mahalia Jackson "HE'S GOT the WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS" from "My Faith" (LP, 1979) on CSP
09:08AM Curtis Mayfield "Beautiful Brother Of Mine" from "Roots" (LP, 1971)
09:11AM LINDA CLIFFORD "Repossessed" from "Here's My Love" (LP, 1979) on Curton
09:16AM Toro y Moi "Drive South" from "June 2009" (CD, 2012) on Carpark New
09:20AM Light Asylum "A Certain Person" from "In Tension - EP" (12 Inch, 2011) on Co-operative Music
09:25AM The Beloved "Sun Rising (Deeply Satisfying)" from "Hard To Find - Classics & Rare Remixes" (CD)
09:34AM Antonio Carlos Jobim "O Boto" from "Uruba" (CD, 1975)
09:37AM Beach House "Lazuli" from "Bloom" (CD, Album, Rock, 2012) on Sub Pop New
09:40AM Velvet Underground "Who Loves the Sun" from "loaded - fully loaded edition" (CD, Album, Private, 1970) on Rhino
09:43AM Rotary Connection "The Salt Of The Earth" from "Songs" (LP, 1969) on Cadet
09:52AM The Beatles "Sun King" from "Abbey Road" (LP, Album, Rock, 1969) on EMI UK
09:55AM The Mamas & The Papas "DREAM A LITTLE DREAM OF ME" from "The Papas & The Mamas" (LP, 1968)
10:04AM Aaliyah "HOT LIKE FIRE" from "ONE IN A MILLION" (CD, 1996) on Blackground Records
10:08AM Al Green "Going Away" from "45" (7 Inch, 1984) on A&M
10:11AM Augustus Pablo "Jah Say Dub" from "Rockers Meet King Tubby's In a Fire House" (CD, Reggae, 1980) on Shanachie Entertainment
10:15AM Tom Tom Club "As Above So Below" from "Tom Tom Club" (LP, Album, Private, 1981) on Rhino/Warner Bros.
10:20AM Lazer Sword "Point Of Return" from "Memory" (CD, 2012) on Monkeytown Records
10:25AM Magnetic Man "Fire (feat. Ms Dynamite)" from "Magnetic Man" (CD, 2011) on Columbia (USA)
10:34AM John Fahey "Summertime" from "Red Cross" (CD, 2003)
10:39AM Jackie DeShannon "Summertime" from "The Ultimate Jackie DeShannon" (CD, 1965)
10:42AM Peggy Lee "Is That All There Is" from "45" (7 Inch, 1969)
10:45AM Roy Orbison "All I Have To Do Is Dream" from "All I Have To Do Is Dream" (CD, Single, 1963)
10:48AM R.E.M. "Summer Turns to High" from "Reveal" (CD, 2001)
10:51AM Dum Dum Girls "Last Caress" from "Bhang Bhang I'm A Burnout" (7 Inch, 2011) on Slumberland (USA)
10:54AM The Breeders "No Aloha" from "Last Splash" (CD, Album, Private, 1993) on 4AD (UK)
10:56AM Nirvana "Breed" from "Nevermind" (CD, Album, Rock, 2011) on Geffen
10:59AM Rocket From The Crypt "A+ in Arson Class" from "The State of Art Is on Fire" (Other, 1996) on Sympathy For The Record Industry
11:06AM Björk & Omar Souleyman Group "Crystalline (Omar Souleyman Version)" from "The Crystalline Series: Omar Souleyman - Single" (12 Inch, 2011) on Polydor Ltd. (UK) New
11:13AM Bijan Samandar "Reng" from "Music Of Iran: The Tar" (LP)
11:16AM Miriam Makeba "Mitshakasi" from "Africa" (CD, Album, Private) on Novus
11:19AM M.I.A. "Fire, Fire" from "Arular" (CD, 2005) on XL Interscope
11:22AM KRS-ONE "Black Cop" from "Return of the Boom Bap" (CD, Album, Private, 1993) on Jive
11:25AM Cybotron "Clear" from "CLEAR" (CD, 1990) on Fantasy Records
11:30AM Missy Elliott "Lose Control" from "The Cookbook" (CD, 2005)
11:33AM Beastie Boys "Body Movin'" from "Hello Nasty" (CD, Album, Private, 1998) on Capitol Catalog
11:42AM Donna Summer "Bad Girls (12 Inch Version)" from "Bad Girls (Deluxe Version)" (CD, 1980)
11:47AM Lindsey Buckingham "Go Insane" from "45" (7 Inch, 1984)
11:50AM Kate Bush "Sat In Your Lap" from "The Dreaming" (LP, 1982)
11:53AM Jane's Addiction "SUMMERTIME ROLLS" from "Nothing's Shocking" (LP, Album, Rock, 1988) on Rhino/Warner Bros.

KUSF in Exile 06.01.12 7-9 AM Vicotin Popsicles DJ Paul Ciminero

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Vicotin Popsicles (Music) with DJ Paul Ciminero 06/01/2012 07:00AM to 09:00AM

07:00AM Blind Boys of Alabama "PEOPLE GET READY" from "Higher Ground" (Album, 2002) on Real World
07:03AM Pere Ubu "I Hear They Smoke the Barbecue" from "Worlds In Collision" (Rock, 2007) on UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)
07:07AM One eskimO "Hometime (Single Version)" from "Hometime" (2009) on Little Polar Records
07:10AM Hugh Hopper "The Moon in a Bottle" from "Parabolic Versions"
07:15AM Trey Gunn "The Night Air" from "One Thousand Years" (1993) on Discipline Records
07:18AM James "White Boy" from "Hey Ma"
07:21AM D'Gary "Mbo Hahita Avao" from "Horombe" (1995) on Sterns
07:26AM Monty Python "Farewell to John Denver" from "Monty Python's Contractual Obligation Album (Remastered)" (1980) on Arista
07:26AM Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention "Call Any Vegetable" from "Absolutly free"
07:28AM BRIAN WILSON "Vega-Tables" from "SMILE" (CD, Album, Rock, 2004) on Nonesuch (USA)
07:31AM Albert Collins "Don't Go Reaching across My plate" from "Frostbite" (CD, Album, Private, 1980) on Alligator
07:35AM Todd Rundgren "Sidewalk Cafe" from "Todd" (LP, 1974) on Castle Music
07:37AM Iggy Pop "Candy" from "Brick by Brick"
07:41AM Glenn Gould "Variation #2" from "Glenn Gould Vol. 1 : Variations Goldberg / Concerto Pour Piano N° 1 / Concerto Pour Piano N° 5" (2011) on Rendez-Vous Digital
07:43AM Wendy Carlos "Title Music from Clock Work Orange" from "A Clockwork Orange soundtrack" (CD)
07:46AM Brian Eno "2 Forms of Anger" from "Small Craft on a Milk Sea" (CD, Album, Private, 2010) on warp (UK)
07:49AM Q-Burns Abstract Message "JENNIFER" from "Feng Shui" (1998) on Virgin Records America
07:54AM Arturo Stalteri "St. Elmo's Fire" from "Coolaugustmoon - From The Music Of Brian Eno" (2000) on Materiali Sonori
07:58AM Talking Heads "Seen and Not Seen" from "Remain in light" (CD, Album, Private, 1980) on Sire (usa)
08:01AM Joi "JOURNEY" from "We Are Three" (World, 2000) on Real World Records
07:00AM The Ventures "Walk Don't Run" from "'65 Surf Classics" (2009) on Cleopatra Records
07:02AM Annette Peacock "Love Me Tender" from "I'm the One"
07:05AM Modest Mouse "Fly in a Jar" from "We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank" (CD, Album, Rock, 2007) on Epic Records
07:09AM Gibby Haynes and His Problem "SUPERMAN" from "Gibby Haynes and His Problem (Bonus Remixes)" (Rock, 2007) on Surfdog Records
07:12AM Urban Verbs "Ring-Ring (My Telephone's Talking)" from "Urban Verbs" (Rock, 1980) on Rhino/Warner Bros.
07:16AM Kali Balhu "A Cosmic Telephone call from the Angel LIesle and the Buddah (exerpt)" from "Cosmic Rememberance" (LP, Album, Other, 1968)
07:19AM Lady June "Touch Downer" from "Linguistic Leprosy (Remastered)" (2007) on Market Square
07:21AM Love "The Red Telephone" from "The Forever Changes Concert... And More" (Rock, 2007) on Recall
07:28AM Ivor Cutler (Phyllis April King) "The Wasted Call" from "Jammy Smears" (Rock, 1976) on Virgin UK (UK)
07:33AM James White And The Blacks "Stained Sheets" from "Off White" (Rock, 2004) on ZE Records

KUSF In Exile 05.31.12 10-Midnight Passive Eclectic DJ Toast

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with TOAST
5/31/12 Playlist 10 to Midnight

The Flakes: Love
Small Halo: Lion
The Handsome Furs: When I Get Back
Gris Gris: Year Zero
Fishtank Ensemble: Woman In Sin
Kable: Will You Be With Me?
The Intelligence: The Universe
Acid Kings: Blaze Out
Moon Duo: Stumbling 22nd Street
Vieux Farka Toure: Dairaby Magni
Beat Happening: Bewitched
ESG: Erase You (Puppy To Your Side)
Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds: LSDC
Mink Deville: Rolene
Bang Data: Pressure
East Bay Grease: Happily Married Man
The Bikini Complex: Backroom
The F***ing Buckaroos: 666
Fred Eaglesmith: Time To Get a Gun
Buck Owens: Tiger By The Tail
Jello Biafra: Jezebel
The Dum Dum Girls: Coming Down
Ty Segal: Cherry Red
The Dum Dum Girls: Always Looking // Just A Creep
Dodos: Good
Iron & Wine: ??