KUSF 11.06.10 4-6 PM Spotlight "The History of The Mods" DJ Ira with Alan Powell

In November of 1994 I asked Alan Powell to do a Spotlight with me on the history of the Mod Movement.  Alan was in an original British Mod band in the mid 1960's called Ivan's Meads. They were the most successful Mod band in Manchester. They recorded two singles and opened for the Who on occasion.  After Ivan's Meads, Alan was in Richard Kent Style.  In the 70's he worked with bands as diverse as Chicken Shack ( Christine Perfect ), Vinegar Joe  ( Robert Palmer ( he also collaborated on song writing with Robert Palmer )), Hawkwind and Tanz Der Youth ( Brian James ). Around 1980 Alan moved to San Francisco and formed the band that recorded on 415 Records, Jo Allen and the Shapes.  Also helping out with this Spotlight was his girlfriend at the time Harmony as she was then known to the late 70's SF Punk Scene. 

Eddie Floyd - Things Get Better
The Action - I Love You ( Yeah ) - The Ultimate Action

Jimmy Smith - Back At The Chicken Shack - Title Track
Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames - Green Onions
Jimmy McGriff - All About My Girl
Booker T and the MG's - Mo' Onions

The 4 + 1 - Don't Lie To Me
Doby Grey - The In Crowd
The In Crowd - Things She Says
Syndicates - Crawdaddy Simone
Yardbirds - I've Been Wrong ( I ain't Done Wrong )

James Brown - Out Of Sight - Original 7"
Marvelettes - Nowhere To Run
Sam & Dave - Hold On I'm Going
Them - Baby Please Don't Go

High Numbers - I'm The Face
High Numbers - Zoot Suit
Small Faces - Baby Don't Do It
Marvin Gaye - I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Kinks - I Gotta Move
Roy Head - Treat Her Right
Orlons - The Wha Watutsi
The Brand - Zulu Stomp
The Who - Anyway Anyhow Anywhere

Len Barry - 1-2-3
Prince Buster - Madness
Skatalites - Guns of Naverone

The Smoke - My Friend Jack
The Who - Our Love Was, Is
Rod Stewart - Little Misunderstood

The Jam - In The City
The Chords - The British Way of Life
Ron Silva and the Monarchs - People Sure Act Funny

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2nd Hour

KUSF 02.21.10 6-8 PM Spotlight Terms of Psychic Warfare, The GRANT HART Songbook with DJ Schmeejay

Disclaimer: This show had some technical issues in the first 45 minutes, but is complete in the playlist.

FEB 21: Terms of Psychic Warfare.The GRANT HART Songbook. Grant Hart continues to be be one of America's finest and unheralded songwriters; fronting the seminal Minnesota combo Hüsker Dü and releasing some great, rarely heard solo recordings. Join DJ Schmeejay for a two hour survey of the best of the best.

hüsker dü : diane
hüsker dü : it's not funny anymore
hüsker dü : statues
hüsker dü : the girl who lives on heaven hill
hüsker dü : sunshine superman
hüsker dü : terms of psychic warfare
hüsker dü : never talking to you again
hüsker dü : books about ufo's
hüsker dü : what's going on
hüsker dü : turn on the news
hüsker dü : the baby song
hüsker dü : flexible flyer
hüsker dü : green eyes
hüsker dü : i'll tell you why tomorrow
hüsker dü : she floated away

grant hart : 2541
grant hart : the main
grant hart : all of my senses
nova mob : where you gonna land?
nova mob : admiral of the sea (live 7th st entry 1990)
nova mob : admiral of the sea (first ave mix)
grant hart : letter from ann-marie
grant hart : barbara
grant hart : teeny's hair
grant hart : come come
grant hart : let rosemary rock him, laura-louise
grant hart : roller rink
grant hart : you're the reflection of the moon on the water

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2nd Hour

KUSF 02.21.10 4-6 PM Just Another Menace Sunday

JUST ANOTHER MENACE SUNDAY - #326 February 21st,2010

Just Another Menace Sunday Theme (Dennis The Menace) - Mighty Six Ninety 1:05


OPENING SONG: You Can Leave It – The Parson Redheads

Raymond – The Parson Redheads
Blue – The Jayhawks
Run Of The Mill – George Harrison
Witch’s Wand – Sloan
Working Part Time – The Henry Clay Peoples
Dear Prudence – The Beatles
Don’t Lie To Me – Big Star
I Am The Cosmos – Chris Bell
Wake Up Little Susie – The Everly Brothers
Jazz Police – Leonard Cohen
Out To Sea – The Parson Redheads

OPENING SONG: I Wanna Be Adored – Lana Mir (Unfiltered)
DIY – Pop Noir (Fantastic Heat)
G.I.R.L.F.R.I.E.N.D. (You Know I’ve Got A) – Everyone Was In The French Resistance…Now (Cooking Vinyl)
Walk A Lonely Road – Magnetic Fields (Nonesuch)
Crush On You – Flesh Lights (Matador)
Akron Bureau – The Distant Seconds (Matador)
Love & War – Andy Clockwise (Self Release)
Bye Bye Blackbird – Quasi (Kill Rock Stars)
Mouthful of Diamonds – Phantogram (Barsuk)
Lost My Way – The Foreign Report (Self Release)
Romart – Lightspeed Champion (Domino)

CLOSING SONG: Hoop + Wire – Boy Eats Drum Machine (Tender Loving Empire)


1st Hour

2nd Hour

KUSF 02.21.10 3-4 PM Havaye Tazeh The Persian Show


KUSF 02.21.10 1-2 PM Diva Radio DJ Fontane

KUSF 02.21.10 2-8 AM Rampage Radio With DJ Celticfire

2 AM
Ildjarn- Amber Lake
Judas Priest- Freewheel Burnin'
Belphegor- The Crosses Made Of Bone
Immolation- Majesty And Decay
Eluveitie- The Essence Of The Ashes
Ace Frehley- Outer Space
Iron Maiden- The Clairvoyant (live)
Summoning- Over Old Hills
Baroness- War, Wisdom And Rhyme
Iggy and The Stooges- Search And Destroy
Doomsword- Heathen Assault
Amorphis- Privilege Of Evil
3 AM
A Storm Of Light- Amber Waves Of Gray
Pantera- Widowmaker
I- Storm I Ride
Overkill- Hole In The Sky (live Black Sabbath cover)
Dio- Rock And Roll
Slough Feg- Ape Uprising
Uli Jon Roth- All Along The Watchtower (live Hendrix cover)
Nile- Hittite Dung Incantation
4 AM
Savatage- Warriors
Orden Ogan- Easton Hope
Queensryche- Queen of the Reich (live)
SuidAkra- Evoke The Demon
Destroyer 666- Phoenix Rising
While Heaven Wept- To Wander The Void
Cerebral Fix- Descent Into The Unconscious
Charred Walls Of The Damned- From The Abyss
Shrinebuilder-Pyramid Of The Moon
Jeff Loomis-Miles Of Machines
5 AM
Heretic- Portrait Of Faith
Aftertayst- Why
House Of Freaks-Bottom Of The Ocean
Wino- Smilin' Road
Barn Burner- Holy Smokes
Russian Circles- Geneva
Scorpions- Lonesome Crow
Cynic- Evolutionary Sleeper
Place Of Skulls- Master Of Jest
6 AM
Iron Maiden- Heaven Can Wait (live)
Manowar- Manowar
Saxon- We Came Here To Rock
Black Sabbath- Sabbra Cadabra
Blind Illusion- Midnight In China
Reverend- The Power Of Persuasion
Faith No More- Surprise! You're Dead
Testament- Down For Life
Atheist- A Room With A View
Last Chapter- Thorn Of Creation
Every Motherr's Nightmare- Walls Come Down
Therion- Evocation Of Vovin
Grim Reaper- See You In Hell
Halford- Locked And Loaded
Brian Setzer- The Legend Of Johnny Kool
AC/DC- War Machine
Annihilator- Wicked Mystic
Johnny Cash- Folsom Prison Blues
Holocaust- Heavy Metal Mania (live)
Sacrifice- The Great Wall
Iced Earth- Shooting Star
Paradox- No Place To Survive
Forbidden- Follow Me
U.D.O- Whispers In The Dark

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3rd Hour

4th Hour

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6th Hour

KUSF 02.20.10 8-11 PM Classical Salon DJ Fari

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