KUSF 09.12.09 3-8 AM DJ Cactus

1. Hildur Gudnadottir
2. Final
3. Olekranon
4. Encre
5. Thunderstorm field broadcast from Studio A
6. John Butcher Group
7. Yob
8. Zomby

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5th Hour

KUSF 09.12.09 12-3 AM Time Warp DJ Jersey JD Smith

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3rd Hour

KUSF 09.11.09 8-9 PM The Menace's Attic DJ Dennis the Menace

#403 September 11th, 2009 “My Daughter Kate Was Two Months Old On 9/11/01 And What’s Really Scary Is That Eight Years Later She Knows What Happened, What A Terrorist Is And One Of Her Favorite T.V. Shows Is “Destroy Build Destroy!” Gosh, At That Age, I Was More Concerned Whether Elmer Fudd Would Shoot The Silly Wabbit!” Edition

OPENING SONG: New York City – Andrew W.K. (Village Voice) 3:11

Set #1 Have No Fear, This Entire Show Is Not Going To Be A Downer, Though I Do Want To Get A Few More 9/11/New York-Related Tunes Out Of My Subway System! 13:08
Party At Ground Zero – Fishbone (Oglio) 4:50
Native New Yorker – Odyssey (RCA) 5:32
New York – The Sex Pistols (Warner Bros.) 3:26

Set #2 Okay, We’re Not Leaving NYC For A Couple Of Songs Since I Decided To Watch The Film “After Hours” Last Week And Realized That It Was A Heck Of A Sequel To “Mean Streets!” 14:37
You’re Mine – Robert & Johnny (Old Town) 2:32
Subway Train – New York Dolls (Mercury) 4:20
Night – Bruce Springsteen (Columbia) 3:00

Set #3 OK, After All Those Heavy Songs, I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Ready To Pop! 7:00
Hooked On A Feeling – B.J. Thomas (Scepter) 2:45
Come On Let’s Go – Richie Valens (Del-Fi) 2:05
Treat Her Like A Lady – Cornelius Brothers And Sister Rose (United Artists) 2:43

Set #4 Fact Is, Ellen Foley Would Never Have Been One Of Robert Palmer’s Girls, I Mean She Wouldn’t Even Do It On Stage With Meatloaf! 8:58
Johnny & Mary – Ellen Foley (Cleveland International) 4:06
Looking For Clues – Robert Palmer (Island) 4:52

CLOSING SONG: There Must Be A Better World Somewhere – B.B King (Warner Bros) 3:45

GIVEAWAYS: “No Impact Man” “White On Rice” “Earth Day” Happy Mondays/Psychedelic Furs Tix)

KUSF 09.11.09 5-6 PM The Local Show DJ Germ

KUSF 09.11.09 4-5 PM Top Ten DJ Germ

KUSF TOP 10 ALBUMS (9/11/09) 1: Polvo - In Prism / 2: The Clean - Mister Pop / 3: Yo La Tengo - Popular Songs / 4: Gay Beast - Second Wave / 5: Thee Oh Sees - Tidal Wave / Heart Sweats / 6: Reigning Sound - Love & Curses / 7: Ty Segall - Lemons / 8: Khan Jamal - Cool / 9: The Entrance Band - S/T / 10: Jay Reatard - Watch Me Fall

KUSF 09.11.09 3-4 PM Guest DJ Hour DJ The Blood Drained Cows with DJ Stereo Steve

THE BLOOD DRAINED COWS are KUSF's Guest DJ on Friday, 9/11, 3-4pm. Formed by an ex-member of the Angry Samoans, they play '60s-style garage rock that sounds like a cross btwn early Kinks & Roky Erickson.

the blood drained cows - you're gonna miss me
the blood drained cows - a bomb love
the blood drained cows - medication (the actifed song)

roky erickson - 2 headed dog
vom - electrocute your cock
angry samoans - dope on your scarecrow
chocolate watchband - sweet young thing

the blood drained cows - caveman
the blood drained cows - hantavirus deer mouse blue
the blood drained cows - allison
the blood drained cows - diggin up my date

roky erickson - mine mine mind
27 devils joking - paintings of loves positivity non commercially speaking
lazy cowgirls - that kinda trouble i can use

the blood drained cows - white faces

KUSF 09.11.09 12-3 PM DJ Stereo Steve

"none dare call it conspiracy"

yo la tengo - and the glitter is gone
sonic youth - massage the history
hope sandoval and the warm inventions - blanchard
friendsound - love sketch
george braith - mary had a little lamb

mike oldfield - tubular bells (excerpt)

bloodrock - d.o.a.
the warlocks - standing between the lovers of hell
suck - war pigs
herbie mann - hijack

the bad plus interview:
the bad plus - variation d'apollon
happy apple - starchild cranium
the bad plus (with wendy lewis) - barracuda

explode into colors - paper
breakfast mountain - j hollerday
bonzo dog band - we are normal
slowdive - souvlaki space station

999 - homicide
le loup - forgive me
the entrance band - lookout
polvo - right the relationship

ramones - can't seem to make you mine
dies irae - trip
finchley boys - i'm not like everybody else
yvonne fair - you can't judge a book by it's cover
the clean - loog

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