KUSF 06.20.09 5-6 PM Francofun DJ Fari

Today's show is dedicated to the Fete de la musique a French event that celebrates music.
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1. Revoir Paris - Charles Trenet
2. Legere - Pauline Croze
3. Disque dur miniature - Jerome Miniere
4. Je ne sais pas choisir - Emily Loizeau
5. Cette chanson est pour vous - Django Reinhardt
6. Duel au soleil - Sebastien Schuller
7. Ta douleur - Camille
8. Le Micage - Telepheric
9. Le petit chaperaon de ta couleur - Vincent Malone - Children's
10. Lea - Louise Attaque
11. Parlez-moi d'amour - Lucienne Boyer
12. Les feuilles mortes - Yves Montand
13. Je veux tout - Ariane Moffatt

KUSF 06.20.09 3-8 AM DJ Cactus

Show dedicated to the NIR resistance fighters in Tehran.

1. Nurse With Wound "Salt Marie Celeste" LP
2. Cluster "Qua" LP
3. Microstoria "Snd" LP
4. Japan "Tin Drum" LP
5. DJ Scotch Egg "Drumized" LP
6. Steve Reich "Phases" Box Set Excerpt

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5th Hour

KUSF 06.20.08 12-3 AM Time Warp DJ Sneeze Limbo

1. Not Responsible (excerpt) - FIRESIGN THEATRE (1972)
2. Intro: Lucky Lou - THE IMPERIALS (Live, 1962)
3. Scanning the Dials 1933-1963 (excerpt from "Top 40 Radio's Swingin'
Soft Drink Spots of the 60's. Volume 1," 2002)
4. WZUM Radio Spot with MAD MIKE METROVICH (1964)
5. Rock 'Til the End of Time - LITTLE JOHNNY AND THE SILVERTONES (1963)
6. Hello Baby - THE SHAMBLES (1975)
7. Do It '77 - TWINK AND THE FAIRIES (1978)
8. Down the Line - THE POLECATS (1981)
9. Wild Youth - GENERATION X (1977)
10. Real Wild Child - BUDDY HOLLY (195-?)
11. Snacky Poo- THE DEL-MARS (1964)
12. Background: Bongos, Bass 'n' Beat - JOHN SCOTT (19--?)
13. Random scan of world band radio transmission (from "EthnoTechno,"
14. Jack Bond / America / The Times They Are A-Changin' - SPIRIT (1975)
15. Track from "Snakeman Show" - YOSHIKAZU MATSUURA (c.1980)
16. This Time Tomorrow - THE KINKS (1970)
17. Eve of Destruction - RED ROCKERS (1984)
18. Old Man Atom - THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS (1950)
19. We Got the Neutron Bomb - THE WEIRDOS (1978)
20. A World of Peace Must Come - STEPHEN JOHN KALINICH (1969)
21. Waiting for the Great Leap Forward - BILLY BRAGG (1988)
22. Background: Bridge over Troubled Waters / Nut Rocker - PORTSMOUTH
23. Exorcism in Your Daily Life - FIRESIGN THEATRE (1967)
24. You Made the Thief of Your Heart (Club 12" Remix - Stained Mix) -
25. What Is Love? - THE COLLECTORS (1968)
26. What Is Sadness? (Club Mix) - DEVICE (1991)
27. Sadeness - ENIGMA (1992)
28. Man With A Gun (12" Guitar Version featuring CHRIS SPEDDING) - JERRY
29. The Windmills of Your Mind - NOEL HARRISON (1968)
30. Background: Lolita Ya-Ya - NELSON RIDDLE & HIS ORCHESTRA (1962)
31. "The Who Sell Out" Side One: Armenia City in the Sky / Heinz Baked
Beans / Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand / Odorono / Tattoo / Our Love Was
/ I Can See For Miles - THE WHO (1967)
32. Western Airlines Commercial - MARK ERIC (1970)
33. A Date with Danger - THE CREDIBILITY GAP (1974)
34. Background: Picasso - COLEMAN HAWKINS (1948)
35. Tracks from "Al 'Jazzbo' Collins Presents the East Coast Jazz
Scene": Zanzy - LARRY SONN & HIS ALL-STAR BAND / Ida Bridges Falling
Down - LARRY SONN & HIS ALL-STAR BAND / Foolin' Around - AL "JAZZBO"
QUINTET (Live, 1955)
36. Outro: Holy Thursday - DAVID AXELROD (1968)
37. Something's Cookin' - QUINCY JONES (1969)

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KUSF 06.19.09 The Menace's Attic DJ Dennis the Menace

“It’s Another Fathers’ Day, And I Find Myself Deeply Contemplating The Meaning Of Life, Love And Song, And Where The Universe Is Going And Whether It Will Be On Time And If The Price Of A Pass For It All Is Going Up?!” Edition

OPENING SONG: Walk Don’t Run – The Ventures

Set #1 My Universe Changed A Bit Yesterday When A Gent Named Ben Turned Me On To Another Named Joe, And While One Of Them Was More Meek Than The Other, They Both Are Truly Effect Our Musical Life As We Know It!
Have I The Right? – The Honeycombs (EMI)
Telestar – The Tornados (Rhino)
Headlock – Esser (Chocolate Industries)

Set #2 If You Are Still Happy-Go-Lucky At The End Of This Set, Then The Universe Has Been Kind To You. In Return, I Fully Expect You Will Start Doing A Lot More Composting To Be Kind In Return!
I’m A Loser – The Beatles (Capitol)
The Things We Do For Love – 10 CC (Mercury)
Broken Doll – Wreckless Eric (Stiff)
Here Comes The Night – Them (London)

Set #3 When He Got The Rejection Letter In The Mail, He Said To Himself, If I Was James Brown, or Even Pete Townsend, Susan Jacks Never Would Have Divorced Me. Unfortunately He Was Terry Jacks And Who Could Blame Her For Divorcing The Guy Who Wrote “Season’s In The Sun?”
Please Please Please – The Who (Decca)
Which Way You Goin’ Billy – The Poppy Family (London)
I Can’t Stand Up For Fallin’ Down – Elvis Costello (Rhino)

Set #4 Last But Not Least It’s Time To Kill Off The Rest Of The Show, So To Speak And If You’re Going To Do That You Better Be Dead On!
Kiss Me Deadly – Lita Ford (Capitol)
Dead Man’s Curve – Jan and Dean (EMI)
Number With Wings – The Bongos (RCA)

CLOSING SONG: Color Him Father –The Winstons (Metromedia)

GIVEAWAYS: Simon and Garfunkle Live ‘69, Beach Boys Summer Songs and New York Dolls CD’s

KUSF 06.19.09 5-6 PM The Local Show DJ Bryan Chandler