KUSF In Exile 12.18.11 4-6 PM Nobody Cares DJ Nobody

Showtunes. Balkan. Noise rock. Drum and Bass. 60s Psychadelic. What do these genres have in common? Nothing. That's why Nobody plays them back to back! Join dj Nobody every Sunday from 4-6 pm (PST) to hear quirky news, entertaining musical selections and live interviews, only on KUSF in Exile. 'Nobody Cares' ... take it however you want.

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Johnny L: Back to your roots
Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band: Candle Mambo (Shiny Beast)
Jonti: Batmilk (twirligig)
Moderat: Out of Sight
Grimes: Vanessa
reatards: I Can Live Without You (teenage hate)
Butthole Surfers: Lady Sniff (Psychic...Powerless...Another Man's Sac)
Nobunny: Mask's On (raw romance)
Helen Kane: I Have to Have You (Helen Kane Performances 1928:1930)
George Sheary: You Stepped Out of a Dream (Guard Session)
Lee Scratch Perry: rolling thunder (Scratch Came...Scratch Saw...Scratch Conquered)
Prince: the Ladder (Around the World in a Day)
Polyphonic the Verbose: Machine With Sealed Inputs (Abstract Data Ark)
the Shins: Pink Bullets (Chutes too Narrow)
Pink Floyd: Pow r. toc r. (Piper at the Gates of Dawn)
team sleep: King Sleep (s/t)
Country Joe & the Fish: the Love Machine (s/t)
White Magic: New Egypt (New Egypt)
Spiritualized: Lay Back in the Sun (Electric Mainline)
Gilda radner: Let's talk dirty to the animals (Live from NY)
Ween: Voodoo Lady (Chocolate & Cheese)
Joseph Pusey: the chambermaid's dream / Blue Jay Preacher (In My Lady's Chamber)
twink: let me see how you do it (the broken record)
Klaus Nomi: three wishes (the collection)
Patrick Campbell Lyon: Live & Let Live (the 13 Dalis)
Apex: By the Way (original mix)

KUSF In Exile 12.18.11 1-3 PM Liquid Konspiracy DJ Phenix Catsinger

An incendiary journey into the kool depths of humanity's collective unconscious like sol blending lights 'round planets of discontent'. A red glare of bubbling eclectic esoteric over ground soundscapes...

DJ's: Emerald Koolant and Phoenix Catsinger

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KUSF In Exile 12.18.11 1130-1230 PM Renters Radio

Tenants Together
California's Statewide Organization for Renters' Rights



Tenants Together is a nonprofit organization dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of California tenants to safe, decent and affordable housing. As California’s only statewide renters' rights organization, Tenants Together works to improve the lives of California’s tenants through education, organizing and advocacy. Tenants Together seeks to galvanize a statewide movement for renters’ rights.

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KUSF In Exile 12.18.11 10-1130 The Consortionist

Music with a Medieval Classical Twist

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KUSF In Exile 12.18.11 8-10 AM Whiskey Before Breakfast DJ Richard White

A two hour set of Folk, Acoustic, Flat Picking, Traditional, Bluegrass, Contemporary, and everything else related with waking up in a relaxed way to get the Sunday started off. Originally a radio show that was on WKSU, with Kerry Blech in the 70's, which led to the Folk Alley that we hear now.

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KUSF In Exile 11.18.11 2-8 AM Rampage Radio DJ Shaxul

RAMPAGE RADIO is a 6 hour Heavy Metal radio show founded by Howie Klein, Ian Kallen & Ron Quintana which has aired on KUSF 90.3 FM in San Francisco every weekend since 1982. The early years of Rampage featured the heaviest bands from the UK NWOBHM scene, Europe & the worldwide metal underground along with classic '70s bands and the roots of metal going back to the late '60s. Legendary artists such as Mercyful Fate, Yngwie Malmsteen & Metallica sent demo tapes, receiving their first airplay on this show when no one else was willing to take a chance, and we are proud to have introduced listeners to every new worthy development in metal that has emerged over the last 30 years. 2011 marks the beginning of our 4th decade of weekly broadcasts and we continue to play the latest non-commercial metal to an enthusiastic worldwide audience.

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KUSF In Exile 12.18.11 1-2 AM Swamphell DJ Swamplord

Hello all! My name is Andrew Noerr, and I am a DJ here on KUSF in Exile. I am a freshman at the University of San Francisco, and I have always been interested in radio/TV broadcasting. Because of that, I chose to be a media studies major. Music and sports are my main interests, and music is what I am pursuing on the radio side.

I have a show on KUSF in Exile titled "Swamphell", and my name on the air is DJ Swamplord. The show airs from 1-2 a.m. late Saturday nights/Sunday mornings, and it actually is a very intense heavy metal show! I feel that it works well airing right before the famous Rampage Radio show that airs from 2-8 a.m. My focus is to shed light on the many great foreign bands on the metal scene, which also means that I will not be playing many bands from the United States. The genres that I play are 50% folk metal and 50% a combination of black and death metal. A fun thing I do for this show is that I am willing to play metal from all around the world, as metal is actually a very prevalent genre of music in many areas. One can realize this if they tune in to my show, so support me and give this a chance! Thanks for all the support!

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Intro: Bruce Faulconer – Ginyu Transformation
Graveworm – Behind the Curtain of Darkness
Northland – Revenge
Ragnarok – Samhain
Solerrain – Побеждая иллюзии (Fighting the Illusions)
Les Romaneurs de Menhirs – Dans Gwadek 2
Kalmah – The Black Waltz
Finterforst – Lauf Der Welt
Archeon – Arising
Æther Realm – Odin Will Provide

KUSF In Exile 12.17.11 11-2 AM PM Saturday Night Rockers English Pound Radio

From Kingston to London and beyond … jammin’ reggae radio
Bob Loney (the Humble Lion) Colin Broomfield (Brixton Hitman) English Pound radio


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KUSF In Exile 12.17.11 8-11 PM Fermata DJ Fari

A fermata (also known as a hold, pause, colloquially a birdseye, or as a grand pause when placed on a note or a rest) is an element of musical notation indicating that the note should be sustained for longer than its note value would indicate. Exactly how much longer it is held is up to the discretion of the performer or conductor, but twice as long is not unusual. It is usually printed above, but occasionally below (upside down), the note that is to be held longer. Occasionally holds are also printed above rests or barlines, indicating a pause of indefinite duration.
This symbol appears as early as the 15th century, and is quite common in the works of Dufay and Josquin.

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KUSF In Exile 12.17.11 6-8 PM Turkish Cultural Show

"A program in English about music and culture of Turks, with a summary of newsworthy developments,"

Ahmet Toprak, Ates Murat Temeltas, Fuad Tokad

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KUSF In Exile 12.17.11 5-6 PM Francofun DJ Fari

A Crossroads for all things new of interest to the French speaking community. Featuring new music, life style, cultural events and interviews. Program is hosted both in French and English. Keep up-to-date with Franco Fun: Twitter francofun, blog address francofun.wordpress.com, or email farikusf (@) yahoo.com

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KUSF in Exile 12.17.11 430 to 5 PM Samedi Culture

Cultural News and Music from the French Speaking Community. Featuring interviews with French speaking personalities, special guests, and new music. Broadcast in French, hosted by the French Cultural Services; this program is sponsored by the French American Cultural Society.


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Samedi Culture (Cultural) with Cultural Service 12/17/2011 04:30PM to 05:00PM

04:30PM Akalé Wubé “Jawa Jawa” from Akalé Wubé (World, 2010) on ClapSon

KUSF In Exile 12.17.11 4-430 PM The Pastor Tom Show

The Pastor Tom Show

Personal Growth and development specialist Dr. Tom Polcari brings aboard topics that are too hot to handle by other stations. Regular listeners weekly come from every age, sex, and ethnic background. The music will consistently surprise and delight. Producer and host, Dr. Tom Polcari.

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KUSF In Exile 12.17.11 2-4 PM Roll Call DJ Margaret Tedesco

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Roll Call: Bay Area Arts and Culture

Adultry—DAVID & JOANNA (myspace.com/davidandjoanna)

San Francisco duo FREDDY MCGUIRE is visual artist and film/video maker ANNE MCGUIRE, accompanied by the electronic musician known as WOBBLY (Jon Leidecker). Together they perform as The Freddy McGuire Show, in twisted lounge mode.

Release of the Pressure
Prison For You
Down To The Sea
Lottery Ticket
No Regrets
Pet Me Like A Cat
Dictionary Get
Beautiful Colors of the Fall
Poke My Guts

Anne is most widely regarded for her video work, which has screened internationally. For more on the videos of Anne McGuire, see Video Data Bank. Wobbly began as an improvised live mix radio program in Santa Barbara in 1990 and since 1994 has become the unintentional psuedonym of Jon Leidecker. Live performances are still laptop free and aim for extended narratives spun from spontaneous yet coherent multi-sample polyphony. It tries to sound like everything that’s ever happened. Selected recent albums are freely available online. (myspace.com/freddymcguire)

The Air We Breathe—FIGURINES
Be The Air We Breathe—LEWIS & CLARKE

APSARA DIQUINZIO is assistant curator of painting and sculpture at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, where she has organized solo exhibitions with R.H. Quaytman, Felix Schramm, Paul Sietsema, Mai-Thu Perret, and Vincent Fecteau. She also organized the 2008 SECA Art Award Exhibition and Abstract Rhythms: Paul Klee and Devendra Banhart. Formerly she worked at the Whitney Museum of American Art where she organized the exhibitions. She has contributed essays to numerous publications including Romanian Cultural Resolution Contemporary Art in Romania, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: 75 Years of Looking Forward, and the 2004 Whitney Biennial exhibition catalogue.

D-L ALVAREZ is a visual artist and writer who examines the way we have been political and carries an obsession with history and the various ways it gets told. In drawings, sculptures, and films he made from 2002-07, his focus was on Southern California in the months just prior and immediately following the infamous Manson murders of August 1969. Drawings of Black Panther demonstrations, Hells Angels, Manson women and spaces of historical significance, moved in and out of focus. Similarly, his drawing for The Air We Breathe which wraps the exhibition catalogue, borrows an image of a couple in Dykes On Bikes from a San Francisco Pride March of the early seventies, with more than half of the drawing skidding into a motion blur. Darrell’s work has been shown internationally, he is represented by Derek Eller in New York.

ALLISON SMITH creates large-scale multimedia installations that critically engage popular forms of historical re-enactment and traditional craft in order to rethink, restage and refigure our sense of collective memory. Smith was born in Manassas, Virginia in 1972. She received a BA in psychology from the New School for Social Research, a BFA in sculpture from Parsons School of Design, and an MFA from the Yale University School of Art. In addition, she participated in the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program. She has produced solo exhibitions and projects for Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, Berkeley Art Museum, and Indianapolis Museum of Art, and has contributed her work to major museum surveys at Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Andy Warhol Museum, P.S.1 MoMA, Palais de Tokyo, The Mattress Factory, among others. She is chair of the Sculpture program at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. She is represented by Haines Gallery, San Francisco.

Over the last decade equal rights for same-sex couples has proven to be one of this country’s most pressing political and civil rights issues. SFMOMA’s exhibition THE AIR WE BREATHE—its title drawn from a Langston Hughes poem--brings together thirty commissioned visual artists and eight poets who offer eloquent and thoughtful contributions to the cause of marriage equality for same-sex couples. Works on paper by thirty compelling contemporary artists interspersed with new poetry. With essays by three further prominent, outspoken writers—Eileen Myles, Martha Nussbaum and Frank Rich--the book and the exhibition it accompanies will help generate awareness and encourage dialogue about discrimination many citizens encounter on a daily basis because, as Hughes wrote in 1938, “equality is in the air we breathe.”

Visual artists in the exhibition include Laylah Ali, D-L Alvarez, Doug Ashford, Nayland Blake, Jennifer Bornstein, Andrea Bowers, Robert Buck, Johanna Calle, Martha Colburn, Sam Durant, Shannon Ebner, Nicole Eisenman, Simon Fujiwara, Liam Gillick, Robert Gober, Ann Hamilton, Sharon Hayes, Christian Holstad, Elliott Hundley, Colter Jacobsen, Matt Keegan, Carlos Motta, Catherine Opie, Nicolás Paris, Dan Perjovschi, Raymond Pettibon, Amy Sillman, Allison Smith, Lily van der Stokker, and Erika Vogt. Poets include George Albon, Will Alexander, John Ashbery, Dodie Bellamy, kari edwards (poem selected by Frances Blau and Rob Halpern), Kevin Killian, Ariana Reines, and Anne Waldman.

For more on the Air We Breathe and the artists and poets in this exhibition visit

Companion catalogues: The Air We Breathe, Artists and Poets Reflect on Marriage Equality; edited by Apsara DiQuinzio with texts by Eileen Myles, Martha Nussbaum, Frank Rich and many poets nationally.

Carlos Motta’s online project “We Who Feel Differently”

For more on two of the thirty visual artists in the exhibition visit

Darrell Alvarez: dl-alvarez.com

Allison Smith: www.allisonsmithstudio.com

KUSF In Exile 12.17.2011 Noon - 2 PM Cowboy in Exile DJ Jim Levine

Classical music-all forms, all eras, performed by groups of all sizes.
Email:  jasperthebeagle@yahoo.com

Producer and Host, Jim Levine

iPhone and iPad Player

Vivaldi/Autumn & Winter from the 4 Seasons
Europa Galante/Biondi (18:16)

Charpentier/Midnight Mass
BBC Singers/Cleobury (24:41)

Respighi/Brazilian Impressions
Buffalo PO/Falletta (19:06)

Gliere/Horn Concerto
IRISCO/Stern/Ruske, Horn (26:13)

Barber/Symphony No. 1
RSNO/Alsop (21:0

KUSF In Exile 12.17.11 10-Noon Havayeh Tazeh DJ Fari

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KUSF In Exile 12.17.11 9-10 AM Poet As Radio

POET AS RADIO is a new, weekly program on KUSF In Exile, airing Saturdays from 9am to 10am at www.savekusf.org. Jack Spicer said that the poet is not a creator, but a conduit, getting messages from an undefinable source to form the poem. He thought of a poet as a radio, broadcasting words. We like to think of POET AS RADIO as an opportunity for writers to broadcast their words as well.


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KUSF In Exile 12.17.11 8-9 AM Fab Mab Live Redux DJ Terry Hammer

FAB MAB LIVE REDUX is a collection of live tape recordings that were recorded,mixed & produced by Terry Hammer circa 1979 through 1981 for various Bay Area radio stations.The weekly program was originally called FAB MAB LIVE.This is your chance to go back in time to the period when it all began and enjoy the great punk bands who started it all. These recordings were recorded sitting in the loud venues with headphones on and mixing on a cheap Peavey 12 channel mixing board direct to 2 Track Reel To Reel.They reflect the way the bands sounded at the time,drunk,stoned,out of tune and sometimes in tune.So,sit back,tune in,turn on,and experience the thrill of being at the great punk venues back in the day when it all began.And since these shows were mixed on headphones,they also sound better listening to them with headphones on turned up LOUD! Most shows are less than an hour,so, the hour will be filled with a delicious mixture of old school punk & reggae,with a taste of motown & 60's garage bands to round out the program.For a complete list of my live recordings,go to my website at http://www.angelfire.com/oh/liveperformances/livetapes.html

iPhone and iPad Player

Set list:
Readymades Live @ Mabuhay 12/8/79 (This was the first ever FAB MAB LIVE show) features: Introduction by Dirk Dirksen;set list includes; Get Tense ; Silly Sally ; Tin Pan Alley Ace; Starting; Your Love; The Kids Are Alright; Lolita; Baby,Baby; Hollywood Honey; Heritics Theme; The Right Stuff; Love Hurts; 415 Music

Rubber City Rebels - Child Eaters ( (RE-TIRED CD)
Sex Pistols - God Save The queen (Never Mind The Bollocks CD)
Pretenders - Stop Your Sobbing (The Singles CD)

Next week's program will feature The Contractions Live at the Mabuhay Gardens 5/16/80

KUSF In Exile 12.16.11 10-Midnight Friday Night Sessions DJ Andrew Jervis and Cez

The Friday Night Session is a Bay Area institution with a loyal following both locally and worldwide. Playing a consistantly vibrant selection of electronic music the show jumps the lines between contemporary and vintage sounds from around the globe. Co-hosts Tomas and Cez join Andrew Jervis in a weekly adventure into the world of house, hip hop, down-tempo, dubstep, disco, soul, jazz, rare groove, dub, Afrobeat, Brazilian, funk, and psych between 10 p.m. and 12 midnight on Fridays. The show often features exclusive unreleased cuts, DJ mixes from around the world, guests and ticket giveaways to local events. Established in 1996 by Andrew Jervis (Ubiquity Records), it was the radio first show in the Bay Area to play acts like Massive Attack and Portishead. Over the years guests on the show have included BBC DJ Gilles Peterson, Kruder and Dorfmeister, 4Hero, TM Juke, Alice Russell, Spiritual South, Kirk Degiorgio, Koop, Vadim, Windsurf, Jimpster, Fauna Flash, Skylab, King Britt, Nobukazu Takemura and Tim “Love” Lee. The show continues to support local and international genre-busting artists

www.popyourfunk.com | www.fridaynightsession.com

iPhone and iPad Player

Friday Night Session Playlist – December 16, 2011
Best of 2011 Part 2 – Host: DJ Tomas
Info & Archives: http://www.fridaynightsession.com
Connect: http://www.facebook.com/fridaynightsession

Playlist December 16, 2011:
Dwight Trible – Love Is Forever (Mashit) Album: Cosmic
Lapalux – Time Spike Jamz (Pictures Music) Many Faces Out Of Focus EP
Mizz Beats – Side Scientific Brainpriest (Eglo) Single
Sepalcure – Your Love (Hotflush) Fleur EP
dBridge – Knew You Were The 1 (Hotflush) Album: BACK AND 4TH
Natalie Beridze / TBA – Best Burden (Monika) Album: Forgetfulness
Fink – Perfect Darkness (Ninja Tune) Album: Perfect Darkness
Mr President – Tribute to RZA (Favorite) Album: Number One
Kabaka Pyramid – Free From Chains (Kabaka) Rebel Music EP
Mike Beatz & Adonis – Who I Do It For(G.T.P.S.) Album: Boom Bap
Francesco Tristano – Eastern Market (In Fine) Album: Idiosynkrasia
Mark De Clive-Lowe – Everything Ft. Ovasoul7 (Tru Thoughts) Album: Renegades
Jack Dixon & Robin Card – Adrian (Take) Decade EP
The Funk Ark – Power Struggle (ESL) Album: From The Rooftops
Captain Planet – Macumba (Bastard Jazz) Album: Cookin' Gumbo
Los Chicharrons – Roots of Life (Tummy Touch) Album: Roots Of Life
Miguel Migs – The System feat. Capleton(Om) Album: Outside the Skyline
Frivolous – Allen Town Jail (Cadenza) Album: Meteorology
Altered Natives – Goodbye (EYE4EYE ) Album: The Guild of Synchronists
Ango– Part Time (Salva Remix) (promo) Single
Lando Kal – Maneuver (Rush Hour) Single
Silkie– Outlook (Deep Medi) Album: City Limits Vol. 2
Jason Burns - Die 4 U (Brap Dem) Single
Consequence – Lovershell (Exit) Album: Test Dream
Croms – Invisible Cities (Exit Records) Album: Volume One

KUSF In Exile 12.16.11 930-10 PM Shoestring Radio Theatre

Shoestring Radio Theatre was founded in 1988 by its producer, San Francisco writer Monica Sullivan.  The independent company specializes in producing original works by gifted contemporary artists as well as new adaptations of traditional favorites (www.shoestring.org).  In 1998, Monica Sullivan and Shoestring Radio Theatre received a Certificate of Merit for Radio Drama Production from the National Federation Of Community Broadcasters Golden Reel Awards.


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KUSF In Exile 12.16.11 9-930 PM Movie Magazine

Movie Magazine International provides an entertaining and informative look at the Bay area film scene.  It offers in-depth reviews of new features, reports on older re-discovered treasures, & interviews with the men & women behind the cameras.  (www.shoestring.org)  Producer Monica Sullivan is the author of “Videohound's Independent Film Guide”, First and Second Editions.


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KUSF In Exile 12.16.11 730-830 PM Sol Da Brasil DJ Jorge Lima

Brazilian Music

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KUSF in Exile 12.16.11 7-8 PM The set of DJ Archie Patterson

After doing various radio Specials the past year I was asked by KUSF in Exile in San Francisco to host a weekly program every Friday night at 7PM Pacific time. The first show aired on OCT 28 and featured UK Psychedelic Rock & Acid Folk 1968-1970. The programs focus will be highly eclectic with music played ranging the spectrum of sound and styles. I began Eurock as an FM radio program in California in 1971. Now after 40 years I have come full circle to begin again a new musical adventure. Tune in, Listen & Enjoy every Friday night!


iPhone and iPad Player

KUSF in Exile 12.16.2011 7-8PM The set of DJ ArchiePatterson

Artist Track title Time Label Country

Lutz Ulbrich Oase 4:40 Manikin Germany

Lutz Ulbrich Wustenstaub 3:29 Manikin Germany

DJ-A voix1 0:39

Michael Hoenig Hanging Garden Transfer 10:19 Kuckuck Germany

DJ-A voix2 0:37

Agitation Free You Play for Us Today 6:13 Esoteric UK

Agitation Free In the Silence of Morning Sunrise 6:05 Esoteric UK

DJ-A voix3 0:26

Agitation Free Ala Tul 6:02 Esoteric UK

Agitation Free Laila 7:24 Esoteric UK

DJ-A voix4 0:53

Agitation Free Nomads 6:33 Esoteric UK

Agitation Free Drifting 3:55 Esoteric UK

Agitation Free Rucksturz 2:26 Esoteric UK

Total Time: 59:41

KUSF In Exile 12.16.11 4-6 PM DJ Germ

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KUSF In Exile 12.16.11 3-4 PM Guest Dirty Ghosts DJ Germ

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KUSF In Exile 12.16.11 Noon-3 PM In Quarantine DJ Stereo Steve

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oshun - rattle of life
charles mingus - hobo ho
james brown - hot (i need to be loved, loved, loved, loved)
ratatat - seventeen years

the turquoise swimming pools - the winds
massive attack - inertia creeps
chrome - ss cygni

ike and tina turner - come together
shirley ellis - the puzzle song
the isley brothers - the pride (parts 1 & 2)
willis jackson - harlem nocturne
meat puppets - lost

the lyres - don't give it up now
morgen - purple
the band - the shape i'm in
captain beefheart - who do you think you're foolin?

the b-52s - 52 girls
the cramps - goo goo muck
big black - kerosene
dinosaurs with horns - carny
lee scratch perry - enter the dragon

lumerians - calalini rises
mugstar - ouroboros
sleepy sun - wild machines

os mutantes - bat macumba
pan & regaliz - waiting in the munster's garden
traffic sound - virgin
the syndicats - crawdaddy simone
the swingin medallions - double shot of my baby's love

henry mancini - the sounds of hatari
tom recchion - untitled
kid congo and the pink monkey birds - lullaby in paradise

sugarloaf - spaceship earth
amon duul ii - cerberus
dead meadow - sleep silver door

the hudson brothers - so you are a star

KUSF In Exile 12.16.11 9-Noon Sleeves On Hearts DJ Irwin

iPhone and iPad Player

sleeves on hearts (Music) with Irwin 12/16/2011 09:00AM to 12:00PM

09:09AM Yaz “Ode to Boy” from The Best of Yaz (CD) on Reprise/Mute

09:13AM Kid 606 “Phoenix Riddim” from Do Sheep Dream Of Macrobiotic Humans (12 Inch, 2004) on Soul Jazz

09:16AM Andy Scott “North To South” from Passed Me By / We Stay Together (CD, 2011) New

09:22AM Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark “The More I See You” from Organisation (LP, 1980) on Dindisc

09:26AM Broadcast “Winter Now” from Haha Sound (CD, 2003) on Warp Records

09:29AM Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band “Who has seen the wind” from 45 (7 Inch)

09:32AM Harry Belafnote & Miriam Makeba “Hush Hush (Thula, Thula) Zulu” from An Evening With Belafonte & Makeba (CD, 1965)

09:39AM Nagisa Ni Te “RIVER” from The Same As a Flower (CD, Single, 2004) on Jagjaguwar

09:43AM April & May “#5” from Best Of (CD, 1972)

09:46AM Still Corners “I Wrote In Blood” from Creatures of an Hour (CD, Album, Private, 2011) on Sub Pop

09:50AM Jacaszek “Dare-Gale” from Glimmer (CD, 2011) on Ghostly International New

09:55AM Three Mile Pilot “The House Is Loss” from 45 (7 Inch, 1998) on Paralogy

10:07AM Carol Kleyn “Love's Going Round” from Love Has Made Me Stronger (CD, 1976) on Drag City (USA)

10:10AM Caetano Veloso “Muito romantico” from Muito (LP, 1978)

10:13AM Marian Anderson “Heaven, Heaven” from Spirituals (Classical, 1952) on CLASSICS/WINDHAM

10:15AM Unknown “Kerejing (jew's harp)” from Music For The Gods

10:18AM Missy Elliot “let it bump” from This Is Not A Test (CD, 2003)

10:21AM Mary J. Blige “Someone to Love Me (Naked) [feat. Diddy & Lil Wayne]” from My Life II...The Journey Continues (Act 1) [Deluxe Version] (CD, 2011) on Geffen*

10:25AM Public Enemy “Shut 'Em Down” from Apocalypse 91...The Enemy Strikes Black (CD, 1991)

10:32AM The Creatures “Divided” from Standing There (12 Inch, 1989) on Geffen*

10:35AM Chancha Via Circuito “La Revancha re Chancha (feat. Fauna)” from Chancha Via Circuito (CD, 2011) on Waxploitation / ZZK

10:38AM Madlib & Joyce Moreno “Banana (feat. Generation Match)” from Red Hot + Rio 2 (Deluxe Edition) (CD, 2011) on eOne Music

10:43AM Debbie Deb “Fantasy (Dub)” from Fantasy (12 Inch, 1987) on Jam Packed

10:49AM Austra “Beat and the Pulse” from Feel It Break (CD, Single, Private, 2011) on Paper Bag Records / Fontana North

10:54AM Sylvie Vartan “I Don't Want the Night to End” from I Don't Want the Night to End (LP, 1979) on Catalog

10:59AM Caribou “Leave House” from Swim (CD, Album, Private, 2010) on Merge (USA)

11:09AM Nina Simone “Angel In The Morning” from Here Comes The Sun (LP, 1971)

11:12AM Betty Wright “If You Don't Love Me Like You Say You Love Me” from I Love the Way You Love (LP, Rock, 1971) on Rhino Atlantic

11:15AM Mayer Hawthorne “Stick Around” from How Do You Do (CD, Single, Rock, 2011) on Republic

11:18AM Horace Andy “Nice And Easy” from Feel Good All Over: Anthology 1970-1976 (Reggae, 1973) on Trojan

11:22AM Laurel Aitken “FREEDOM” from Woppi King (CD, 1969)

11:28AM HTRK “Love Triangle” from Work (Work, Work) (CD, 2011) on Ghostly International

11:31AM Jamie Woon “Night Air” from Mirrorwriting (CD, 2011) on Polydor Ltd.

11:37AM Ty Segall “The Drag” from Singles 2007-2010 (CD, 2011) on Goner (USA) New

11:40AM Moon Duo “Sickener” from Horror Tour - EP (12 Inch, 2011) on Souterrain Transmissions (USA) New

11:50AM Thomas Fehlman “Falling Into Your Eyes” from Gute Luft (CD, 2010) on Kompakt

11:57AM Morrissey “Let The Right One Slip In” from Viva Hate (CD, Album, Rock, 1988) on Sire

KUSF In Exile 12.16.11 6-9 AM The Silver Machine DJ Johnny Ray Huston and Nathan Berlinguette

iPhone and iPad Player


Machinefabriek -- Zucht II
Tim Hecker -- Introducing Carl Cocks
Concern -- Truth and Distance

Dirty Beaches -- Hotel
Leyland Kirby -- Down in the Wilderness
Zdenek Liska -- Witches' Firewall
Andy Stott -- Submission
bvdub -- What Happened to Us (excerpt)
Oneohtrix Point Never -- Replica
Ed Tomney -- The Garden by Night (from Safe)
Monoton -- Overture
Monoton -- Teil 2
Ed Tomney -- The Healing Circle (from Safe)

Crib -- Requiem
Eroc -- Horrorgoll
Black Mayonnaise -- Graveyard (Butthole Surfers cover)
Locrian -- Grayfield Shrines (excerpt)
Human Quena Orchestra -- A Wheel for Quinn
Jim Haynes -- Magnetic North III

Klaus Schulze -- Crystal Lake

Robert Fripp -- 1988
Sunroof -- Dirty Joke From Outer Space
Ben Lukas Boysen -- And by Sweet I Mean

Roedelius -- Kamee
Harald Grosskopf -- B. Aldrian
JD Emmanuel -- Grandioso
Harald Grosskopf -- Trauma
The Advisory Circle -- Lonely Signalman
Harald Grosskopf -- Tai Ki

KUSF In Exile 12.15.11 9 30-12 30 AM Passive Aggressive Eclectic DJ Toast

iPhone and iPad Player

with TOAST
12/15/11 9:30 PM to 12:30 AM

Reckless Kelly: Wicked Twisted Road
SteelDrivers: Where Rainbows Never Die
Gillian Welch: Elvis Presley Blues
Ray Wylie Hubbard: Cooler 'n' Hell
Jason Boland & the Stragglers: Pearl Snaps
Roman Pietres: No Chaps For Tito
Cowboy Junkies: Me & The Devil Blues
Grace Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys: By Gracious Powers
Fishtank Ensemble: Fever
Tom Waits: Frank's Wild Years
John Hartford: Don't Leave Your Records in the Sun
Lyle Lovett: Step Inside This House
Frank Sinatra: Blues In The Night
I'll Go On Downtown: Cory Morrow
Grisman/McCoury/Bibby/Simpson: We Can't Be Darlings Anymore
Chris Knight & Cody Canada: Undone
JJ Cale: Call The Doctor
The Roches: Hammond Song
Marion Williams: This Wicked Race
Ilhan Ersahin: Freedom
Denny Zeitlin: Precipice
Duffy: Syrup & Honey
Harris/Welch/Krauss: Didn't Leave Nobody But the Baby
Drive By Truckers: Never Gonna Change
Staple Singers: Earn It
G Love: Baby Honey Girl
Tony Joe White: Redneck Women
Fred Eaglesmith: How's Ernie?
Talking At The Texaco: James McMurtry
Kris Kristofferson: Silver Tongued Devil & I
Fred Eaglesmith: Time to Get A Gun
East Bay Grease: Happily Married Man
Gossip: Dimestore Diamond
Fucking Buckaroos: 666
Fishtank Ensemble: Opa Opa
Dexateens: Altar Blues
Johnny Winter: Boot Hill
Lumerians: Burning Mirrors
Vieux Farka Toure: Cherie Le
Evolution Control Committee: Listener License Agreement
Trailer Park Troubadours (with Tommy Smothers): Prozac Made Me Stay