KUSF 10.22.10 3-6 AM DJ Toast

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

Orange Mighty Trio: Northbound
Marianne Dissard: Ce Visage La
Francoiz Breut: Les Jeunes Pousses
Penner & Muder: Let The Music Play
Buck Owens: Wham Bam
Mugstar: Technical Knowledge As A Weapon / Furklausundbo
Lumerians: Burning Mirrors
Dirtbombs: Ever Lovin Man
The Flips: I Just Don't Know Where I Stand
Laurie Anderson: Falling / Flow
The Roches: Hammond Song
Mirah: The Tears That Fall
Little Willie John: My Love Is
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers: Free For All
Allman Brothers Band: In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
Rudresh Mahanthappa & Bunky Green: Summit
So Percussion & Matmos: Cross
Swans: You F******g People Make Me Sick
Donna Summer: Working The Midnight Shift
Mavis Staples: Wrote A Song For Everyone
De Wayan: Vis a Vis
Super Wild Horses: Enigma
Total Control: Paranoid Video
Raw Soul: Just Walk Funky
Wet Illustrated: Born Stoked
Hot Lunch: Alakazam
Plastikon: Plastikon
Brookhaven: When The Chorus Walks (reprise)
Tozzi: Space Blues
Aloe Blacc: Green Lights
Enrico Pieranunzi Latin Jazz Quintet: Danza 2

KUSF 10.22.10 Midnight-3 AM The Grab Bag DJ Chris Cook

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

KUSF 10.21.10 11-Midnight Los Gatos Superhighway

Los Gatos Superhighway

Just before midnight you pass bleary-eyed over a stretch of road known as the Los Gatos Superhighway. For a moment, the faint sounds of the old American Southwest become clear once again. Join us each Thursday night as we explore the gone but not forgotten sounds of classic Nashville, early Rock-n-Roll, Western Swing, Bluegrass, and Southern Blues. As we near the Border, we can also pickup some Tejano and Tex-Mex both vintage and new.

Producers and Hosts, Dan Tona and Tommy C.

KUSF 10.21.10 10-11 PM Wake the Town

Tune in to "Wake The Town" on 90.3 KUSF (or online on iTunes radio or www.kusf.org) every Thursday night from 10pm - 11pm for an hour of '60s Ska, Rocksteady and Early Reggae 45 rpm sounds brought to you by Revival Sound System + special guests!

contact: revival_soundsystem@yahoo.com

Concords - Don't let me suffer
Dave Barker/Paragons - Quiet Place
Joe White - Hot Hops
Dermot Lynch - Cool it
Keith & Tex - What kind of fool
The Techniques - It's you I love
Ken Parker - Sad Mood
The Pioneers - Run come walla
The Emotions - You can't stop me
Junior Soul - Miss Cushie
The Crystalites - Slippery
Rudy Mills - A place called happiness
The Victors - Easy squeeze
Eric Donaldson - Come a little bit closer
The Ethiopians - So you look pon it
Zoot Simms - Jail House
The Spanishtonians - Suffer me not
Hopeton Lewis - Rocka Shocka
Ken Boothe - My heart is gone

KUSF 10.21.10 9-10 PM Radio Goethe DJ Arndt Peltner

Radio Goethe

Radio Goethe presents a diverse overview onto the modern German music scene reaching from Rock to Pop, from Industrial to Darkwave, from Electronica to Medieval. Online at www.radiogoethe.org

Radio and Host, Arndt Peltner

KUSF 10.21.10 830-9 PM Radio Goethe Magazine DJ Arndt Peltner

Radio Goethe Magazine brings you News and Information from Germany and German related topics. Hosted by Arndt Peltner, Reporter Nina Pauler.
For more info and podcasts please visit radiogoethe.org
Supported by the General Consulate of Germany (germany.info)

Radio and Host, Arndt Peltner

KUSF 10.21.10 7;30-8 PM Words On Theatre DJ Marcy

Words On Theatre

In the meantime, let me tell you about WORDS ON THEATRE.   Over the years I've tried to cover the full range of Bay Area theatre from the smallest companies in the Tenderloin and around the Bay to theatres like the Orpheum and Golden Gate and other big venues.  All kinds of shows are covered.  My criteria has been what I consider GOOD THEATRE ...in all its Bay Area diversity.  And we've got an awful lot of diverse theatre around.   I pretty much interview everybody and anybody connected with show business.....actors, directors, behind the scenes people, producers, playwrights...everyone.  The format of the show in addition to interviews includes theatre news, info on theatre discounts and classes, and, of course, reviews.  Oh, and I sometimes cover dance and mixed media if no one else seems to be doing it. WORDS ON THEATRE is all about letting you know what's out there for you to enjoy.  I hope you enjoy the show!

PRODUCER/ HOST; Marcia Levine Solomon

Bay Area Theatre: Interviews, reviews, and commentary.

Producer and Host, Marcia Soloman

KUSF 10.21.10 3-6 PM DJ Nicole

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

Thinking Fellers - Million Dollars
Holy Fuck - Silva & Grimes
Dungen - Hogdalstoppen
Bruce Haack - Electric to Me Turn; Incantation
Rhys Chatham - An Angel Moves Too Fast to See
Chicago Afrobeat Project - Superstar pt. 7
Caspar Brotzmann & Page Hamilton - Suburban Blight
Tame Impala - Desire Be Desire Go
James Blackshaw - Part 3 (from "All is Falling")
Arp - High Life
Sun Araw - The Stakeout
Zadik Zecharia - trks 2 & 3 (from "Kurdish Memories Played on Zorna")
Chicha Libre - The Hungry Song
Wavves - Post Acid
The Sword - Arrows in the Dark
Crocodiles - Mirrors
Three Mile Pilot - Grey Clouds
The Fall - How I Wrote Elastic Man
Tangerine Dream - Rubycon (exc.)
Jandek - The Answer
Master Musicians of Bukkake - Coincidentia Oppositorum
Lil B - Love is Strange
Alemayehu Eshete - Gubelye
Brad Laner - Throat
Girls - Jeffrey I Hear You
Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting - trk #5 (from "Bubblethug")
Borful Tang - The Conversation
Little Claw - Movies for You
Bukka White - The Atlanta Special
Kemialliset Ystavat - trk 1 (from "Ullakkopalo")

KUSF 10.21.10 Noon-3 PM DJ Jay

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

Floored By Four- Chapter IV: Dougie
Bauhaus- Spirit
Laurie Anderson- Strange Perfumes

Fennesz/ Daniell/ Buck- Unuberwindbare Wende

Sun City Girls- The Imam
Khaki Squirts- Bluffs Acid
Cat Power- Naked If I Want To

The Rebel Set- 14th Floor
Mike Rep & The Quotas- Fade Away
Nobunny- Pretty Please Me
Aids Wolf- Wet Winds
The Reaction- Picture Of Daisy On A Radar Scope
Timco- Love Locked
Rat Vs. Possum- Pills
Borful Tang- Shadow In Dub
Art Blakey- Hammer Head

Mercury Falls- Quad Idea
Lo Borges- Eu Sou Como Voce E
Junip- To The Grain
Swans- Inside Madeline
Neil Young- Hitchhiker
Jefferson Airplane- The Farm
Jeff Beck Group- All Shook Up (Aborted by....)
Liver Cancer- ?
Limes- Vacation

Brookhaven- Towards The Unconditioned
Ted Lucas- Now That I Know
Elf Power- Stranger In The Window
Deerhunter- He Would Have Laughed
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan- Hawk
The Budos Band- Crimson Skies

The Bugs- Neon Sun
Pink Floyd- See-Saw
The Slits- New Town
Snowball- Long Haired Jesus

Grinderman- Kitchenette
The Doors- Changeling
The Oblivians- ?
Gaucho- Mariposa Waltz
Moonhearts- Can't Find My Way
Dadfag- Down Baby

Boy Blue & His Two- You Got Dimples In Your Jaws