KUSF 01.11.09 10-12 AM Local Music Show DJ Cactus

Hour 1: Burmese

Hour 2: Leviathan

1st Hour

2nd Hour

KUSF 01.11.09 8-10 PM Radio Jukebox DJ Zephir

wax tailor - damn that music made my day - intro
logan's sanctuary - breaks

bomb the bass - bug powder dust (la funk mob remix)
iqu - teenage dream
john cameron - swamp fever
blackalicious - alphabet aerobics
the perceptionists - medical aid
logans sanctuary - search for tomorrow

octomutt - I been thinkin
octant - tink-slap
waco brothers - revolution blues
william shatner - common people
they might be giants - hopeless bleak despair

rancid - olympia, wa
m i r v - shave my face off
white stripes - the air near my fingers
numbers - funny but sad
yeah yeah yeahs - man

auto -da-fé - pancake witch
blonde redhead - en particular
stock, hausen & walkman - jellywand
johnny cash - in my life
jolie holland - goodbye california
primus - those damn blue collar tweakers
vetiver - been so long

sex mob - crazy beat/don't be cruel
coachwhips - knew her, she knew me
elders of zion - #1 in gaza this week
rachel's - reflective surfaces
paradise island - terrapin station
elf power - don't let it be
giant sand - crackling water
frank black & the catholics - bullet
sleater-kinney - the size of our love

beck - boyz
ozomatli - coming war

1st Hour

2nd Hour

KUSF 01.11.09 6-8 PM Spotlite Techno Music DJ Arndt Peltner

"Made in Germany"

Rochus: High Noon
Haldolium: Diabolika
Tomcraft: Prosac
Scooter: Awakening
Amphasis: Slice
Sascha Funke: In between days
Kiki: Trust me
Wonderland: El Wer
Lützenkirchen: Leer aber Techno
Chris Liebing: American madness
Sven Väth: Harlequin – The Beauty and the Beast
Paul van Dyk: Crush
Christian Fischer: Advanced Panorama
Box of Frox: Undertow
Feuerhake: Vision
Lützenkirchen: 3 Tage wach

1st Hour

2nd Hour

KUSF 01.11.09 3-4 PM Havaye Tazeh The Persian Show

KUSF 01.11.09 2-8 AM Rampage Radio DJ Shaxul

Saint Vitus "Thirsty and Miserable"
Bethlehem "Die Anarchische..."
Piledriver "Metal Inquisition"
Aeturnus "Black Dust"
Manilla Road "Mystification"
Bruce Dickinson "Freak"
Falkenbach "Heathen Foray"
Passive Aggressive "Kreator of Destruction"
Pentagram "20 Buck Spin"
Scorpions "Crying Days"

3AM (cameos, duets, gust appearances...)
Coroner "Spectator of Sin" (w/Tom Warrior)
Halford "The One you love to Hate" (Duet w/Dickinson)
Stars "We're Stars" (Dio, Halford, Geoff Tate, Don Dokken, etc...)
Mercyful Fate (Burning the Cross Demo Track 1)
Necro "Insaneology" (w/John Tardy)
Misfits "Bullet" (Live w/Rollins)
Skid Row "Delivering the Goods" (w/Halford)
Napalm Death "Unfit Earth" (w/Glen Benton, John Tardy)
Lita Ford "Close my Eyes Forever" (Duet w/Ozzy)
Desaster "Metalized Blood" (members of Pentacle, Violent Force, Living Death)

4AM RIP Ron Asheton
Stooges "TV Eye"
Stooges "I got a Right"
Stooges "I'm Sick of You"
Suicidal Tendencies "Possessed to Skate"
C.O.C. "Technocracy"
Sacralege BC "Crucified" ('85 Demo)
Discharge "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing"
Slayer "Aggressive Perfector" (Criminally Insane B-Side)
Exploited "Propaganda"
Metallica "Escape"
Rush "Bastille Day"
Twisted Sister "You Can't Stop Rock and Roll"
Queensryche "Take Hold of the Flame"
Judas Priest "One Shot at Glory"

Queen "Flash's Theme"
Manowar "Battle Hymn"
Stryper "Free"
Motorhead "Love Me Forever"
Cannibal Corpse "Skull Full of Maggots"
Sodom "Incest"
Hellias "God's Death"
Kat "Metalipick"
Master's Hammer "Pad Madly"
Morbid Saint "Burned at the Stake"
Xibalba "Horizons"
Possessed "Death Metal (Death Metal Demo)
Demlich "When the Sun Drank the Weight of the Water"

Nox "Blind Mad God"
Morbid Angel "Nothing is Not"
Nihilist "Morbid Devourment"
Master "Cut through the Filth"
Slayer "Silent Scream"
Demolition Hammer "Skull Francturing Nightmare"
Razor "Cutthroat"
Doomwatch "Iconoclast"
Violence "World in a World"
Kreator "Storming with Menace"
Passive Aggressive "Clump"
Sabbat "The Best of Enemies"

Black Rose "Riding Higher"
Alien Force "To You"
Diamond Head "Sweet and Innocent"
Mercenary "Self Destruct"
Venom "Bloodlust" (Radio One)
Queen "Son and Daughter"
Piledriver "Witch Hunt"
Iron Maiden "22 Acacia Avenue"
Manowar "Metal Warriors"
Yngwie J Malmsteen "Sales of Charon"
Exciter "Heavy Metal Maniac"

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

4th Hour

5th Hour

6th Hour

KUSF 01.10.09 9-11 PM Classical Salon

1st Hour

2nd Hour