KUSF 10.02.10 8-9 AM Radiotochka DJ Mihalych

1st Hour


This show is loosely related to Russian life in San Francisco, Russian
music made in the San Francisco Bay Area and in its homeland, and
other music that the authors like. The show aims to promote better
understanding of Russian culture in some of its less kitchy aspects.

DJ Katya and Mihalych

From the animated film "Winnie-the-Pooh", Soyuzmultfilm, 1969
Mityaev - Мой отец (My Father)
Bulgarian Chicks (Featuring V. Tomova and M. Alexiava)
Вежливый Отказ - Мы все обречены на поражение (We Are All Doomed To Defeat)
Nick Rock'nRoll - Мир разделён (The World Is Divided)
Nautilus Pompilius - Абсолютное белое (Absolute White)
Akvarium - Будь для меня как банка
Vysotsky - Untitled (То ли в избу...)
Аkvarium - Серебро Господа моего (The Silver of my Lord)
Аkvarium - Катя-Катерина (Katia-Katerina)
Grazhdanskaya Oborona - Непрерывный суицид (Non-stop Suicide)
Аkvarium - Песня №2 (Song #2)
Mityaev - Сахалин (Sakhalin)
Nautilus Pompilius - Три царя (Three Kings)
5'nizza - Ушедшим слишком рано (To Those Who Left Too Soon)
Nautilus Pompilius - Стриптиз (Striptease)
Nautilus Pompilius - Последнее письмо (Last Letter)

KUSF 10.02.10 3-8 AM Defeat Sleep DJ Cactus

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

4th Hour

5th Hour

Cactus presents Defeat Sleep every Saturday morning from 3am-8am. The program began in 2000, and expanded to the current five-hour exoskeleton in 2003.

Defeat Sleep focuses on field recordings, experimental electronics, noise, drone, doom, ambient, sound collage, and so on. Email Cactus at danielhintz64 (@) gmail.com

1. Leviathan
2. FM Einheit
3. Burzum
4. Darkthrone
5. Burmese

KUSF 10.02.10 Midnight-3 AM The Time Warp DJ Amper Dan

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

*TIME WARP*(KUSF-90.3fm) –October 2,2010
As Hosted by DJ AmperDan
Guest DJ: The Heat
Next Week’s Host: Bodacious Brenda
Next DJ AmperDan Show: October 16. 2010 (subbing for Kimbrulee)

DJ AmperDan’s First Set
Mister Loveless – June
Brownsville Station – Smokin’ In The Boy’s Room
The Dollyrots – Bad Reputation
Bowling for Soup – Friends, Chicks, Guitars
The Downer Party – Being A Teenager (Is Free Palestine)
The Limousines – Internet Killed The Video Star
Rocket – Friends with Benefits
The Wrong Words – What Went Wrong
The Blacks – Walking Through Walls
Rykarda Parasol – Your Safety is My Concern
Kylee Swenson-Gordon w/ Bostitch & Fussible – I Count The Ways
My First Earthquake – Pick Up Stick Up
LoveLikeFire – Saint Martin
Oona – Remote Control
Fans of Jimmy Century – Go Sugar
Polly Mackey & The Pleasure Principle – Higher

The Heat’s Set
Wet Nurse – Conversations with The Moon
Playing in The Streets – Every Minute
Marrow – Tear You Apart
E 3 – Callin’ You
Christopher Willits – Green Faces
Cero – Legend
Astra Heights – American Gun
Vinyl – Spill The Wine
Mos Def – Hip Hop
The LoveMakers – Shake That
Von Iva – Not Hot To Trot
Tower of Power – So Very Hard To Go

DJAmperDan's Second Set
Abby Travis – Lightning Squared
The Aerosols – She’s So Far Gone
Agent Ribbons – I Was Born To Sing Sad Songs
The Hounds Below – Cumberland’s Crumblin’
The Soft White Sixties – I Am
Mister Loveless – The Old Pain
The Watson Twins – Human
Leopold & His Fiction – Golden Friends
A B & The Sea – Down and Around
Persephone’s Bees – First We Take Manhattan
The Like – Release Me
The Trophy Fire – Glow
Oona – There’s A Bridge

KUSF 10.01.10 10 PM-Midnight The Friday Night Session DJ Andrew

1st Hour

2nd Hour

The Friday Night Session is hosted by San Francisco music addicts, DJs, writers, and bloggers: Andrew Jervis (Ubiquity Records), Mike Bee (Amoeba) and Tomas Palermo (http://forwardever.blogspot.com.) Since it's official inception in 1996 the show continues to present the most vibrant selection of electronic music on the San Francisco airwaves.

KUSF 10.01.10 9-10 PM The Menace's Attic DJ Dennis

The Menace’s Attic Episode #458 October 1st, 2010 “What An Insane Week: At The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, The Nominations Are In. In Golden Gate Park, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Serves Up Amazing Musical Vittles. And At YEAR This Coming Monday Night, One Year Of Rock And Roll Will Be Celebrated, Authentic Cocktails Served And You Don’t Have To Be Nominated To Attend. (One Radio Show: Three Great Reasons To Rock, On The Rocks!)”

OPENING SONG: The Second Time Around – Shalimar (Solar) R.I.P. Richard Griffy

Set #1 O.K. This Set Totally Mixes Up R & R Hall Of Fame Nominees, And Songs From The Year I’ll Be Celebrating At YEAR. So, I’ll Only Be Able To Reveal Some Of The Actual Facts, That Is Unless You Really Do Believe That I Don’t Have A Clue!
C.C. Rider – Chick Willis (Atlantic) 2:32
Smoke From A Distant Fire – The Sanford/Townsend Band (Warner Bros.) 3:33
Stoney End – Laura Nyro (Columbia) 2:43

Set #2 The Irony Here Is That Peter Wolf Is Playing At Yoshi’s Tomorrow Night And I Gotta Tell ‘Ya That’s A Far Cry From Cobo Arena – No Sushi Served There Back In The Day For Sure – Just Raw Hot Dogs!
Stumble and Fall – Darlene Love (Philles) 2:32
Musta Got Lost – J. Geils Band (Atlantic) 2:53
No More Mr. Nice Guy – Alice Cooper (Warner Bros.) 3:00

Set #3 I Guarantee You That If Any Commercial Radio Station Played The Artists In This Next Set Together, Their Ratings Would Go Through The Roof – And Soon After They Wouldn’t Be Able To Pay For The Leaks Next Winter! Now That’s Freaky!
Livin’ On A Prayer – Bon Jovi·(Mercury) 4:10
Le Freak – Chic (Atlantic) 3:30
Looking For The Heart Of Saturday Night – Tom Waits (Elektra) 3:40
Into The Night – Benny Mardones (Polydor) 4:30

Set #4 Nick And Elvis Are Playing Each Other's Songs The Next Two Nights At The Great American, As For Me, I’m Going To See If They Play Other Folks' Songs At Hardly Strictly, So, Maybe McCartney Can Afford A New Outfit!
No Action – Elvis Costello (Columbia) 1:58
(What’s So Funny ‘ Bout) Peace Love And Understanding – Brinsley Schwarz (United Artists) 3:32
Don’t Bother Me – The Beatles (Parlophone) 2:30

CLOSING SONG: One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show – Honey Cone (Hot Wax)

KUSF 01.21.07 6-8 PM Spotlight Grateful Dead DJ Nikolai

1st Hour

2nd Hour

KUSF 08.28.05 6-8 PM Spotlight Bobby Aro on Studio Finland DJ Nikolai