KUSF 10.26.10 3-6 AM DJ Abot 5000

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

ghoul in school the fortunes
motorbike wooden shjips
she has a funny walk electric mess
me and the devil ferocious few
i need a dollar aloe blacc
bad things jace everett
master of the universe kinski
helicopter open mic eagle
chicago roy ayers
watt floored by four
if you want me to stay sly and family stone
glass of water mira cook
vesuvius sufjan stevens
toyboat yoko ono
everything is new antony and the johnsons
crazy in love antony and the johnsons
this boy beatles
you fucking people make me sick swans
cello suite in e flat prelude j.s. bach
tim lincecum the san francisco sports band
with me neil young
masterman caballo tripode
shine moonhearts
blue west sun city girls
trampled rose tom waits
monkey mathew dear
another horizon nite jewel
fihlo do pato tom ze
one mint julep sarah vaughn
unbroken, unshaven budos band
mess around super wild horses
ghost vs. vampire quasi
dunkerque francoiz breut
side b, trk 2 ducktails
maybe this song bruce haack
sun arrow candy claws
live it up no bunny
evelyn clinic
scenario a tribe called quest
russian dance yair yona
brian wilson san francisco sports band

KUSF 10.26.10 Midnight-3 AM DJ Xray

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

Trail of Dead-Novena Without Faith
Ducktails-Backyard (Live at WFMU)
Ducktails-Beach Point Pleasant (Live at WFMU)

Yo La Tengo-Sugarcube
The Olivia Tremor Control-NYC-25
Battles-Tras 3

Total Control-Real Estate
Film School-Time to Listen

Mugstar-Technical Knowledge
Holy Shit-Rough & Tumble
Holy Fuck-Silva & Grimes
Robby Moncrieff-Lets take a Walk
Rat vs Possum-Jungle
Deerhunter-Desire Lines

Sisters-Highway Scratch
Moonhearts-Deathstar pt 2
Royal Baths-Nikki Don't
Moon Duo-Hurry On Sundown
White Hills-Be Yourself
The Black Angels-Entrance Song

Grasslung-Scarred Hands we Drift
Aloe Blacc-Loving You is Killing Me
Scuba-So you think You're Special?
Grouper-Imposter in the Sky

Junip-In Every Direction
Three Mile Pilot-Still Alive
Cloudland Canyon-Mothlight pt2
Cloudland Canyon-Pinklike/Version

Sticks N Stones-Red Light
Lumerians-Burning Mirrors
Wet Illustrated-Born Stoked
The Flips-I just dont know where i stand
The Olivia Tremor Control-Hideway

KUSF 10.25.10 11-Midnight Guitar Journeys DJ Teja Gerken

Guitar Journeys champions diverse traditions of guitar music from around the world, including classical, fingerstyle, jazz, bossa nova, and genre-defying contemporary compositions.  Featuring the ancient music of 16th century lutenists, fresh compositions by today's living artists, and just about everything in between, Guitar Journeys is the Bay Area's portal into a spectacular universe of guitar music. Email guitarjourneys@yahoo.com, and tune in Monday nights at 11pm.

Producer: Brian Dowdy
Hosts: Brian Dowdy, Theresa Calpotura, DJ Tuggy, and Teja Gerken

Sungha Jung – Billie Jean, from the album Perfect Blue
Thomas Gaworek – Sheebeg and Shemore, from the album Born to be Together
Pierre Bensusan – Kiss Landing, from the album Vividly
Bob Bonastre -, Third Stone from the Sun, from the album Grace
Richard Smith, Saturday Night Shuffle, from the album Slim Pickin’
Leo Kottke, Vaseline Machine Gun, from the album Leo Kottke Anthology
Steve Baughman, Planxty Bongwater, from the album, A Drop of the Pure
Pierre Bensusan – DADGAD Cafe, from the album Vividly
Thomas Gaworek – Unexpected Guest, from the album Born to be Together
Guitar Republic – Ghetto Republic, from the album GR
Laurence Juber – Blackbird, from the album LJ Plays the Beatles Vol. 2
Az Samad - Welcome, from the album Emo Attack Turtle
Eric Skye – North Wes, from the album Slow Moving Dog

KUSF 10.25.10 10-11 PM Classics Without Walls DJ M Renee

Classics Without Walls

The Anti-Warhorse Zone is in it's nineteenth year of thumbing down it's nose at the bizarre conventions of commercial "classical" radio. We're as committed as ever to the truths that music is not a commodity for consumption or a vehicle for technical perfection, and that even the best recordings don't reproduce music - only the sounds. We treasure risk-taking composers and performers who step up and take their own risks. In addition to our unruly broadcasts, Classics Without Walls works to counter the music-as-commodity blight by sponsoring small-scale concerts, mixed media presentations, and informal post-concert meals with the aim of helping draw musician and listeners closer into a community of participation.

Producer and Host, M. Theo
Associate Producer and Host, Renee Witon
Programming and Production Advisory Board, All Our Listeners

KUSF 10.25.10 9-10 PM Ragtime Machine DJ David Reffkin

The Ragtime Machine

Ragtime music from the concert halls and barrooms of America. Interviews with composers and performers, plus plus ragtime news. Records, demo tapes, press releases and information should be sent at least two weeks in advance.

Producer and Host, David Reffkin

KUSF 10.25.10 3-6 PM DJ IMF

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

Toro Y Moi - Master of None
Abe Vigoda - Dream of My Love
Weed Diamond - Mint in My Mouth
Tame Impala - Alter Ego
Dungein - Vara Snabb
Oasis - Sliding Away
Three Mile Pilot - Battle
Shout Out Louds - Fall Hard
Agent Ribbons - Your Hands My Hands
Lower Dens - Hospice Gates
Cloudland Canyon - Gracious Hearts
Women - Narrow with the Hall
Mira Cook - India

Ty Segall - Girlfriend
The Rebel Set - Black Suit, Black Heart
Minks - Ophelia
Toro Y Moi - You Hid
Small Black - Photojournalist
ESQ & Chikaramanga - A Day in the Life
Roots of O.K. Jazz Compilation (Artist: De Wayon) - Vis-A-Vis
Candy Claws - Sun Arrow
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - To Hell & Back Again
Crocodiles - Mirrors
Hassle Hound - Metropolitan Tower
No Bunny - Blow Dumb
Magic Kids - Hey Boy

Admiral Radley - Ghosts of Syllables
RJD2 - Work it Out
Holy F*CK - Stay Lit
White Denim - I'd Have it Just the Way We Were
The Sandwitches - Rock of Gibraltar
Spinto Band - Brazil
Elf Power - Spidereggs
Fat Vs. Possum - Bintu Ju
Spectrals - Leave Me Be
Clinic - Another Way of Giving
Sun Araw - Deep Cover