KUSF 02.20.10 4-5 PM Francofun DJ Malcolm

KUSF 02.20.10 3-4 PM DJ Pastor Tom

KUSF 02.20.10 3-8 AM DJ Cactus

1. Pete Namlook
2. Jacob Kirkegaard
3. Biosphere
4. Luc Ferrari
5. Z'ev
6. Oneohtrix Point Never

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

4th Hour

5th Hour

KUSF 02.20.10 Midnight-3 AM The Time Warp DJ The Owl

CONTACT: owl.requestGRANITE@gmail.com [remove GRANITE]

Professor Longhair, "In the Wee Wee Hours"

Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, "I Second That Emotion"
The Choir, "It's Cold Outside"
Dick Dale & the Deltones, "Tidal Wave"
The Cryan Shames, "Sugar and Spice"
Bo Diddley, "Bo Diddley"
The Lyrics, "So What!!"
The Searchers, "Needles & Pins"

The Barbarians, "Are You a Boy or are You a Girl"
The Waitresses, "I Know What Boys Like"
Rick James, "Give It to Me Baby"
The Rolling Stones, "Harlem Shuffle"
The Outsiders, "Time Won't Let Me"
The Association, "Along Comes Mary"

The Tremeloes, "Cool Jerk"
Michael & the Messengers, "Romeo & Juliet"
The Music Machine, "Talk Talk"
The Vagrants, "Respect"
The Litter, "Action Woman"
The Isley Brothers, "It's Your Thing"
Dusty Springfield, "Goin' Back"

Stan Ridgway & Stewart Copeland, "Don't Drop the Soap (For Anyone Else But Me)" [PECKER soundtrack]
Tears for Fears, "Pale Shelter"
Okkervil River, "Unless It's Kicks"
Her Space Holiday, "The New Kid Revival"
Sufjan Stevens, "For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti"
Neil Young, "Misfits"

Atomic 7, "Daddy's Little World"
Mutants, "Emotional Readout"
Elvis Costello & the Attractions, "Oliver's Army"
The Mr. T Experience, "Ready Set Go"
The Replacements, "Alex Chilton"

Dar Williams, "After All"
Pinetop Seven, "A Fire Burns at the Foot of Our Bed"
Songs: Ohia, "Hot Black Silk"
Alejandro Escovedo, "Pissed Off 2 AM"

Sweet Honey in the Rock, "Sylvie" [FOLKWAYS: A VISION SHARED]
The Kingsbury Manx, "Silver Trees"
Bruce Springsteen, "I Ain't Got No Home" [FOLKWAYS: A VISION SHARED]
Murry Hammond, "I Believe, I Believe"
Whiskeytown, "Under Your Breath"
The Drive-by Truckers, "Space City"
Mike Scott, "Personal"
Emmylou Harris, "Hobo's Lullaby" [FOLKWAYS: A VISION SHARED]
Leonard Cohen, "Chelsea Hotel #2"

Cecil Taylor Trio, "I Love Paris"
McCoy Tyner & Bill Frisell, "Baba Drame" [GUITARS (McCoy Tyner)]
The Bevis Frond, "He Had You"

The Drift, "Know Certain Future (Part One)"

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

KUSF 02.19.10 10-Midnight The Friday Night Session

1st Hour

2nd Hour

KUSF 02.19.10 The Menace's Attic DJ Dennis the Menace

The Menace’s Attic Episode #426 February 19th, 2009 “If I Could Change The Space-Time Continuum, I’d Be Super Happy Right Now. Or At Least My 7 a.m. Flight To A Later One! ” Edition

OPENING SONG: Hippy Chick – Soho (Atco)

Set #1 This Set Is Going To Sound Great! How Do I Know That? Well, I Visualized It Before I Played It!
Get It On – T.Rex (Reprise)
Sound & Vision – David Bowie (EMI)
I Hear You Knocking – Dave Edmunds (MAM)

Set #2 To Design An Entire Set Around The Word Baby Is About As Immature As It Gets. Considering The Overall Theme Of This Show Has To Do With Time Shifting, I Think I Can Get Away With It Sometime In The Very Near Future.
Isn’t It Time – The Babys (Chrysalis)
Can’t Get Enough Of You Baby – The Colour Field (Chrysalis)
Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Babe – Barry White (Casablanca)

Set #3 And Now Let’s Take A Little Drive To Some Of The Coolest Places On Earth Where Travel Takes No Time At All And Your Tires Never Wear Out ‘Cause They Never Touch The Ground! Sorry Michelin!
Motoring – Martha Reeves & The Vandellas (Gordy)
Cool For Cats – Squeeze (A&M)
Dream All Day – The Posies (DGC)

Set #4 If That Fatal Kiss Is All I Need, Then I Wish I Didn’t Wait Until So Late In Life To Get It!
A View To A Kill – Duran Duran (EMI)
Crimson & Clover – Tommy James & The Shondells (Roulette)

CLOSING SONG: You’re The One For Me – D Train (Rhino)

KUSF 02.19.10 7-8 PM This Week In Don's Basketball with Pat Olson

KUSF 02.19.10 5-6 PM Local Show DJ Germ

KUSF 02.19.10 4-5 PM Top Ten DJ Germ

KUSF 02.19.10 3-4 PM Guest DJ Hour Loren (Rampage Radio)/ Mark Biederman (Blind Illusion) DJ Stereo Steve

guest dj: loren (rampage radio)/ mark biederman (blind illusion)

blind illusion - kamakazi
blind illusion - sky falls down
blind illusion - blood shower

electric sun - cast away your chains
scorpions - sails of charon
night sun - crazy woman
anvil chorus - deadly weapons

armageddon - buzz
moby dick - two timing girl
blue oyster cult - cities on flame with rock and roll

blind illusion - midnight in china

KUSF 02.19.10 Noon-3 PM DJ Stereo Steve

"swim in your rainy mood"

oshun - rattle of life
hubert laws - the rite of spring
not breathing - cloud modulation
neighborhood bass coalition - megastar
burial - south london boroughs
lowell brams - dream about vince guaraldi

101 strings - theme from shaft
jaga jazzist - touch of evil
afcgt - niche
gong - how to stay alive
gift of gab - electric waterfalls
blakroc - what you do to me
mc 900 foot jesus - falling elevators

we five - you were on my mind
the byrds - i see you
mc5 - the human being lawnmower
the hogs - loose lip sync ship
frank zappa and the mothers of invention - who are the brain police
electric light orchestra - ma ma mabelle/dreaming of 4000
pink floyd - corporal clegg

white hills - three quarters
faust - bonjour giacchino
scantily clad - plain galaxies
sensational saints - how great thou art
elvis presley - early morning rain

four tet - love cry
ducktails - let's rock the beach
stanton davis ghetto mysticism - space-a-nova
moon duo - in the trees
danny paul grody - hungry/haunted

fringe benefit - suzanne

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

KUSF 02.19 9-12 PM Guest Ezra From Citay on Sleeves on Hearts DJ Irwin

"perfect hair and a smoke machine"

ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER, learning to control myself
JAPAN, foreign place
HARMONIA & ENO '76, aubade
THE DURUTTI COLUMN, piece for an ideal
FUQUGI, gransofa
SLOWDIVE, golden hair
BETTYE SWANN, little things mean a lot
MARIAH CAREY, we belong together
McCOY TYNER, lazy bird
ERYKAH BADU, my people
NET SHAKER, sleeptape
THE MAGNETIC FIELDS, from a sinking boat
R.E.M., sweetness follows
YO LA TENGO, saturday
YOKO ONO, children power
MISSY ELLIOTT, play that beat
JAMES PANTS, thin moon
THE GLOVE, like an animal (demo version)
COSMETICS, soft skin
STEVIE NICKS, its only love
interview/guest dj set with ezra from CITAY:
CITAY, careful with that hat
SONIC YOUTH, theresa's sound world
CITAY, return from silence/dream get together
CITAY, mirror kisses
CITAY, tugboat
WILLIAM BASINSKI, vivian & ondine (excerpt)

1st Hour

Guest Ezra of Citay on Sleeves on Hearts DJ Irwin

2nd Hour and 3rd Hour