KUSF 10.18.09 6-8 PM Spotlight Peter Hammill DJ Paul Ciminero

Exclusive Interview and Music by PETER HAMMILL with Your
Host Paul Ciminero. Recorded on his North American Tour this
past summer. Peter Hammill is an English singer-songwriter, and a
founding member of sixties underground (often described as progressive
rock) band Van der Graaf Generator. Recurring themes including love and
human relationships, ageing and death, human follies, self-awareness
and introspection, politics, and religion.


Here's the list of songs so you can publish them on the website:

Hour one (all Van Der Graff Generator)
Inference Patterns - Trisector (2008)
Nutter Alert - Present (2005)
(we are) Not Here - Trisector
Man-Erg - Real Time Live (2007)
Lifetime - Trisector
Every Bloody Emperor - Present
All That Before - Trisector

Hour Two (all Hammill solo)
Vision - Fool's Mate
Easy to Slip Away - Chameleon in the Shadow of the Night
Modern - The Silent Corner and the Empty Stage
Nadir's Big Chance (same)
On Tuesday (she used to do Yoga) - Over
Ophelia - Sitting Targets
Planet Coventry - The Noise
The Gift of Fire (Talk Turkey) - Roaring 40's
A Better Time - Voracious (Live with Stuart Gordon)
Ghost of Planes - Thin Air

1st Hour

2nd Hour

KUSF 10.18.09 4-6 PM Just Another Menace Sunday


JUST ANOTHER MENACE SUNDAY – #308 October 18th, 2009
Just Another Menace Sunday Theme (Dennis The Menace) – Mighty Six Ninety

OPENING SONG: Lassoo – The Duke Spirit

The Duke Spirit’s Musical Sandwich:
The Step And The Walk – The Duke Spirit
Gimme Shelter – The Rolling Stones
I’m So Glad – The Duke Spirit
Black Steel – Tricky
Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours – Stevie Wonder
Dog Roses – The Duke Spirit
Hunter – Bjork
Teenage Whore – Hole
This Ship Was Built To Last – The Duke Spirit
My Sunken Treasure – The Duke Spirit
You Wake Up The Love In Me – The Duke Spirit

OPENING SONG: On A Whim – Flying Machines (Meteor)
Pick Up The Phone – Dragonette (Self Release)
Best Of Me – Morningwood (MTV)
Wicked Blood – Seawolf (Dangerbird)
Boat Behind – Kings Of Convenience (Astralwerks)
Blew It Again – Electric Tickle Machine (Self Release)
Cinderella – Langhorne Slim (Kemado)
Darling Dear – Little Fish (Custard)
Maltese T – Spiral Stairs (Matador)
Gin and Money – Marcy Playground (Woz)
Loudest Speaker – World’s Greatest Ghosts (Lucky Madison)
Everything Up (Zizou) – Zero 7 (Atlantic)

CLOSING SONG: Let’s Run – John Garrison (Self Release)


1st Hour

2nd Hour

KUSF 10.18.09 3-4 PM Havaye Tazeh The Persian Show


Interview with Mezzo Soprano, Raeeka Shehabi Yaghmai

1. Introduction

2. Peter Soleimanipour - CD: Ego System - Joy (Hermes Records)

3. News

4. Kamran rastegard - CD : Chehreh Nama - Dheisha Intifada

5. Interview with Raeeka Shehabee Yaghmai

6. Raeeka singing Gole Pamchal from her CD

7. De miei bollenti Spiriti - La Traviata - Matthew Edwardsen

8. from Carmen by Bizet

9. Sarazamineh Man

KUSF 10.18.09 2-8 AM Rampage Radio DJ Shaxul

John Carpenter "Halloween Theme"
Fastway "Trick or Treat"
King Diamond "Halloween"
Misfits "Haloween II"
Samhain "Halloween II"
Helloween "Starlight"
Amon Amarth "Freewill Sacrifice"
Reverend Bizarre "Cromwell"
Death "Within the Mind"
Carcass "Incarnated Solvent Abuse"
Passive Aggressive "ISSR"
Manilla Road "Street Jammer"
Leonard Nimoy "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins"
Turbo "Srodku Tej Ciszy"{
Judas Priest "The Ripper"
Alien Force "Ripper"
Sextrash "Jack the RIpper"
Grim Reaper "Wrath of the Ripper"
Saint Vitus "Psychopath"
Iron Maiden "Killers"
Goblin "Susperia"
Angel Witch "AngelWitch"
Onslaught "Witch Hunt"
Pilkedriver "Witch Hunt"
Venom "Don't Burn the Witch"
Witchfinder General "Burning a Sinner"
Celtic Frost "Danse Macabre"
Bauhaus "Belle Legose's Dead" (Live)
Cindy Talk "The Ghost Never Smiles"
ELP "Tocatta"
Sangre Amado "Opera Inverse"
Helstar "Harker's Tale"
Slayer "At Dawn they Sleep"
Iron Maiden "Transylvania"
Goatlord "Acid Orgy"
Kiss "Calling DR Love"
Black Sabbath "Black Sabbath" (Live)
Jerusalem "Primitive Man"
Scorpions "Crying Days"
Manilla Road "Cat and Mouse"
Stone Vengeance "To Kill Evil"
Hellhunter "Grave Desecrator"
Motorhead "Hellraiser"
Saros "Evaporated Existence"
William Shatner "It was a very good year"
Discharge "Protest and Survive"
COC "Mad World"
Sacralege BC "Crucified"
Blitz "Razors in the Night"
Black Rose "Riding Higher"
Cro Mags "Malfunction"
Razor "Cutthroat"
Thor "Ride of the Chariot"
Iron Cross "Let's get down to Business"
Avenger "Hot and Heavy Express"
Violence "Kill on Command"
Pestilence "Final Solution"
Death Breath "Sacrifice"
Testament "COTLOD"
Masters Hammer "Alava Moderistova"
Death (MI) "Keep on Knocking"
Budgie "Crash Course in Brain Surgery"
Jerusalem "Frustration"
Tank "Blood Guts and Beer"
Iron Man "Among the Filth and Slime"
Samhain "Halloween II"
Holocaust "Heavy Metal Mania"
Exciter "Heavy Metal Maniac"
Piledriver "Metal Inquisition"
Desaster "Metalized Blood"

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

4th Hour

5th Hour

6th Hour

KUSF 10.18.09 8-11 PM Classical Salon DJ Fari

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour