KUSF 12.05.10 6-8 PM Spotlight Vietnam War DJ Andt Peltner

Spotlight shines on extraordinary artists of every musical persuasion with weekly two hour tributes.

1st Hour

2nd Hour

35 years after the end of the Vietnam war, it's time to look back. To the music and sounds of the war that divided Western societies, that shaped generations, that laid the groundworks for many social and political movements, that left many soldiers stranded in a war they didn't want. With Arndt from Radio Goethe.

KUSF 12.05.10 4-6 PM Just Another Menace Sunday

1st Hour

2nd Hour

Dennis The Menace didn't have enough time for new music in the six decades of rock n roll he plays on his Friday Night "Menace's Attic" show. So he created JAMS. Hour #1: features interviews and Live Sessions with Rock and Rollers of Note. (Recent guests: Erasure, John Doe and Lindsay Buckingham.) Hour #2: All melodic Rock and Roll (Britpop Power Pop, Soul and anything else DTM likes that week.) There are always concert and film ticket giveaways. Please visit www.menaceattic.com to learn more!

Producer and Host: Dennis "The Menace" Scheyer

JUST ANOTHER MENACE SUNDAY - #367 December 5th, 2010

Just Another Menace Sunday Theme (Dennis The Menace) - Mighty Six Ninety 1:05

OPENING SONG: Clap Your Hands – The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

Fort Wayne Zoo (Live in Studio C) – The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
Highwater Everywhere Part 1 – Charlie Patton
Show Me What You Got – Mississippi Sheiks
The Silver Tongued Devil and I – Kris Kristofferson
Talking Casey – Mississippi John Hurt
Rock and Roll – Led Zeppelin
Head Full Of Doubt/Road Full Of Promise – Avett Brothers
Hello In There – John Prine
Can’t Pay The Bill – The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
Born Bred Corn Fed – The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
Miss Sarah (Live in Studio C) – The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band


OPENING SONG: Bigger Than Us – White Lies (Geffen)
Gallery Whore – Jana Peri (Self Release)
Let’s Have A Rockin’ Christmas – Jackie Kringle & The Elves (Self Release)
I Hate The Holidays (But I Love Spending Them With You) – Jana Peri (Self Release)
Tres Las – Oedipus (Self Release)
Party Clock – Thorncraft Cobra (Self Release)
Get Out, Give In – Expatriot (Riverman)
Seatalk – Zola Jesus (Sacred Bones)
Living For Someone – Ivan & Alyosha (Missing Piece)
Not In Love – Crystal Castles featuring Robert Smith
Now Or Never – The Ivy Walls (Sky Drive)
Take Care Of Yourself – The Posies (Ryko)

CLOSING SONG: Heartache By Numbers – Bryan Ferry (Astralwerks)

NEXT WEEK: An Interview With One EskimO

KUSF 12.05.10 1-2 PM Liquid Konspiracy DJ Emerald Koolant

An incendiary journey into the kool depths of humanity's collective unconscious like sol blending lights 'round planets of discontent'. A red glare of bubbling eclectic esoteric over ground soundscapes...

DJ's: Emerald Koolant and Phoenix Catsinger

KUSF 12.05.10 1230-1 PM Disability & Senior News Report DJ Patrick

"Disabilty and Senior News Report" is a show produced and hosted by persons with disabilities (pwd's) and seniors. We report on a wide range of topics touching the lives of pwd's and seniors. Our guests include state and federal legislators, physicians who offer unique services, programs/services for our mutual communities, changes in the law/regulations-and our mailbag shows.
Producer Maggie Dee
Assoc. Producer, Patrick Connally

KUSF 12.05.10 8-830 AM Whisky Before Breakfast DJ Richard White DJ Bryan Chandler

A half hour set of Folk, Acoustic, Flat Picking, Traditional, Bluegrass, Contemporary, and everything else related with waking up in a relaxed way to get the Sunday started off. Originally a radio show that was on WKSU, with Kerry Blech in the 70's, which led to the Folk Alley that we hear now.

Gene Clark "Wintering In"
Sharron Kraus & Friends "To Shorten Winter's Sadness"
Laura Gibson "Wintering"
Bert Jansch "In The Bleak Midwinter"
Ogden Nash "Word About Winter"
Vashti Bunyan "Winter Is Blue"
Iron & Wine "Faded From The Winter"
Sean Smith "What Blooms In Summer Dies In Winter"

KUSF 12.05.10 2-8 AM Rampage Radio DJ Tonus and DJ Manny

Rampage Radio

Since 1982, The World's Heaviest Radio Show.

1st Hour

Manny's Show this hour
2nd Hour

3rd Hour

4th Hour

5th Hour

6th Hour

2-3 am
Shape of Despair - Entwined in Misery
Psychosomatic - Everybody Hates Me
Dir En Grey - Hydra 666
Tim Ripper Owens - Believe
Opeth - in my Time Of Need
Desultory - This Broken Halo
Calm Hatchery - We are The Universe
Kingdom of Sorrow - From heroes to Dust
NDINGER - ReginSmol
Death Angel -Absence of Light
Mr Death - Curse the Masses
3-4 am (Manny's Show)
Green Carnation - Childs Play 2
Snowball - Nickle and Dime
Bite - Bad Girl Go To Hell
Mother's Finest - Police on My Back
Toilet Boys - Another Day In The Life
At The Gates - The Gardens of Grief
Hate Breed - Horrors of Self
Children Of Bodom - Hatebreeder
Forbidden - Behind the Mask
Forbidden - Chalice Of Blood
Blind Guardian - Valhalla
Hirax - Swords of Steel
Riot - Swords and Tequila
Ozzy - The Almighty Dollar
4-5 am
Order of Apollyon - Flesh of Jehovah
Katatonia - Deliberation
Control Denied - Tune of Evil
Exodus - Beyond the Pale
Murder Construct - End of an ERROR
Furze - It Leads
Megadeth - I thought I knew it all
Psycho - All Are Dead
Anti Drasi - Zena Va Znow
Mr Hankey - Dead Dead Dead
5-6 am
Isole - Silent Running
Dethklok - Laser Cannon Death Sentence
Katatonia - Liberation
Brian Poeshn - More metal than You
Vintersorg - Perfektionisten
Killing Joke - The Fall of Because
Hail Of Bullets - The Mukden Incident
Adorned - Schiff der Toten
Katatonia - Inheritance, Passing Bird, Soil's Song, Tonight's Song, Onward into Battle
Amber Asylum Bitter River
6-7 am
1349 - Devil in The Desert
Le Mans - Beautiful
Wayne - Die Satan Die
Griftegard - The Mire
Gwar - Beat you To Death
Witchsorrow - Gomorrah
The Jam - English Rose
Ereb Altor - A new Day But PAST
Antimatter - Epitaph
7-8 am
Cough - Crippled Wizard
Hammers of Misfortune - U should Have Slain Me
Ahab - Another Raft in the Medusa
Dio - Holy Diver / Heaven And Hell
Epica -Deconstruct
Mr Hankey - Christmas Time in Hell
Joy Division - Colony
Hypocrisy - Roswell 47
Agalloch - Our Fortress is burning
Destruction - Intro/ Total disaster
Type O Negative - Everything Dies

KUSF 12.04.10 9-11 PM Classical Salon DJ Jim Levine

The Classical Salon

The emphasis is on composition, featuring the delightfully obscure and daringly different. An occasional interview or live performance adds the personal touch. Invite your friends over for tea, and turn your home into a classical salon. On the second Saturday of the month, David Reffkin presents "Static Limit" - interviews with important researchers in astrophysics, and related high-energy physics.

1st Hour

2nd Hour

note:first hour not recorded

KUSF 12.04.10 4-5 PM Francofun DJ Zoé

Franco Fun

A Crossroads for all things new of interest to the French speaking community. Featuring new music, life style, cultural events and interviews. Program is hosted both in French and English. Keep up-to-date with Franco Fun: Twitter francofun, blog address francofun.wordpress.com, or email farikusf (@) yahoo.com


1. M - Les Acariens - [Le Baptême] - 1997
2. Pit Bacardi - Sexcitations - [Pit Bacardi] - 1999
3. Jean-Claude Vannier - Danse Des Mouches Noires Gardes Du Roi - [L'Enfant Assassin Des Mouches] - 1972
*LE CARTABLE* : 4. Yelle - À Cause Des Garçons - [Pop-Up] - 2007 // 5. À Cause Des Garçons - À Cause Des Garçons - [À Cause Des Garçons] - 1987
6. Paris Studio Land Orchestra - French Kiss - [Paris, Je T'aime] - 2006
7. Téléphone - Un Autre Monde - [Un Autre Monde] - 1984
*LE 1/4 D'HEURE AMÉRICAIN* : 8. Youssou N'Dour & Neneh Cherry - 7 Seconds - [The Guide] - 1994
9. Vibe - Boxxon - [Double Face 4] - 2002
10. Yelle - La Musique - [Safari Disco Club] - 2011
// BACKGROUND // Tepr & Yelle - À Cause Des Garçons (Tepr Remix) - [À Cause Des Garçons] - 2007

KUSF 12.04.10 430 to 5 PM Samedi Culture

Cultural News and Music from the French Speaking Community. Featuring interviews with French speaking personalities, special guests, and new music. Broadcast in French, hosted by the French Cultural Services; this program is sponsored by the French American Cultural Society.


KUSF 12.04.10 3-4 PM DJ Pastor Tom

The Pastor Tom Show

Personal Growth and development specialist Dr. Tom Polcari brings aboard topics that are too hot to handle by other stations. Regular listeners weekly come from every age, sex, and ethnic background. The music will consistently surprise and delight. Producer and host, Dr. Tom Polcari.