KUSF In Exile 11.09.11 Noon-3 PM DJ Miranda and Kenny and Allison

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Artist Song

Mermen One Hundred Foot Lemon
Easy All Stars Let Down
Bongwater Reagannation
J Cole All I Want is You
Thurston Moore Circulation
The Babies Wild 1

Wiz Khalifa/Snoop Dogg Young, Wild, and Free
Prince Darling Nicki
Airwaves Radio
Blank Dogs Books
Animal Collective vs. Kocani Orkestrar
B-Legit Block 4 Life

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffitti Friday Night
No Bunny & Golden Boots Monsterkiss
Fungi Girls HoneyFace
Bob Dylan Highway 61 revisited
Eric Sermon/Marvin Gaye Music
Dean Martin You Cant Love Em All
Pavement Embassy Row

San Quinn SF Anthem
Sinead Oconnor I am stretched on your grave
Kid Congo & the Pink MonkeyBirds Dbobo Boogaloo
The Dead Milkmen Tiny Town
CKY 96 Quite Better Beings
Buddy Holly Rave On
Jeff the Brotherhood Cool Out
Minutemen West Germany
Dialated People This Way

Estelle Break My Heart
Polvo Purple Bear
Love and Rockets Yin + Yang
Me First & The Gime Gimmes Rich Girl
Snoop Dogg Boom
Demon Claws Trip to the Clinic
Ty Seagel Buick Mackane
Dum Dum Girls There is a Light that never goes out

KUSF In Exile 11.09.11 9-Noon DJ JamesDamnBrown

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Wednesday 11/9/11 9-Noon

Prince / Paisley Park
Jimi Hendrix/ Jelly 292
Pretenders / Mystery Acheivement (live London 1980)
Sly And The Family Stone / Dance To the Music/Music Lover (live Fillmore East 1968)
Southern Culture on the Skids / Banana Pudding
Frank Sinatra / High Hopes (Vote For Kennedy)
Canned Heat / Election Blues
Replacements / Election Day
Radiohead / Electioneering


Before They Make Me Run
Love Is Strong
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (solo)
All About You
Let's Go Steady
Oh, What A Feeling (solo)
The Harder They Come
Too Rude
You Dont Have To Mean It
Apartment Number 9 (solo)
Little T and A
We Had It All
Darling, Say It's Not You (solo)
Wanna Hold You
Deep Love
The Nearness Of You (solo)


Serge Gainsbourg / Comic Strip
Al Hirt / Green Hornet Theme (Flight Of The Bumblebee)
Nelson Riddle / Batusi A Go Go
Link Wray / Batman Theme
Roland Alphonso/ James Bond
The Ramones / Spiderman Theme
Superman TV show ad 1966
The Clique / Superman
Curtis Mosby / Let's Go Ballyhoo
Dixieland Jug Blowers / Banjoreno
Charlie Burse And His Memphis Mudcats / Weed Smoking Woman
Georgia Washboard Stompers / I Can't Dance I Got Ants In My Pants
Hattie Hart / Won't You Be Kind To Me?
Papa Celestin's Original Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra / Papa's Got The Jim-Jams
Ringo Starr with Marc Bolan and James Booker / Hold On
Sidney Bechet / Preachin' Blues
L.E. White and Lola Jean Dillon / Home Sweet Home
Tex Edwards / I'm A-Gonna Kill You
Thelonius Monster / Let Me In The House
Nilsson / You're Breakin' My Heart

KUSF In Exile 11.08.11 11-Midnight Barn Dance DJ Creep

A barn dance is any kind of dance held in a barn, but usually involves traditional or folk music with traditional dancing. It is a type of dance, originating in America and popular in Britain in the late 19th century and early 20th, derived from Schottische. Folk dancing events are often also referred to as "barn dances", despite being held in locations other than barns.

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KUSF In Exile 11.08.11 Noon-3 PM Carolyn

If anyone personifies the word 'maven' it's DJ Carolyn. Her impeccable
taste in punk, garage and rock has influenced Bay Area listeners for over
two decades. A listener passionately sent in, 'she has always been the
only DJ that matters. She finds music nobody else does, and it rocks!' Her
dedication to the local scene goes beyond spinning the latest indie disc
or old-school classic, to outright mentorship of fledgling talent. Catch
her weekly show... and you'll find out why, when it comes to Bay Area
rock, you've been served." -From SF Bay Guardian who awarded Carolyn as
2006's and 2008's Best DJ: Terrestrial Radio

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Carolyn (Music) with Carolyn 11/08/2011 12:00PM to 03:00PM

12:01PM Ramones “Blitzkreig Bop” from Ramones (CD, 1977) on Sire

12:03PM The Undertones “Teenage Kicks” from The Undertones (CD, Album, Private, 2004) on Salvo (Union Square Music)

12:06PM Suicide “Cheree” from Suicide (MP3, Album, Private, 1997) on Mute Records

12:09PM Eddie and the Hot Rods “Do Anything You Want To Do” from Teenage Depression (LP, Single)

12:12PM Acid Baby Jesus “Tooth To Toe” from LP (CD, 2011) on Slovenly New

12:16PM Apache Dropout “All I'm Gonna Is Laugh” from Cha Cha Cha cassette (Other)

12:21PM Ty Segall “Goodbye Bread” from Goodbye Bread (CD, 2011) on Drag City (USA) Local, New

12:27PM Swiftumz “Too Many Friends” from Don't Trip Call Me (510)637-8630 (LP, 2011) on Holy Mountain Local, New

12:30PM Dadfag “Cool Song” from split with Girls Of Porn (7 Inch, 2011) Local

12:32PM Total Control “See More Glass” from Henge Beat (LP, 2011) on Iron Lung (US) New

12:36PM Dirty Wurds “Not This One” from Not This One b/w Mellow Down Easy (7 Inch) on Caped Crusader

12:39PM Jet Staxx “I'm Gonna Be the Best Guy” from I'm Gonna Be The Best Guy b/w You'll Get The Chop (7 Inch, 2011) on Sing Sing New — originally from 1978

12:42PM Thee Spivs “It's True” from It's True b/w Taped Up (7 Inch, 2011) on Almost Ready New

12:46PM Mark Sultan “Axis Abraxis” from Whatever I Want (LP, 2011) on In The Red (USA) New

12:49PM Mouthbreathers “Anxiety” from Anxiety b/w The Creeper (7 Inch, 2011) on In The Red (USA) New

12:52PM Eddy Current Suppression Ring “I Admit My Faults” from Walking In Unison (12 Inch, 2011) on Captcha New — live Feb. 10, 2010 PBS FM Collingwood, Australia

01:00PM Sex Cult “Sid Visions” from Errand Boy EP (7 Inch, 2011) on Goner Records New

01:06PM Veronica Falls “Bad Feeling” from Veronica Falls (LP, 2011) on Slumberland (USA) New

01:09PM The Welders “S-O-S Now” from P-E-R-V-E-R-T EP (7 Inch, 2010) on BDR Records — originally from 1979

01:11PM Human Switchboard “Who's Landing In My Hanger?” from Who's Landing In My Hanger? Anthology 1977-1984 (CD, 2011) on Bar None New — originally from 1981

01:13PM Albertos Y Lost Trios Paranoias “Kill” from Stiff Singles (CD) on Stiff

01:14PM Liquor Store “Bud Lite Killers” from Yeah Buddy (CD, 2011) on Almost Ready New

01:19PM James Arthur's Manhunt “It's Working (Part 1)” from It's Working (Part 1) b/a It's Working (Part 2) (7 Inch, 2011) on In The Red (USA) New

01:22PM Dead Farmers “Out The Door” from Out The Door b/w Never Enough (7 Inch, 2011) on RIP Society (Australia) New

01:28PM Tav Falco and His Panther Burns “Shade Tree Mechanic” from Shade Tree Mechanic (Single)

01:31PM Tav Falco & The Unapproachable Panther Burns “The Young Psychotics” from Panther Phobia (LP, 1998) on In The Red (USA)

01:35PM Tav Falco's Panther Burns “Love Is My Business” from Blow Your Top (12 Inch, 1982) on Animal Records

01:38PM Tav Falco “Chains Of Love” from Disappearing Angels (CD, 1996) on Sympathy For The Record Industry — Alex Chilton plays guitar on this

01:41PM Bob & Gene “It's Not What You Know (It's Who You Know)” from It's Not What You Know (It's Who You Know) b/w These Lonely Nights (7 Inch) on Ever-Soul

01:45PM Vex Ruffin “My Mind” from Crash Course EP (12 Inch, 2011) on Stones Throw New

01:49PM Jack Oblivian “Caboose Jump” from Rat City (LP, 2011) on Big Legal Mess New

01:53PM The Liminanas “(I've Got) Trouble In Mind” from Tour Single (7 Inch, 2011) on Trouble In Mind (USA) New

01:56PM Smashing Orange “My Deranged Heart” from My Deranged Heart b/w Only Complete IN You (7 Inch, 1991) on Ringers Lactate

02:03PM The 3Ds “Hairs (demo version)” from We Bury The Living (CD, 2011) on Flying Nun (New Zealand)

02:05PM Strapping Field Hands “Boo Hoo Hoo” from Discus (CD)

02:09PM Terry Malts “Something About You” from Something About You EP (7 Inch, 2011) on Slumberland (USA) Local, New

02:14PM Wild Billy Childish and The Spartan Dreggs “Forensic R'N'B” from Forensic R'N'B (CD, 2011) on Damaged Goods New

02:17PM Cheater Slicks “We All Love Peanut Butter” from Our Food Is Chaos (7 Inch, Single, 2011) on Almost Ready Records New

02:20PM Grudge “I'm Gonna Smash Your Face In” from I'm Gonna Smash Your Face In (7 Inch, Single, 2011) on Black Label — originally from 1973

02:24PM Prehensile Monkey-Tailed Skink “Alright!” from We Found A 4-Track (7 Inch, 1993) on Bulb

02:26PM Lilac “Cathedral” from Cathedral (7 Inch, Single)

02:28PM Wounded Lion “Monkeys” from IVXLCDM (LP, 2011) on In The Red (USA) New

02:36PM The Barreracudas “Don't Roll Your Eyes” from Nocturnal Missions (LP, 2011) on Douchemaster New

02:39PM The Sleaze “Weird Truck” from Weird Truck b/w Splotch On Something Clean (7 Inch, 2011) on Three Dimensional Records

02:41PM Genocides “Come Again (You Make Me Wanna)” from Is That Alright? (7 Inch) on Action Records

02:45PM Cop Warmth “Die Slow/ Constantly Pregnant” from Die Slow EP (7 Inch, 2011) on In The Red (USA) New

02:48PM U.V. Pop “Just A Game” from Just A Game b/w No Songs Tomorrow (7 Inch, 2011) on Sacred Bones (USA) New — reissue from 1982

02:50PM Kurt Vile “Water Fingers” from split with Woods (7 Inch, 2011) on Woodsist New

02:53PM Thee Cormans “EMERGENCY!” from Down Mit Der Fuzz b/w Emergency! (7 Inch, 2011) on In The Red (USA) New

02:55PM Sharp Balloons “Evening News” from Evening News EP (7 Inch, 2011) on Goner Records New

02:59PM Scientists “Atom Bomb Baby” from The Human Jukebox 1984-1986 (CD, 2001) on Sympathy For The Record Industry

KUSF In Exile 11.08.11 9-Noon Radiodrome DJ Schmeejay

Visceral Cinematic Music

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RADIODROME (Music) with dj schmeejay 11/08/2011 09:00AM to 12:00PM

09:23AM Alan Mills & Hélène Baillargeon “Marie Madeleine” from Duet Songs of French Cinema (LP) on Folkways

09:23AM Bill Nelson “Empire of the Senses” from The Love That Whirls (LP, 1981) on UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)

09:24AM Preshish Moments “Let's Be Firends” from Let’s Be Friends (CD, 2008) on daly city records

09:26AM DAWN “Candida” from Candida on BMG Special Products

09:26AM The Present “World I See” from World I See (LP, 2008) on LOaF

09:27AM Steve McQueen “Excerpt” from Baby, The Rain Must Fall (Other, 1965)

09:28AM Gerry Rafferty “Right Down The Line” from Slow 45 (7 Inch, 1978) on UA

09:33AM David Moss & Arto Lindsay “Possible Fruit” from Full House (LP, 1984) on Moss Music

09:34AM Patti Page “(How Much Is) That Doggie In the Window?” from The Very Best Of (LP, 1953) on Hallmark — Born 11.08.27

09:37AM Split Enz “Hard Act To Follow” from Waiata (LP, 1981) on A&M

09:50AM Zinja Hlungwani “N'wagezani My Love” from Shangaan Electro (LP, 2010) on Honest Jon's

09:51AM Jackie Trent & Tony Hatch “TWO of US” from Schlager Studioi (LP) on S*R

09:54AM Burmese “Lok Ga Goul Diu Dole Ngo Gou Hu Lum Tao” from Lun Yurn (CD, 2011) on ugEXPLODE

09:56AM Angel “I'Ll Never Fall In Love Again” from Sinful (LP, 1979) on Casablanca

10:05AM Jimmy Swaggart “The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power” from Touching Jesus (LP) on The Golden Sound

10:07AM Fred Frith “Alienated Industrial Seagulls” from Guitar Solos (CD, Album, Private, 2003) on Fred

10:14AM 10CC “I'm Mandy Fly Me” from How Dare You (LP, 1997) on Mercury Records Limited

10:17AM L. Madolan & G. Giurjan “Akhalkalaki” from Songs and Dances of Armenia (LP) on Folkways

10:22AM Mike Nichols & Elaine May “Transference” from Examine Doctors (LP) on Columbia (USA)

10:24AM Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark “Forever (Live And Die)” from Slow 45 (7 Inch) on A&M

10:31AM Islaja “Kenen maa” from Meritie (CD, 2004) on Fonal

10:34AM Nurse With Wound “3 (Untitled)” from Automating (LP)

10:46AM Patti Page “The Tennesee Waltz” from Big Hits (LP, 1956)

10:47AM Rob Reich “Abigail Waltz” from The Balancing Act (CD, 2008) on S/R (USA)

10:49AM Elliott Smith “Waltz #2 (XO)” from XO (LP, 1998) on DreamWorks

10:59AM John Cali “By The Light Of The Silvery Moon” from The Banjo Minstrel Man (LP) on Mercury Records Limited

11:00AM X'Lents “Psychedelia” from Psych Funk Sa-Re-Ga! (LP, 2010) on World Psychedelic Funk Classics

11:02AM Paul McCartney and Wings “With a Little Luck” from Slow 45 (7 Inch) on Capitol

11:05AM Daft Punk “AROUND THE WORLD” from Homework (CD, Album, Private, 1997) on EMI France

11:18AM Robert Fripp & The League of Gentlemen “Minor Man” from Robert Fripp & The League of Gentlemen (LP) on Polydor/EG — Two Copies, out of sync

11:19AM Peter Kasin & Richard Adrianowicz “Mary, Come Join Our Religion” from Cast Off Each Line (2006) on Handspikes Music

11:20AM Nels Cline “Cork Farm” from The Inkling (2000) on Cryptogramophone

11:24AM Peter & Gordon “500 Miles Away from Home” from Chinese Best Of (LP) on Bell Song

11:29AM Mr Partridge “Commerciality” from The Lure Of Savage (LP, 1980) on Virgin UK

11:36AM Jimmy Reed “Bright Lights Big City” from 14 Golden Recordings from The Vee Jay Vaults (LP) on ABC

11:40AM Brian Ritchie “America/Christian for a Day” from Sonic Temple on SST (USA)

11:45AM Patti Page “Old Cape Cod” from Big Hits (LP, 1956)

11:50AM Go-Gos “Our Lips Are Sealed” from Slow 45 (7 Inch) on IRS

11:53AM Shizuo “Braindead (Pt 1)” from Vs. Shizor on DHC

11:55AM GBV “Motor Away” from Alien Lanes (LP) on Matador (USA)

11:56AM Johnnie Taylor “Cheaper To Keep Her” from Super Tracks (LP) on K Tel

KUSF In Exile 11.08.11 6-9 AM DJ Stevil

6-9 am The Stevil show is a moody collage of music that soothes and attacks your senses every Tuesday morning from 6 to 9 a.m.  If music is the language of the heart, then the Stevil show is hieroglyphics on the caverns of the aorta.

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Stevil Show (Music) with Stevil 11/08/2011 06:00AM to 09:00AM

06:01AM Wissenschaftliche Sensation “Ich Weiss Null” from Neon (Austrian New Wave & Postpunk)

06:06AM Bruce Haack “Incantation” from The Electric Lucifer (2007) on The Omni Corporation

06:09AM Double Naught Spy Car “Jan-Michael Vincent Rehab.com” from Come in Blue Water

06:12AM Bill Ding “Intentions” from And the Sound of Adventure (1996) on Hefty Records

06:14AM Frenchy “Jealous Again” from Che's Lounge (1998) on Dionysus Records

06:17AM Rodd Keith “Do You Know the Difference Between Big Wood and Brush” from The American Song-Poem Anthology - Do You Know the Difference Between Big Wood and Brush (2003) on Bar/None Records

06:21AM The TV Theme Players “George Of The Jungle” from George Of The Jungle (Single)

06:22AM Hot Snakes “This Mystic Decade” from Audit In Progress (2004) on Swami

06:25AM The Dukes Of Stratosphear “25 O'Clock” from The Dukes of Stratosphear: Chips from the Chocolate Fireball (2001) on Virgin UK

06:34AM The Folksmen “START ME UP” from A Mighty Wind - The Album (2003) on DMZ

06:36AM The Angels of Light “Michael's White Hands” from The Angels of Light Sing "Other People" (2005) on Young God Records

06:41AM Roayal Pendletons “Boo's Crash” from Hot Rods to Hell 2

06:43AM Teacher's Pet “Little Arthur” from Teachers Pet

06:46AM Sex Pistols “EMI” from never mind the bollocks (CD, Album, Private, 1977) on Virgin

06:49AM Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds “At the Ruin of Others” from Gorilla Rose (LP, 2011) on In The Red (USA)

06:52AM The Cure “I Want to Be Old (Sav Studio Demo 10/77)” from Three Imaginary Boys (Deluxe Edition) (2004) on UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)

06:54AM Disappears “Magics” from Lux (2010) on kranky

06:58AM I Know “Shepherd's Heard” from Teenage Shutdown Vol. 10 - The World Aint Round, It's Square!

07:04AM Ladytron “BLUE JEANS” from Light & Magic

07:11AM Einsturzende Neubauten “MoDiMiDoFrSaSo” from Five on the Open-Ended Richter Scale (1987) on Some Bizzare

07:15AM Bakamono “Kava” from Long Time Cain

07:23AM Die Princess Die “Roar of '84” from Lions Eat Lions (2006) on Gold Standard Laboratories

07:24AM Bad Dudes “F.F.B.O.” from Bad Dudes (2005) on Brain Burger Records

07:25AM Minutemen “Plight” from What Makes a Man Start Fires? (1982) on SST Records

07:26AM Bordoms “Mama Brain” from Chocolate Synthesizer

07:30AM Lozenge “ChickenShit” from Undone (2005) on SickRoom Records

07:34AM GANG OF FOUR “We Live As We Dream, Alone” from A Brief History of the 20th Century (1990) on EMI UK

07:40AM Movie Themes “Faster Pussycat Kill Kill” from Soundtrack to Faster Pussycat Kill Kill

07:43AM JULY “My Clown” from July (CD, Album, Private, 2007) on EMI UK

07:46AM Iggy Pop “Dog Food” from Pop Music

07:48AM D.I. “Richard Hung Himself” from Team Goon (1987) on Manifesto Records

07:52AM Kimya Dawson “I Will Never Forget” from Hidden Vagenda (2004) on K Records

07:57AM Steve Eto “Hot Rod Guitar” from Steve Eto

08:04AM Chain & The Gang “It's a Hard, Hard Job (Keeping Everybody High)” from Music's Not for Everyone (2011) on K Records

08:08AM Idiot Flesh “Diggity Cow & Dandy Mr. Clyde” from Fancy (1997) on Vaccination (USA)

08:11AM PJ Harvey “Let England Shake” from Let England Shake (CD, Album, Rock, 2011) on Vagrant Records (US)

08:14AM Blurt “Enemy Ears (ORIGINAL)” from Let There Be Blurt Volume 1: The Fish Needs a Bike (2003) on Salamander Records

08:18AM Wet Dog “That Man Delivers Papers” from Frauhaus! (2011) on Captured

08:20AM Crime and the City Solution “I Have the Gun” from Paradise Discotheque (1990) on Mute Records

08:24AM Fucked Up “The Other Shoe” from David Comes to Life (CD, 2011) on Matador (USA)

08:29AM Redd Kross “Cover Band” from Redd Kross EP

08:34AM Herb Albert & the Tijuana Brass Band “This Guy's in Love with You” from Best of Herb Alpert & TJB

08:37AM Jean Jacques Perrey “E.V.A” from Moog Indigo (2006) on Vanguard Records

08:40AM William Shatner “MR. TAMBOURINE MAN” from the transformed man (CD, Album, Private, 1968) on MCA

08:45AM The Electric Prunes “I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)” from Even More Nuggets - Classics from the Psychedelic Sixties vol.3 (CD, Comp, Private, 1989) on Rhino

08:48AM XTC “Generals and Majors” from Black Sea

08:52AM Night Control “Track 10” from Life Control (2010) on Kill Shaman Records

08:58AM Beth Capper “This is Love” from Complimdentary

KUSF In Exile 11.08.11 Midnight-3 AM Open Mind Music DJ Henry

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KUSF In Exile 11.07.11 11-Midnight Room For Four DJ Schmeejay

Before there were recordings, music at home meant playing the piano; and before the inexpensive mass-produced piano, music at home meant gathering to play instruments together. With focus on the quartet, /Room for four/ explores the music that was written not primarily to be performed for an audience, but to be /played/ – for the players’ own enjoyment.

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KUSF In Exile 11.07.11 10-11 PM Jazz On The Cusp DJ Doctor Jekkyll

For over a century, jazz music has continued to be a living, breathing entity. To date, the music itself has defended itself admirably against those self-appointed guardians of last year's blues who would compartmentalize jazz as swing, bebop, cool, avant-garde, etc. Rather than hearing jazz as a sequence of separate styles, it is important to hear its continuity across time. Jazz is always on the cusp, always searching, always ready to incorporate a new discovery into the body of work that preceded it. There is no radical break between swing and bebop, between bebop and cool, between the early New Orleans styles and the avant-garde group improvisations of the 1960s. The music exists on a continuum.


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30th edition
7 November 2011

1) Sonny's Dream
(Horace Tapscott)
Sonny Criss
Sonny's Dream
Sonny Criss - soprano sax
David Sherr - alto sax
Teddy Edwards - tenor sax
Pete Christlieb - baritone sax
Conte Candoli - trumpet
Dick Nash - trombone
Ray Draper - tuba
Tommy Flanagan - piano
Al McKibbon - bass
Everett Brown, Jr. - drums

2) Old and New Dreams
Old and New Dreams
Old and New Dreams
Black Saint
Don Cherry - pocket trumpet
Dewey Redman - tenor sax
Charlie Haden - bass
Ed Blackwell - drums

3) On the Sunny Side of the Street
(Jimmy McHugh/Dorothy Fields)
Slam Stewart
Slam Bam
Black & Blue
Slam Stewart - bass, vocals
Milt Buckner - piano
Jo Jones - drums

4) Eat That Chicken
Oh Yeah
Charles Mingus - piano, vocals
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - flute
Booker Ervin - tenor sax
Jimmy Knepper - trombone
Doug Watkins - bass
Dannie Richmond - drums

5) Jitterbug Waltz
(Thomas "Fats" Waller)
Stanley Cowell
Live at Maybeck Recital Hall
Stanley Cowell - piano

6) Echoes of the African Forest
Saka Acquaye and His African Ensemble
High Life & Other Popular Music
Nonesuch Explorer
Saka Acquaye - drums, flute, tenor sax
Garvine Masseaux - vibraphone, drums
George Brooks - double bass
Edward Cooper - trumpet, mellophone
Wilfred Letman - trumpet
Charles Earland - tenor sax
Walter Miller - guitar
Robert Crowder, Joseph Acquaye, Benny Parks, Sunny Morgan - drums

7) Spats
John Carter
Shadows on a Wall
John Carter - clarinet
Bobby Bradford - trumpet
Andrew Cyrille - drums
Marty Ehrlich - bass clarinet, flute
Fred Hopkins - bass
Terry Jenoure - violin, vocals
Benny Powell - trombone
Don Preston - keyboards, electronics

8) Birth of the Blues
(Lew Brown, Buddy G. DeSylva, Ray Henderson)
Chet Atkins and Les Paul
Chester & Lester
RCA Victor
Chet Atkins – guitar
Les Paul – guitar
Randy Goodrum – piano
Larrie Londin – drums
Ray Edenton, Paul Yandell, or Bobby Thompson – rhythm guitar
Henry Strzelecki or Bob Moore – bass

9) Berdache
Eyvind Kang
theater of mineral NADEs
Eyvind Kang - violins, guitar, mandolin, recorders, percussion

10) These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You)
(Jack Strachey/Eric Maschwitz)
Sonny Criss
The Complete Imperial Sessions
Sonny Criss - alto sax
Barney Kessel - guitar
Kenny Drew - piano
Bill Woodson - bass
Chuck Thompson - drums

KUSF In Exile 11.07.11 9-10 PM Guitar Journeys DJ Giacomo Fiore

Guitar Journeys champions diverse traditions of guitar music from around the world, including classical, fingerstyle, jazz, bossa nova, and genre-defying contemporary compositions.  Featuring the ancient music of 16th century lutenists, fresh compositions by today's living artists, and just about everything in between, Guitar Journeys is the Bay Area's portal into a spectacular universe of guitar music. Email guitarjourneys@yahoo.com, and tune in Monday nights at 11pm.

Hosts: Theresa Calpotura, DJ Tuggy, Giacomo Fiore, and Teja Gerken

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Vivaldi: Concerto in Re maggiore, RV 93.
Rolf Lislevand, Lute.
I. Allegro
II. Largo
III. Allegro

Villa-Lobos: Concerto for Guitar and Small Orchestra.
John Williams, Guitar.
I. Allegro preciso
II. Andantino e andante
III. Allegro non troppo

Harrison: Concerto For Pipa With String Orchestra.
Wu Man, Pipa
I. Allegro
II. Bits & Pieces: Troika—Three Sharing—Wind & Plum—Neapolitan
III. Threnody For Richard Locke
IV. Estampie

KUSF In Exile 11.07.11 830-9 PM Polka Fetish DJ Schmeejay

Polka Fetish is a weekly 30-minute blast of polka music brought to you by djs Schmeejay, Cactus, Jacob, and Masha. Polka from all over the world is presented with all the gemutlichkeit we can muster.

Paul Potski and his Pumpernickels "Dance With Me Polka" from "Polka Polka Polka" on Coronet
Frankie Yankovic And His Yanks "Duluth Polka" from "It's A Polka Night" on Columbia
Mrozinsnki Brothers "Aleatoric Brothers Polka" from "Aleatoric Ensemble" on Aleatoric Recordings
The Magic Organ "Dutch Treat Polka" from "Polka Album" on Ranwood
Victor Zembruski and his Orchestra` "Dzuleida Polka" from "Percussion Polka" on Continental
Bill Gale & His Orchestra "Pennsylvania Polka" from "POLKA POPS" on Camden
Orquestra De Arriola "El Moncho Lencho" from "Polka Mexicana" on Discos Corona
Bill Gale & His Orchestra "Race Track Polka" from "POLKA POPS" on Camden
Orquestra De Arriola "El Calamber" from "POLKA POPS" on Discos Corona
Otto Ebner und seine Münchner Blasmusik "Bierfasl Polka" from "Oktoberfest" on P.I.
Andrews Sisters "Beer Barrel Polka (Roll Out The Barrel)" from "25 Polka Greats" on K Tel

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