KUSF In Exile 11.10.11 Noon-3 PM The Yay Show DJ Jay

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The Yay Show
Thurs. 11/10/11, 1-3pm

Mike Melvoin- Sunshine Of Your Love
Members of The Perez Prado Orchestra- La Cucaracha
Niebiesko Czarni- Tongue Twister
The Flower Pot Men- Let's Go To San Francisco
Radiohead- There There
Serge Gainsbourg- Baudelaire

Ray Martin & His Orchestra- Egyptian Epic
Primus- Tommy The Cat
The Mothers- Mud Shark
Due Process RRRadio Runzelstirn & Gurglestock
U.S. Air Force Power
Rolling Stones- Some Girls
Jimi Hendrix Experience- Third Stone From The Sun
Shockabilly- Born On The Bayou
Detroit- Drink
The VIPs- She's A Put On
Sonic Youth- Notorious Rockin' Lee
Shellhead- Unforgettable Big Big Hat

Barney Childs and Harold Budd and others
The Grandmothers
Shotwell- Are You Insane
Soft Machine- So Boot If It All
Wild Breed
Carnaby Street Lamp Post
Gaping Wound
The Seeds- Farmer Brown

The Flower Pot Men- Let's Go To San Francisco (pt. 2)

KUSF In Exile 11.10.11 11-Noon Musica Latina

One of the stray walks through Musica Latina. Enjoy B-Sides as they have never been heard!

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KUSF In Exile 11.10.11 10-11 AM The Set Of Set Catalan DJ Luis

The music of Catalonia comprises one of the oldest documented musical traditions in Europe, and has displayed a rich musical culture continuously for at least two thousand years. Join DJ Luis for a journey through this exciting Southern European style of Music.

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KUSF In Exile 11.10.11 9-10 AM Salsa Sides Show DJ Cathy Cohn

Cathy Cohn is a living legend in the San Francisco Radio and Nightclub Scene (aka the I Beam), having been on KUSF-FM for over 20 years. Tune into her show with the best of Salsa Music, guaranteed to wake the the soul alive.

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KUSF In Exile 11.10.11 6-9 AM DJ Jennifer Marie Joyce

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The Vortex (Music) with Jennifer Marie Joyce 11/10/2011 06:00AM to 09:00AM

06:01AM Godspeed You Black Emperor! “Murray Ostril: "They Don't Sleep Anymore On the Beach"” from Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven (LP, Album, Private, 2000) on kranky

06:25AM Lilys “Peerless” from Selected - EP (CD, EP, Private, 2000) on File Thirteen Records

06:29AM Henry Mancini “Touch Of Evil (Main Title)” from Touch of Evil (CD, Album, Private, 1993) on Varese Sarabande

06:32AM Levitation “Arcs of Light and Dew” from Need for Not (LP, Album, Private, 1992) on Rough Trade Records

06:41AM Half String “Oval” from Eclipse Oval Hue EP (CD, EP, Private, 1993) on Independent Project Records

06:48AM Orbital “Never” from Never (MP3, Single, Private)

06:53AM Gang Gang Dance “Chinese High (Gg Remix)” from Eye Contact (CD, Album, Private, 2011) on 4AD

07:00AM In Verse “December” from Sunk

07:13AM His Name Is Alive “Drink, Dress, and Ink” from Mouth By Mouth (LP, Album, Private, 1993) on 4AD

07:17AM Hall & Oates “Miss DJ” from Do It for Love (CD, Private, 2003) on Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.

07:21AM Eurythmics “Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four)” from 1984 - For the Love of Big Brother (LP, Album, Private, 1984) on Virgin UK

07:25AM Phenomenal Handclap Band “Following (Special Single Version)” from Following (Special Single Version) (MP3, Single, Private)

07:30AM The Dresden Dolls “SING” from Yes, Virginia (CD, Album, Private, 2006) on Roadrunner Records

07:34AM Megadeth “VorteX” from Cryptic Writings (Remastered) (CD, 2004) on Capitol Catalog

07:45AM Abba “S.O.S. (Album Version)” from Chronicles (LP, Album, Private, 2001) on Polydor

07:48AM Simple Minds “Shake Off The Ghosts” from Sparkle in the Rain (LP, Private)

07:51AM The Human League “MARIANNE” from Travelogue (LP, Album, Private, 2003) on Virgin UK

07:54AM Helen Reddy “Angie Baby” from Free And Easy (LP, Album, Private, 2006) on Capitol Catalog

07:57AM REM “Orange Crush” from GREEN

08:07AM Chairlift “Sidewalk Safari” from Something (MP3, Album, Private, 2011)

08:10AM Dusty Springfield “You Don't Own Me” from Ooooooweeee! (CD, Album, Private, 1999) on ISLAND MERCURY

08:17AM Liars “Plaster Casts of Everything” from Plaster Casts of Everything (Single)

08:24AM The Xx “Basic Space” from XX (2009) on Young Turks

08:27AM Phantogram “Don't Move” from Nightlife (Single)

08:30AM Destiny's Child “Say My Name” from The Writing's On The Wall (CD, Album, Private, 1999) on Columbia (USA)

08:41AM The Human League “The Black Hit of Space” from Travelogue (LP, Album, Private, 2003) on Virgin UK

08:44AM Electric Light Orchestra “Evil Woman” from AFTERGLOW (CD, Album, Rock, 1973) on Epic

08:55AM Exit Music “The Silence” from The Silence (MP3, Album, Private)

KUSF In Exile 11.09.11 9-Midnight Mein 20th Century DJ M Theo

Mein Twentieth Century explores the far corners of composed sound from its early classical history to its modern experimental antecedents. Antique music, Serialism, Musique Concrete, Early Electronics, Minimalism, Sound Art, New Music, Drone, Independent as well as Non-Western and Outsider sensibilities are brought together in an enriching audio experience

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KUSF In Exile 11.09.11 7-9 PM Battle Flutes and Sideways Skulls DJ Alan


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