2.18.11 KALX 90.7 FM Berkeley Rampage Radio DJs The Last Angry Manny & Loren join The Fallen Angel for AT WAR WITH HEAVEN

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

4th Hour

Burning Witch-Warning Signs
Firewitch-Come And Get It
Saint Vitus-Born Too Late (new live 7")
Insanity-When (new album)
Metallica-Phantom Lord (No Life 'Til Leather demo)
Crucifix-See Through Their Lies
Tank-Heavy Artillery
Artillery-In The Trash
Motorhead-Talking Head
Venom-In Nomine Satanas

Death-Scavenger Of Human Sorrow
Ulysses Siren-Leviathan/Under The Ashes
Oz-Fire In The Brain
Gary Moore/G-Force-White Knuckles
Gary Moore-Run To Your Mama
Gary Moore-Rockin' Every Night
Thin Lizzy-Sitamoia
Skid Row-Unco-Up Showband Blues
Thin Lizzy-Waiting For An Alibi
Gary Moore with Phillip Lynott-Back On The Streets
Gary Moore with Phillip Lynott-Out In The Fields

Death Angel-Opponents At Sides
Children Of Bodom-Silent Scream
Exodus-Tempo Of The Damned
Forbidden-Omega Wave
Napalm Death-Bedtime Story
Accept-Demons Night
High On Fire-Rapid Fire
Pentagram-Relentless/Sign Of The Wolf
Iron Fist-Medley from "Hooked On Rock Medleys"
Wizard-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Inquisition-Command Of The Dark Crown
Colosseum II-The Inquisition
Raven-Tyrant Of The Airways
Piledriver-Metal Inquisition
Kill The Client-Christian Pipebomb
Anton Szandor Lavey-Book IV