KUSF in Exile 09.28.12 8-9 PM The set of DJ Archie Patterson

KUSF in Exile 09.28.2012 8-9PM The set of DJ ArchiePatterson

Artist                                    Track title                                    Time                        Label                        Country

Decibel                        End of the Dodos                        3:47                        Momia            Mexico

Decibel                        Eclipse                                    9:48                        Abronia            Mexico

DJ-A voix1                                                                        1:26

Decibel                        Tchin Chao                                    3:23                        Abronia            Mexico

Decibel                        Journey to the Moon            11:51                        Abronia            Mexico

Decibel                        Diabolical Tenant                        6:14                        Abronia            Mexico

DJ-A voix2                                                                        0:52

Decibel                        Journey of the
Impossible Travelers 22:02            Abronia            Mexico

Total Time            59:24

KUSF In Exile 09.28.12 4-6 PM DJ Germ

KUSF In Exile 09.28.12 3-4 PM Hook or Crook Radio Hour DJ Chris O

1. It's Hard To Be A Rebel - Dwight Twilley  
2. Where Evil Grows - Poppy Family  
3. Growing Olde - Graham Gouldman  
4. So Dance with Me - NRBQ  
5. Cool It Down (early version) - The Velvet Underground 
6. Long cool woman in a black dress (live) - The Hollies  
7. Lift Up Your Hood (live) - DMZ 
8. Headin' For The Texas Border - The Flamin' Groovies 
9. Mean Old Frisco - Snooks Eaglin  
10. What A Life - Strangers  
11. Dumb Head - Sharades 
12. Pigs - The Screamin' Mee-Mees 
13. Just Do It - Cheater Slicks 
14. i wonder what's the matter with papa's little angel child - feedtime  
15. Waving My Arms - The Birthday Party 
16. blue frank - Angelo Badalamenti  
17. The World We Knew - Tav Falco's Panther Burns  
18. See John - The Moodists  

KUSF In Exile 09.28.12 Noon-3 PM In Quarantine DJ Stereo Steve

oshun - rattle of life
gulf coast jazz - wade in the water
lou rawls - i'd rather drink muddy water

black math horseman - torment of the metals
loop - pulse
stalk-forrest group - st cecelia
iron maiden - king of twilight
judas priest -  the ripper
the shining path - i think i am becoming god
washington phillips - take your burden to the lord

jesu - supple hope
bertrand burgalat - aux cyclades electroniques
trefethen - do the tattoo
animal collective - april and the phantom 
music from the film - aokgahara forest
sreong santi - kuen kuen lueng lueng

cat heads - golden gate park
mekons - where were  you
sex pistols - problems
the flaming lips - love your brain
nurse with wound - it just ain't so
chet atkins - it ain't necessarily so
the human beinz - nobody but me
smokey robinson and the miracles - if you can want

the field - i have the moon you have the internet
the fixx - stand or fall
olekranon - recycle human lung
catalyst - perception
the fraternity of man - oh no i don't believe it
the tribal fops - blue pork chops
fred frith - domaine du planousset

dobie gray - the in crowd
sly and the family stone - brave and strong
tony camillo's bazuka - dynomite
sugarloaf - don't call us we'll call you
steppenwolf - hey lawdy mama
squim - the foot path 
terence boylan - who do i think i am?

andy wiliams - the days of wine and roses

KUSF In Exile 09.28.12 9-Noon Sleeves On Hearts DJ Johnny

KUSF In Exile 09.28.12 7-9 AM Vicotin Popsicles DJ Paul Ciminero

Vicotin Popsicles (Music) with DJ Paul Ciminero 09/28/2012 06:00AM to 09:00AM
Miles Davis “Double Image” from Bitches Brew (CD, Album, Jazz, 1970) on Sony Music Entertainment/Columbia Legacy
Buckwheat Zydeco “Get On Board” from Choo Choo Boogaloo (1994) on Rhino/Music For Little People
Buckwheat Zydeco “I'Ve Been Working On the Railroad” from Choo Choo Boogaloo (1994) on Rhino/Music For Little People
Tune-Yards “GANGSTA” from W H O K I L L (2011) on 4AD / Hostess
Wussy “Waiting Room” from STRAWBERRY (2011) on Shake It Records
Joseph Arthur “Free Freedom” from Redemption City (MP3, Album, Rock, 2012)
Hawkwind “SEASONS” from OnWard (Rock, 2012) on Eastworld
Dennis DeFrange “Return to the Vine” from Synisizer Mudic Foro Tha Hole Familia
Voodoo Mark & Pink Bob “Applied Research and Cash Money” from Passed Normal (Volume #5)
Modest Mouse “Never Ending Math Equation” from Building Nothing Out of Something (1999) on Up Records
Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris “RIGHT NOW” from All the Road Running (CD, Album, Private, 2006) on warner brothers (USA)
Monty Python “The Working Class Skit” from Monty Python's Flying Circus
H.P Lovecraft “That's the Bag I'm In” from Two Classic Albums from H.P. Lovecraft (CD, Comp, Private, 2000) on Collector's Choice/Universal Music Special Markets
The Chieftains & Ricky Skaggs “Talk about Suffering/Man of the House” from Further Down the Old Plank Road
Noir Désir “Le Vent Nous Portera” from Des visages des figures (Rock, 2001) on Barclay (USA)
Brave Combo “In Heaven There Is No Beer” from Polkas for a Gloomy World (CD, Album, Rock, 1995) on New Rounder
Beerfest dialogue “Beerfest dialogue” from Soundtrack
FSK “Die Original Trapp Familie” from The Sound Of Music (1995) on Flying Fish
Beerfest dialogue “Beerfest Dialogue” from Soundtrack
Bonzo Dog Band “The Intro and Outro” from Gorilla
Dialogue from "Old School" “. . .dialogue. . .” from Motion Picture Soundtrack
Buster Poindexter “Worst Beer that I ever Had” from Buster's happy hour (MP3, Album, Private, 1994) on Forward
I'm Not Jim “Drink 'Til I'm Sober” from You Are All My People (2008) on Bloodshot Records
Dialogue from "Old School" “. . .dialogue. . .” from Motion Picture Soundtrack
Jim's Big Ego “In A Bar” from They're Everywhere! (2003) on Bigego.com
Dialogue from "Old School" “. . .dialogue. . .” from Motion Picture Soundtrack
David Byrne “Buck Naked” from Strange Ritual
Beerfest dialogue “. . .dialogue. . .” from Motion Picture Soundtrack
Tom Waits “The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me)” from Small Change (CD, Album, Rock, 1976) on Rhino/Elektra (USA)
Dialogue from "Swingers" “. . .dialogue. . .” from Motion Picture Soundtrack
Freddie Fender “That Girl Who Waits on Tables” from Wasted Days/Wasted Nights
Deer Tick “Let's All Go to the Bar” from Divine Providence (CD, Album, Rock, 2012) on Shock Entertainment / Dine Alone Records
Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks “O'Reilly at the Bar” from Strike it Rich
Roland Shannon Jackson “What's Not Said” from Red Warrior
Guru Guru “Globetrotter” from Globetrotter
Tim Booth & Angelo Badalamenti “Hit Parade” from Booth and the Bad Angel
U2 “The Ocean” from BOY (CD, Album, Rock, 2008) on Island (UK)
Dead Can Dance “Amnesia” from Anastasis (CD, Album, Private, 2012) on PIAS America/Fontana North
Plastic People of the Universe “Sel Pro Krev” from Hovezi Poraska
John Martyn “Jack The Lad” from Cooltide (2006) on FullFill
Misty In Roots “Follow Fashion” from Roots Controller (CD, Album, World, 2002) on Real World Records
LUNA “Buffalo Boots” from Rendezvous (CD, Album, Rock, 2005) on Luna
Peter Banks “Beyond the Lonliest Sea” from Two Sides Of Peter Banks (Rock, 2009) on Purple Pyramid Records
John Cale (with Rise Cale) “Rise, Sam, and Rimsky Korsakov” from Music for a New Society
Dengue Fever “Sister In the Radio” from Cannibal Courtship (Album, Rock, 2011) on Jazz
Ayub Ogada “Obiero” from En Mana Kuoyo (World, 1993) on Real World Records
Jerry Garcia “BirdSong” from Garcia (CD, Album, Private, 1971) on warner brothers (USA)
Camel “Song Within A Song” from Moonmadness (Rock, 2002) on Decca Music Group Ltd.
Paul Westerberg “Mannequin Shop” from 14 Songs (Rock, 1993) on Reprise (USA)

KUSF In Exile 09.27.12 10-Midnight Passive Eclectic DJ Toast

Savage Republic: Hippodrome
Foals: Electric Bloom
Cloud Nothings: Wasted Days
Marginal Prophets: "Like This!"
Lumerians: Burning Mirrors
Vivian Girls: The Desert
Handsome Furs: Bury Me Standing
Tottemo Godzilla Riders: Tracks 1 & 2
Men In Burka: Turah
Cigarette Bums: D-Train // Goin' Nowhere
Little Women: Throat I
Ilhan Ersahin: Freedom
Gris Gris: Year Zero
Dum Dum Girls: He Gets Me High
Innocence Mission: Black Sheep Wall
Interpol: Barricade
Spray Paint: Spock Fingers
Bikini Complex: 2 Girls 1 Cup
Flakes: Love
Cloud Nothings: Separation
Tozzi: The Luxury // Space Blues
The Roches: We // The Married Men
Dennis Taylor: And I Love Her

KUSF In Exile 09.27.12 3-6 PM DJ Steve The Creep

The Creepshow (Music) with The Creep 09/27/2012 03:00PM to 06:00PM
David Sylvian “september” from Secrets of the Beehive (CD, 1992) on Virgin (UK)
Andrew Liles “Journey - Part 2” from New York Doll (2005) on Infraction
Andrew Liles “The New York Dolls” from New York Doll (2005) on Infraction
Windsor For The Derby “*” from Difference and Repetition (1999) on Young God (USA)
R. Stevie Moore “I Go Into Your Mind” from Lo Fi High Fives... A Kind of Best Of (2012) on O Genesis
Mystic Chords of Memory “the golden dome” from Mystic Chords of Memory (2004) on Rough Trade (UK)
Angel Olsen “Acrobat” from Half Way Home (2012) on Bathetic Records
Norfolk & Western “Sound West” from Winter Farewell (2009) on Film Guerrero
Robin Pecknold “BE YOURSELF” from Be Yourself: Tribute to Songs For Beginners (CD, Comp, 2010) on Grassroots
Nü Sensae “100 Shades” from Sundowning (2012) on Suicide Squeeze Records
Nü Sensae “Burnt Masks” from Sundowning (2012) on Suicide Squeeze Records
The Makers “I'm Not A Social Kinda Guy” from The Makers (1990) on The Makers
Hüsker Dü “Broken Home, Broken Heart” from Zen Arcade (LP, Album, Private, 1984) on SST (USA)
Witch Mountain “Plastic Cage” from South of Salem (Rock, 2011) on Mountastic Records
Brainoil “Gravity Is a Relic” from Death Of This Dry Season (Single, 2011) on 20 Buck Spin
Darkthrone “I Am The Working Class” from Circle The Wagons (2010) on Peaceville Records
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog “lick myself” from Come Poop With Me (2003) on Warner Bros. (USA)
Behexen “We Burn With Serpent Fire” from Nightside Emanations (2012) on Debemur Morti
Jimmy Durante “You'Re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You” from One of Those Songs (1966) on Rhino/Warner Bros. (USA)
Bombs of Hades “Bombs of Hades” from Chambers of Abominations (2010) on Blood Harvest
Extreme Noise Terror “We the Helpless” from Retrobution (Rock, 2009) on Earache Records Ltd
NettleCarrier “I Helvete Kristus Skal Forgaa” from NettleCarrier (2012) on Indie Recordings
José Alfredo Jiménez “Pa Todo El Año” from Pa Todo El Año (Single)
Colossal Yes “Crowing Over Scraps” from Loosen the Lead and Spoil the Dogs (Rock, 2012) on Jackpot Records
T Texas Tyler “River Girl” from original country and western stars on Pickwick (USA)
Giant Sand “Classico” from is all over the map (2011) on Thrill Jockey (USA)
Elizabeth Cotton “Freight Train” from Classic Folk Music from Smithsonian Folkways (CD, Comp, 2004) on Smithsonian folkways
Richard Buckner “The Tether and the Tie” from Meadow (2006) on Merge Records
BIG JOE WILLIAMS “Shake Your Boogie” from Shake Your Boogie (1990) on Arhoolie Records
Thee Oh Sees “Wax Face” from Putifiers II (LP, Album, 2012) on Fuse (US)
Bob B. Soxx & The Blue Jea... “Zip a dee do dah” from Zip a dee do dah (Single) on Phillies Records (USA) — 7" Phil Spector Production
The Brain Police “Getting Too Much Higher” from The Brain Police (Rock, 2010) on Akarma (Italy)
Cheap Trick “Mandocello” from Cheap Trick
Sun River “GREY” from Sun River (2012) on El Paraiso
Pinkcourtesyphone “Wistful Wishful Wanton” from Foley Folly Folio (2012) on Line
Pinkcourtesyphone “All Made Up” from Foley Folly Folio (2012) on Line
Simon Joyner “Sunday Morning Song for Sara” from Out Into the Snow (CD, Album, Rock, 2009) on Team Love Records
American Music Club “Mantovani the Mind Reader” from Love Songs for Patriots (Rock, 2004) on Cooking Vinyl
Grizzly Bear “Gun Shy” from Shields (LP, Album, Private, 2012) on Warp Records
Jim O'Rourke “get a room” from Insignificance (CD, Album, Private, 2001) on Drag City (USA)

KUSF In Exile 09.27.12 11-Noon Lado B DJ Sue Lopez

KUSF In Exile 09.27.12 10-11 AM Set De Set Catalan DJ Lluis Vall

KUSF In Exile 09.27.12 9-10 AM Salsa Sides DJ Cathy Cohn

KUSF In Exile 09.26.12 7-9 PM Silver Machine Radio DJ Nate Berlin

Silver Machine Radio (Music) with Nathan Berlinguette 09/26/2012 06:00AM to 09:00AM
The Slaves “111” from 111 (Single)
Ciccone Youth “Platoon II” from The Whitey Album (Rock, 1988) on Geffen Records
Fennesz “JULY” from Seven Stars - EP (2011) on Touch
Phonophani “Cook Islands” from Cook Islands (Single)
Brian Eno “Alternative 3” from Alternative 3 (Single)
Bruce Haack “Word Game” from The Electric Lucifer (LP, 1969) on CBS (USA)
Daniel Johnson “Rocket Ship” from Rocket Ship (Single)
Grace Jones “Don't Cry - It's Only the Rhythm” from Slave to the Rhythm (Rock, 1987) on Island Records (USA)
Boards of Canada “Sherbet Head” from The Campfire Headphase (2005) on Warp Records
ArP “St.Tropez” from St.Tropez (Single)
Sonic Youth “Providence” from Daydream Nation (CD, Album, Rock, 2007) on Geffen Records
Octofist “Undump” from Documentary of a Breakdown
Klaus Schulze “Frank Herbert” from "X" (Sechs musikalische Biographien) (Rock, 1990) on Domestic Rock
Morton Subotnick “Silver Apples of the Moon - Part B” from Morton Subotnick: Silver Apples of the Moon / The Wild Bull (Classical, 2011) on Wergo
Suzanne Ciani “Paris 1971” from Lixiviation (2012) on FINDER'S KEEPERS
Klangwart “Moloch” from Sommer (2010) on Staubgold
Fausto Balbo “Sto Bene, Molto Bene, Troppo” from Zero (2000) on Snowdonia
Throbbing Gristle “20 Jazz Funk Greats” from 20 Jazz Funk Greats (Remastered) (2011) on Industrial Records Ltd.
J.P. Decert, G. Zaid, T. Cerrona “Black Safari” from Space Oddities (2008) on Permanent Vacation
Axxess “Dancing Shadows” from Novels from the Moons (LP, 2012) on Medicali Records
Bernard Szajner “Some Deaths Take Forever” from Some Deaths Take Forever (Remastered) (LP, 1980) on LTM Recordings
Magma “Weidorje” from Udu Wudu (Jazz, 2006) on Seventh records
Jean Michele Jarre “Happiness is a Sad Song” from Rarities (2011) on Disques Dreyfus (Disques Dreyfuscountry)
Jean Michele Jarre “Hypnose” from Rarities (2011) on Disques Dreyfus (Disques Dreyfuscountry)
Jean Michele Jarre “Erosmachine” from Rarities (2011) on Disques Dreyfus (Disques Dreyfuscountry)
Kitaro “Four Changes” from Four Changes (Single)
Brain Fruit “1.3” from 1.3 (Single)
JD Emmanuel “Part III: Focusing Within” from Wizards (LP, 2009) on Important
Zombi “Sapphire” from Sapphire (Single)
The Soft Moon “Tiny Spiders” from S/t (CD, Single, 2010)
Suum Cuique “Kuiper Anomaly” from Ascetic Ideals (2012) on Modern Love
BalamAcab “Now Time” from Wander/Wonder (LP, 2011) on Tri Angle
Balam Acaw “Oh, Why” from Wander/Wonder (LP, 2011) on Tri Angle

KUSF In Exile 09.26.12 9-Noon The Mixed Bag DJ Andre