KUSF in Exile 09.28.12 8-9 PM The set of DJ Archie Patterson

KUSF in Exile 09.28.2012 8-9PM The set of DJ ArchiePatterson

Artist                                    Track title                                    Time                        Label                        Country

Decibel                        End of the Dodos                        3:47                        Momia            Mexico

Decibel                        Eclipse                                    9:48                        Abronia            Mexico

DJ-A voix1                                                                        1:26

Decibel                        Tchin Chao                                    3:23                        Abronia            Mexico

Decibel                        Journey to the Moon            11:51                        Abronia            Mexico

Decibel                        Diabolical Tenant                        6:14                        Abronia            Mexico

DJ-A voix2                                                                        0:52

Decibel                        Journey of the
Impossible Travelers 22:02            Abronia            Mexico

Total Time            59:24

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