KUSF 04.27.10 3-6 PM DJ Mashi Mashi

Bran "Breuddwyd" (V/A Prog is not a four letter word)
Witch "Off ma boots"
Death "You're a prisoner"
Bauhaus "Kick in the eye"
ESG "Moody"
Liars "Scarecrows on a killer slant'

Plastic Bertrand "Ca plane por moi"
Crash Course in Science "Flying turns" (V/A Minimal wave tapes vol.1)
Phantom Band "Experiments"
Xeno & Oaklander "Toho picture"
OMD "The new stone age"
Prins Thomas "Sauerkraut"

Anibal Velasquez "Carruseles"
Sebastien Tellier "Divine"
Bobby Womack "Across 110th street" (V/A Can you dig it?)
Menahan Street Band "The contender"
Celestine Ukwu & His Philosophers National "Okwukwe na nchekwube" (V/A Nigeria Special)

Clubroot "Sempiternal"
Flower Man "Post op/ distant lands"
Soft Tags "Overhead, the mothership"
Mayfair Set "I've been watching you"
The Youngsters "I wanna be your man" (V/A Brazilian guitar fuzz bananas)

The Method Actors "No condition"
Animal Collective "Grass"
White Hinterland "Icarus"
Metronomy "The end of you too"


Agness Twin "Dinga ding/Up in smoke/Two people/Old maid (solo acoustic)"
The Tunnel "Blackout street/drop dead delilah"
Jeff Buckley & Elizabeth Frazier "All flowers in time bend towards the sun"
Throwing Muses "Honey chain"

Harry Nilsson "Me and my arrow"
The Hoa Hoas "Vinyl Richie"
Moon Duo "Bopper's hat" (off the new 7" split w/ Bitchin Bajas)

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

KUSF 04.27.10 Noon-3 PM Carolyn

Fun Things “(I Ain’t Got) Time Enough For Love”
Users “Sick Of You”
DEvo “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”
Mummies “Uncontrollable Urge”
The Mighty Moguls “Umba-Bop-A-Jumba”
Los Buddies “Destructo”

Box Elders “Plenty Of Room At The Bottom”
The Hollows “Bobby Blueheart”
Best Coast “This Is Real”
Shannon and the Clams “Blast Me To Bermuda”

Eddy Current Suppression Ring “Second Guessing”
Radio Birdman “What Gives?”
Makers “Do What I Wanna”
Davila 666 “Sabes Que Quiero”
The Liminanas “Migas 2000”
Jeff The Brotherhood “Bone Jam”
Ty Segall “Bullet Proof Nothing”

Reatards “I Can Live Without You”
Lost Sounds “I Get Nervous”
Jay Reatard “Oh It’s Such A Shame”
Chin Chin “Why Am I So Lonely”
The Endtables “White Glove Test”
Slippery Slopes “Pizza I’m Against It”

Ponys “Get Black”
Facts On File “Keep It Together”
Nothing People “Enemy With An Invitation”
Paleface “Burn & Rob”
The Eyes “Kill Your Parents”
Timmy’s Organism “I’m On A Hunt”

The White Wires “That’s The Way A Woman Is”
Thee Oh Sees “I Was Denied”
Cool Jerks “For A Little While”
Honey Jug “Warm City Baby”
Demolition Doll Rods “If You Can’t Hang…”
Pity Fucks “Give It A Try”

Teeth “A Is For Asshole”
Charlie & The Moonhearts “Seven & Seven Is”
Guinea Worms “BBQ”
The Skinnies “Out Of Order”
Subs “Gimme Your Heart”
Personal & The Pizzas “I Can Read”
Hygiene “When?”

Mark Sultan “Misery’s Upon Us”
Strange Boys “Be Brave”
Count Five “Psychotic Reaction”
Catheads “Power, Love and Pizza”
Victims “(Gotta Find A) Substitute”
La Corde “Back In Salem”

Brilliant Colors “Kissing’s Easy”
Overnight Lows “Shut Up Looking At Me”
Gary War “Reality Project”
Nerve City “Get Gone”

The Necessaries “State-Of-The-Art”

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

KUSF 04.27.10 9-Noon Radiodrome DJ Schmeejay

cluster : sowiesoso
caribou : bowls
gnesta kalles kapell : flickornas trallhambo
uriah heep : salisbury
beachhouse : zebra
david thomas : coffee train
caetano veloso : a base de guantanamo
shirley booth : the waltz (dorothy parker)

{ j o y f u l n o i s e }

the chuck wagon gang : higher
boris : blackout
low : starfire

dave king : herman ze german cassette redux
april wine : roller
(jerry mercer born 4.27.39)
wounded lion : degobah system
lynn anderson : rose garden
mick barr & nondor nevai : untitled 2
badfinger : day after day
(pete ham born 4.27.47)
charlotte gainsbourg : trick pony

{ b e s t a l b u m e v e r }

MGMT : siberian breaks
(from "congratulations" 2010)

big audio dynamite : c'mon every beatbox
david rose and his orchestra : sf, my enchanted city
ace frehley : new york groove
(born 4.27 51)
mahavishnu orchestra : vital transformation
sheena easton : morning train
(born 4.27.59)
battlehooch : battlehooch
belle & sebastian : beyond the sunrise
(isobel campbell born 4.27.76)
cheap trick : hot love
mark sultan : status

{ b a c k i n g t r a c k s a t b r e a k s }

clutser : sowiesoso (1976)

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

KUSF 04.27.10 6-9 AM DJ Stevil

Anti-Social Music – Song
Pelican – Drought
R. Stevie Moore – Schwann Catalogue
Melt Banana – Kechup Mess
Ken Nordeen – Orange
Frenchy – Jealous Again
Soloman Burke And Gene Page - The Bus
Dum Dum Girls - Bhang Bhang, I’m a Burnout
Mark Sultan - Go Berserk
Grant Hart - You are the Reflection of the Moon on the Water
The Pleasure Kills - Smash Up the Radio
Liars - No Barrier Fun
Vivian Girls - My Love Will Follow Me
The Victims - Real Wild Child
Colin Newman - I’ve Waited Ages
Piry - Heroi Moderno
Kimya Dawson - I Will Never Forget
The Prefects - Bristol Road Leads to Dachau
Clipd Beaks - Visions
The Doozer - Public Transport
Magazine - Shot By Both Sides
Irving Claw Trio - Cubano Saucer
The Strange Boys - Night Might
Black Lips - Dirty Hands
Heartbreakers - Born to Lose
Sugar Pie de Santo - In the Basement Pt. 1
Slumber Party - You’ve Gone too Far
The Knockout Pills - Teller 159
Alice Coltrane - Journey in Satchidananda
Archie Bronson Outfit - Hoola
Gil Scott-Heron - New York is Killing Me
Gil Scott-Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Ill Mondo & Neal Rames - Rock 10
Jay Reatard - Oh, It’s Such a Shame
Hobocop - Berkeley is a Biodome
Hazy Osterwald Jet Set - Swinging London
Personal & The Pizza - I Don’t Wanna be no Personal Pizza
Switchblade Riot - Rough Around the Edges
Shooby Taylor - Shooby Schwa
Frustration - As They Say
Debashish Bhattacharya - Baairsh

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

KUSF 04.27.10 3-6 AM Box Of Records DJ Pete Accident

black flag -- slip it in
JFA -- too late
crime -- san francisco's doomed
sic alps -- i am grass
nerve city -- get gone
dead moon -- walking on my grave

morton feldman -- patterns in a chromatic field (excerpt)
mi ami -- latin lover
finally punk -- boyfriend application
omar souleyman -- li raja behawakom (i beg you, baby)
tyvek -- air conditioner
void -- who are you?

the fall -- garden (BBC session)
old yeller and the pigbites -- the wreck of the jerome garcia

bohannon -- summertime groove
arthur russell -- make 1, 2
black uhuru -- convoy hijack

sun ra -- astro black
mitsogho lamentation (gabon)
babinga tide-chaser song (central africa)

robert ashley -- perfect lives (private parts): the bar (side b)

dum dum girls -- blank girl
male bonding -- before it's gone
minutemen -- corona
woods -- to clean (acoustic)
mark sultan -- dont look back
eddy current suppression ring -- isnt it nice

grouper -- he knows (part one)
US girls -- i can hear music
US girls -- me + yoko
bobby womack -- across 110th street
john fahey -- (untitled from red cross)

guv'ner -- baby's way cruel
stereolab -- mountain

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

KUSF 04.27.10 Midnight-3 AM Fly By Night DJ Terry Dactyl

Atmosphere – Shrapnel
The Fugees – The Beast

Rita J – No Regrets
Oreo James – Good Times
Handsome Boy Modeling School – The Projects
Q-Tip - Johnny is dead
Ill Mondo and Neal Rames – No knot never
Erykah Badu – Gone baby, don’t be long

Blakroc – What you do to me
Cage the Elephant – Ain’t no rest for the wicked
The White Stripes – I’m bound to pack it up
Dan Auerbach – Streetwalkin’
Facts on File – Cool me down
The Cramps – Can your pussy do the dog?
Archie Bronson Outfit – One up on yourself
Gang of Four – Cheeseburger
Rank – In a hole

Harlem – Torture me
Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Isn’t it nice
Shannon and the Clams – Blast me to Bermuda
Dirty Sister – A-3
The Victims – Lost and found
The A-Bones – Six long weeks
Mark Sultan – Status

The Sonics – Wailers house party/Keep a knockin’
John Mayall’s Breasbreakers – I’m your witch doctor
John McLaughlin – Marbles
The Bold – Gotta get some
13th Floor Elevators – Fire Engine
Nerve City – Windows
Golden Triangle – Blood and Arrow
Davilla 666 – Sabes que quiero

The Almighty Defenders- Cone of light

Syl Johnson – Dresses too short
Sugarpie DeSanto – Soulful dress
The Servicemen – Right around the corner
Chubby Checker – At the hop
The Del Vikings – Whispering Blues
Bo Diddly – Cadillac

Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings – Better things
Betty Davis – Dedicated to the press

Curtis Mayfield – Pusherman
Curtis Mayfield – Freddie’s dead

The Toasters – Fire in my soul
Hepcat – Coming on strong
The Slackers – Please decide
The Slackers – Bo Evil

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

KUSF 04.26.10 11-Midnight Guitar Journeys DJ Brian Dowdy

Guitar Journeys

Guitar Journeys spotlights the beauties and delights of all types of guitar music, Jazz, classical,, blues, and much more. This is the radio show for guitar! Keep up to date with Guitar Journeys. Twitter guitarjourneys, blog address guitarjourneys.wordpress.com, or email guitarjourneys (@) yahoo.com

Producer, Farinaz Agharabi
Hosts, Farinaz Agharabi, Malcolm Cecil, DJ Tuggy, Teja Gerken, Brian Dowdy, and Theresa Calpotura

Guitar and Electronics

1. Hinchinbrook Riffs, by Nigel Westlake – Travis Andrews

2. Soe-pa, by Ingram Marshall – Benjamin Verdery

3. Synchronisms No. 10, by Mario Davidovsky – David Starobin

4. Ricochet, by Peter Gilbert – Daniel Lippel

5. Birds of a Midsummer Night – Curt Kollavik (guitar) and Helle Kristensen (recorders)

KUSF 04.26.10 10-11 PM Classics Without Walls DJ M Theo

Classics Without Walls

The Anti-Warhorse Zone is in it's nineteenth year of thumbing down it's nose at the bizarre conventions of commercial "classical" radio. We're as committed as ever to the truths that music is not a commodity for consumption or a vehicle for technical perfection, and that even the best recordings don't reproduce music - only the sounds. We treasure risk-taking composers and performers who step up and take their own risks. In addition to our unruly broadcasts, Classics Without Walls works to counter the music-as-commodity blight by sponsoring small-scale concerts, mixed media presentations, and informal post-concert meals with the aim of helping draw musician and listeners closer into a community of participation.

Producer and Host, M. Theo
Associate Producer and Host, Renee Witon
Programming and Production Advisory Board, All Our Listeners

KUSF 04.26.10 9-10 PM Ragtime Machine DJ David Reffkin.mp3

The Ragtime Machine

Ragtime music from the concert halls and barrooms of America. Interviews with composers and performers, plus plus ragtime news. Records, demo tapes, press releases and information should be sent at least two weeks in advance.

Producer and Host, David Reffkin

KUSF 04.26.10 3-6 PM The Blue Lew Show DJ Blue Lew

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

KUSF 04.26.10 Noon-3 PM DJ Cathy

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

KUSF 04.26.10 9-Noon DJ Jacob

James Tenney (composer), Zeitkratzer (performer), "Critical Band (1988)," Old School: James Tenney [Zeitkratzer, 2010]

Loachfillet, "Ben Islak Sizin Delmek," Tatminsizlik Ve Ölüm [Chocolate Monk, 2010]
Claudio Rocchetti, "Arienti," The Carpenter [Boring Machines, 2010]
Mamuthones, "Carrying the Fire," Sator [Boring Machines, 2009]
@c, "76.1," Music for Empty Spaces [Baskaru, 2010]
Gerald Hawk, Draw a Train Drawing [Nice Ass, 2010]

Ghost in the House, "Cellar Dwellers," Ghost in the House [Edgetone, 2007]
Mathias Delplanque, "Parcelle 1," Parcelles 1-10 [Bruit Clair, 2009]
Piotr Kurek, "1963," Lectures [Crónica, 2009]
Konrad Sprenger, #3, Versprochen [Schoolmap, 2010]
Giacinto Scelsi, "Tre Canti Popolari 2 & 3," Tre Canti Popolari + Due Componimenti Impetuosi [Sub Rosa, 2010]

Yannis Kyriakides, "hYDAtorizon," Antichamber [Unsounds, 2009]

Lucio Capece & Sergio Merce, "Vieja Casa Nueva," Casa [Organized Music from Thessaloniki, 2008]
Robair/Ulher/Perkis, "Ziiuu," Pögiff [Bug Incision, 2010]

Jigme Drukpa, "Dranyen Iamdren," Endless Songs from Bhutan [Norway, 2000]
Charles Mingus, "Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting," Mingus at Antibes (1960) [Atlantic, 1976]

Tulio Enrique Leon, "Cumbia de los Monjes"
Aníbal Velasquez y su conjunto, "Cumbia Bogotana," Mambo Loco [Analog Africa, 2010]
Alberto Pedraza, "Mentiras," Baila mi cumbia
Very Be Careful, "La Alergia," Escape Room [Barbes, 2010]
Los socios del ritmo, "Descarga sonidera," 18 kilates de oro
Celio Balona, "Tema De Batman," various - Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas [Tropicalia in Furs, 2010]

Ava Mendoza, "Kiss of Fire," Shadow Stories [Resipiscent, 2010]
Ennio Morricone, #16, For a Few Dollars More
Omar Souleyman, Jazeera Nights [Sublime Frequencies, 2010]

Caroliner, "Sign the Coffin and Be Done With Me," Wine Can't Do It, Wife Won't Do [2003]
Matt Ingalls, "Improvisation for Clarinet," Live @ Univeristy of Houston [2003]

Jason Kahn & Jon Mueller, Phase [Flingco, 2010]

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

KUSF 04.26.10 6-9 AM DJ Prem


1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour