KUSF In Exile 06.03.12 2-8 AM Rampage Radio DJ The Prophet Of Doom

1st Three Hours

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2nd Three Hours

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Rampage Radio with the Prophet Of Doom 06.03.11 KUSF In Exile

2 AM
Anal Blasphemy- Piss Off Jehovah
Tsjuder- The Daemon Throne
Necroslut- Midnight Hate Attack
Dying Fetus- Kill Your Mother/Rape Your Dog
Absu- Those of the Void Will Re-enter
Unleashed- Germania
Proclamation- Altars Of Mayhem
Grave Ritual- Demo #7
Perdition Temple- Spearhead of the Conquering
Prophecy- Inevitable Fate
Sargeist- Skullsplitting Painfest
Acid Bath- Bleed Me An Ocean
Setherial- Thoughts Of Life They Wither

Tsjuder- The Daemon Gate
Angel Corpse- Christ Hammer
Unleashed- Odalheim
Shibboleth- Mystagogue
Cryptopsy- Crown Of Horns
Tsjuder- Ancient Hate
Slayer- Kill Again
Skirrhus- Raping The Vestal Virgins
Malevolent Creation- Stillborn
Enslaved- Fenris
Immortal- Suns That Sank Below
Death- Sacrificial

Acid Witch- Satanic Faith
Embalmed- In The Filth Of Christ
Unleashed- White Christ
Psychosomatic- Unrestricted
Rimfrost- Scandanavium
Cryptopsy- Back To The Worms
Setherial- The Mournful Sunset Of The Forsaken
Malevolent Creation- Eve Of The Apocalypse
Malignancy- Protagonist Complacence
Entombed- Stranger Aeons
Psychosomatic- The Village Idiot
Burzum- En Ring Til Aa Herske
Bloodbath- Furnace Funeral
Immortal- Winter Of The Ages

Black Sabbath- Children Of The Sea
Anal Blasphemy- Satan Rapes God
Dying Fetus- The Ancient Rivalry
Absu- A Magician's Lapis-Lazuli
Unleashed- By Celtic and British Shores
Proclamation- Hecatomb
Battlemaster- Lessons In Death Magick
Gorguts- The Quest For Equilibrium
Beastcraft- Burnt At His Altar
Baphomet- Boiled In Blood
Acid Bath- God Machine
Autopsy- Destined To Fester
Destroyer 666- Sons Of Perdition
Anasarca- Complete Surrender

6 AM
Lividity- Pussy Lover
Angel Corpse- Phallelujah
Tsjuder- Sodomizing The Lamb
Psychosomatic- Ye Olde Tavern
Archgoat- Black Crusade
Malevolent Creation- Remnants Of Withered Decay
Enslaved- Wotan
Bahimiron- Wolves To The Flesh Of Heaven
Entombed- Through The Collonades
Diocletian- Kingdom Of Rats
Burial Hordes- Unholy Ultraviolent Domination
Destroyer 666- Lord Of The Wild
Horna- Varjoissa

7 AM
Krypt- Death Satan Black Metal
Insanity- Morbid Lust
Malignancy- Atmosphere Of Decay
Beastcraft- The Whore Of God
Kreig- The Falling Skin
Malevolent Creation- Supremacy Through Annihilation
Archgoat- Penetrator Of The Second Temple
Infernal Legion- Black Blood
Impiety- Nocturnized
Ludicra- Clean White Void
Lair Of The Minotaur- Lion Killer
Morte Incandescente- Shadows Upon Earth
Immolation- Crown The Liar

RAMPAGE RADIO is a 6 hour Heavy Metal radio show founded by Howie Klein, Ian Kallen & Ron Quintana which aired on KUSF 90.3 FM in San Francisco every weekend from March 6,  1982 until January 16, 2011 and continues to appear weekly on KUSF In Exile. The early years of Rampage featured the heaviest bands from the UK NWOBHM scene, Europe & the worldwide metal underground along with classic '70s bands and the roots of metal going back to the late '60s. Legendary artists such as Mercyful Fate, Yngwie Malmsteen & Metallica sent demo tapes to Rampage in the early '80s, receiving their first airplay on this show when no one else was willing to take a chance, and we are proud to have introduced listeners to every new worthy development in metal that has emerged over the last 30 years. Rampage Radio is now into it's 4th decade of weekly broadcasts and we continue to play non-commercial metal to an enthusiastic worldwide audience.

KUSF In Exile 06.03.12 1-2 AM Swamphell DJ Swamplord

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Unleashed – Chief Einherjar
Battlesoul – Oathbreaker
Lord Belial – Lamia
Heinrichreich – The Legend Of The Banshee
Mondstille – Zeitenwandrer
Heathen Foray – Winterking
Eternal Helcaraxe – Invictus
Eluveitie – Everything Remains As It Never Was
Children of Bodom – Children of Bodom

Hello all! My name is Andrew Noerr, and I am a DJ here on KUSF in Exile. I am a freshman at the University of San Francisco, and I have always been interested in radio/TV broadcasting. Because of that, I chose to be a media studies major. Music and sports are my main interests, and music is what I am pursuing on the radio side.

I have a show on KUSF in Exile titled "Swamphell", and my name on the air is DJ Swamplord. The show airs from 1-2 a.m. late Saturday nights/Sunday mornings, and it actually is a very intense heavy metal show! I feel that it works well airing right before the famous Rampage Radio show that airs from 2-8 a.m. My focus is to shed light on the many great foreign bands on the metal scene, which also means that I will not be playing many bands from the United States. The genres that I play are 50% folk metal and 50% a combination of black and death metal. A fun thing I do for this show is that I am willing to play metal from all around the world, as metal is actually a very prevalent genre of music in many areas. One can realize this if they tune in to my show, so support me and give this a chance! Thanks for all the support!