KUSF 09.06.09 8-10 PM Radio Jukebox DJ Ira DJ Shekky

The Swell Maps - The Helicopter Spies - Jane From Occupied Europe

Gang Of Four - To Hell With Poverty - Another Day Another Dollar ep
The Passage - Taking My Time - Pindrop
The Slits - Earthbeat Japan - Return Of The Giant Slits Reissue
The Raincoats - Shouting Out Loud - Odyshape
Lora Logic - Horrible Party - Pedigree Charm
Peter Hammill - Golden Promises - Black Box
Robert Wyatt - Was A Friend - Shleep

The Weeds ( AKA The Lolipope Shoppe ) - Sin - s/t
Dead Moon - Fire In The Western World - Strange Pray Tell
Slickee Boys -A Long Way To Go - Live at the 9 : 30 Club 1981
Dait Bait - College Kids - I Split On Your Grave
Vivian Girls - My Baby Wants Me Dead - 7"

Crucifix - Prejudice - 1984 ip
Toxic Reasons- War Hero - Independence
Effigies - Body Bag - Remains Nonviewable
Government Issue - Sheer Terror - Boycott Stabb
Minor Threat - Asshole Dub - Twenty Years Of Dischord Box Set
Mike Adams The Health Ranger - Don't Inject Me

Can - Vernal Equinox - Landed
Konomo # 1 - Paradiso - Africa Rising Mojo Comp.
Conspirituality - Ambushed

Jimmy Smith - But Not For Me - A New Sound A New Star
George Carlin - On Conspiracy Theories
Refugee - Ritt Mickley s/t

1st Hour

2nd Hour

KUSF 09.06.09 6-8 PM Spotlight Lemon Kittens DJ Mmmiguel

LEMON KITTENS England in the late '70s brought us classic oddballs like Throbbing Gristle, This Heat, and Nurse With Wound but it also gave birth to less popular - yet equally challenging - bands like the Lemon Kittens, whose cult out-of-print recordings fetch exorbitant prices on Ebay. Lasting only from 1978 till '82 they still managed to leave behind a handful of thought provoking releases.


1st Hour

2nd Hour

KUSF 09.06.09 4-6 PM Just Another Menace Sunday

JUST ANOTHER MENACE SUNDAY – #302 September 6, 2009
Just Another Menace Sunday Theme (Dennis The Menace) – Mighty Six Ninety


OPENING SONG: Richard – Mr Gravity – Anderson

Anderson Musical Sandwich (Two of their songs as the bread and songs by other artists in-between)
Trevor – On The Dance Floor – Anderson
Dear John – Loney Dear
Burning – The Whitest Boy Alive
Ready For The Dance Floor – Hot Chip
Runs In The Family – Level 42
Parachutes & Lifeboats – Rue Royal
Cry, Cry, Cry – Johnny Cash
Ten Years From Now – Bobby Baby
Anderson I.D.
All Over The World – The Pet Shop Boys
If I Ever Feel Better – Phoenix
Sarah – For So Long We’ve Been Disconnected - Anderson


OPENING SONG: Love Lost – The Temper Trap (Glassnote)
Check My Brain – Alice In Chains (Virgin)
Last Dance – The Raveonettes (Vice)
All The Pretty Girls – Fun (Nettwerk)
Do What You Do – The Love Me Nots (Atomic A Go Go)
You Don’t Know A Thing About Me – The Love Me Nots (Atomic A Go Go)
Think I Need It Too – Echo & The Bunnymen (Ocean Rain)
Luna Park – And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead (Justice)
How Do You Like Me Now – The Heavy (Counter/+1)
Easy Killer – El Creepo (Rotten)
People Say – Portugal. The Man (Equalvision)

CLOSING SONG: Say Yes – Langhorne Slim (Kemado)


1st Hour

2nd Hour

KUSF 09.06.09 3-4 PM Havaye Tazeh The Persian Show


KUSF 09.06.09 1-2 PM Diva Radio DJ Emerald Koolant


KUSF 09.06.09 2-8 AM Rampage Radio With DJ Celticfire

2 AM
Black Sabbath- Neon Knights
Behemoth- Transmigration Beyond Realms Ov Amenti
Grim Reaper- Rock You To Hell
Doomsword- Heathen Assault
Iron Maiden- The Evil That Men Do
Enslaved- Fusion of Sense and Earth
Thin Lizzy- Jailbreak
Malevolent Creation- Remnants of Withered Decay
Finntroll- Jacktens Tid
3 Inches Of Blood- Deadly Sinners
Savatage- Gutter Ballet
3 AM
Kreator- Phobia
Metal Church- Waiting For A Savior
Deicide- Repent To Die
Iced Earth- Pure Evil
Judas Priest- Grinder
Distorted- Redemption
Therion- Melez
Therion- Dvorak: Exerpt From Symphony 9
Therion- Verdi: Vedi! le fosche notturne spotigle
Therion- Wagner: Second Part of Der Tag ist da
Dark Star- Lady Of Mars
4 AM
Sweet Savage- Killing Time
Radio Moscow- Lucky Dutch
Virus- Archives
Death- Baptised In Blood
Trouble- Gideon
Moonsorrow- For Whom The Bell Tolls
AC/DC- Who Made Who (Live)
Suicidal Tendencies- A Little Each Day
Gothic Knights- At Dawn You Die
Amon Amarth- The Pursuit Of Vikings
Tyr- Torsteins KvAedi
5 AM
Steeler- Ready To Explode
Budgie- Crash Course In Brain Surgery
Havoc Unit: Ignoratio Elenchi
Gwar- Let Us Sley
Pharaoh- By The Night Sky
Eluveitie- Inis Mona
Nevermore- Ophidian/Beyond Within
Michael Schenker Group- Into The Arena
Uli Jon Roth- The Winter
Sticks & Stones- May Be The One
Badlands- Dreams In The Dark
Sahg- Godless Faith
6 AM
Savage Circus- Evil Eyes
Angel Witch- Baphomet
Venom- In League With Satan
Otyg- Draugen
Rush- Animate
Philip Glass- Koyaanisqatsi
KMFDM- Revenge
Black Sabbath- Die Young
Rhapsody- Dawn Of Victory
V:28- Dead Man's Choir
Queensryche- Empire
7 AM
Holocaust- Heavy Metal Mania
Sacred Reich- One Nation
Brian Setzer- Rumble In Brighton
Exodus- A Lesson In Violence
Gilby Clarke- Cure Me Or Kill Me
Forbidden- Chalice of Blood (Live)
Watch Tower- Tyrants In Distress
Rigor Mortis- Demons
Rainbow- Kill The King
Red Rider- Lunatic Fringe
Satan- Alone In The Dock

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3rd Hour

4th Hour

5th Hour

6th Hour

KUSF 09.05.09 8-11 PM Classical Salon DJ Erin

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2nd Hour

3rd Hour