KUSF In Exile 03.24.12 Noon-2 PM Cowboy in Exile DJ Jim Levine

Classical music-all forms, all eras, performed by groups of all sizes.
Email:  jasperthebeagle@yahoo.com

Producer and Host, Jim Levine

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Haydn/Piano trio # 26 in F sharp Minor
The Kungsbacka Piano Trio (13:52)

Rodrigo/Concierto Serenata for Harp & Orch.
Asturias SO/Valdez/Gwyneth Wentink, Harp (25:12)

Mozart/Quintet for Piano, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn & Bassoon
Members of the English CO/Murray Perahia, Piano (25:12)

Francaix/Wind Quintet # 1
Gallliard Ensemble (20:26)

Beethoven/Piano Sonata # 23 in F sharp Minor "Appassionata"
Rudolph Serkin, Piano (live, 1957) (24:37)

KUSF In Exile 03.24.12 9-10 AM Poet As Radio

POET AS RADIO is a new, weekly program on KUSF In Exile, airing Saturdays from 9am to 10am at www.savekusf.org. Jack Spicer said that the poet is not a creator, but a conduit, getting messages from an undefinable source to form the poem. He thought of a poet as a radio, broadcasting words. We like to think of POET AS RADIO as an opportunity for writers to broadcast their words as well.


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KUSF In Exile 03.24.12 3-8 AM Guest Eric Glick Rieman live performance Defeat Sleep DJ Cactus

Defeat Sleep began radio operations in 2000, and is heard every Saturday morning on KUSF in Exile from 3am-8am (pst). Defeat Sleep is entirely free-form and often features live performances and guest hosts. The co-producers are Cactus Daniel Hintz and Bryan Chandler. Email feedback to danielhintz64@gmail.com

1st Four Hours

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5th Hour Guest Eric Glick Rieman live performance Defeat Sleep DJ Cactus

Photo: PeterbKaars.com
Performing on a variety of instruments, including the prepared/extended Rhodes electric piano, as well as piano, melodica, celeste, organ, Waterphone, and toy piano, SF Bay Area composer/improviser Eric Glick Rieman performs improvised and previously structured music in several settings, both solo and in groups, He has performed with the Mills College Contemporary Performance Ensemble in Oakland, CA, USA since 1999, and received an MFA from Mills in Electronic Music and the Recording Media in 2001. Rieman writes for piano, Rhodes electric piano, and ensembles.

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1. Tangerine Dream
2. Emperor
3. Brian Eno
4. Darkthrone
5. Jozef Van Wissem
6. Kronos Quartet with Aki Takahashi
7. Eric Glick Rieman (live performance)

KUSF In Exile 03.24.12 Midnight-3 AM Time Warp DJ Eli Moss

An eclectic warp through time, encompassing the best on and off the charts sounds. From the present to the far past and back again. Take the journey with us!

Producer, Bodacious Brenda
Hosts, JD Smith, Sneeze Limbo, Eli Moss, The Owl, The Heat, Prem, Bodacious Brenda, and Amper Dan.

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Time Warp – Saturday, Mar 24 2012 12am – 3am
The (Primarily) Blues Power Hour(s)

Bach Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor, Rollerball Sndtrk. 1711 / 1975
The BEATLES Bad Boy 1965 (Larry Williams)
I AIN’T SUPERSTITIOUS Jeff Beck Group 1968
JOHNNY WINTER Bony Moronie 1974
ZZ TOP It’s Only Love 1976
ROLLING STONES Fancy Man Blues 1989

BETTY DAVIS 70’s Blues (Record Plant Rough Mix) 1974
LITTLE FEAT Old Folks Boogie 1977
LYNYRD SKYNYRD Call Me The Breeze 1974
IGGY POP Real Wild Child (Wild One) 1986
GEORGIA SATELLITES Keep Your Hands to Yourself 1986
ROLLING STONES Parachute Woman 1968
ELTON JOHN Honky Tonk Women 1970
THE BAND Up On Cripple Creek 1969

JIMI HENDRIX Hear My Train A-Comin’ 1969
TEN YEARS AFTER I Woke Up This Morning 1969
ROD STEWART Hot Legs 1977
ROLLING STONES Far Away Eyes 1978
TOM WAITS Please, Call Me Baby 1974
OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN If You Love Me (Let Me Know) 1974
TOM PETTY Honey Bee 1994
BILL COSBY Chicken Heart 1966

LeRoy Holmes Orchestra James Bond Theme (From Dr. No) 1962
RHYTHM DEVILS Street Gang 1980
U2 Mysterious Ways (Tabla Motown Remix) 1991
HARRY NILSSON Jump Into The Fire 1971
SELF So Low 1994
GARLAND JEFFREYS Wild In The Street 1977
BLONDIE Detroit 442 1978
HARRY BELAFONTE Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) 1956

AMY WINEHOUSE Back To Black 2006
BOBBY DARIN Beyond The Sea, 7” single, 1960

KUSF In Exile 03.23.12 10-Midnight Friday Night Sessions DJ Andrew Jervis and Cez

The Friday Night Session airs a vibrant selection of globally-sourced electronic music that jumps the lines between new/unreleased and vintage. Co-hosts Tomas and Cez join Andrew Jervis in a weekly adventure into  house, hip hop, down-tempo, dubstep, disco, soul, jazz, rare groove, dub, Afrobeat, Brazilian, funk, and beyond. The show airs between 10 p.m. and 12 midnight on Fridays. Archived shows and playlists can be found at http://www.thesportofselection.com

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Hosted by Andrew Jervis and Tomas
Special guest mix from Robert Luis of Tru Thoughts Records

The Liquid Crystal Project - Ghetto (Polar)
Tall Black Guy Productions - Sweet Europe (download)
Georgia Anne Muldrow - The Birth of Petey Wheatstraw (someothaship)
Monster Rally - Birds (Waaga)
Rocket Juice and the Moon - Hey Shooter ft Erykah Badu (Honest Jons)
Double Yellow - Feed You (Here and Now)
MEMPHIS - (Everybody Loves) The Sunshine (download)
Koloah - In The Beginnin' (Cut Music)
Kelpe - I Felt Fuzzy (Svetlana Industries)
Art of Tones - For Real (Room With a View)
TiSa - james brown (download)

Rob Luis Mix...
Quantic & Alice Russell - I’ll Keep A Light In My Window (Tru Thoughts)
Rose Royce – Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (LNTG Rework) (Promo)
Def Sound – Again (Def Sound)
Hint – Aliens Enter feat T Fly (Tru Thoughts)
Jill Scott – Lovely Day (Nirobi Edit) (Promo)
Anchorsong – Darkrum (Tru Thoughts)
The Quantic Soul Orchestra – Pushin On (Situation Edit) (Tru Thoughts)
Kick “Al” Anchum – Farther Up The Road (Nirobi Edit) (Square)
Quantic & Alice Russell - Magdalena (Tru Thoughts)

Galapagoose – Multiplicities (Magical Properties)
Blaktroniks – Blow You feat. Exes4Eyes (Tokyo Dawn)
Colo – Never Again (Take)
Sun Glitters Wasting Times (XVI Records)
Synkro – Broken Promise (Apollo)
Duct – Blackheath (Shades of Grey)
Barker – I Feel (Liesure System)
Myown – You Can Stop Everytime
Doc Daneeka & Abigail Wyles – Tobyjug (Lando Kal Remix) (Ten Thousand Yen)
The Middlewood Sessions – Red Waters (Middlewood)

KUSF In Exile 03.23.12 930-10 PM Shoestring Radio Theatre

Shoestring Radio Theatre was founded in 1988 by its producer, San Francisco writer Monica Sullivan.  The independent company specializes in producing original works by gifted contemporary artists as well as new adaptations of traditional favorites (www.shoestring.org).  In 1998, Monica Sullivan and Shoestring Radio Theatre received a Certificate of Merit for Radio Drama Production from the National Federation Of Community Broadcasters Golden Reel Awards.


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KUSF In Exile 03.23.12 9-930 PM Movie Magazine

Movie Magazine International provides an entertaining and informative look at the Bay area film scene.  It offers in-depth reviews of new features, reports on older re-discovered treasures, & interviews with the men & women behind the cameras.  (www.shoestring.org)  Producer Monica Sullivan is the author of “Videohound's Independent Film Guide”, First and Second Editions.


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KUSF in Exile 03.23.12 7-8 PM The set of DJ Archie Patterson.

After doing various radio Specials the past year I was asked by KUSF in Exile in San Francisco to host a weekly program every Friday night at 7PM Pacific time. The first show aired on OCT 28 and featured UK Psychedelic Rock & Acid Folk 1968-1970. The programs focus will be highly eclectic with music played ranging the spectrum of sound and styles. I began Eurock as an FM radio program in California in 1971. Now after 40 years I have come full circle to begin again a new musical adventure. Tune in, Listen & Enjoy every Friday night!


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KUSF in Exile 03.23.2012 7-8PM The set of DJ ArchiePatterson

Artist Track title + Time Label Country

Congreso La Tierra Hueca 10:26 EMI Odeon Chile

DJ-A voix1 1:44

Congreso Sur 4:55 EMI Odeon Chile

Congreso Y Etonces Nacia 4:19 EMI Odeon Chile

Congreso Ha Legado Carta 8:18 EMI Odeon Chile

DJ-A voix2 1:00

Los Jaivas Tarka Y Ocarina 13:10 EMI Chile

DJ-A voix3 1:30

Los Jaivas Del Aire Al Aire 1:55 Columbia Chile

Los Jaivas La Poderosa Muerte 11:07 Columbia Chile

Los Jaivas Final 2:19 EMI Chile

Total Time 60:48

KUSF In Exile 03.23.12 4-6 PM DJ Germ

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KUSF In Exile 3.23.12 3-4 PM FAB MAB LIVE REDUX DJ Terry Hammer

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FAB MAB LIVE REDUX is a collection of live tape recordings that were recorded,mixed & produced by Terry Hammer circa 1979 through 1981 for various Bay Area radio stations.The weekly program was originally called FAB MAB LIVE.This is your chance to go back in time to the period when it all began and enjoy the great punk bands who started it all. These recordings were recorded sitting in the loud venues with headphones on and mixing on a cheap Peavey 12 channel mixing board direct to 2 Track Reel To Reel.They reflect the way the bands sounded at the time,drunk,stoned,out of tune and sometimes in tune.So,sit back,tune in,turn on,and experience the thrill of being at the great punk venues back in the day when it all began.And since these shows were mixed on headphones,they also sound better listening to them with headphones on turned up LOUD! Most shows are less than an hour,so, the hour will be filled with a delicious mixture of old school punk & reggae,with a taste of motown & 60's garage bands to round out the program.For a complete list of my live recordings,go to my website at http://www.angelfire.com/oh/liveperformances/livetapes.html

The Heptones - I've Got The Handle

FAB MAB LIVE REDFUX featuring The Offs Live @ Mabuhay 3/1/80:
Dirk Dirksen Intro
Die Babylon
Zero Degrees
Hundred Dollar Limo
My World
Everyone's A Bigot
Easier Said Than Done
Fascinate Me
What'd I Say
I've Had Enough
Bang A Gong
Johnny Too Bad
Sweet Jane
Dirk Dirksen Closing Remarks

The Heptones - Why Must I

Next week's show features Shakin' Street Live @ the Old Waldorf 8/15/79

Contact me: vampirrecs@hotmail.com

KUSF In Exile 03.23.12 Noon-3 PM In Quarantine DJ Stereo Steve

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oshun - rattle of life
blops - allegro ma non troppo

food brain - clock
hairy chapter - there's a kind of nothing
fresh blueberry pancake - clown on a rope

klangwart - moloch
throbbing gristle - distance dreams part two
mohammed rafi - jaan pehechaan ho

mc5 - looking at you
sixto rodriguez - only good for conversation
src - up all night
the lollipop shoppe - you must be a witch
gotham city crime fighters - who stole the batmobile
eleven twenty-nine - wake up crazy
loops of your heart - broken bow

sundrips - awash
dntel - umbrella
porest - monshallahm visit
the caretaker - a relationship with the sublime

middle class - out of vogue
pell mell - nothing lies still long
the west coast pop art experimental band - 1906
felt - i worship the sun
the lickets - constellation umbrella

sorrows - can't you tell a lie
terry malts - i'm neurotic
the feeling of love - dissolve me
comic wow - miami song tennis

catalyst - a country song
muddy waters - i'm your hoochie coochie man
man child singers - right on

sun araw - ma halo
duba sansome (l.a.f.m.s.) - limbo sock
friendsound - love sketch

eri yamamoto trio - sheep song

KUSF In Exile 03.23.12 9-Noon Guest Travis Mathews Filmmaker Sleeves On Hearts DJ Irwin

1st Two Hours

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3rd Hour
Guest Travis Mathews Filmmaker Sleeves On Hearts DJ Irwin

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09:00AM Franco Battiato "Il Mercato Degil Dei" from "Clic" (CD, 1974)
09:06AM Iasos "Maha-Splendor" from "Inter-Dimensional Music" (LP, 1975) on Inter-Dimensional Music
09:12AM Hyetal "Diamond Islands" from "Broadcast" (CD, 2011) on Black Acre
09:16AM Giorgio Moroder "From Here To Eternity" from "From Here To Eternity" (LP, 1977)
09:23AM Grimes "Oblivion" from "VISIONS" (CD, Single, Rock, 2012) on 4AD New
09:30AM Dolly Parton "Sacred Memories" from "Love Is Like A Butterfly" (LP, 1974)
09:33AM The Magnetic Fields "Andrew In Drag" from "Andrew In Drag - Single" (7 Inch, 2012) on Domino Recording Co Ltd / Hostess New
09:35AM Nancy Wilson "SPINNING WHEEL" from "Outta Sight! - Nancy Wilson Sings the Hits" (Jazz, 1969) on Blue Note
09:38AM Sparks "I WANT to HOLD YOUR HAND" from "Big Beat" (LP, 1976) on Island Records
09:41AM Gladys Knight & The Pips "I Got To Use My Imagination" from "Imagination" (LP, 1973)
09:44AM Mary J Blige "Just Fine" from "Growing Pains" (CD, 2007)
09:52AM Aaron Sheppard "Track 3" from "Leverage" (CD, 2012) New
09:55AM Laurie Spiegel "A Garden" from "Obsolete Systems" (CD, 1970)
09:58AM AIR "Who Am I Now?" from "Le Voyage DAns La Lune" (CD, Album, Rock, 2012) on Astralwerks - Caroline New
10:01AM Windy & Carl "REMEMBER" from "We Will Always Be" (CD, 2012) on kranky New
10:07AM Joanna Newsom "Jackrabbits" from "Have One On Me" (CD, Album, Private, 2010) on Drag City (USA)
10:12AM Roberta Flack "Our Ages or Our Hearts" from "First Take" (LP, 1969) on Atlantic
10:23AM Julie Ruin "Radical or Pro-Parental" from "Julie Ruin" (CD, 1998) on Kill Rock Stars
10:25AM Raw Moans "Somebody 2 Love" from "Safe Sex" (MP3, 2012) New
10:28AM Freddie Mercury "Man Made Paradise" from "Mr. Bad Guy" (LP, 1985)
10:31AM Fiona Apple "Parting Gift" from "Extraordinary" (CD)
10:34AM Ella Jenkins "A Trains-A-Coming" from "Jambo and Other Call and Response Songs and Chants" (LP, 1974) on Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
10:37AM Karen Dalton "Katie Cruel" from "1966" (LP, Album, Rock, 1966) on Delmore Recording Society
10:45AM Usher "Climax" from "Climax (single)" (MP3, 2012) New
10:48AM Rihanna "BIRTHDAY CAKE (remix w/chris brown)" from "single" (MP3) New
10:51AM Subject "What Happened To You?" from "Minimal Wave Tapes 2" (CD) on 1982 New
10:54AM The Walker Brothers "In My Room" from "In My Room" (CD, 1966)
11:14AM Chromatics "I Want Your Love" from "Nightdrive" (CD)
11:21AM Cold Dogs In The Courtyard "Video Is Not Art" from "Video Is Not Art" (CD, Single)
11:20AM The Younger Lovers "Keeps On Falling Down" from "Rock Flawless" (CD)
11:35AM Diplo "Express Yourself" from "Express Yourself" (MP3)
11:45AM Creeper "Dont Look Now" from "Dont Look Now" (Single)
MAMBO TAXI, brett from suede it's time you got laid by a gay man
SUEDE, metal mikey

KUSF In Exile 03.23.12 6-9 AM The Silver Machine DJ Johnny Ray Huston

iPhone and iPad Player

Camel -- Song Within a Song
Michael Rother -- Flammende Herzen
Gloria Scott -- I Think of You
Kernesse Non Heroique -- Guy Pedersen
Nite Jewel -- She's Always Watching You
Nite Jewel -- Mind & Eyes

Cornelius -- Sensuous
Esther Phillips -- I Love Paris
Monoton -- Leben im Dchungel
Gary Wilson -- Soul Travel
Moondog -- Bug on a Floating Leaf
Tim Hardin -- Reason to Believe
Michael Rother -- Katzenmusik 2
Ela Orleans --Somewhere
J.C Pierric -- Magma Game
Klaus Schulze -- Velvet Voyage

Roedelius -- Parts 1-6 (from Plays Piano)
Juana Molina -- Un Dia
The Slaves -- Ink in Heaven
The Slaves -- Dokude
Jeff Phelps -- Magnetic Eyes
Brenda Holloway -- I'll Always Love You
Esther Phillips -- Please Send Me Someone to Love
Hawkwind -- The Silver Machine
The Red Crayola -- Transparent Radiation