Save KUSF Podcast Network 02.11.11 Stereo Steve's Apocalyptic Podcast #4

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2nd Hour

his time around I reconfigured my setup so I could set up both of my turntables, so it's a little more vinyl intensive music-wise. Also one of my decks has a reverse gear so there's a couple records (with backward recorded content played backwards.

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oshun - rattle of life
white hills - three quarters
dave pike set - mathar
1910 fruitgum co. - pow wow (backwards)
bohannon - the bohannon walk

arthur lyman (over talk break)

boris - statement
caroliner - for bread and axe
holger czukay - ode to perfume
crack the sky - i don't have a tie
paul whiteman - dardanella
alphonse mouzon - funky snakefoot

gas (over talk break)

the launchers - unknown japanese title

electric power band - papa smerf's big throwdown
the cheese band - i like cheese
jade warrior - mwenga sketch

yeltsin - a closer walk
tame impala - the bold arrow of time
the gris gris - necessary separation 
high tide - futilist's lament

jimmy smith - (over talk break)

cluster and eno - tzima n'arki (backwards)
cock e.s.p. - sadistic tenderness/sex with waitresses
electric light orchestra - fire on high (backwards)
kraftwerk - ruckzuck

Save KUSF Podcast Network 02.11.11 DJ Stevil

1st Hour

2nd Hour

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