KUSF 10.03.08 2-4 PM DJ Stereo Steve

playlist 10/03/08 "they don't sleep anymore on the beach"

pharoah sanders - hum allah hum allah hum allah
godspeed you! black emperor - they don't sleep anymore on the beack
larry page orchestra - hey jude
skozey fetisch - exploitable lift
melvins - the savage hippy
crystal stilts - crippled croon
ponytail - beg waves
little teeth - oh drag
4 bonjour's parties - magpie will peck a hole in my plaster cast
1932 chevrolet ad
white hills - radiate
mission of burma - ok/no way
hank iv - feeding me back
strawberry alarm clock - i'm coming home
racoo-oo-oon - black branches
pillars of silence - please call me
the music tapes - tornado longing for freedom
frank luther - you're driving me crazy
cambodian psych out - venus
avey tare - i'm your eagle kisser
subarachnoid space - honorable mention
valet - we went there
the millennium - the island

wooden shjips interview
assemble head in sunburst sound - ekranoplan
sleepy sun - white dove
bad trips - if if
crystal antlers - a thousand eyes
greg ashley - i said "these are lonely days"
wooden shjips - death's not your friend (live)
j boogie's dubtronic science - inferno featuring lunar heights
francine thomas - i'll be there
the final solution - no place to run
the drift - uncanny valley

sonny smith & tahlia from citay: guest dj/live performance

lemmy & the upsetters - blue suede shoes
sonny smith & tahlia - too young to burn
sonny smith sonny smith & tahlia - heart of sadness
sonny smith & tahlia - take a hard look down that long corridor
replacements - alex chilton
sonny smith & tahlia - death cream
the box tops - i must be the devil
sonny smith & tahlia - stranded
big star - daisy glaze
sonny smith & tahlia - lovin on and older girl
sonny smith & tahlia - doom and gloom
sonny smith & tahlia - planet of women
citay - mere woods

1st Hour

2nd Hour

KUSF 09.27.08 5-6 PM Francofun DJ Fari

KUSF 09.26.08 12-3 PM DJ Stereo Steve

playlist 9/26/08 "why don't you eat carrots?"
> john coltrane - the night has a thousand eyes
> my bloody valentine - come in alone/sometimes
> edith piaf - la vie en rose
> sixto rodriguez - sugarman
> grouper - disengaged
> charlie mcalister - darla come down from jackson
> july - my clown
> citadelle - winter's walk
> awesome color - outside tonight
> little teeth - between my ears
> devin phillips - frenchman street strut
> still pending - driving to california
> blue phantom - diodo
> the beach boys - feel flows
> endless boogie - low lifes
> his name is alive - capricorn moon
> yellow swans - re integration
> le orme - fumo
> the velvet underground - venus in furs
> dirty filthy mud - forest of black
> unrelated segments - where you gonna go?
> droids - renaissance d'amour
> [white hills' guest dj set:]
> amon duul ii - wolf city
> the move - don't make my baby blue
> brain donor - pagan dawn
> frumpy - how the gypsy was born
> erkin koray - ciimbur cemaat
> la otracina - can't take
> anita lane - i'm a believer
> melvins - untitled
> dogntawk - wandering star
> primal scream - accelerator
> damenbart - ich bin der wind
> la dusseldorf - viva

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3rd Hour

KUSF 09.23.08 RADIO CAROLYN Guest King Kahn

King Khan and the Shrines, sometimes referred to as King Khan and (His) Sensational Shrines or The Supreme Genius of King Khan and His Sensational Shrines are a Berlin-based garage rock and psychedelic soul band.
Founded in 1999 by the twenty-two year old King Khan, formerly of Canadian garage rock outfits The Spaceshits (where he operated under the pseudonym Blacksnake) and Kukamongas. The band is noted for its impressive stage antics. Typically King Khan is scantily clad, and the overwhelming frontman. His performances feature a cheerleader, and a mixture of instrumentation including, but not limited to: keyboard, baritone saxophone, guitar, bass, and drums. He played an energetic concert at the 2008 Pitchfork Music Festival.
Khan also currently plays with fellow former Spaceshit member, Mark Sultan, in the King Khan & BBQ Show, a doo-wop and punk inspired two-man band.
1st Hour

2nd Hour