01.30.11 10-12 AM Freefall DJ David Bassin Ty Segall To Perform at Today's Save KUSF Rally, FreeFall Lives Again Online

By Ian S. Port, Tue., Feb. 1 2011 @ 9:30AM

Well, the radio station at 90.3 FM is gone, and the website will only take 15 listeners, so anyone who wants to listen to their favorite KUSF show these days is pretty much screwed, right?

Wrong -- sort of. Today, as KUSF supporters prepare for another demonstration at City Hall -- this one featuring a performance from local garage-rock hero/former KUSF DJ Ty Segall -- and as the Save KUSF campaign continues in full force with T-shirts, posters, letters of support from famous people, and more sadness, we bring you a small present: DJ David Bassin's show FreeFall, a sweet two-hour set of "future jazz, R &B, global grooves & abstract beats." Hearing it feels like a tonic, even if it isn't coming through the airwaves. Check it out after the jump.

"We've been away for a couple weeks due to all the craziness with KUSF," Bassin, says at the opening of his 10-year-old show, a decidedly understated way of putting it. "It's you and me together again."

Then Bassin launches into a two-hour journey through various rhythms -- electronic beats and Latin grooves included -- making for perfect morning music. Sadly, it can't help but remind us of everything music fans (and fans of free-form radio in general) have lost with the station's sale. Stream or download Bassin's latest show below, and show up to City Hall at 1 p.m. today for the rally, Segall performance, and signing of a resolution.


David Bassin hosts an eclectic two-hour mix of future jazz, R &B, global grooves & abstract beats tat has received international acclaim since it's debut in 2000. Weekly rebroadcasts are available on Live365.com , Giant Step.net (NYC), Net-Musique.com (San Francisco). RadioTake10.org (China), DanceAnd Soul.com (Singapore). RadioPellenera.com (Italy) and the weekly podcast, available for free from the iTunes music store. More information, links to our partner sites and contact info is available at: www.freefallradio.com.

Producer and Host, David Bassin

1st Hour

2nd Hour

FreeFall 531: 1/30/11
Dorian Concept - Freeze Sweep (web)
Shawn Lee - Booya - World Of Funk (Ubiquity)
Fusible - The Clap (Tremor Mix) - Para Amar (ZZK)
Empresarios - Sabor Tropical - Sabor Tropical (Fort Knox)
Adolfo Echeverria - Sabroso Bacalao - Sofrito Tropical Disco (Strut)
Planty Herbs - Portal (Wax On)
Isolee - Celeste - Well Spent Youth (Pampa)
Ezel - In My Lifetime - Secreto (Ocha)
Quasimode - Music Can Change The World - Magic Ensemble (EMI Japan)
Soil & Pimp Sessions - Shaft In Africa - Stoned Pirate Radio (Victor)
Sonny Fortune - On Second & Fifth - From Now On (Blue Note)
State Of Monc - Bean’s Shadow - Phantom Speaker (Sound Camp)
Sepalcure - Your Love - Fleur EP (Hot Flush)
Theo Parrish - Traffic - Sketches (Sound Signature)
Mala - Don’t Let Me Go - Future Bass (Soul Jazz)
Digital Mystkz - Return To Space - Return To Space (DMZ)
Lung - Afterlife (Kokeshi)
James Blake - To Care (Like You) - James Blake (R&S)
Geotic - Beaming Husband - Mend (web)
Deborah Jordan - Deeper - What You See (Futuristica)
Tipper - Big Question Small Head - Broken Soul Jamboree (Tippermusic)
Herma Puma - Jollys (Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra Rmx) - Two Syllables 5 (First Word)
Bahama Soul Club - Afro Shigida (Quincy Joinz Rmx) - Bossa Nova Just Smells Funky Remixed (Buyu)
Soopasoul - It’s Just Begun Pt. 2 - Jalepeno Funk 3 (Jalapeno)
Papercut - Paper Sun - Papercut (web)
Philip Cohran - White Nile - African Skies (Captcha)

An Appeal From DJ Carolyn


The fight is still on to save KUSF 90.3fm

Please write a letter of support. Here is a form
letter, just add your name and address and mail it. If you prefer to write
your own, please do. I encourage it.

Dear Sir:

I am writing to express my opposition to the University of San Francisco’s recent decision to sell the broadcast license for 90.3 fm where KUSF currently sits. KUSF is a valuable resource to the City of San Francisco. The station’s locally produced programming exemplifies the unique diversity and eclecticism that is San Francisco. KUSF broadcasts in nine different languages giving a voice to those who have few other outlets through which they can be heard. President Privett’s blatant disregard for the people of San Francisco through this sale and the way it was handled is shameful.

Although corporate deals involving commercial stations are common, frequencies in the public radio range should be treated differently. These stations are specifically set aside by the federal government for community service and noncommercial purposes. The transfer of these licenses should not to happen without input from the community which the station serves. The University of San Francisco sought no community input in its decision to sell the frequency.

The University of San Francisco and the community of San Francisco should come to a mutually beneficial solution in order to allow KUSF to remain intact on the broadcast dial at 90.3 fm.


(your name)

Send it to:
Michael Bloch
Assistant Dean of Social Sciences
University Of San Francisco
College of Arts and Sciences
2130 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

Ask him to "File in KUSF Public File" This MUST BE in the subject line of the email or letter!!!

Come to our rally tomorrow Tuesday, February 1 at 1 pm outside of San
Francisco's City Hall. TY SEGALL and others will be performing. The Board
of Supervisors will vote on the resolution to stop the sale of KUSF at

Other things to do:

Sign out petition: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/savekusf/

Link our website on your web page: http://savekusf.org/

Like us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SaveKUSF

If you're not too exhausted after all that, I am DJing at the Casanova
Lounge, 527 Valencia St, SF on TUESDAY, February 1, 6 to 9 pm. Come on
down. The music will be loud, the drinks will be cheap, there will be
dancing on the bar and I'll even play THE DAMNED if they send in their
KUSF letter.


KUSF 01.29.10 4-5 PM Top Ten DJ Germ

One year ago...

KUSF TOP 10 ALBUMS (1/29/10)
1: The Golden Ring "Iranian Styled 60’s Garage & Other Exotic Sounds"
2: Beach House "Teen Dream"
3: Animal Collective "Fall Be Kind"
4: The Mermen "In God We Trust"
5: The New Dawn "There’s A New Dawn"
6: Atlas Sound "Logos"
7: V/A "Forge Your Own Chains"
8: Hobocop "S/T"
9: V/A "Pop Ambient 2010"
10: V/A "Freedom Rhythm & Sound"

Bobby Castro's Photos of KUSF 1982


SF Residents! Please Contact Your Supervisor!

Hello SF friends,
Many of you know by now that KUSF was unjustly taken off the air in a complex deal in which America's fifth largest corporate radio conglomerate, Entercom, had part in some dealings along with the University of Southern California that has seen the purchase and takeover of low-dial airwaves and the contribution to the unfortunate trend of silencing independent voices and the mainstreaming/ homogenization of media.
As it stands now, the organization 'Save KUSF' plans to stop the sale of its broadcasting license before the FCC and intends to get back on the air.  Our movement got off to a roaring start and now we must continue the momentum.  The SF Board of Supervisors is now involved and has introduced a resolution co-sponsored by Supervisors Ross Mirkarimi, Eric Mar, and John Avalos. What can the board do you ask? It gives us political leverage in our fight so that once the resolution passes we can move on to bigger names (Pelosi, Boxer, etc.) and can be granted a meeting with USF in order to stop the deal.
This is where you come in. It is integral to our cause that the resolution pass this Tuesday, February 1st. Once again we rally at City Hall at 1 p.m., before the Supervisors meet AND VOTE on this resolution.  They need to hear from constituents like you that it's unacceptable for a community/college-run station of 33 years with cultural programming in nine languages and ties to the vibrant underground and local music scene that will otherwise go unheard in a free broadcast format, to simply disappear. 
Find the email for your home district supervisor here (just click on their face and look at the map):
Write them now and come to the City Hall rally Tuesday 2/1 at 1 p.m. *There'll be bands!*
Also find out who else you can write and for more info on the fight to Save KUSF go here:
Please forward this message to friends, family, co-workers and any concerned SF resident.
Thank you,
Andre Torrez

Podcast 01.29.11 The Orgasmatrain Extra Special Limited DJ Shekky

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

the monks--he went down to the sea
the truth--hey gyp/dig the slowness
may blitz--for mad men only
birth control--gamma ray

rotary connection--i am the black gold of the sun
tabukah x--finger toe (nigeria rock special)
theron and darrell--i was made to love her (smart's palace eccentric soul)

dave kubinec's mainhorse airlines--directions for use
shogun kunitoki--montezuema
ozric tentacles--neurochasm

friend sound--lost angel proper street
patty zeitlin and marsha berman--the angry song
the firebird band--kiss yourself

herbie hancock--maiden voyage
lee morgan--raggedy ann
stanley clark--life suite


Parenthesis = compilation title

FCC paperwork has been filed. Send us all your response letters NOW!

Circulate far and wide! Please send all complaints and letters about the sale of KUSF’s frequency to USF Assistant Dean of Social Sciences Michael Bloch, , who is the current administrator holding on to the FCC’s Public File for KUSF. According to FCC rules, all complaints and letters regarding the station are supposed to be included in that Public File.

* To ensure that your comment is filed, please include in the header, or in the body of your message:


* Please send ALL letters you’ve written about KUSF to Michael Bloch ASAP, including ANY emails you’ve already sent to Father Privett or the USF Trustees, or the SF Board of Supervisors.

* Please note that Michael Bloch is a good guy; he’s on our side so please be nice!


University of San Francisco
College of Arts and Sciences
2130 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

Let’s get our call letters back!

The FCC has a specific department to send comments. Please comment on the transfer of KUSF's broadcast license. It is our only hope to stop the sale.

By mail: Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau, Federal Communications Commission, 445 12th Street SW, Washington, D.C., 20554.

By phone: 866-267-7202. That’s the radio broadcast specialist office. The email is radioinfo@fcc.gov. The job of this office is to help the public with radio inquiries, including regarding the transfer of licenses.

You can also email the individual commissioners:

Chairman Julius Genachowski: Julius.Genachowski@fcc.gov
Commissioner Michael J. Copps: Michael.Copps@fcc.gov
Commissioner Robert McDowell: Robert.McDowell@fcc.gov
Commissioner Mignon Clyburn: Mignon.Clyburn@fcc.gov
Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker: Meredith.Baker@fcc.gov

Questions Raised About Future of KUSF Archives

By JEANNE CARSTENSEN| January 28, 2011 5:33 p.m. In MUSIC


Supporters of KUSF, the community radio station owned by the University of San Francisco that ceased broadcasting recently when it was abruptly sold, want to make sure the station’s extensive archives will be preserved.

Founded in 1963, the station’s archives contain a “massive number of CDs and vinyl,” according to Irwin Swirnoff, the former music director. “It has cultural value that is priceless in terms of diversity and obscurity,” he said, with deep collections in jazz, rock, punk, electronic music and other genres.

Archivists Meagan and Rick Prelinger of the Prelinger Library in San Francisco are advising Swirnoff and other KUSF supporters on preserving the collection. “The music library has to be kept intact as a physical memory of everything that KUSF has been, and as a starting point for future,” said Meagan Prelinger, who is a longtime fan of the station. “It’s like the sound track of my life has been turned off.”

The dimensions of the vast archive containing 34 years of Bay Area broadcasting history are difficult to determine precisely. Much of it sits in Phelan Hall on the University of San Francisco campus and will be moved to a yet-undetermined location in coming months.

Reached on Friday afternoon, university spokesman Gary McDonald said he didn’t know immediately how many items it contained. “We talk about it in terms of space,” he said. “It’s large.”

Swirnoff said the collection consists of an active CD library and vinyl library. Items like 78 rpm records are packed away in storage areas.

In the long term, the university plans to digitize the archive, according to McDonald, “so that it will be available to anyone working in KUSF.org,” the online-only version of the station that will replace KUSF.

McDonald said he didn’t know how much it would cost to convert the collection to digital or what would become of the original materials afterwards.

Podcast 01.28.11 DJ Stereo Steve/DJ Mashi Mashi

1st Hour

2nd Hour

stereo steve's apocalyptic podcast #2
with special guest dj mashi mashi

first hour:
intro - irwin @ city hall/oshun - rattle of life
van halen - mean streets

noertker's moxie - skullduggery (for deejay schmeejay)
comets on fire - unicorn
roky erikson - i think of demons
melvin van peebles - c'mon feet
james brown - i'll go crazy
gloria jones - tainted love

the deviants - you've got to hold on
mudhoney - urban guerilla
phantom tollbooth - the fuck
jayne county & the electric chairs - mean motherfuckin' man

tartufi - fear of tall giraffes, fear of some birds

second hour:
nino ferrer - looking for you
lumerians - hashishhashishin

freeport - it's a brand new morning
suicide - love you
buddy miles express - miss lady

dinosaurs with horns - merge
video hypnosis - un-stress
brand x - earth dance
mount kimbie - carbonated

jesu - conquerer

Podcast 01.28.11 DJ Stevil

1st Hour

2nd Hour

Tyvek - 4312
J.C. Satan - Odyssey of Love
Blurt - Dog Save My Soul
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Ashtray Heart
Cheap Time - Down the Tube
Surf City - Icy Lakes
Cobra Killer & Kapajkos - Helicopter 666
The Saxons - Saxon Warcry
The Dickies - You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)
Bleach 03 - Howling
Fungi Girls - Into the Cosmos
The Kinks - Until the End of the Day
Plasmatics - Hoy Hey (Live to Rock)
Jim Carroll Band - It's Too Late
Grinderman - No Pussy Blues
Happy Flowers - I Said I Want to Watch Cartoons
Eppu Normaali - Poliisi Pamputtaa Taas
The Who - Run Run Run
Buck Owens - Above and Beyond
Holden - Mia
Booker T. & the MG's - Eleanor Rigby
Paul Anka - (You're) Having My Baby
Qulfus - Three Times Twice
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - Jimmy Mack
Crystal Castles - Year of Silence

01.27.11 9-10 PM Radio Goethe DJ Arndt Peltner

Radio Goethe

Radio Goethe presents a diverse overview onto the modern German music scene reaching from Rock to Pop, from Industrial to Darkwave, from Electronica to Medieval. Online at www.radiogoethe.org

Radio and Host, Arndt Peltner

aroos: Yukoma
Krink: Hit it
Krink: No skool
Patenbrigade: Wolff: Popmusik für Rohrleger
Patenbrigade: Wolff: Maurerradio
Dracul: Follow me
E Nomine: Vater unser
And One: Military Fashion Show
Camouflage: We are lovers
Dada Jugend Polyform: Legacy
Caracho: Eigentlich
Frittenbude: Bilder mit Katze
Juri Gagarin: Take over

KUSF | THE FINAL FIVE MINUTES. by Howard Ryan, KUSF DJ Schmeejay

photo by: bobby castro

vangelis papathanissiou : creation du monde
andy kim : rock me gently
(45 single played at 33 rpm)
weasel walter : the pseudocard
mouth and macneal : liefste
we love : no train no plane
the good ones : amargorwa y'abagabo
michael yonkers : someone like you
audionom : boorup rock
bobby goldsboro : danny is a mirror to me
(born 1.18.41)
vangelis papathanissiou : l'apocalypse des animaux

Bobby Goldsboro's birthday that day, and as I have a couple of old 45's of his, I decided to bring one down to the station and celebrate his 70th on the air with a song. When going through my records at home that morning, I also grabbed Vangelis Papathanissiou's "Lapocalypse des Animaux" to play underneath us at the breaks of my sets. It was already looking out to be another emotionally charged Radiodrome.

At about 9:50, after playing Goldsboro's weepy "Danny is a Mirror to Me", I announced the song and the rest of the set over the top of Vangelis' ambient greek genius. The piece continued as I turned around to see Trista Bernasconi, KUSF Program Director, standing in the doorway of the studio. She asked me to step outside, and looked upset. I went over and she told me, "this is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. The station has been sold, and I have to turn the transmitter off."

I was stunned. Immediately, other people from the university who were there in the wings were telling me, "everything else will stay the same, don't worry - we will be online within hours, but only online". I looked behind me into Studio A and the signal was already gone as my record continued to play silently on Turntable One.

My fellow Music Director, Irwin Swirnoff happened to be there that morning in our workroom and after he found out we kinda just stood in there and stared blankly, in disbelief, occasionally pacing the room. Like you would in a hospital after a finding out about a loved one's hit and run accident. We were finally being coaxed by security to leave the premises while they changed the locks, and headed to Lone Mountain to see the president of the university, Father Privett. A cop was waiting for us outside his elevator. We waited and waited and an assistant eventually came out and told us he was there but was busy. She assured us that would tell him that we were requesting his presence at their "informational meeting" that was planned for the following night in Fromm Hall. We wanted some answers, and not just from their PR tank. Now joining up with Deia de Brito from KALW, we then went to the Vice's office, Charlie Cross. You can see the YouTube video everywhere now. Witness first hand the dehumanizing and antagonistic response we received from his office. Sad and pathetic. At a prestigious institute of higher learning. Despicable.

It's been a few days now, and I'm amazed at how unreal it all seems. In San Francisco, we're often kept from the all-to-common reality of anti-community greed. If it can happen here, this country is really, just completely and irrevocably, gonna be in the hands of the few. While they silence the many. Chinese Star Radio. Radiotochka, Radio Goethe. Franco Fun. The Pastor Tom Show. The Love Letters Squad. Diva Radio. The Classical Cowboy.

I've still got two hours of Radiodrome that I'd like to air, records still sitting in the corner of my living room awaiting their chance. We will not be silent.

KUSF 05.10.09 6-8 PM Spotlight MOMO & COUSIN MARY'S 2ND ANNUAL MOTHER'S DAY CLAMBAKE! DJ Momo and Cousin Mary

chuckling track from "wir ummeln durch st. pauli"
birdy nam nam: jazz it at home
freddie slack: blackout boogie
slim bryant & the wildcats: prairie may

louis prima: oh ma ma twist
frankie yankovic: who stole the kishka?
leo reisman & his orchestra: rollin' down the river
pharoah sanders: in your own sweet way

will bradley with ray mckinley: scrub me, mama, with a boogie beat
mahalia jackson: move on up a little higher
otis williams & his new group: gum drop
barbara dennerlein: funkish

shirley ellis: clapping song
the chaps: rawhide
xavier cugat: gesundheit (a-choo cha cha)
the woodies: if it swells

gene krupa & his orchestra: tunin' up
tammi terrell: what a good man he is
helene smith: the pot can't talk about the kettle
joe henderson: our thing

meade 'lux' lewis: honky tonk train
art tatum: all the things you are
stephane grapelly with django reinhardt: china boy
son house: death letter

glen gray & the casa loma orchestra: rock island flag stop
the guttersluts: a fine romance
the crew cuts: do me good baby

john coltrane: alabam

1st Hour

2nd Hour

KUSF 12.06.10 10-11 PM Classics Without Walls DJ M Theo

Classics Without Walls

The Anti-Warhorse Zone is in it's nineteenth year of thumbing down it's nose at the bizarre conventions of commercial "classical" radio. We're as committed as ever to the truths that music is not a commodity for consumption or a vehicle for technical perfection, and that even the best recordings don't reproduce music - only the sounds. We treasure risk-taking composers and performers who step up and take their own risks. In addition to our unruly broadcasts, Classics Without Walls works to counter the music-as-commodity blight by sponsoring small-scale concerts, mixed media presentations, and informal post-concert meals with the aim of helping draw musician and listeners closer into a community of participation.

Producer and Host, M. Theo
Associate Producer and Host, Renee Witon
Programming and Production Advisory Board, All Our Listeners

Podcast 01.23.12 The Orgasmatrain Extra Special Limited DJ Shekky

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour


robert owens--i'll be your friend/original def mix
loop guru--strawberry lotus focus (beacon silver apples remixed)

barney kessel and his men--latin go lightly
yes--sweet dreams
gabriel yared--c'est le vent betty
dead kennedys--the stars and stripes of corruption
bobbi pins--why did you go?

alps--le voyage
new york gong--jungle window
high tide--time gauges
molly hatchet--gator country

fig dish--don't come around here no more (you got lucky)
land of the loops--multi family garage sale
thrice mice--pig 2
happy flowers--i saw my picture on a milk carton
fems--go to a party
the descendants--parents


parenthesis = compilation title

01.23.11 KUSF Show on 01.23.1983 Rampage Radio

Rampage Radio

Rampage Radio has aired every Sunday from 2AM-8AM since March 6th, 1982. We now interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast for an encore presentation which is brought to you via the magic of cassette technology & the heroic efforts of Mr. Verne Innhel. We would also like to thank Aaron Zimpel, Spon Q. & Steve Cuevas for the tapes

We will continue to assault the airwaves however we can until we find a proper home.
On March 6th 2011 we will celebrate our 30th anniversary:

Jan 23, 1983 with Ian Kallen & Ron Quintana
1st Hour

Ron Quintana mid '80s
2nd Hour

Ron Quintana mid '80s
3rd Hour

Ron Quintana mid '80s
4th Hour

Ron Quintana mid '80s
5th Hour

Ron Quintana mid '80s
6th Hour

01.23.11 Francofun DJ Fari

Franco Fun

A Crossroads for all things new of interest to the French speaking community. Featuring new music, life style, cultural events and interviews. Program is hosted both in French and English. Keep up-to-date with Franco Fun: Twitter francofun, blog address francofun.wordpress.com, or email farikusf (@) yahoo.com

01.15.11 Francofun DJ Fari

Franco Fun
Boris Gaquere (guitarist) and Renato Martins (Percussionist)

A Crossroads for all things new of interest to the French speaking community. Featuring new music, life style, cultural events and interviews. Program is hosted both in French and English. Keep up-to-date with Franco Fun: Twitter francofun, blog address francofun.wordpress.com, or email farikusf (@) yahoo.com

01.22.11 DJ Stevil

Another KUSF DJ doing the podcast thing from home. enjoy!

1st Hour

KUSF 01.11.11 9-Noon Radiodrome DJ Schmeejay

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

nektar : remember the future (side one)
dean martin : standing on the corner
olekranon : bilal
big country : porrohman
jo basile " vieni vieni
steve reich : double sextet (fast)
henry gibson : hash is better than turkey
bob wills & tommy duncan : stay a little longer
(tommy duncan born 1.1.11)

{ j o y f u l n o i s e }

andy williams : look for the silver lining
judas priest : savage
t.d. skatchit & aurora josephson : tip of my tongue
john carpenter : assault on precinct 13

harry roy & his bat club boys : pussy
france gall : les succettes
marc ribot : natalia in Eb major
the dells : stay in my corner
(chuck barksdale born 1.11.35)
electric wizard : venus in furs
carl sandburg : they have a yarn, the people
pan american : love song
alice faye & phil harris : baby, it's cold outside
noertker's moxie : lying bull

{ b e s t a l b u m e v e r }

richard youngs : like a sailor
(from "beyond the valley of the ultrahits" 2010)

eddie kamae : ka ua loku
cheap trick : big eyes
justin tubb & goldie hill : sure fire kisses
(goldie hill born 1.11.33)
we love : ice lips
meredith monk : view II
chemical brothers : snow
(tom rowlands born 1.11.71)
fred astaire : the yam song
uz jsme doma : fascinasz
cher : you better sit down, kids
beachhouse : norway
unknown greek tabour player : untitled
martin mull : licks off of records
ian hunter : central park & west

{ b a c k i n g t r a c k s a t b r e a k s }

bjorn stabi & ole hjorth : folk fiddling of sweden

01.22.11 DJ Harry D of In The Soul Kitchen, KUSF FM (for 34 years) on KZSU FM Stanford University, with DJ Byrd of Paradise Talking about Saving KUSF


KZSU's Shedding Light Radio Program

Harry D's Website, In The Soul Kitchen

The University of San Francisco sold KUSF's broadcasting license on Tuesday morning without any notice and without any input or involvement whatsoever from KUSF Cultural Programming and New Music djs/producers/hosts. All 200 of us are volunteers.

On Wednesday night, USF President Stephen Privett stated the University's position, took questions and comments about the sale from KUSF volunteers, current USF students, faculty and alumni, loyal KUSF listeners, community members, musicians, label and venue owners in a packed, peaceful meeting of 500+ on the USF campus.

I'll be on KZSU Radio tomorrow, Saturday, Jan. 22 at 10:15 a.m. (West Coast Time) to talk about some of what's happening to address this.

The Stereo Steve Show 01.21.11 DJ Stereo Steve

1st Hour

2nd Hour

Today during the time in which my normal KUSF radio show of 15 years would normally commence, in order to keep from going insane, I decided to attempt a podcast. I've never done a podcast before. I've never had to. But turns out I had all the tools within my reach, so here it is, warts and all.

2 hours. 164mb mp3 192kbps Hope you like it.


Depositfiles usually remain downloadable for about 30 days so grab it while you can.


Stereo Steve's apocalyptic podcast #1
January 21, 2011
"less fun than being part of something that is more than the sum of its parts"

intro - rattle of life
appletree theatre - you're the biggest thing in my life
zoviet france - ram

wire - please take
phil spitalny's music - what's the use?
jimi hendrix - castles made of sand
ufo - one more for the rodeo
spahn ranch - atonement
truth - i can't go on

billy may and his orch - mission impossible

the youngbloods - four in the morning
rocking horse singers - simple as abc
montage 1
pink floyd - money
danny and linda - show me a place
food brain - clock

dj spooky - galactic funk
montage 2
tuxedomoon - no tears
death in june - death of the west
ray sanders - beer drinkin' music

101 strings - california dreaming
phil spitalny's music - cheer up good times are coming
colonel bagshot - six day war
harbinger complex - i think i'm down
captain beefheart - making love to a vampire with a monkey on my knee

pierre henry - excorcisme
morgen - eternity in between
spacemen 3 - we sell soul

funkadelic - wars of armageddon

Radiogoethe 01.21.11 DJ Arndt

Just because KUSF is being sold does not mean that the love of music or what we do has gone away with the physical facility. many of us have the facilities at home and elsewhere to produce quality recordings that can be distributed on the internets in order for you to enjoy your favorite shows that were once broadcast on KUSF 90.3 FM. Here's Arndt Peltner of Radiogothe that was once heard on KUSF every Thursday night between 8:30 and 10 PM...

1st Hour


Thanks for listening over all these years. Thanks for all the phone calls, whether you were pissed off at us for playing the art noise from japan at six in the morning, or in ecstasy for playing THAT SONG you'd only heard once...and were dying to hear again! All of you folks out there who kept you radios tuned to 90.3 FM mean a hell of a lot to us, indeed you're the very reason we existed.

We gave you hearts and souls for thirty four years...

Goddammit, we're going to miss you...

Off The Air

KUSF 01.18.11 9-Noon Radiodrome DJ Schmeejay

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2nd Hour

KUSF 01.18.11 6-9 AM DJ Stevil

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3rd Hour

KUSF 01.18.11 3-6 AM DJ Zoe B

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3rd Hour

Cluster and Eno - Schone Hande
Leonard Cohen - Bird on the Wire
Roy Orbison - Candy Man
Del Shannon - She Thinks I Still Care
Tracy Chapman - Give Me One Reason
Twice as Much - Playing with Fire
The Soft Moon - Parallels
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Don't Talk to Strangers
Delia Derbyshire - Air
Cluster and Eno - Base and Apex
Cluster and Eno - Broken Head
Psychic TV - We Kiss
Klaus Nomi - The Cold Song
Moebius - Das Ende
En - Polaris (The Celestial Arc)
Terry Riley - The Ethereal Time Shadow (Excerpt)
Psychic TV - Clouds Without Water
Catharsis - Masq
Moebius - Intro 1
Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou - Mother's Love
Joan Armatrading - Save Me
William Basinski - Melancholia 14
PJ Harvey - The Darker Days of Me and Him
The Moody Blues - Nights in White Satin
Fleetwood Mac - Gold Dust Woman
Rare Earth - Get Ready
Roedelius -Veilchenwurzeln
Canned Heat - On the Road Again
Rare Earth - Satisfaction Guaranteed
Electric Wizard Satyr X
Earth and Fire - Weekend
Joan Armatrading - Down to Zero
The Ronettes - Be My Baby
Fleetwood Mac - Dreams
Dave Brubeck - Summer Song
Washington Phillips - Lift Him Up That's All
Victor Jara - El Aparecido
Neil Young - Comes a Time
Suzanne Langille Neel Murgai - Strong and Foolish Heart
Roy Montgomery/Grouper - Variation on a Theme by Sandy Bull (Slight Return

KUSF 01.18.11 12-3 AM Fly By Night DJ Terry Dactyl

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3rd Hour

KUSF 01.17.11 11-Midnight Guitar Journeys DJ Brian Dowdy

Guitar Journeys champions diverse traditions of guitar music from around the world, including classical, fingerstyle, jazz, bossa nova, and genre-defying contemporary compositions.  Featuring the ancient music of 16th century lutenists, fresh compositions by today's living artists, and just about everything in between, Guitar Journeys is the Bay Area's portal into a spectacular universe of guitar music. Email guitarjourneys@yahoo.com, and tune in Monday nights at 11pm.

Producer: Brian Dowdy
Hosts: Brian Dowdy, Theresa Calpotura, DJ Tuggy, and Teja Gerken

KUSF 01.17.11 10-11 PM Classics Without Walls DJ M Theo

Classics Without Walls

The Anti-Warhorse Zone is in it's nineteenth year of thumbing down it's nose at the bizarre conventions of commercial "classical" radio. We're as committed as ever to the truths that music is not a commodity for consumption or a vehicle for technical perfection, and that even the best recordings don't reproduce music - only the sounds. We treasure risk-taking composers and performers who step up and take their own risks. In addition to our unruly broadcasts, Classics Without Walls works to counter the music-as-commodity blight by sponsoring small-scale concerts, mixed media presentations, and informal post-concert meals with the aim of helping draw musician and listeners closer into a community of participation.

Producer and Host, M. Theo
Associate Producer and Host, Renee Witon
Programming and Production Advisory Board, All Our Listeners

KUSF 01.17.11 9-10 PM Ragtime Machine DJ David Reffkin

The Ragtime Machine

Ragtime music from the concert halls and barrooms of America. Interviews with composers and performers, plus plus ragtime news. Records, demo tapes, press releases and information should be sent at least two weeks in advance.

Producer and Host, David Reffkin

KUSF 01.17.11 7-8 PM Folks Law DJ Daniel Everett

KUSF 01.17.11 9 3-6 PM DJ D

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3rd Hour

KUSF 01.17.11 9 Noon-3 PM DJ Cathy

1st Hour

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3rd Hour

KUSF 01.17.11 9 AM-Noon DJ Strummer

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

4th Hour

KUSF 01.17.11 6-9 AM DJ Sixth Degree

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

KUSF 01.17.11 3-6 AM DJ Moondoggie

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3rd Hour

KUSF 01.17.11 Midnight-3 AM The Training Shift DJ Miranda/DJ Jantine B

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3rd Hour

KUSF 01.16.11 10-Midnight Locals Only Music Show DJ Zephir

San Francisco has always been home to one of the most varied and vibrant music scenes on Planet Earth. Every week our rotating crew of KUSF DJs takes you on a two hour survey of diverse and up-front local sounds for your listening edification.

1st Hour

2nd Hour

Locals Only with your host, Zephir. All the bests from Erase Errata to PAradise Island!

bed music ~ auto da fe: pancake witch

primus: those damn blue collar tweakers
paradise island: terrapin station
condor: bummersaver
the wendy kroys: dafoe a go go

jolie holland: darlin ukelele
gaucho: lover come back to me
tussle: kindermusik
xiu xiu: fabulous muscles

the fucking ocean: invisiblelines (?)
ty segall: standing at the station
numbers: funny but sad
erase errata: how to tell yourself from a television (?)

i am spoonbender: clocks grow old/infinity limiter
mushroom: all the guitar players...
jenny hoyston & william whitmore: miss you
wooden shjips: down by the sea

the pickpocket ensemble: if
rykarda parasol: candy gold
coachwhips: i don't need you
weekend: monogah, wv
kelly stoltz: rock and roll with me

neurosis: no river to take me home

KUSF 01.16.11 8-10 PM Radio Jukebox DJ Terror Bull Ted

Whatever happened to those former KUSF New Music jocks you used to listen to and bother on the air for requests and free tickets? Well, we dug 'em up and gave them two hours to express and explain themselves in music...maybe a KUSF history lesson for the hell of it.

Producer, Terrorbull Ted
DJs, Rotating Weekly

1st Hour

2nd Hour

KUSF 01.16.11 6-8 PM Spotlight German Punk DJ Andt Peltner

Spotlight shines on extraordinary artists of every musical persuasion with weekly two hour tributes.
GERMANY in the late 70s/early 80's, a country after the student revolution, the hippie movement and under terrorist threats. Punk came to Germany and influenced many musicians. DAF, Einstürzende Neubauten, Gudrun Gut, Die Krupps and many more wrote music history by using these roots, becoming recognized world wide for their different style.
With Arndt Peltner of Radio Goethe.

1st Hour

2nd Hour