KUSF 08.25.10 4-9 AM DJ Stereo Steve

Let's go back to what we fondly remember on the archives and KUSF...

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

4th Hour

5th Hour

dinosaurs with horns - on her moonshiner

aerosmith - prelude to joanie/joanie's butterfly
carlton melton - call and response
wings - the note you never wrote
peter green - hidden depth
sean smith - ourselves when we are real

sun araw - holodeck blues
lloyd mcneil quartet - asha
rjd2 - 1976
dennis duck - one o clock jump
ronnie aldrich and his two pianos - venus/because

clyde mccoy - hell's bells
houston person - hey driver
the rubber band - sunshine of your love
jimi hendrix - in from the storm
konono no 1 - mama na bana
lied des teufels - nichts 
laurie anderson - sharkey's day
old and new dreams - lonely woman

bjork - isobel
the blood of heroes - chains
borful tang - herd and unherd
orbital - halcyon
donovan - atlantis

tame impala - runway houses city clouds
sleepy sun - marina
catalyst - catalyst is coming
eddie hazel - i want you (she's so heavy)

carmel - more more more
hank mobley - smokin'
son palenque - palenque palenque
lo borges - toda essa agua
chris squire - lucky seven

charanjit singh - raga bharay