KUSF 06.13.10 3-8 AM Rampage Radio With Loren

Rampage Radio

For 29 Years, The World's Heaviest Radio Show.
Producer and Host, Ron Quintana
Hosts: DJ Shaxul, DJ Tonus, Loren

Maria Cafra-Theme From Exodus
Exodus-Bonded By Blood
Exodus-And Then There Were None (Turk Street demos)
Exodus-Burn, Hollywood, Burn
Arthur Fiedler/Boston Pops-Theme From Exodus
Exodus-Hell's Breath (re-recording)
Exodus-Die By His Hand (live SF 2/20/83)
Heathen-Arrows Of Agony
Anvil Chorus-Guitarmony
Anvil Chorus-The Blade
Passive Aggressive-Kreator Of Destruction
Arthur Fiedler/Boston Pops-Parade Of The Carioteers from "Ben Hur"
S.O.D.-Pussy Whipped
Cathedral-Requiem For The Voiceless
Black Sabbath-After All (The Dead)
The Stooges-I'm Hungry
Death Row (Pentagram)-Committed To Vengeance
Arthur Fiedler/Bpston Pops-Slaughter On Tenth Avenue
Accept-Free Me Now
Tygers Of Pan Tang-Blackjack
Jameson Raid-It's A Crime
Witchfinder General-Free Country
Saxon-To Hell And Back Again
Lucifer's Friend-Mean Machine/Cool Hand Killer
Black Sabbath-War Pigs (live Long Island NY, 10/15/80)
Primal Fear-Kill The King
Kraken-Kill The King
Torch-Beyond The Threshold Of Pain
Morton Subotnick-Until Spring
Solitude Aeturnus-White Ship
Horna-Oi Kallis Kotima
Absu-Stone Of Destiny (...for Magh Slecht and Ard Righ)
Morton Subotniick-Until Spring
Crow-track 1 side 2 from Bloody Tear LP
Withershin-Crossing The Threshold
Armored Saint-La Raza
Armored Saint-Lesson Well Learned
Testament-Disciples Of The Watch
Legacy-Raging Waters
Black Death-Taken By Force
Rainbow-Self Portrait
Rainbow-Sixteenth Century Greensleeves (Munich, 10/20
Harry Partch-Castor & Pollux
Uriah Heep-Gypsy (live '79)
New Freedom Singers-Hey Joe
Asterix-Broken Home
Lucifer's Friend-Toxic Shadows
Lucifer's Friend-Lonely City Days
Les Humphries Singers-Sprit In The Sky/Summertime Blues/Proud Mary
Lucifer's Friend-Let Me Down Slow
Rebel-Innocent And Wild
Lucifer's Friend-Ride The Sky (1994 version)
Legend, U.S.-The Wizard's Vengeance
Legend, Kent-Inside Out
Legend, Jersey-Why Don't You Kill Me
Dick Hyman-Topless Dancers Of Corfu
UFO-Mother Mary (live 11/12/75)
Silver Mountain-Spring Maiden (live Malmo 5/28/82)
Neon Rose-Love Rock
Dio-We Rock (live Spokane '83)
Three Man Army-Polecat Woman
Bull-Everybody Wanna Do
Raymond Louis Kennedy-Miss Goody Two Shoes
Crushed Butler-Love Fighter
Samson-I Wish I Was The Saddle Of A Schoolgirls Bike
Blind Illusion-Gargantuan
Josefus-Dead Man
Celtic Frost-Morbid Tales
Death Angel-Kill As One
Orchid-Son Of Misery
Alice Cooper-Fields Of Regret
Ludicra-The Undercaste
Iron Maiden-Back In The Village
Dio-This Bud's For You
Rainbow-Catch The Rainbow

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KUSF 06.12.10 8-11 PM Classical Salon DJ Chris Sellack

The Classical Salon

The emphasis is on composition, featuring the delightfully obscure and daringly different. An occasional interview or live performance adds the personal touch. Invite your friends over for tea, and turn your home into a classical salon. On the second Saturday of the month, David Reffkin presents "Static Limit" - interviews with important researchers in astrophysics, and related high-energy physics.

Producer, David Reffkin
Hosts, David Reffkin, Farinaz Agharabi, Ben Lang, and DJ Schmeejay

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

KUSF 06.12.10 4-5 PM Francofun DJ Fari

Franco Fun

A Crossroads for all things new of interest to the French speaking community. Featuring new music, life style, cultural events and interviews. Program is hosted both in French and English. Keep up-to-date with Franco Fun: Twitter francofun, blog address francofun.wordpress.com, or email farikusf (@) yahoo.com

Producer, Farinaz Agharabi
Hosts, Fari Agharabi, DJ Zoé, DJ Nathalie, and Guests

KUSF 06.12.10 430 to 5 PM Samedi Culture

Cultural News and Music from the French Speaking Community. Featuring interviews with French speaking personalities, special guests, and new music. Broadcast in French, hosted by the French Cultural Services; this program is sponsored by the French American Cultural Society.


KUSF 06.12.10 3-4 PM DJ Pastor Tom

Pastor Tom

Personal growth and development specialist Dr. Tom Policari brings aboard topics that are too hot to handle by other stations. Regular weekly listeners from every age, sex, and ethnic background. The music will consistently surprise and delight.

Producer and Host, Dr. Tom Policari