KUSF 10.03.10 8-830 AM Whisky Before Breakfast DJ Richard White DJ Bryan Chandler

Whisky Before Breakfast

A half hour set of Folk, Acoustic, Flat Picking, Traditional, Bluegrass, Contemporary, and everything else related with waking up in a relaxed way to get the Sunday started off. Originally a radio show that was on WKSU, with Kerry Blech in the 70's, which led to the Folk Alley that we hear now.

Leo Kottke "Rebecca"
Richard Crandell & Bill Bartels "Hornpipe"
Harry Taussig "Dorian Sonata"
Suni McGrath "The Call Of The Mourning Dove"
Bob Hadley "Celtic Reverie"
Jesse Sparhawk "Light Cycle, Tetrahedra"

KUSF 10.03.10 3-8 AM Rampage Radio With DJ Loren

Rampage Radio

Since 1982, The World's Heaviest Radio Show.

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

4th Hour

5th Hour

6th Hour

Triptykon-In Shrouds Decayed
Medieval-All Knobs To The Right (demo)
Blind Illusion-Smash The Crystal
Evil God-Malignant Narcissist
Dorsal Atlantica-Morte Aos Falsos
Baron Rojo-?Que Puedo Hacer?
Place Of Skulls-Breath Of Life
Helstar-Burning Star
Fireball Ministry-Master Of None
Hypocrisy-The Departure
Nebula-Paradise Engineer
Destruction-Metal Discharge

Nevermore-Enemies Of Reality
MInistry-Bad Blood
Hate Eternal-It Is Our Will
Darkest Hour-Demons
Napalm Death-Messiah
Nile-Annihilation Of The Wicked
In Flames-In Search For I
Amon Amarth-Where Death Seems To Dwell
Watch Them Die-Sadist Ways
Diamond Head-The Prince
Kiss-Hard Times
Manowar-Death Tone
Slough Feg-Free Market Barbarian
Blackkout-Horizontal Hero

Sword (Ohio)-Runaway
Sword (Canada)-F.T.W.
The Sword-Arrows In The Dark
Motley Crue-Take Me To The Top (orig. Leathur LP)
The String Quartet Tribute To Slayer-Die By The Sword/Dead Skin Mask
Slayer-Metalstorm/Face The Slayer
Possessed-Swing Of The Axe
Hatchet-Frailty Of The Flesh
Sentinel Beast-Phantom Of The Opera
Judas Priest-Tyrant
Buffalo-Mean Machine

Triarchy-Metal Messiah
Soldier-Storm Of Steel
Spartan Warrior-Hell Hath No Mercy
Angel Witch-They Wouldn't Dare
Vorgus-Why Serve In Heaven
Inquisition-Into The Infernal Regions Of the Ancient Cult
Dark Funeral-Angelus Exuro pro Eturnus
Ares Kingdom-Gathering The Eagles
Dark Angel-Welcome To the Slaughterhouse
The Obsessed-Concrete Cancer

Dusted Angel-The Thorn
Procession-The Road To The Gravegarden
Captain Beyond-Mesmerization Eclipse
Motorhead-Back At The Funny Farm
Scorpions-Virgin Killer
Skid Row-Mad Dog Woman
Slammer-Benedicts Cherry Wine
Patto-Loud Green Song
The Groundhogs-Cherry Red

Goliath-Dead Drunk Screamin'
Granmax-Mistress Of Eternity
Alkana-Head Games
Hairy Chapter-Can't Get Through
Chico Magnetic Band-My Sorrow
Trust-Comme Une Damne
Warning-Planete Reverse
Vulcain-Les Plaisirs Solitaires
Venom-One Thousand Days In Sodom
Autopsy-Hole In The Head
Death Angel-River Of Rapture
Black Sabbath-Sleeping Village

KUSF 10.02.10 8-11 PM Classical Salon DJ Schmeejay

The Classical Salon

The emphasis is on composition, featuring the delightfully obscure and daringly different. An occasional interview or live performance adds the personal touch. Invite your friends over for tea, and turn your home into a classical salon. On the second Saturday of the month, David Reffkin presents "Static Limit" - interviews with important researchers in astrophysics, and related high-energy physics.

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

KUSF 10.02.10 4-5 PM Francofun DJ Zoé

Franco Fun

A Crossroads for all things new of interest to the French speaking community. Featuring new music, life style, cultural events and interviews. Program is hosted both in French and English. Keep up-to-date with Franco Fun: Twitter francofun, blog address francofun.wordpress.com, or email farikusf (@) yahoo.com


1. Krazy Baldhead - 1st Movement, Pt. 2 - [The B-Suite] - 2009
2. Oeil - Bernadette - [WIZZZ! Psychorama Français 66-71] - 2001
3. B.B. Brunes - Ma Mods - [Nico Teen Love] - 2009
4. Christophe - Ferber Endormi - [Dirty French Psychedelics] - 2009
5. Ausweis - Doctor Diktatur - [WW] - ???
6. Mud - Rien Ne Vaut Un Cul - [Mud] - 1995
7. Gotan Project - El Capitalismo - [Hi-Fidelity Lounge] - 2003
8. Holden - Mia - [Le Pop 5 - Les Chansons De La Nouvelle Scène Francaise] - 2009
9. Jean-Claude Vannier - Je M'Appelle Geraldine [Mid-Tempo Version] - [L'Enfant Assassin Des Mouches [Bonus Tracks]] - 1972
10. *LE QUART D'HEURE AMÉRICAIN* : Talking Heads - Psycho Killer - [Best Of Talking Heads] - 1977
11. Suprême NTM - Come Again 2 (Remix) - [Paris Sous Les Bombes] - 1995
12. Jean-Claude Vannier - Je M'Appelle Geraldine [Up-Tempo Version] - [L'Enfant Assassin Des Mouches [Bonus Tracks]] - 1972
13. *LE MAGIMIX* : Jean-Pierre François - Je Te Survivrai - [Je Te Survivrai] - 1989
14. Serge Gainsbourg - Angoisse - [Du Jazz Dans Le Ravin] - 1958
15. Benjamin Biolay - Si Tu Suis Mon Regard - [La Superbe] - 2009

KUSF 10.02.10 430 to 5 PM Samedi Culture

Cultural News and Music from the French Speaking Community. Featuring interviews with French speaking personalities, special guests, and new music. Broadcast in French, hosted by the French Cultural Services; this program is sponsored by the French American Cultural Society.


KUSF 10.02.10 3-4 PM DJ Pastor Tom

The Pastor Tom Show

Personal Growth and development specialist Dr. Tom Polcari brings aboard topics that are too hot to handle by other stations. Regular listeners weekly come from every age, sex, and ethnic background. The music will consistently surprise and delight. Producer and host, Dr. Tom Polcari.