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KUSF 11.13.09 The Menace's Attic DJ Dennis the Menace

The Menace’s Attic Episode #412 November 13th, 2009 The “Don’t Let The Fact That It’s Friday The Thirteenth Freak You Out, At Least It’s Not A Full Moon, In Fact It’s A Waning Crescent, And Only 9% Of Full At This Very Moment!” Edition (Tonight’s Show Is Also In Celebration Of “Pirate Radio” including An Interview With The Director Richard Curtis)

OPENING SONG: Shahdaroba – Roy Orbison (Monument)

Set #1 I Think If I Had To Spend My Life On A Boat Playing Music, Drinking And Basically Only Having Sex When A Special Ship Came In, I Would Definitely Be Doing A Very Different Radio Show Than This One. Or Would I?
Clip: Great Music, Nowhere To Hear It
I Feel Free – Cream (Mercury Records)
Elenore – The Turtles (White Whale)
Clip: How The Film Starts
I’ve Been Bad Bad Boy – Paul Jones (Mercury)
Yesterday Man – Chris Andrews (Mercury)

Set #2 When You See The Movie, You Will Understand That The KUSF Staff Has A Lot In Common With The Folks Who Play The D.J.’s In The Film. As To Which One Is The Most Like Dennis The Menace, Well Here’s A Clue, It’s Not Emma Thompson!
Clip: Did The D.J.’s Mix On The Boat?
Hi Ho Silver Lining – Jeff Beck (Epic)
These Arms Of Mine – Otis Redding (Volt)
Clip: On January Jones
Stay With Me Baby – Lorraine Ellison (Mercury)

Set #3 Continuing The Radio Theme Of This Show The Next Set Is For The Radio Sweetheart. I’m Not Allowed To Say Her Real Name On The Air, Since She Has A Legitimate Job, Which Being “On The Radio” Definitely Is NOT!
Stillsane – Carolyne Mas (Mercury)
I Wanna Be Adored– The Stone Roses (Legacy)
Play That Fast Thing One More Time – Rockpile (Columbia)

Set #4 Those Last Songs Were For A Girl, So This One Is For A Boyce, And Hart Too! (You’ll Have NO Idea How Bad That Pun Is Until I Explain The Songs At The End Of The Set!)
Oh Boy – Buddy Holly (Coral)
Where The Boys Are – Connie Francis (MGM)
I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight – Tommy Boyce & Bobby Heart (A&M)

CLOSING SONG: Mr. D.J., I Thought You Said We Had A Deal – They Might Be Giants (Rhino)

KUSF 11.13.09 7-8 PM This Week In Don's Basketball