KUSF In Exile 03.14.12 3-6 PM Box Of Records DJ Pete Accident

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francois-marie ngoa -- obama ondoua ebini
gary bartz -- big apple love
tronics -- charlie manson/love backed by force
bayete -- bayete

cecil mcbee -- from within
david murray -- interboogieology
ashra -- sunrain

daniel lentz -- on the leopard altar
sun ra -- space is the place

ronnie boykins -- the will come, is now
marshall mcluhan -- the medium is the massage (excerpt)
tanoa -- adi vula
matching mole -- o caroline
kokomo arnold -- milk cow blues

donald byrd -- the emperor
jimmy heath -- one for juan
shamek farrah/sonelius smith -- the world of the children
cecil mcbee -- tulsa black

grachan moncur III -- right on/angela's angel/dr. king's wings/medgar's menace