KUSF 10.09.10 8-9 Radiotochka DJ Johnny Darkbloom


This show is loosely related to Russian life in San Francisco, Russian
music made in the San Francisco Bay Area and in its homeland, and
other music that the authors like. The show aims to promote better
understanding of Russian culture in some of its less kitchy aspects.

1. Vopli Vidoplyasova - Trava (Grass)
2. Vopli Vidoplyasova - Ty ushel (You're gone)
3. Vopli Vidoplyasova - Galyu, pryhod' (Galya, come)
4. Les VRP - Ma vache a grossi
5. Vyacheslav Gaivoronsky quintet - Courante, from the French overture
by J.S. Bach
6. Ganelin trio - Poi seque, part II
7. Vladimir Vysotsky - Babye leto (Old wives' summer)
8. Grazhdanskaya oborona - Snaruzhi vseh izmereniy (Outside of all dimensions)
9. Clara Rockmore - Valse sentimentale by Tchaikovsky
10. Lydia Kavina - Mouvement électrique et pathétique by Joseph Schillinger
11. Lydia Kavina - Lydia Kavina suite, andante
12. Lydia Kavina - Lydia Kavina suite, moderato
13. Art ensemble of Chicago - Odwalla theme
14. Les pires - Sovy nezhnye (Gentle owls)

KUSF 10.09.10 3-8 AM Defeat Sleep DJ Cactus

Cactus presents Defeat Sleep every Saturday morning from 3am-8am. The program began in 2000, and expanded to the current five-hour exoskeleton in 2003.
Defeat Sleep focuses on field recordings, experimental electronics, noise, drone, doom, ambient, sound collage, and so on.
Email Cactus at danielhintz64 (@) gmail.com

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

4th Hour

5th Hour

1. Rafael Toral
2. Yellow Magic Orchestra
3. Popol Vuh
4. Burzum
5. Tangerine Dream

KUSF 10.09.10 Midnight-3 AM Time Warp DJ The Heat

Time Warp

An eclectic warp through time, encompassing the best on and off the charts sounds. From the present to the far past and back again. Take the journey with us!

Producer, J.D. Smith
Hosts, JD Smith, Sneeze Limbo, The Owl, Jersey J.D., Bodacious Brenda, Kimbrulee, and Amper Dan.

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

12a – 3a

There is No Reason – Marrow

The Internet Killed the Video Star – The Limousines

Today – Matisse featuring Johnette Napolitano

A Drinking Song – Rykarda Parasol

The Dear Life – The New Up

Sorrow – The Nationals

Nervous in New York – Music for Animals

Falling – Divided the Sky

Save your Soul – Daytime T.V.

Nervous Tick Motion – Andrew Bird

Both Sides of the Gun – Ben Harper

Barrel of Monkeys – Killola

Everything Must Settle – LoveLikeFire

Not Fair – Lily Allen

Spark No Fire – Jonathan Meek & the Mutes

Mister Loveless – Strange and Futureless

Pala Tute – Gogol Bordello

My 1st Earthquake – Pick-up Stick-up

A Day in the Life –The Beatles

Sunshine of Your Life – Jimi Hendrix

Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin

Take My Everything – War Stories

Tiger, Flower, Circle, Sun – Christopher Willits

The Old Pain – Mister Loveless

Un Memento De ­– The Dandelion War

Be with You – Owsley

I’m Yours – Film School

Everyday is Like Sunday - Morrissey

Nervous, Excited, Delighted – ZONK

Into the Dark – Dexter Sinister

Intoxicated – Sky Parade

The Chosen One – Bryan Ferry

Breath In – Frou Frou

Sleep to Dream – Fiona Apple

Waiting in Vein – Bob Marley

A Case of You – Joni Mitchell

Never Can Say Good-bye – The Commanders

Fire Woman – The Cult

Conversations with the Moon – Wetnurse

Noose – A Perfect Circle

KUSF 10.08.10 10-Midnight Friday Night Sessions

The Friday Night Session is hosted by San Francisco music addicts, DJs, writers, and bloggers: Andrew Jervis (Ubiquity Records), Mike Bee (Amoeba) and Tomas Palermo (http://forwardever.blogspot.com.) Since it's official inception in 1996 the show continues to present the most vibrant selection of electronic music on the San Francisco airwaves.
In addition to the full spectrum of electronic and dance music (house, hip hop, down tempo, dubstep, disco, soul ? if we like it we'll play it!) the hosts also draws on the links between now and future directions and more vintage sounds including jazz, rare groove, dub, Afrobeat, and funk.
The show often features exclusive unreleased cuts, DJ mixes, in-studio guests and ticket give-aways to the best local events.

1st Hour

2nd Hour

KUSF 10.08.10 9-10 PM The Menace's Attic DJ Dennis the Menace.

KUSF 10.08.10 5-6 PM Local Show DJ Chris Cook

The Friday Local show highlights lesser known local acts from every era along with bands and musicians who managed to make a name for themselves on the national and local stage. If you're bay Area band that has a disc you think fits the KUSF style contact us.

The Ferocious Few “Cryin’ Shame” (Juices) birdman
Ben Thompson “Time Traveler” (Time Traveler) s/r
“Sharp Shooter”
“Electric Wolf”
Robby Montcreef “Who Do You Think You Aren’t?”
Mercury Falls “Spring Pools” (Quadrangle) porto franco
Dave Muhaley’s Shimmering Leaves Ensemble “[track 2]” (Eastern Accents in the Far West) porto franco
Magic Bullets “A Day Not So Far Off” (S/T) mon ami
Social Studies “Drag A Rake” (Wind Up Wooden Heart) antenna farm
Rupa & The April Fishes “La Rose” (Este Mundo) cumbancha
Tears Run Rings “Forgotten” (Distance) fern
Donovan Quinn & The 13th Month “Mom’s House” (Your Wicked Man) shrimper
Ben Swire “Halfway” (From Here To There) preservation

KUSF 10.08.10 4-5 PM Top Ten DJ Chris Cook

Individual tracks from KUSF's top ten plays for the week as chosen by a rotating staff of experienced DJs.

1 Nobunny-First Blood
2 Grinderman-2
3 Deerhunter-Halcyon Digest
4 Laetitia Sadier-The Trip
5 Blonde Redhead-Penny Sparkle
6 Swans-My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky
7 Clinic-Bubblegum
8 Aloe Blacc-Good Things
9 Film School-Fission
10 Best Coast-Crazy For You

KUSF 10.08.10 3-4 PM Guest DJ Hour Bobby Joe Ebola-Scott Alcoholacaust DJ Stereo Steve

guest dj - bobby joe ebola/scott alcoholacaust

fleshies - don't hate me for the reward
roky erickson - i walked with a zombie
john lennon - do you wanna dance
the ramones - i'm affected

bobby joe ebola and the children macnuggits - live in studio b

the damned - smash it up
crosstops - the booty bump/blow me (a kiss)
exploding fuck dolls - american bomb
problems - gotta get away from you
no alternative - rockabilly rumble
classics of love - countdown
cat party - still life

bobby joe ebola and the children macnuggits - live in studio b

KUSF 10.08.10 Noon-3 PM DJ Stereo Steve

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

playlist 10/08/10 "shake em on down"

oshun - rattle of life
mugstar - furklausundbo
kollectiv - rambo zambo
the beatles - tomorrow never knows

fat worm of error - wipeless two
cabaret voltaire - no escape
gentle giant - a cry for everyone
joe byrd and the field hippies - the elephant at the door
alice cooper - fields of regret

bukka white - shake em on down
freddie king - the stumble
mavis staples - wrote a song for everyone
jimi hendrix - hear my train a comin

catalyst - celestial bodies
supremes - stoned love
al green - so you're leavin'
carl douglas - kung fu fighting

moon duo - hurry on sundown
tame impala - runway houses city clouds
clinic - baby
sonic youth - disappearer

linn county - think
sleepy sun - marina
white hills & gnod - the secret society of ants/spaced man
plastikman - kriket
we like cats - no ordinary dub

bonga and the vodou drums of haiti

KUSF 10.08.10 9-Noon Sleeves on Hearts DJ Irwin

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

"magic in silver lakes and echo parks"

THE FIELD, mobilia
SUN ARAW, high slide
THE ALPS, spray
POPOL VUH, morning sun
JANES ADDICTION, summertime rolls
ISLAJA, dadahuulet
TALK TALK, i believe in you
BLONDE REDHEAD, love or prison
SAINT ETIENNE, sky's dream
MY BLOODY VALENTINE, lose my breath
EDDIE KENDRICKS, intimate friends
CLINIC, i'm aware
THE STAPLE SINGERS, touch a hand (make a friend)
ARETHA FRANKLIN, you're a sweet sweet man
DEERHUNTER, don't cry
THE FALL, l.a.
RYUICHI SAKAMOTO, chivsagu no hana
ISAN, device
LINDA PERHACS, parallelograms
DEEE-LITE, power of love
AALIYAH, read between the lines
HERBERT, the movers & the shakers
VANITY, drive me wild
M.I.A., world town
SALEM, frost
GRANT HAZARD, trepanning
EMERALDS, access granted
PHOENIX, love is like a sunset pt.II
THE RAVEONETTES, ode to l.a.
THE CORIN TUCKER BAND, thrift store coat
THE CORIN TUCKER BAND, thrift store coat

KUSF 10.08.10 6-9 AM DJ Jet

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour