KUSF 11.29.09 8-10 PM Radio Jukebox DJ Ira Hankin

Robert Wyatt/Jimi Hendrix - Slow Walkin' Talk - Canterburied Sounds Vol. 3

Gong - Portal - 2032
Shylock - Ile de Fievre - Title Track
Trace - Gaillarde - Gare le Corbeau - Gailarde - S/T

Hawklords - 25 Years - 25 Years On
Be Bop Deluxe - No Trains To Heaven - Axe Victim
The Chills - Pink Frost - Kaleidoscope World
Husker Du - Pink Turns To Blue - Zen Arcade
Marginal Man - Forever Gone - Double Image

Crystal Stilts - Love Is A Wave - 7 "
Biff Bang Pow - Someone Stole My Wheels - The Acid House Album
The Creation - Biff Bang Pow - The Complete Collection Vol. 2
The Action - Wasn't It You - The Ultimate Action
Dovers - She's Gone - Pebbles Vol. 2
Vivian Girls - Tell The World - Self Titled

Hawkwind - We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago - In Search Of Space

Black Sabbath - Solitude - Masters Of Reality
Van Der Graff Generator - Ferret & Featherbird - The Aerosol Grey Machine
Public Image Ltd. - Radio 4 - Second Edition
Tones On Tail - Twist - 12"
The Smiths - Hand In Glove - The Sound Of The Smiths

Girls - LAURA - Album
Out with Sonic Youth Silver Sessions For Jason Knuth - Silver Shirt

1st Hour

2nd Hour

1st Hour

2nd Hour

KUSF 11.29.09 6-8 PM Spotlight Hugh Hopper DJ Bryan Chandler and DJ Ira Hankin

An Interview with the late Hugh Hopper
by Mark Bloch

Brainville "Trial By Headline" Diditagain
Soft Machine "Two" Memories
Soft Machine "Live at Paradiso" Hibou, Anemone, and Bear
Kevin Ayers "Joy of a Toy" Joy of a Toy Continued
Hugh Hopper/Kramer "A Remark Hugh Made" A Streetcar named Desire
Hugh Hopper Band "Carousel" Lock Stock and Barrel
Soft Mountain "S/T" Part 1
Soft Heap "S/T" Short Hand
Short Wave "Short Wave Live" Nan's True Hole
The Wilde Flowers "Tales Of Canturbury" No Game When You Lose
Hugh Hopper "1984" Miniluv
Hugh Hopper and Alan Gowen "Two Rainbows Daily" Elibum
Isotope "Golden Section" Mr. Ms. Picture
Hugh Hopper "Hopper Tunity Box" Mobile Mobile
Hugh Hopper/Kramer "Huge"
Syd Barrett "Madcap Laughs" No Good Trying
Daevid Allen Trio "recorded at the Marquee Club" Song Of the Jazzman
The Wilde Flowers "Tales Of Canturbury" Memories (Instrumental)

1st Hour

2nd Hour

KUSF 11.29.09 4-6 PM Just Another Menace Sunday

JUST ANOTHER MENACE SUNDAY - #314 November 29th, 2009
Just Another Menace Sunday Theme (Dennis The Menace) - Mighty Six Ninety

OPENING SONG: Swandive – L’Avventura

The L’Avventura Musical Sandwich:
Pretend You Don’t See Me – L’Avventura
I’m A King Bee – Slim Harpo
Naturals Not In It – Gang of Four
Break-A-Way – Irma Thomas
The Age Of Self – Robert Wyatt
Mama Roux – Dr. John
Last Train To London – E.L.O.
Check Him Out – Lee Scratch Perry
I Need Direction – Teenage Fan Club
Flip Your Wig – Husker Du
Nightmare Blues – L’Avventura


OPENING SONG: Catastrophe – Rainer Maria (Grunion)
Die Happy, Die Smiling – Maps (Mute)
Lucy – Julian Lennon & James Scott Cook (The Revolution)
Mighty Proud – Chief (Domino)
Sink Or Swim – Bad Lieutenant (UMG)
Papillion – Editors (Fader)
A Brief History Of Love – The Big Pink (4AD)
The River – Audra Mae (Side One Dummy)
Everything – Daisy McCracken (Aeronaut)
House – Joe Firstman (Rock Ridge)
The Jezebels (Self Release)

CLOSING SONG: The Jezebels (Self Release)


1st Hour

2nd Hour

KUSF 11.29.09 3-4 PM Havaye Tazeh The Persian Show

KUSF 11.29.09 1-2 PM Diva Radio DJ Fontain


KUSF 11.29.09 2-8 AM Rampage Radio With DJ Celticfire

2 AM
Dio- Holy Diver
Halford- Made In Hell
Anvil Chorus- Phase To Phase
Forbidden- Step By Step
Omen- Eternal Black Dawn
U.D.O- Dominator
Coroner- Sirens
My Victim- Lights
Therion- Rise Of Sodom and Gomorrah (live)
Judas Priest- Beyond The Realms Of Death

3 AM
Sodom- City Of God
Kreator-Hordes Of Chaos
Immortal- Arctic Swarm
Twisted Tower Dire- By My Hand
Shrinebuilder- Pyramid Of The Moon
Fifth Angel- Fifth Angel
Amon Amarth- Arson
Scorpions- Don't Stop At The Top
Om- Cremation Ghat Parts i and ll
Summoning- Runes Of Power

4 AM
AC/DC- Rock 'n Roll Train
House Of Lords- Can't Find My Way Home
Iron Maiden- Face In The Sand
Aftertayst- Rage
Solitude Aeturnus- Black Castle
Primal Fear- Diabolus
Wolves In The Throne Room- Ex Cathedra
Lucifer's Son- Straight From Hell
Evergrey- Recreation Day (live)

5 AM
Vader- Devilizer
Sabbat- The Clerical Conspiracy
Symphony X- The Walls Of Babylon
Ted Nugent- Stangehold
Living Colour- Cult Of Personality
Nile- Hittite Dung Incantation
Ved Buens Ende- Autumn Leaves
Turisas- A Portage To The Unknown
Savatage- Agony And Ecstacy
Agalloch- Hallways Of Enchanted Ebony

6 AM
Hammerfall- Unchained
Hammers Of Misfortune- A Room And A Riddle
Black Sabbath- Spiral Architect (live)
Villain- Only Time Will Tell
Deliverance- Attack
Blitzkrieg- Blitzkrieg
Ensiferum- Warrior's Quest
Faith No More- From Out Of Nowhere
Rob Rock- In The Night
Testament- Hail Mary
Jaded Heart- Anymore
Saxon- The Eagle Has Landed

7 AM
Triumph-Never Say Never
Black Label Society- Funeral Bell
Radio Moscow-Mistreating Queen
Slayer- Raining Blood
Kryptos- Sphere Vll
Ace Frehley- Fox On The Run
House Of Freaks- Black Cat Bone
Becoming- End Of Days
Celtic Frost- Jewel Throne
Manowar- Gods Of War
Sammy Hagar- There's Only One Way To Rock
Trans Siberian Orchestra- Back To A Reason (part ll)

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

4th Hour

5th Hour

6th Hour

KUSF 11.28.09 8-11 PM Classical Salon DJ Fari

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour