KUSF 05.30.09 5-6 PM Francofun DJ Zoé

1. San Antonio - J'aime Ou J'emm... - [Wizzz! Vol. 2 Psychorama Français 1966-70] - 2008
2. Joe Dassin - Les Dalton - [Les Dalton / Viens Voir Le Loup] - 1967
3. Alice - Le Roseau - [Pop Made In France] - 2008
4. Les Poppys - Non, Non, Rien A Changé - [Les Années Barclay] - 2006
5. Trust - Antisocial - [Répression] - 1980
6. Bérurier Noir - Vivre Libre Ou Mourir - [Chants Des Meutes] - 2005
7. Jean-Michel Bernard - My Dear Neighbours - [The Science Of Sleep Soundtrack] - 2006
8. Jean Néplin - Demerdez Vous - [Le Paradis Bleu Des Coeurs Couronnés] - 2001
9. Les Rita Mitsouko - Cool Frénesie - [Cool Frénesie] - 2000
10. Les Rita Mitsouko - Le Petit Train - [Marc & Robert] - 1988

KUSF 05.30.09 3-8 AM DJ Cactus

I pledge allegiance to Mars.

1. Django Reinhardt
2. Scanner
3. Jana Winderen
4. irr.app.(ext.)
5. Heuristic Audio
6. Harmonic 313
7. J.D. Emmanuel
8. Oaxacan

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

4th Hour

5th Hour

KUSF 05.30.09 12-3 AM Time Warp DJ Jersey JD

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

KUSF 05.29.09 The Menace's Attic DJ Dennis the Menace

“This Show Features A Lot Of The Extra Tracks That Have Been Sitting In My Bag Waiting To Be Played Just In Case The Gentlemen From The Friday Night Session Are Late, And Since Their Track Record Has Been Almost Perfect, I’m Going For It And Playing These Songs Tonight. Now Let’s See What That Does To My Comedy Timing!” Edition

OPENING SONG: Now We Can See – The Thermals (Kill Rock Stars)

Set #1 I Gotta Tell ‘Ya I Miss Those Days When Bringing Your Entire Collection Of Double Albums Made Me The Life Of The Party. That Is Until Someone Tried To Stack Them On One Of Those Automatic Turntables. That Turned Them Into Dead Men
First Of May – The Bee Gees (Warner Reprise)
Just Another Day – Oingo Boingo (MCA)
5:15 – The Who (Decca)

Set #2 If You Are A Massive Neil Young Fan And This First Song Offends You, Feel Free To Take It Up With Sara Cracknell, As For Me I’ll Defend Her To The Death Simply Because She Did The Following I.D. For Me.
Saint Etienne I.D.
Only Love Can Break Your Heart – Saint Etienne (Sub Pop)
Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) – Rolling Stones (Virgin)
How Do You Feel – Jefferson Airplane (RCA)

Set #3 I Kid You Not This Set Was Inspired By A Legendary Promotion Person Who Actually Wrote Me An Email Last Week With The Subject Line: Menace Wants A Cracker. And The Fact Is I Did, Uh, Do!
Teen Angst – Cracker (Virgin)
Rough Kids Kilburn and The High Roads (Mojo)
Making Plans For Nigel – XTC (Virgin)

Set #4 It’s Never Lonely Sitting In This Radio Studio On A Friday Night, ‘Cause I Have The Dust On The Classic Analog Control Board To Keep Me Company Along With The Occasional Dead Fly. And If I’m Really, Really Hard Up I Can Always Head Next Store And Confess To A Jesuit Priest. What, Jewish Boys Can’t Confess? Don’t Tell That To Phil Spector?
Ask The Lonely – The Four Tops (Motown)
One – Three Dog Night (Dunhill)

CLOSING SONG: Gimme Gimme Good Lovin’ – Crazy Elephant (Bell)

GIVEAWAYS: Tickets to: “Another Hole In The Head” Film Festival, The Thermals

KUSF 05.29.09 5-6 PM The Local Show DJ Germ

KUSF 05.29.09 4-5 PM Top Ten DJ Germ