KUSF 06.20.10 2-8 AM Rampage Radio DJ Tonus

Rampage Radio

For 29 Years, The World's Heaviest Radio Show.
Producer and Host, Ron Quintana
Hosts: DJ Shaxul, DJ Tonus, Loren

2-3 AM
Katatonia - Onward into Battle
Cosmoloco - Intro/L'enfer (le reign de fous)
Testament - Sewn Shut Eyes
Daniel Lioneye - Saturnalia/ Neolithic Way
Saint Vitus- Live in germany (3rd Trak)
Oomph - Song of Death
Hallow's Eve - Evil Never Dies
Tears - Time Master
Destructioon - Bestial Invasion
Lamb of GOD - Set to Fail
Ruins Of Beverast - Blood Vaults 2
3-4 AM
Enforcer - Katana
Prong - Worst of It
Necronomicon - The Awakening
The Foreshadowing - Death is our freedom
Thulcandra - Fallen Angel Of Dominion
Fear of Eternity - Staring at the Dark
Anvil Chorus - the Blade
Soulfly - Off With Their Heads
Dir En Grey - Hydra 666
Laethora - Ekpyrosis/ I as Infernal
4-5 AM
Svarti Loghin - Drifting thru the Void
Denouncement Pyre - Coven of Diabolical Prophecies
Raven - Walk through Fire
Rotten Sound - the Kill
Quest Of Aidence - Dark are the skies at hand
Portal - Globe 13
Carnifex - Angel Of Death
Axel Rudi Pel - Prisoner of Love
Eluveitie - (do) minion
Primordial - The Cruel Seas
Culted - Whore
Exodus - March Of The Psychophants
Salem - Playing God
5-6 AM
Early Graves - Wraiths
Howl - Horns of Steel
Triumfall - Allegiance to Thy Fall
Abscess - Darkside of a Broken Knife
Animals As Leaders - C. A. F. O.
Amber Asylum - Garden Of Love
Heaven and Hell - Bible Black
Katatonia - Inheritance
Heathen - intro/ Dying Season
6-7 AM
T. Rex - Metal Guru
Katatonia - Liberation
Orphaned Land - Ocean Land
Keep Of Kalessin - Judgement
Allegeon - God Particle
Kingdom Of Sorrow - Behind the Blackest Tears
Grave - Sexual Mutilation
Doro - You're My Family
Ereb Altor - Entering Myrding Prolougue
Gravehill - By Scourge and Rath
the Body - Empty Heart
Nox Aurea - Delight of autumn Passion
Mad Hatter - Time Of Our Lives
Setherial - Celestrial remains of Cosmic Creators
7-8 AM
Negura Bunget - Bruiestru
Ministry - Thunderstruct
Obscura - Alone
Sabbath Assembly - Glory To The Gods In The Highest
Pain - Not Your Kind
Unleashed - Master Of The Aincient Art
Helstar - Tyrannicide
Interment - Stench Of Flesh
Ludicra - A larger Silence
Ahab- Another Raft in the Medusa

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2nd Hour

3rd Hour

4th Hour

5th Hour

6th Hour

KUSF 06.19.10 8-11 PM Classical Salon DJ Fari

The Classical Salon

The emphasis is on composition, featuring the delightfully obscure and daringly different. An occasional interview or live performance adds the personal touch. Invite your friends over for tea, and turn your home into a classical salon. On the second Saturday of the month, David Reffkin presents "Static Limit" - interviews with important researchers in astrophysics, and related high-energy physics.

Producer, David Reffkin
Hosts, David Reffkin, Farinaz Agharabi, Ben Lang, and DJ Schmeejay

Interview with Brazilian Guitarist, composer and arranger Sergio Assad
Tonight's show is a special edition about Brazilian guitar and classical music. The music for tonight's show is selected by Sergio Assad. He will talk about music that has inspired him throughout his life. We will also hear his own compositions.

First hour
1. Pairando by Ernesto Nazareth - Radames and Aida Gnattali
2. Ginga do Mane - Otrio - CD: Choros et Jazz Baroque
3. Carinhoso - Sergio and Odair Assad and Yoyoma - CD: Obrigado Brazil
4. 1x0 - Pixinghina - Sergio and Odair Assad and Paquito Riviera
5. Introducao a Choro - Heitor Villa Lobos - Turibio Santos - CD: Sinfonico Vioalo
6. Choro No 1 - Heitor Villa Lobos - Roland Dyens - CD: Villa Lobos
7. Saudade de Laranjeiras - Darius Milhaud - Orchestre national de France, Leonard Bernstein
8. Vif de Scaramouche - Darisu Milhaud - Sergio and Odair Assad - CD: Jardim Abandonado
9. Jardim Abandonado - Carlos Jobim - Sergio and Odair Assad

Second hour
1. Interrogando by Pernambuco performed by Badi Assad - CD: Echoes of Brazil
2. Uma Valsa e dois amores - Gillermando Reis
3. ... - Garoto
4. Samba Triste - Baden Powell
5. Berimbau - Baden Powell
6. Egberto Gismonti - Frevo - CD: Solo
7. Egberto Gismonti - Salvador - CD: Solo
8. Lamentos de Morro - Raphael Rabello
9. Samba pro Rafa - Yamandu Costa - CD: Mafua

Third hour - Compositions by Sergio Assad
1. Aquarelle - David Russell - Second and third movements
2. Violetas Azuis - Gabriele Mirabbassi and Sergio Assad
3. Uaraqueno - Aquarelle Guitar Quartet - CD: Spirit of Brazil
4. Concerto Origins - CD: Live from Brazil

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour