KUSF 03.21.10 2-8 AM Rampage Radio With DJ Loren

Johann Sebastian Bach born March 21st, 1685

Pentagram-When The Screams Come
Reverend Bizarre-Broken Vows
Griffin-Heavy Metal Attack
Jaguar-Dutch Connection
J.S. Bach-Toccota and Fugue in D minor
Armor Column-Dictator's Whore
Death Angel-Voracious Souls
God Dethroned-Under A Darkening Sky
The Gates Of Slumber-Beneath The Eyes Of Mars
Mercyful Fate-Doomed By The Living Dead
Judas Priest-Exciter

Slough Feg-Heavy Metal Rules
Ludicra-Truth Won't Set You Free
Black Sabbath-Die Young
The Seed-The Yellow Path
Slayer-Die By The Sword
Solitude Aeturnus-Mental Pictures
Witchkiller-Beg For Mercy
Celtic Frost-Circle Of The Tyrants
Ted Nugents Amboy Dukes-The Great White Buffalo

J.S. Bach-Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor
Blind Illusion-Midnight In China
Doc Rockit-Tomorrow Child
Rush-Beneath, Between & Behind
Cynic-Integral Birth
While Heaven Wept-Living Sepulchre
Angel Witch-Sweet Danger
Tear Gas-Woman For Sale
Thin Lizzy-Return Of The Farmers Son
Zior-Entrance Of The Devil
Dirty Tricks-Back Off Evil

The Sweet-Keep It In
Goldsmith-Life Is Killing Me
Split Beaver-Hounds Of Hell
Sweet Savage-Killing Time (re-recorded)
Tresspass-One Of These Days
Holocaust-Heavy Metal Mania
Memento Mori-Lost Horizons
Brocas Helm-Drink The Blood Of The Priest
Heathen-Dying Season
Anvil Chorus-Death Of A Dream
Serpentcult-Screams From The Deep
Ozzy Osbourne-Suicide Solution (live)

J.S. Bach-Komm, susser, Tod
Starchild-Detroit Rocker
Dick Rabbit-You Come On Like A Train
The Third Power-Persecution
Ursa Major-Silverspoon
Grand Funk-Sin's A Good Mans Brother
Frijid Pink-Tell Me Why
J.S. Bach-Little Fugue in G Minor
Mad Dog-Cold Steel
Bedemon-Enslaver Of Humanity
Lazy Lady
Ask No More rehearsal '72
Much Too Young To Know
Forever My Queen
Dancing Madly Backwards
Feathers From Your Tree

Pentagram-I Am Vengeance
Death Row-Whore demo '83
Pentagram-All Your Sins
J.S. Bach-Toccota and Fugue in D minor
Place Of Skulls-The Fall
The Ghoul
City Romance
Burning Saviour
Scorpions-Catch Your Train

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KUSF 03.20.10 8-11 PM Classical Salon DJ Schmeejay

j.s. bach : sonata no.1 in D major for violincello
j.s. bach : sonata in D major for viola de gamba and harpsichord
j.s. bach : cantata no. 169
j.s. bach : die kunst der fuge contrapunktus nos. 104
j.s. bach : fugue for organ no. 1
j.s. bach : sonata no. 1 in G minor for violin and harpsichord
j.s. bach : cantata no 214
j.s. bach : prelude & fugue no. 5 in D major for piano
j.s. bach : fugue no. 4 for organ
j.s. bach : prelude & fugue no. in E flat minor for pinao
j.s. bach : fugue no. 9 for organ
j.s. bach : prelude & fugue no. 7 in E flat major for piano

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KUSF 03.20.10 4-5 PM Francofun DJ Malcolm


KUSF 03.20.10 3-4 PM DJ Pastor Tom