KUSF 04.11.10 2-8 AM Rampage Radio DJ Ron Quintana

Tubeway Army-Listen To The Sirens
Amanaz-Making The Scene
Birds Of Prey-Alive Inside
Jeff The Brotherhood-Heavy Days
Ludicra-A Larger Silence
Graves Of Valor-Pestilence
Shrinebuilder-Pyramid Of The Moon
Lawrence Olivier-Richard III
Fred Astaire-Let's Face The Music

Heathen-Arrows Of Agony
Lon Simmons-Tell It Goodbye
Mick Barr & Nondar Nevai-It's Startling Galaxy
Defiance-Fuel The Fire
The Glups-A Journey To San Francisco
Passive Agressive-Subtle Abuse
Carnifex-Hell Chose me
Freya-Human Demons
Kraftwerk-It's More Fun To Compute
Blind Illusion-Smash The Crystal
Triclops-Until All The Threads Are Skipped
Bwana-Tema de Bwana

Anvil Chorus-Man Made Machines
Slough Feg-Blarney Stone
Mastodon-Shadows That Move
Motorhead-(I Won't) Pay Your Price
6 Feet Under-Piranha
Exodus-Metal Command
Sex Pistols-Pretty Vacant (demo)
UFO-Lights Out (BBC)
Venom-Red Light Fever (demo)
Black Flag-My War (demo)
The Birthday Party-6 Inch Gold Blade (BBC)
Bad Brains-Pay To Cum (demo)
Suicidal Tendencies-War Inside My Self (demo)
Ramones-Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue (demo)
Dead Kennedys-Forward To Death (demo)
Discharge-Religion Instigates
Dr. Know-Life Returns
Peter Gabriel-Spiel Onhe Grenzen Eindringling

Scorpions-Action (Sweet cover)
Scorpions-Action (original)
Prepositions-Something Different
Cypress Hill-How I Could Just Kill A Man
The Contortions-Design To Kill
Beauregarde-Creature Features
Flower Travellin' Band-Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath-Megalomania (live)
Mercyful Fate-Shadow Night (live)
Budgie-In The Grip Of A Tyrefitter's Hand (live)
Jungle Book-Trust In Me

Cream-Sleepy Time Time (outtake)
13th Floor Elevators-Monkey Island
Stonewall-Try & See It Through
The Seeds-You Took Me By Surprise
Granicus-Cleveland, Ohio (live)
P.O.E.-Sons Of Belial
E.L.P.-Knife Edge
Grupo Ciruela-Padre
Morly Grey-Peace Officer
Judas Priest-Winter/Deep Freeze
The Lovin' Spoonful-Grey Prison

Van Halen-Fools
Zarpa-Los 4 Jinetes del Apocalipsis
Dug Dugs-Cualestu Nombre
Arif Sag-Osmen
Witch-Tooth Factory
The Golden Ring-Lost
Trettioariga Kriget-Krigssang
November-Langt Fran Sergel
Il Balletto di Bronzo-Unpesto
Procession-Solo dui
The Yardbirds-Shapes Of Things (BBC)
Hungarian Jesus Christ Superstar
The Mops-Sleep, Jesus
The Fabs-Dinah Wants Religion (That's The Bag I'm In)
The Alarm Clocks-Yeah

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KUSF 04.10.10 8-10 PM Guest Simon Trpceski Classical Salon DJ David Reffkin

Guest Simon Trpceski Classical Salon DJ David Reffkin

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KUSF 04.10.10 4-5 PM Francofun DJ Fari


KUSF 04.10.10 430 to 5 PM Samedi Culture

Cultural News and Music from the French Speaking Community. Featuring interviews with French speaking personalities, special guests, and new music. Broadcast in French, hosted by the French Cultural Services; this program is sponsored by the French American Cultural Society.


KUSF 04.10.10 3-4 PM DJ Pastor Tom