01.30.11 10-12 AM Freefall DJ David Bassin Ty Segall To Perform at Today's Save KUSF Rally, FreeFall Lives Again Online

By Ian S. Port, Tue., Feb. 1 2011 @ 9:30AM

Well, the radio station at 90.3 FM is gone, and the website will only take 15 listeners, so anyone who wants to listen to their favorite KUSF show these days is pretty much screwed, right?

Wrong -- sort of. Today, as KUSF supporters prepare for another demonstration at City Hall -- this one featuring a performance from local garage-rock hero/former KUSF DJ Ty Segall -- and as the Save KUSF campaign continues in full force with T-shirts, posters, letters of support from famous people, and more sadness, we bring you a small present: DJ David Bassin's show FreeFall, a sweet two-hour set of "future jazz, R &B, global grooves & abstract beats." Hearing it feels like a tonic, even if it isn't coming through the airwaves. Check it out after the jump.

"We've been away for a couple weeks due to all the craziness with KUSF," Bassin, says at the opening of his 10-year-old show, a decidedly understated way of putting it. "It's you and me together again."

Then Bassin launches into a two-hour journey through various rhythms -- electronic beats and Latin grooves included -- making for perfect morning music. Sadly, it can't help but remind us of everything music fans (and fans of free-form radio in general) have lost with the station's sale. Stream or download Bassin's latest show below, and show up to City Hall at 1 p.m. today for the rally, Segall performance, and signing of a resolution.


David Bassin hosts an eclectic two-hour mix of future jazz, R &B, global grooves & abstract beats tat has received international acclaim since it's debut in 2000. Weekly rebroadcasts are available on Live365.com , Giant Step.net (NYC), Net-Musique.com (San Francisco). RadioTake10.org (China), DanceAnd Soul.com (Singapore). RadioPellenera.com (Italy) and the weekly podcast, available for free from the iTunes music store. More information, links to our partner sites and contact info is available at: www.freefallradio.com.

Producer and Host, David Bassin

1st Hour

2nd Hour

FreeFall 531: 1/30/11
Dorian Concept - Freeze Sweep (web)
Shawn Lee - Booya - World Of Funk (Ubiquity)
Fusible - The Clap (Tremor Mix) - Para Amar (ZZK)
Empresarios - Sabor Tropical - Sabor Tropical (Fort Knox)
Adolfo Echeverria - Sabroso Bacalao - Sofrito Tropical Disco (Strut)
Planty Herbs - Portal (Wax On)
Isolee - Celeste - Well Spent Youth (Pampa)
Ezel - In My Lifetime - Secreto (Ocha)
Quasimode - Music Can Change The World - Magic Ensemble (EMI Japan)
Soil & Pimp Sessions - Shaft In Africa - Stoned Pirate Radio (Victor)
Sonny Fortune - On Second & Fifth - From Now On (Blue Note)
State Of Monc - Bean’s Shadow - Phantom Speaker (Sound Camp)
Sepalcure - Your Love - Fleur EP (Hot Flush)
Theo Parrish - Traffic - Sketches (Sound Signature)
Mala - Don’t Let Me Go - Future Bass (Soul Jazz)
Digital Mystkz - Return To Space - Return To Space (DMZ)
Lung - Afterlife (Kokeshi)
James Blake - To Care (Like You) - James Blake (R&S)
Geotic - Beaming Husband - Mend (web)
Deborah Jordan - Deeper - What You See (Futuristica)
Tipper - Big Question Small Head - Broken Soul Jamboree (Tippermusic)
Herma Puma - Jollys (Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra Rmx) - Two Syllables 5 (First Word)
Bahama Soul Club - Afro Shigida (Quincy Joinz Rmx) - Bossa Nova Just Smells Funky Remixed (Buyu)
Soopasoul - It’s Just Begun Pt. 2 - Jalepeno Funk 3 (Jalapeno)
Papercut - Paper Sun - Papercut (web)
Philip Cohran - White Nile - African Skies (Captcha)

An Appeal From DJ Carolyn


The fight is still on to save KUSF 90.3fm

Please write a letter of support. Here is a form
letter, just add your name and address and mail it. If you prefer to write
your own, please do. I encourage it.

Dear Sir:

I am writing to express my opposition to the University of San Francisco’s recent decision to sell the broadcast license for 90.3 fm where KUSF currently sits. KUSF is a valuable resource to the City of San Francisco. The station’s locally produced programming exemplifies the unique diversity and eclecticism that is San Francisco. KUSF broadcasts in nine different languages giving a voice to those who have few other outlets through which they can be heard. President Privett’s blatant disregard for the people of San Francisco through this sale and the way it was handled is shameful.

Although corporate deals involving commercial stations are common, frequencies in the public radio range should be treated differently. These stations are specifically set aside by the federal government for community service and noncommercial purposes. The transfer of these licenses should not to happen without input from the community which the station serves. The University of San Francisco sought no community input in its decision to sell the frequency.

The University of San Francisco and the community of San Francisco should come to a mutually beneficial solution in order to allow KUSF to remain intact on the broadcast dial at 90.3 fm.


(your name)

Send it to:
Michael Bloch
Assistant Dean of Social Sciences
University Of San Francisco
College of Arts and Sciences
2130 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

Ask him to "File in KUSF Public File" This MUST BE in the subject line of the email or letter!!!

Come to our rally tomorrow Tuesday, February 1 at 1 pm outside of San
Francisco's City Hall. TY SEGALL and others will be performing. The Board
of Supervisors will vote on the resolution to stop the sale of KUSF at

Other things to do:

Sign out petition: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/savekusf/

Link our website on your web page: http://savekusf.org/

Like us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SaveKUSF

If you're not too exhausted after all that, I am DJing at the Casanova
Lounge, 527 Valencia St, SF on TUESDAY, February 1, 6 to 9 pm. Come on
down. The music will be loud, the drinks will be cheap, there will be
dancing on the bar and I'll even play THE DAMNED if they send in their
KUSF letter.