KUSF 01.04.11 8-10 PM In the Soul Kitchen DJ Harry D

Celebrating 27 years on KUSF as the Bay Area's weekly source of Roots and Rhythm, In The Soul Kitchen with Harry D serves up an award-winning mix of of deep soul and funk, all styles of Jazz and Blues, New Orleans R&B, Gospel, Ska/Roots, Reggae, Latin, African, and select World Musics.

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James Brown-Gonna Have A Funky Good Time (Polydor)
Bobby Marchan and The Clowns-You Can’t Stop Her (Westside-UK)
James Brown-There It Is, Pt. 1 (Polydor)
The Meters-People Say (Sundazed)

James Brown-Get It Together (Polydor)
James Brown-Body Heat (Polydor)
James Brown-Let A Man Come In and Do The Popcorn (Kent-UK)
Marva Whitney-What Do I Have To Do To Prove My Love To You (Polydor)
James Brown-Soul Power (Polydor)

James Brown-Kansas City (Polydor)
James Brown-It’s A New Day (Polydor)
Lyn Collins-Think (About It) (Polydor)
Rudy Ray Moore-The Human Tornado (Radio commercial)
Bobby Byrd-I Know You Got Soul (Polydor)
James Brown-Say It Loud-I’m Black and I’m Proud, Pt. 1 (Polydor)
James Brown-Call Me Super Bad (Polydor)

The Meters-Ain’t No Use (Aircheck)
Eldridge Holmes with The Meters-Pop, Popcorn Children (Warner Music-UK)
Dr. John with The Meters-Same Old, Same Old (Atco)
Lee Dorsey with The Meters-Who’s Gonna Help Brother Get Further (Polydor)
The Meters-Little Old Money Maker (Rhino)

Professor Longhair-Cuttin’ Out (Rounder)
The Wild Magnolias-Golden Crown (Polydor)
Earl King-Always A First Time (Rooster Blues/EMI)
Lloyd Price-Where Y’At (Specialty/Concord)
Allen Toussaint-Freedom For The Stallion (Rhino)

William DeVaughn-Be Thankful For What You Got (Collectables)

KUSF 01.04.11 Noon-3 PM DJ Carolyn

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The Best of 2010

Straightshooter “Straightshooter”
Strike “Teenage Rebel”
Endtables “White Glove Test”
Rocket From The Tombs “I Sell Soul”
Super Wild Horses “Mess Around”

Ty Segall “Finger”
Myelin Sheaths “Wake Ups”
Paul Cary “Yes Machine”
Toxic Fuse “I Never Knew”

Black Helicopter “Invasion Of Prussia”
Cheater Slicks “Crying”
Eddy Current Suppression Ring “TALOIGA”
Poli Styrene Jass Band “Drano In Your Veins”
Idi Amin & The Amputees “Nasty Nazi”
Peripherique Est “Le Rock D’ici”
Slippery Slopes “Pizza I’m Against It”
Timmy’s Organism “I’m A Nice Guy Now”

Hank IV “2x Quit”
Mike Rep & The Quotas “Mama Was A Schitzo”
Drakula “Medo De Psiquiatra”
Total Control “Paranoid Video”
Alicja-Pop “Shining Apple”

Parting Gifts “Don’t Stop”
Midnite Snaxxx “Like Lightning”
Spider “Back To The Wall”
HitlersS “Spastic Dance”
Heartbeeps “Kiki Puncher”
Black Time “Fast Motorbike In The Kitchen”

John Wesley Coleman III “Get High Babe”
Wild Thing “Age Difference”
Firestarter “Saturday Night (Is The End Of The World)”
Young Offenders “Black Hands”
Drugs Dragons “Graveyard Whiskey”

Eddy Current Suppression Ring “Tuning Out”
The Pity Fucks “The Other Side”
Love Collector “My Baby Goes Waaah!”
Tortured Tongues “Extension Chord”

Guinea Worms “Drunk In Yr Uggs”
La Corde “Back In Salem”
The Scrams “Space Jeeps”
Nice Smile “Building”
Boomgates “Bright Idea”
The Limiñanas “I’m Dead”

The Touch-Me-Nots “Keep Talking Like That”
Davila 666 “Ohhh!”
The Welders “S-O-S Now”
Puffy Areolas “Deathcraze”

Cheap Time “Down The Tube”

KUSF 01.04.11 9-Noon Radiodrome DJ Schmeejay

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2nd Hour

3rd Hour

KUSF 01.04.11 6-9 AM DJ Stevil

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2nd Hour

3rd Hour

KUSF 01.04.11 3-6 AM DJ DJ Laurentertaining

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3rd Hour

KUSF 01.04.11 Midnight-3 AM Fly By Night DJ Terry Dactyl

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2nd Hour

3rd Hour

Lil Johnson - Never let your left hand know

The Slackers - New Year's Day
Roots Manuva - Lick up your foot
Witch - Feeling High
Chuck Berry - Wee baby blues
The California Honeydrops - All night long
Huey "Piano" Smith - High blood pressure
Syl Johnson - Surrounded
Diplomats of Solid Sound - Trouble me
Ray Charles - Unchain my heart

Rev. Jimmy L Jones - He didn't have to do it but he did
Mavis Staples - In the Mississippi River
Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens - What more can I do?

Tom Jones - Didn't it rain
The Bosom Blues Band - You don't love me baby
Earl Hooker - Hooker n Steve
Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band - Mr. Dolphin
The Rolling Stones - Miss Amanda Jones
The Parting Gifts - Keep Walkin'
Gerry and the Pacemakers - It's gonna be alright
T-Rex - Jewel

California Wives - Blood red youth
Jaill - Thank us later
Wild Nothing - Summer holiday

Darren Hanlon - Buy me presents
Bob Dylan - Absolutely Sweet Marie

The Doozer - Nothing like the hero
The Beach Boys - That's not me
Yo La Tengo - If it's true
Generationals - Faces in the dark
Ryan Adams - Destroyer

John Legend and The Roots -Wake up (Arcade Fire cover)
John Legend and The Roots - I can't write left handed (Bill WIthers cover)
The Temptations - I need your lovin

Tony Allen - Night owl
Dee Clark - Nobody but you

KUSF 01.03.11 11-Midnight Guitar Journeys DJ Tuggy

Guitar Journeys champions diverse traditions of guitar music from around the world, including classical, fingerstyle, jazz, bossa nova, and genre-defying contemporary compositions.  Featuring the ancient music of 16th century lutenists, fresh compositions by today's living artists, and just about everything in between, Guitar Journeys is the Bay Area's portal into a spectacular universe of guitar music. Email guitarjourneys@yahoo.com, and tune in Monday nights at 11pm.

Producer: Brian Dowdy
Hosts: Brian Dowdy, Theresa Calpotura, DJ Tuggy, and Teja Gerken

Paolo Bellinati - Lira Brasileira "Fole Nordestino"
Paulo Bellinati - Serenata "Valsa Brilhante"
Jim Nichols - Jazz and Country "Willow Weep for Me"
Marco Pereira - Valsas Brasileiras "Beatriz"
Bola Sete - Bossa Nova "Wagging Along"
Charlie Byrd and Stan Getz - Jazz Samba "Baia"
Baden Powell - A Arte de Baden Powell "Serenata de Adeus"
Sergio Mendes - Fool on the Hill "Lapinha"
Los Indios Tabajaras - Maria Elena "Ternura", "A Maria"
Jan Davis - Flamenco Funk "International Love Process", "Flamenco Funk"
Claude Bolling - Concierto for Guitar and Jazz Piano "Invention", "Finale"
Joe Pass Ella Fitzgerald - Take Love Easy "You Go To My Head"

KUSF 01.03.11 10-11 PM Classics Without Walls DJ M Theo

The Anti-Warhorse Zone is in it's nineteenth year of thumbing down it's nose at the bizarre conventions of commercial "classical" radio. We're as committed as ever to the truths that music is not a commodity for consumption or a vehicle for technical perfection, and that even the best recordings don't reproduce music - only the sounds. We treasure risk-taking composers and performers who step up and take their own risks. In addition to our unruly broadcasts, Classics Without Walls works to counter the music-as-commodity blight by sponsoring small-scale concerts, mixed media presentations, and informal post-concert meals with the aim of helping draw musician and listeners closer into a community of participation.

Producer and Host, M. Theo
Associate Producer and Host, Renee Witon
Programming and Production Advisory Board, All Our Listeners

KUSF 01.03.11 9-10 PM Ragtime Machine DJ David Reffkin

Ragtime music from the concert halls and barrooms of America. Interviews with composers and performers, plus plus ragtime news. Records, demo tapes, press releases and information should be sent at least two weeks in advance.

Producer and Host, David Reffkin