KUSF In Exile 04.14.12 11-1 AM English Pound Radio

From Kingston to London and beyond … jammin’ reggae radio
Bob Loney (the Humble Lion) Colin Broomfield (Brixton Hitman) English Pound radio


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KUSF In Exile 04.14.12 8-11 PM Fermata DJ Fari

A fermata (also known as a hold, pause, colloquially a birdseye, or as a grand pause when placed on a note or a rest) is an element of musical notation indicating that the note should be sustained for longer than its note value would indicate. Exactly how much longer it is held is up to the discretion of the performer or conductor, but twice as long is not unusual. It is usually printed above, but occasionally below (upside down), the note that is to be held longer. Occasionally holds are also printed above rests or barlines, indicating a pause of indefinite duration.
This symbol appears as early as the 15th century, and is quite common in the works of Dufay and Josquin.

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KUSF In Exile 04.14.12 6-8 PM Turkish Cultural Program

"A program in English about music and culture of Turks, with a summary of newsworthy developments,"

Ahmet Toprak, Ates Murat Temeltas, Fuad Tokad

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KUSF In Exile 04.14.12 5-6 PM Francofun DJ Fari

A Crossroads for all things new of interest to the French speaking community. Featuring new music, life style, cultural events and interviews. Program is hosted both in French and English. Keep up-to-date with Franco Fun: Twitter francofun, blog address francofun.wordpress.com, or email farikusf (@) yahoo.com

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As dragon – Seules à Paris
J.P. Nataf – Epaule Tattoo
Sébastien Schuller – Duel au soleil
Mickey 3D – La chasse à la vipère
Little rabbits – Alpha romeo super Sprint
The Lovers – Ballon de Rouge
Madame - Agnès Bihl
Ariane Moffatt – Réverbère
As Dragon – Cher tueur
Jean-Louis Trintignant – Marizibill
Léo Ferré – Marizibil
Coeur de pirate – Comme des enfants
Pauline Croze – Dans la chaleur des nuits de pleine lune
Jérôme Minière – Le monde est là
Françoiz Breut – Ma colère
Noir désir - ???

KUSF in Exile 04.14.12 430 to 5 PM Samedi Culture

Cultural News and Music from the French Speaking Community. Featuring interviews with French speaking personalities, special guests, and new music. Broadcast in French, hosted by the French Cultural Services; this program is sponsored by the French American Cultural Society.


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KUSF In Exile 04.14.12 4-430 PM The Pastor Tom Show

The Pastor Tom Show

Personal Growth and development specialist Dr. Tom Polcari brings aboard topics that are too hot to handle by other stations. Regular listeners weekly come from every age, sex, and ethnic background. The music will consistently surprise and delight. Producer and host, Dr. Tom Polcari.

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KUSF In Exile 04.14.12 Noon-2 PM Cowboy in Exile DJ Jim Levine

Classical music-all forms, all eras, performed by groups of all sizes.
Email:  jasperthebeagle@yahoo.com

Producer and Host, Jim Levine

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Mozart/Overture to Cosi fan Tutte
New Philharmonia Orch/Klemperer (4:39)

Rubinstein, Pn. (live) (26:45)

Shostakovich/Piano Quintet
Capucon, Margulis, Chen, Maisky, Argerich (live) (34:28)

Malcolm Arnold/Symphony No. 5
London SO/Hickox (32:34)

Malcolm Arnold/Concerto for 2 Pianos (3 Hands)
Phillip Dyson, Kevin Sargent, Pianos
Ulster Orchestra/Heikkila (13:20)

KUSF In Exile 04.14.12 10-12 PM Havaye DJ Fari

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KUSF In Exile 04.14.12 Midnight-3 AM Time Warp DJ The Heat

An eclectic warp through time, encompassing the best on and off the charts sounds. From the present to the far past and back again. Take the journey with us!

Producer, Bodacious Brenda
Hosts, JD Smith, Sneeze Limbo, Eli Moss, The Owl, The Heat, Prem, Bodacious Brenda, and Amper Dan.

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Battle Flag Feat Pigeonhed - Lo Fidelity Allstars
Gangsta - Tune-Yards
Nervous in NY - Music for Animal
Ghetto Ballet - Pocahaunted
Addicted to Love - Florence and the Machine

Lonely Boy - Black Keys
Star Shooting - Little People
I Know the Truth - Pretty Lights
Animus Vox - The Glitch Mob
Oceania - Bjork
Grace Kelly - MIKA
Barbara Streisand - Duck Sauce

UR Hot - Butterfly Bones
Cash Machine - Hard Fi
Walking Paranoia - MuteMath
Lollipop - MIKA
Drug Like - Action Action
Club Foot - Kasbian

Sinners - Jim Bianco
Stand Up - The London Souls
Mountain - Great Northern
Die a little - Viva Voice
Spectrum of the Sky - Break of Reality
Cleaning Apartment - Clint Mansell
Palladio - Escala


Collision - The Steepwater Band
Moths Wings - Passion Pit
Climate - The Invisable
The Throning - Hype Williams
Skeleton Boy - Friendly Fires
Strangers Die Alone - Music for Animals
Odd Soul - MuteMath
Hocus Pocus - Jamie T
Hell on the Surface - Genre Peak
Don't Move - PhantoGram

I'm coming for You - Deep Dark Robit
Revenge of the King - Kuhla Saker
Wake Up Dead - Kid Called Computer & Sadistik
Winter, Thats All - Fol Chen
Human Behavior - Bjork

KUSF In Exile 04.13.12 10-Midnight Friday Night Sessions DJ Andrew Jervis and Cez

The Friday Night Session is a Bay Area institution with a loyal following both locally and worldwide. Playing a consistantly vibrant selection of electronic music the show jumps the lines between contemporary and vintage sounds from around the globe. Co-hosts Tomas and Cez join Andrew Jervis in a weekly adventure into the world of house, hip hop, down-tempo, dubstep, disco, soul, jazz, rare groove, dub, Afrobeat, Brazilian, funk, and psych between 10 p.m. and 12 midnight on Fridays. The show often features exclusive unreleased cuts, DJ mixes from around the world, guests and ticket giveaways to local events. Established in 1996 by Andrew Jervis (Ubiquity Records), it was the radio first show in the Bay Area to play acts like Massive Attack and Portishead. Over the years guests on the show have included BBC DJ Gilles Peterson, Kruder and Dorfmeister, 4Hero, TM Juke, Alice Russell, Spiritual South, Kirk Degiorgio, Koop, Vadim, Windsurf, Jimpster, Fauna Flash, Skylab, King Britt, Nobukazu Takemura and Tim “Love” Lee. The show continues to support local and international genre-busting artists

www.popyourfunk.com | www.fridaynightsession.com

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The Friday Night Session April 13th 2012
Hosted by Andrew Jervis and Tomas
Special Guest mix from Alex Kenning aka Lex Luca.

1. Sonnymoon - Kali (Plug Research)
2. Asha Puthli - Space Talk (CBS)
3. BADBADNOTGOOD - CMYK (download)
4. Cornershop - Milkin' It (Ample Play)
5. The Stepkids - Suburban Dream (Remix feat. Pharoahe Monch & Homeboy Sandman) (Stones Throw)
6. Moodymann - Hold It Down (Scion)
7. São Paulo Underground - Just Lovin' (Feat. Jason Adasiewicz & John Herndon) (Cuneiform Records)
8. Willis Earl Beal - Take Me Away (XL)
9. Bullion - It's All in Sound (Deek)
10. Tomas Barfod - Baxter St. (Friends of Friends)
11. Leon Ware & Quadron - Hold Tight (Instrumental) (Quieres Chicle Records.)

Alex Kenning aka Lex Luca mix . . .

12. Chet Faker - No Diggity
13. Dems - Inner0
14. Homeboy Sandman - They Can't Hang (Word To The Mother)
15. Guts - Laisser Lucie Faire
16. Krystal Klear - 2 From The Start
17. Eliphino - More Than Me
18. Decyfer - MiYu
19. Reds ft Ward - Stalag Riddem
20. The Dynamics - For The Love Of Money (Mocambos Tropica Re Version)
21. Art Of Tones - For Real
22. Funkommunity - Dandillion
23. Gang Colours - To Repel Ghosts

24. S.Maharba – French Maid (Extended Version) (BTS Records)
25. Slugabed – Moonbeam Rider (Ninja Tune)
26. Beaumont – Verona Beach (Hotflush)
27. Herva – Memories (Bosconi)
28. colo – Rick (Epoque Remix) (Take)
29. Sunmonx – Spatchulah (Interchill)
30. The Black Seeds – Gabriel's Strut Dub (Easy Star)
31. Stereo 77 – Mi Camino (Plimsoll)
32. The Middlewood Sessions– Red Waters (Middleswood)

KUSF In Exile 04.13.12 9-930 PM Movie Magazine

Movie Magazine International provides an entertaining and informative look at the Bay area film scene.  It offers in-depth reviews of new features, reports on older re-discovered treasures, & interviews with the men & women behind the cameras.  (www.shoestring.org)  Producer Monica Sullivan is the author of “Videohound's Independent Film Guide”, First and Second Editions.


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KUSF In Exile 04.13.12 930-10 PM Shoestring Radio Theatre

Shoestring Radio Theatre was founded in 1988 by its producer, San Francisco writer Monica Sullivan.  The independent company specializes in producing original works by gifted contemporary artists as well as new adaptations of traditional favorites (www.shoestring.org).  In 1998, Monica Sullivan and Shoestring Radio Theatre received a Certificate of Merit for Radio Drama Production from the National Federation Of Community Broadcasters Golden Reel Awards.


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KUSF in Exile 04.13.12 7-8 PM The set of DJ Archie Patterson

After doing various radio Specials the past year I was asked by KUSF in Exile in San Francisco to host a weekly program every Friday night at 7PM Pacific time. The first show aired on OCT 28 and featured UK Psychedelic Rock & Acid Folk 1968-1970. The programs focus will be highly eclectic with music played ranging the spectrum of sound and styles. I began Eurock as an FM radio program in California in 1971. Now after 40 years I have come full circle to begin again a new musical adventure. Tune in, Listen & Enjoy every Friday night!


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KUSF in Exile 04.13.2012 7-8PM The set of DJ ArchiePatterson

Artist Track title + Time Label Country

Smell of Incense Christopher’s Journey 2:45 September Gurls Records Germany

Smell of Incense Kraken 13:23 September Gurls Records Germany

DJ-A voix1 1:06

Smell of Incense (The Smell of) Interstellar Overdrive 11:43 Colours Records Norway

DJ-A voix2 0:45

Salvatore Tango Urilla 7:56 Racing Junior Norway

Salvatore Colors of Gnaff 4:17 Racing Junior Norway

DJ-A voix3 0:49

Salvatore Ambrosia 3:21 Racing Junior Norway

Salvatore Days of Rage 1 5:01 Racing Junior Norway

Salvatore AntiSuper 9:35 Racing Junior Norway

Total Time 60:41

KUSF In Exile 04.13.12 4-6 PM DJ Germ

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KUSF In Exile 4.13.12 3-4 PM FAB MAB LIVE REDUX DJ Terry Hammer

FAB MAB LIVE REDUX is a collection of live tape recordings that were recorded,mixed & produced by Terry Hammer circa 1979 through 1981 for various Bay Area radio stations.The weekly program was originally called FAB MAB LIVE.This is your chance to go back in time to the period when it all began and enjoy the great punk bands who started it all. These recordings were recorded sitting in the loud venues with headphones on and mixing on a cheap Peavey 12 channel mixing board direct to 2 Track Reel To Reel.They reflect the way the bands sounded at the time,drunk,stoned,out of tune and sometimes in tune.So,sit back,tune in,turn on,and experience the thrill of being at the great punk venues back in the day when it all began.And since these shows were mixed on headphones,they also sound better listening to them with headphones on turned up LOUD! Most shows are less than an hour,so, the hour will be filled with a delicious mixture of old school punk & reggae,with a taste of motown & 60's garage bands to round out the program.For a complete list of my live recordings,go to my website at http://www.angelfire.com/oh/liveperformances/livetapes.html

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(Opening Act) The Noise Live @ the Mabuhay 6/4/80:

Noise For The Nigh-time
I'm Gonna Break Your Heart
It Isn't You
No Imagination
Media Slave
The Way Out

(Headliners) The VKTMS Live @ the Mabuhay 4/5/80:

The Kids Are All Here Tonight
I Wanna Go With You
Ballad Of Pincushion Smith
What's A Girl To Do?
Roma Rocket
No Fun
Close But No Cigar
Boys and Booze
No Long goodbyes
100% White Girl
Too Bad
I Can't Explain

Next week's show features REGGAE with Toots And The Maytals Live @ the Old Waldorf 5/20/80
contact me: vampirrecs@hotmail.com

KUSF In Exile 04.13.12 Noon-3 PM In Quarantine DJ Stereo Steve

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oshun - rattle of life
lucky thompson - cry me a river

chrysalis - april grove
the caretaker - cloudy since you went away
count basie's kansas city seven - dickie's dream
boards of canada - energy warning
greie gut fraktion - grossgrundbesitzer
air liquide - the increased difficulty of concentration

the seeds - two fingers pointing on you
ipsissimus - hold on
the stooges - little doll
farflung - vision of infinity

the avengers - we are the one
the only ones - another girl another planet
devo - blockhead

raccoo-oo-oon - untitled (1)
richard h kirk - synesthesia
black dice - la cucaracha

almendra - color humano
wooden shjips - flight
amon duul ii - eye skaking king
hairy chapter - you've got to follow this masquerade
erkin koray - krallar

belle and sebastian - i'm a cuckoo
black moth super rainbow & octopus project - runite castles
dntel - last songs
scientist - dance of the vampires
massive attack - man next door

johanna group - strange love action
windy and carl - dragonfly
chrome - magnetic dwarf reptile
the teardrop explodes - poppies in the field

melissa manchester - midnight blue

KUSF In Exile 04.13.12 9- Noon Sleeves On Hearts DJ Irwin

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sleeves on hearts (Music) with Irwin 04/13/2012 09:00AM to 12:00PM

09:05AM A.C. Marias "There's a Scent of Rain In the Air" from "One of Our Girls" (1989) on Mute Artists
09:10AM Björk "Thunderbolt" from "Biophilia" (CD, Album, Private, 2011) on Polydor Ltd.
09:16AM Austra "Young and Gay" from "Beat and the Pulse - EP" (CD, 2011) on EMI Australia New
09:19AM Chromatics "Kill for Love" from "Kill For Love" (CD, 2012) New
09:22AM The Creatures "Solar Choir" from "Standing There" (12 Inch, 1989) on Geffen*
09:25AM Sinéad O'Connor "I Want Your Hands On Me" from "The Lion & The Cobra" (CD, Comp, Private, 1988)
09:32AM Patti Smith "Dream Of Life" from "Dream Of Life" (CD, 1988)
09:35AM Galxie 500 "Final Day" from "Uncollected" (CD)
09:38AM THE BEACH BOYS "'TIL I DIE" from "Surf's Up" (LP, 1971)
09:41AM Bob Lind "Up In The Morning Me" from "Since There Were Circles" (1971)
09:44AM Fuchsia "Me and My Kite" from "S/T" (MP3, 1971)
09:47AM Julia Holter "In The Same Room" from "Ekstasis" (CD, 2012) on Rvng New
09:51AM Rangers "Jane's Well" from "Pan Am Stories" (CD, 2011) on Not Not Fun
09:56AM Pink Floyd "Crying Song" from "More (Original Film Soundtrack) [Remastered]" (1969) on EMI UK
09:59AM The Mile End Ladies String Auxiliary "Thunderheads & Radar" from "From Cells Of Roughest Air" (CD, 2005)
10:06AM Nancy Sinatra "Lightning's Girl" from "How Does That Grab You?" (CD, 1966) on Boots Enterprises, Inc.
10:09AM The Dells "Free & Easy" from "Freedom Means" (LP, 1971) on Cadet
10:12AM Mariah Carey "H.A.T.E.U." from "Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel" (CD, 2010)
10:18AM Jens Lekman "A Little Lost" from "Four Songs By Arthur Russell - EP" (12 Inch, 2007) on Rough Trade
10:22AM Antony & The Johnsons "The Crying Light" from "The Crying Light" (CD, 2009) on Secretly Canadian Records
10:24AM Elly & Rikkert "Heksrenkring" from "Folk Is Not A Four Letter Word" (CD)
10:28AM Diana Ross "Last Time I Saw Him" from "45" (7 Inch, 1975)
10:37AM LOW "SHAME" from "Long Division" (CD, Rock, 1995) on Astralwerks
10:41AM Kurt Vile "He's Alright (Live)" from "Live At Rough Trade" (CD, 2012) New
10:44AM Beck "End Of The Day" from "Sea Change" (CD, 2002)
10:52AM The Wooden Birds "Struck By Lightning" from "Two Matchsticks" (CD, 2011) on Hometown Fantasy
10:56AM Frankie Rose "Daylight Sky" from "Interstellar" (CD, 2012) on Slumberland (USA)
10:58AM Batang Frisco "Power" from "Power" (Single, 1986)
11:01AM M.I.A. "BAD GIRLS" from "Bad Girls - EP" (CD, 2012)
11:04AM Miquel Brown "So Many Men So Little Time" from "So Many Men So Little Time" (LP, Single, 1983)
11:07AM Madonna "Addicted To Your Love" from "MDNA" (CD, 2012) New
11:22AM Loops Of Your Heart "Lost In The Mirror" from "And Never Ending Nights" (CD, 2012) on Magazine New
11:27AM Depeche Mode "It Doesn't Matter Two" from "Black Celebration" (LP, 1986) on Mute Records
11:30AM David Byrne "Why" from "grown backwards" (CD, Album, Rock, 2004) on Nonesuch
11:35AM Francoise Hardy "Mon Monde N'est Pas Vrai" from "Soleil" (CD, 1970)
11:38AM PJ Harvey "The Sky Lit Up" from "Is This Desire?" (CD, Rock, 1998) on Universal-Island Records Ltd.
11:40AM Thee Oh Sees "I Was Denied" from "Warm Slime" (CD, 2010) on In The Red (USA)
11:44AM Ty Segall "SPiDERS" from "Spiders - Single" (7 Inch, Rock, 2011) on Drag City (USA) Local
11:47AM THE SOUND "I Can't Escape Myself" from "Jeopardy" (CD, 1980)
11:50AM Richard Hell "Chinese Rocks" from "Spurts - The Richard Hell Story" (CD, Rock, 1975) on Rhino
11:52AM Michael Jackson "Why You Wanna Trip On Me" from "DANGEROUS" (CD, Album, Private, 1991) on Epic Records

KUSF In Exile 04.12.12 10-Midnight Passive Eclectic DJ Toast

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with TOAST
4/12/12 Playlist 10:00 PM to Midnight

Russian Circles: Malko
Chemical Brothers: Horse Power
Bikini Complex: Two Girls One Cup
Austra: Energy
Dum Dum Girls: In My Head
Aislers Set: Mission Bells
Chop Chop: Above The Earth
Fruit Bats: Tony The Tripper
Cloud Nothings: Wasted Days
Gang of 4: You Don't Have To Be Mad
Handsome Furs: Bury Me Standing
Dodos: Good
La Plebe: La Soledad // Guerra Sucia
Fresh & Onlys: Who Needs a Man
Eddie Current and Suppression Ring: Wrapped Up
Interpol: Barricade
Club Zru: Move With The Water
Blitzen Trapper: Black River Killer // Silver Moon // Going Down
Sufjan Stevens: Chicago
Dreissk: Unknown Discomfort
Gutter Twins: The Stations
Dennis Taylor: I Walk On Gilded Splinters

KUSF In Exile 04.12.12 9-10 PM Radio Goethe DJ Arndt Peltner

Radio Goethe presents a diverse overview onto the modern German music scene reaching from Rock to Pop, from Industrial to Darkwave, from Electronica to Medieval. Online at www.radiogoethe.org

Radio and Host, Arndt Peltner

iPhone and iPad Player

Esteban: Wonderful life
Axel Wolph: Johnny & Mary
Philipp Poisel: Wie soll ein Mensch das ertragen
Thomas Godoj: Dächer einer ganzen Stadt
Berge: Meer aus Farben
Luxuslärm: Atemlos
Ruth Brandin: Mich hat noch keiner beim Twist geküsst
Caterina Valente: Kismet
Parka: Besser wenn es brennt
Cäthe: Wahre Liebe
Culcha Candela: Flatrate
Casper: XOXO
Fiva: Die Stadt gehört mir
Herr Stenzel: Polonaise in Neukölln
Marteria: 12 Sekundenschlaf
Hämatom: Totgesagt durch Neugeboren
Eisbrecher: Verrückt

KUSF In Exile 04.12.12 630-7 PM Hash It Out DJ Jane Hash

"HASHING IT OUT WITH JANE" The world from a radical dwarf's perspective.


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KUSF In Exile 04.12.12 3-6 PM DJ Steve The Creep

iPhone and iPad Player

Koko Taylor-Wang Dang Doodle
Barrence Whitfield and the Savages-Shutdown
Aretha Franklin-When the Battle is Over
Chyvonne Scott-I'm Movin' On
Betty Wright-Sweet Lovin Daddy
Lady Dottie and the Diamonds-I Ain't Mad at Ya
John Hammond-16 Shells From a Thirty Ought Six
Lee Fields and the Expressions-Moonlight Mile

Mal Waldron-Status Seeking
The Residents-Gotta Believe
Orso-Stick Your Neck Out
Benoit Pouilard-Malik
Richard Buckner-Figure
Desertshore-Turtle Pond

Consumers-Anti Anti Anti
Nip Drivers-Fox on the Run
Cheater Slicks-My Position on Loneliness
Mexican Blackbirds-2 Track Mind
Hot Snakes-LAX
Robert Pollard-Chief Meteorologist
Radar Brothers-On the Floor

The Dictators-Faster and Louder
David Bowie-She Shook Me Cold
Fleur de Lys-Gong With the Luminous Nose
Leslie West-Dreams of Milk and Honey
Mac DeMarco-Baby's wearing Blue Jeans
Billy Stewart-Sitting in the Park
Alabama Shakes-Be Mine

Enthroned-Nonus Sacramentum-Obsidium
Vangelis-Albedo 0.39
Kevin Ayers-Town Feeling
Big Tobacco-Second Semester Lesbian
The Clientele-We Could Walk Together

Twilight Circus Dub Sound System-Bassie Dub II
Mickey Dread-WW III
Tshe-Tsha Boys-Tshe-Tsha
The Congos-Arc of the Covenant
Dorsaf Hamdani-Rajeen Ya Hawa

KUSF In Exile 04.12.12 Noon-3 PM The Yay Show DJ Jay

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KUSF In Exile 04.12.12 11-Noon Lado B DJ Lluis

Lado B
una mescla deliciosa de Musica Latina
con la voz, cada jueves a las once

Lado B explores the "B-side" of oft not heard Latin music including, but certainly not limited to:  Boleros, Vals, Huaynos, old school Mariachi, Musica Criolla, Trova, Son, Folklorico and a dash of Rock en Espanol...

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KUSF In Exile 04.12.12 10-11 AM Catalan Music DJ Lluis

iPhone and iPad Player

En Patufet fills the void of Catalan language music in the San Francisco Bay Area Radio. Each "Set de Set" showcases 7 (set) Catalan artists from across the genres, with heavy emphasis on new artists. The music of Catalonia comprises one of the oldest documented musical traditions in Europe, and has displayed a rich musical culture continuously for at least two thousand years. The Catalan language was forbidden during Franco's dictatorship, but it survived and continues to contribute to the great cultural fabric of Europe and the world.

KUSF In Exile 04.12.12 9-10 AM Salsa Sides DJ Cathy Cohn

Cathy Cohn is a living legend in the San Francisco Radio and Nightclub Scene (aka the I Beam), having been on KUSF-FM for over 20 years. Tune into her show with the best of Salsa Music, guaranteed to wake the the soul alive.

iPhone and iPad Player

KUSF In Exile 04.12.12 6-9 AM Ghost Light Grammer School DJ Fillbee

iPhone and iPad Player

Ghost Light Grammar School (Music) with Fillbee 04/12/2012 06:00AM to 09:00AM

06:00AM The Cyrkle "Red Rubber Ball" from "AM Gold: The Mid 60's" (CD, Comp, Rock, 1991) on Time Life
06:03AM Debbie Reynolds "Stretch" from "Do It Debbie's Way"
06:06AM The Wombles "Exercise Is Good For You (Laziness Is Not)" from "Wombling Songs" (2010) on Dramatico Entertainment ltd
06:08AM Teenager "Birthday" from "Birthday"
06:11AM Tiny Tim "Man On The Moon" from "Lost & Found"
06:14AM Z-Trip & DJ P "No Title" from "Uneasy Listening Vol. 1"
06:17AM David Cassidy "I Am A Clown" from "Could It Be Forever" (2011) on Orange Leisure
06:21AM Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs "Monkey See, Monkey Do" from "When The Boys Meet The Girls (Original 1965 Soundtrack Recording)" (2011) on Master Classics Records
06:23AM Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds "Sneakin' Around" from "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas: Music From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" (CD, Album, Private, 1982) on MCA Records (USA & Canada)
06:26AM Commodores "Machine Gun" from "Looking For Mr. Goodbar Soundtrack"
06:29AM Michael Bolland "Danny's Song (I Saw Three Ships)" from "Trial Of Billy Jack Soundtrack"
06:32AM Spinal Tap "Gimme Some Money" from "This Is Spinal Tap" (CD, Album, Rock, 1984) on Universal Records
06:35AM "Weird Al" Yankovic "Spatula City" from "UHF (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" (1989) on Volcano
06:36AM Olivia Newton-John "Twist Of Fate" from "Two Of A Kind Soundtrack"
06:39AM Cay & The Scaffolds "Girls" from "Girls"
06:42AM The Casual Dots "She'S the Real Thing" from "The Casual Dots" (2004) on Kill Rock Stars
06:45AM Ed Haynes "I Want To Kill Everybody" from "I Want To Kill Everybody"
06:48AM Eddy & The Lightnings "SHUT UP" from "Shut Up - Single"
06:51AM Danielson Familie "A No No" from "Tell Another Joke At The Ol' Choppin' Block"
06:54AM Wiener Musical Company "Totale Finsternis" from "Tanz Der Vampire" (2011) on Wiener Musical Company
07:00AM Jouko ja Kosti "Muisto Vain Jää (Only a Fool Breaks His Own Heart)" from "Tähtisarja - 30 Suosikkia" (2011) on WM Finland
07:02AM Topmost "U.F.O." from "U.F.O."
07:05AM Beck "Beercan" from "Beercan"
07:08AM Freeman "Ajetaan Tandemilla" from "Ajetaan Tandemilla" (2011)
07:11AM Aretha Franklin "All the King's Horses" from "Young Gifted & Black"
07:14AM Ceremony "Hotel" from "Zoo (Bonus Track Version)" (2012) on Matador (USA)
07:17AM Tall Dwarfs "Hallelujah Boy" from "Weeville" (Rock, 1990) on WM New Zealand
07:20AM Strapping Fieldhands "Lay Down (Candles In The WInd)" from "In The Pineys"
07:23AM Madness "Wings of a Dove (A Celebratory Song)" from "20th Century Masters (The Millennium Collection): The Best of Madness" (Rock, 2005) on HIP-O (UC)
07:26AM Kirka & The Islanders "Bama Lama Rama Loo" from "Bama Lama Rama Loo"
07:29AM THE BEACH BOYS "Our Car Club" from "Little Deuce Coupe / All Summer Long" (Rock, 1990) on Capitol Catalog
07:31AM David Lynch "These Are My Friends" from "Crazy Clown Time" (Single, Rock, 2011) on Shock Entertainment
07:36AM The Esquires "Mustalainen" from "20 Suosikkia / Rautalankaklassikot / Kolme Kitaraa" (1998) on WEA
07:38AM LaBelle "Space Children" from "Nightbirds" (1974) on Sony Music Media
07:41AM Suomen Talvisto "Kasvoton Kuolema ja Sirhan Sirhan" from "Kasvoton Kuolema ja Sirhan Sirhan"
07:44AM Guided By Voices "If We Wait" from "Sunfish Holy Breakfast" (1996) on Matador (USA)
07:47AM Lesley Gore "Sometimes I Wish I Were a Boy" from "It's My Party: The Mercury Anthology" (1996) on Island Def Jam
07:49AM John Cale "You Know More Than I Know" from "Fear" (CD, Album, Private)
07:52AM David Crosby "I'd Swear There Was Somebody Here" from "If only I could only remember my name" (CD, Album, Private, 1971) on Arista
07:55AM Bongwater "You Don't Love Me Yet" from "Where The Pyramid Meets The Eye (A Tribute To Roky Erickson)" (Rock, 1990) on Rhino/Warner Bros.
08:01AM Cornelius "Magoo Opening" from "FANTASMA" (CD, Album, Rock, 2008) on Post Modern Recording Co.
08:04AM Rolf Koskinen & Bjorn Bjorklofin Letka-Orkesteri "Rambler's Jenka" from "Rambler's Jenka"
08:07AM STEVIE WONDER "Maybe Your Baby" from "Talking Book"

KUSF In Exile 04.11.12 9-Midnight Mein 20th Century DJ MTheo

Mein Twentieth Century explores the far corners of composed sound from its early classical history to its modern experimental antecedents. Antique music, Serialism, Musique Concrete, Early Electronics, Minimalism, Sound Art, New Music, Drone, Independent as well as Non-Western and Outsider sensibilities are brought together in an enriching audio experience

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KUSF In Exile 04.11.12 7-9 PM Silver Machine Radio DJ Nate Berlin

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Silver Machine Radio with Nathan Berlinguette
***WEDNESDAY 4/11/12 7-9pm***

Joe Meek & The Blue Men "Valley of the Saroos"
Dirty Beaches "Lord Knows Best"
Dirty Beaches "Black Nylon"
Bruce Haack "Rain of Earth"
The Alps "Loves of a Blonde"
Ciccone Youth "G-FORCE"
We Like Cats "Money Dubby Money"
Klause Schulze "Voices of Syn"
Brain Fruit "1.3"
Sunroof! "Dance of the Blessed Spirits"
The Soft Moon "Visions"
Ciccone Youth "Into the Groove(y)"
Faust "It's a Rainy Day Sunshine Girl"
Roedelius "Alle Jahre Wieder"
The Lickets "Here On Earth"
Animal Collective "Bees"
Cluster & Eno "Ho Renomo"
MAGMA "Weidorje"

KUSF in Exile 04.10.12 3-6 PM Box of Records DJ Pete Accident

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sebadoh -- license to confuse
sun city girls -- on the sign/hit man boy/rappin head

captain beefheart -- ashtray heart/a carrot is about as close as a rabbit gets to a diamond
alan licht -- betty page (excerpt)
miles davis -- sivad

woody shaw -- obsequious
the brass company -- high steppin'
slumgum -- hancho pancho

robbie basho -- lament for the earth/kingdom of love
happy & artie traum -- the seagull
glen francis -- all my days are numbered
the kiwi animal -- blue morning
almendra -- muchacha (ojos de papel)

archie shepp -- things have got to change

revolutionary ensemble -- hu-man
max roach & anthony braxton -- spirit possession/soft shoe

mtume umoja ensemble -- sifa (the prayer)
albert heath -- sub set
jimmy heath -- gemini

alice coltrane -- turiya & ramakrishna
buddy terry -- quiet afternoon
miroslav vitous -- infinite search

KUSF in Exile 04.10.12 Noon-3 PM DJ Henry

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Open Mind Music (Music) with DJ Hankster 04/11/2012 12:00AM to 03:00AM

12:15PM John Martyn "Go Down Easy " from "Solid Air" (CD, 1973) on Island
12:18PM Jackie De Shannon "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" from "Jackie" (LP, Album, Rock) on Atlantic -- Neil young cover
12:21PM Sandy Denny "The Sea" from "Best of Sandy" (CD, Private, 1995) on Hannibal
12:24PM The Byrds "Ballad of the Easy Rider" from "Ballad of the Easy Rider" (Single)
12:27PM Joni Mitchell "River" from "River" (Single)
12:30PM XTC "River Of Orchids" from "Apple Venus Volume 1" (Rock, 1998) on Ape House Ltd.
12:36PM The Changelings "Riverman" from "Brittle Days: Tribute To Nick Drake"
12:39PM Wigwam "Dance of the Athropoids/Fredrick & Bill (Song of The Skinhead)" from "Tombstone Valentine" (LP, Album, Rock, 2003) on Verve (United States)
12:42PM Camper Van Beethoven "Take The Skinheads Bowling" from "Cooking Vinyl Delicatessen 5"
12:45PM Bob Dylan "Leopard-Skin Pillbox Hat (alternate take)" from "No Direction Home: The Soundtrack" (CD, Album, Rock, 2005) on Columbia / Legacy
12:48PM The Mekons "Sleepless Nights" from "Honky Tonkin" (CD, Album, Rock, 1987) on Low Noise America -- Boudeleaux & Felix Bryant song, made famous by the Everly Bros. & Gram Parsons
12:51PM The Jayhawks "Sleep While You Can" from "Tomorrow the Green Grass (Legacy Edition)" (CD, Album, Rock, 1995) on American -- previously unreleased
12:58PM Jefferson Airplane "Chauffeur Blues (Alternate Version)" from "Jefferson Airplane Takes Off" (Rock, 1990) on RCA/BMG Heritage
01:01PM The Coward Brothers "The People's Limousine" from "Out Of Our Idiot" -- Elvis Costello & T-Bone Burnette aka Howard & Henry Coward
01:04PM Rob Wasserman/Bruce Hornsby/Branford Marsalis "White Wheeled Limousine" from "Trios" (CD, Album, Rock, 1994) on MCA
01:10PM Ann Peebles "He's My Superman" from "Full Time Love"
01:13PM Green On Red "Rock 'N' Roll Disease" from "Here Come the Snakes" (LP, Album, 2007) on Green On Red
01:16PM Rickie Lee Jones "Sunshine Superman" from "Sunshine Superman" (Single)
01:19PM Ravi Shankar "Dhun: Fast Teental" from "Monterey International Pop Festival (Live)"
01:22PM The Verve "Gravity Grave (live)" from "No Come Down"
01:25PM Eddy Grant "Back Come Back" from "Back Come Back" (Single)
01:28PM Rockpile "They Call It Rock (Live)" from "They Call It Rock (Live)" (Single) -- Dave Edmunds, Nick Lowe!
01:31PM Toots Hibbert "Love The Rain" from "Toots In Memphis" (LP, Album, Other, 1988) on Island Records -- Ann Peebles ("I Can't Stand The Rain")
01:34PM Chic "Good Times" from "Good Times" (Single)
01:37PM Seventeen Evergreen "President Clavioline" from "Steady On, Scientist!" (CD, Album, Other) Local, New -- Caleb Pate, Nephi Evans
01:40PM Guided By Voices "I Am a Scientist" from "I Am a Scientist - EP" (1994) on Scat
01:42PM Flamin' Groovies "Slow Death" from "Slow Death" (LP, Album) on Norton -- Amazing High Energy Rock n' Roll
01:45PM The Flamin' Groovies "Absolutely Sweet Marie" from "Absolutely Sweet Marie" (Single)
01:48PM Game Theory "Shark Pretty" from "Distortion"
01:51PM Joe Jackson "Jumpin Jive (Live)" from "Live 1980/86" -- r u hep?
01:54PM Cab Calloway And His Orchestra "What's Buzzin', Cousin?" from "Are You Hep To The Jive?"
01:57PM The Easybeats "Hit The Road Jack" from "Falling Off the Edge Of The World" (LP, Album) on United Artists
02:00PM Seventeen Evergreen "Wasting Time/Castlefield" from "Steady On, Scientist!" (CD, Album, Other) Local, New
02:03PM Tim Davis "Beatle Blues" from "Pipe Dream" (2011) on Vintage Masters Inc.
02:06PM The Vernons Girls "We Love The Beatles" from "We Love The Beatles" (Single)
02:09PM The Beatles "Every LIttle Thing" from "Beatles For Sale" (Rock, 1964) on EMI UK

KUSF In Exile 04.11.12 9-Noon DJ James Damn Brown

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Wednesday 4/11/12


Captain Beefheart * Hard Workin' Man
Lou Reed * Don't Talk To Me About Work
Kinks * 9 To 5
Ramones * It's Not My Place (In The 9 To 5 World)
Joe Ely * I Keep Gettin' Paid The Same
David Allan Coe * Take This Job And Shove It
Replacements * Goddamn Job
Alex Chilton * Lost My Job
Little Village * Do You Want My Job?
Phil Alvin * Brother Can You Spare A Dime?


Evan Johns And The H-Bombs * Vacation Time
Cheap Trick * Spring Break
Lindsey Buckingham * Holiday Road
Go Go's * Vacation
Kinks * Holiday in Waikiki
Elvis Presley * Fort Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce
Connie Francis * Vacation
Frank Sinatra * It's Nice To Go Traveling


Exile On Main Street Blues
Two Trains Running
Cook Cook Blues
All Down The Line
Sweet Virginia
You Got The Silver
Cherry Oh Baby
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Tumbling Dice
Fancy Man Blues
Black Limousine
Shake Your Hips
Brown Sugar


Dr. John * Litanie Des Saints
Dirty Dozen Brass Band * The Lost Souls Of Southern Louisiana
Papa Celestin's New Orleans Brass Band * Marie La Veau
Neville Brothers * Voodoo
Exuma * Mama Loi Papa Loi
Dr. John * I Walk On Guilded Splinters


Blasters * So Long Baby Goodbye
Los Lobos * Let's Say Goodnight
Ry Cooder * Goodnight Irene
Woody Guthrie * So Long It's Been Good To Know You
Ringo Starr * You And Me Babe

KUSF In Exile 04.11.12 6-9 AM DJ Shekky

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bones mend...flesh heals...minds warp...

the talking heads--this must be the place/naive melody
stereolab--metronomic underground

luomo--robert's reason
phillippe besombes--flipper (alexis le tan & jess present space oddities)
jah wobble--divine mother

overwhelming colorfast--13 reasons
squirrel bait--sun god
the firebird band--beautiful
poster children--in my way
yo la tengo--spec bebop

dobie gray--the in crowd
ramsey lewis--the "IN" crowd
tiny bradshaw--ping pong
titus turner--do you dig it (what is!: funky soul and rare grooves)
catalyst--celestial bodies

rhys chatham--die donnergotter
russian circles--harper lewis

molly hatchet--dreams i'll never see
ozric tentacles--there's a planet here

parenthesis = compilation title

KUSF In Exile 04.11.12 3-6 AM 360 Sound Show DJ Richard White

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Part 1: Golden Throats (yet more of 'em!)

William Shatner "Bohemian Rhapsody" (2011)
Leonard Nimoy "Proud Mary" (1974)
Sherman Hemsley "Ain't That A Kick In The Head" (1990)
Herve Villechaize "Why Do People Have To Fight" (1980)
Richard Dawson "Apples & Oranges" (1967)
Walter Brennan "Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town" (ca. 1969-70)
The Sandpipers "Louie Louie" (1966)

Flatt & Scruggs "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" (1969)
Buck Owens "Love Minus Zero, No Limit" (1971)
Telly Savalas "I Shall Be Released" (1972)
Sebastian Cabot "All I Really Want To Do" (1967)
Cher "Masters Of War" (1968)
Bing Crosby "Hey Jude" (1969)
Nancy Sinatra "Day Tripper" (1966)
Anthony Newley "Within You, Without You" (1977)
The Brothers Four "Revolution" (1969)
Percy Faith & His Orchestra "The Ballad Of John & Yoko" (1969)

Part 2: Standard Psyche Set

The Beatles "Old Brown Shoe" (1969)
Hour Glass "I Still Want Your Love" (1968)
The Collectors "She (Will-O-The-Wind)" (1968)
The 13th Floor Elevators "Scarlet And Gold" (1968)
The 31st Of February "A Different Kind Of Head" (1968)
Iron Butterfly "Slower Than Guns" (1970)
Fat Mattress "Everything's Blue" (1969)
Love "Listen To My Song" (1969)

Spirits And Worm "She's The One" (1969)
Autosalvage "Autosalvage" (1968)
The Bubble Puppy "Todd's Tune" (1968)
Moby Grape "Three-Four" (1968)
The Charlatans "Doubtful Waltz" (1969)
The Listening "9-8 Song" (1968)
Notes From The Underground "Cantaloupe Island" (1968)

Part 3: Miles Davis Alumni

Herbie Hancock "The Sorcerer" (1968)
Wayne Shorter "Tom Thumb" (1967)
Dave Holland Quartet "Four Winds" (1972)
Mahavishnu Orchestra "Thousand Island Park" (1973)
Tony Williams Lifetime "Emergency" (1969)
Joe Zawinul "His Last Journey" (1971)

Miles Davis "In A Silent Way/It's About That Time" (1969)

KUSF In Exile 04.11.12 Midnight-2 AM World of Wonder DJ Lance Grabmiller

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This week: Guest host Lance Grabmiller

0:00:00) Opening Chimes
0:01:00) Robert Wyatt "Song for Che" from "Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard" 1975
0:04:30) Alternative TV "Nasty Little Lonely" from "The Image Has Cracked" 1978
0:10:47) Melodium "Interlude Pour [Chiens] Depressifs (Audioroom
Remix) from "Hum Hum & Bla Bla EP" 2005
0:13:30) Eno, Moebius, Roedelius "oil" from "After The Heat" 1978
0:17:20) Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Quintet "Orange Was The Color Of
Her Dress, Then Blue Silk" from "Tails Out" 2003
0:21:20) AGF "Poem" from "Einzelkämpfer" 2009
0:23:50) Silk Saw "A Degenerate Form Of Drowned Atlantis" from "Come
Freely, Go Safely" 1996
0:35:39) Announcements/PSA
0:35:45) Giesela "Illbient Ruin 1975" from "Rot" 2006
0:38:00) Akira Rabelais "1390 Gower Conf. II. 20 I Can Noght Thanne
Unethes Spelle That I Wende Altherbest Have Rad." from
"Spellewauerynsherde" 2004
0:45:18) Neina "Spellbound" from "Formed Verse" 1999
0:48:44) Dome "Na-Drm" from "3" 1981
0:50:00) Netherfriends "Lead You Through The Misty Fog Of Milwaukee
Ave" from "Barry and Sherry" 2010
0:54:50) Black To Comm "Air Salon" from "Fractal Hair Geometry" 2008
1:00:21) Alias "Crosswalks" from "Resurgam Residual EP" 2008
1:05:06) Saul Williams "Banged And Blown Through" from "The Inevitable
Rise And Liberation Of NiggyTardust" 2007
1:08:47) Grizzly Bear "Lullabye" from "Yello House" 2006
1:13:35) Isis "Firdous E Bareen" from "In The Absence Of Truth" 2006
1:21:15) The Dead Brothers "Trust In Me" from "Wunderkammer" 2006
1:24:58) Atelecine "4 AM" from "The Falcon And The Pod" 2011
1:29:45) Melodium "In The Forest At Night" from "Palimpse" 2010
1:32:55) PSA
1:33:26) Announcements and Telectu "Sasa Fox" from "Biombos" 1994
1:36:00) Andrew Liles and Kenji Siratori "VTR" from "Black Paper" 2006
1:40:00) Hrsta "Lime Kiln" from "L'Éclat Du Ciel Était Insoutenable" 2001
1:44:30) Inverz "Slow" from "Slow" 2009
1:49:10) Amon Tobin "Stoney Street" from "Bricolage" 1997
1:54:56) Chronomad "Masmoudi" from "Sokut" 2004
1:57:22) Announcements and Closing Chimes

KUSF in Exile 04.10.12 11-Midnight Barndance DJ Steve the Creep

A barn dance is any kind of dance held in a barn, but usually involves traditional or folk music with traditional dancing. It is a type of dance, originating in America and popular in Britain in the late 19th century and early 20th, derived from Schottische. Folk dancing events are often also referred to as "barn dances", despite being held in locations other than barns.

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