KUSF In Exile 02.13.12 Noon-3 PM DJ Miranda and Chris Fish

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Chris Rhodes (Music) with Chris Fish Miranda Rhodes 02/13/2012 12:00PM to 02:00PM

12:14PM-12:18PM (4:02) Celtic Frost “Jewel Throne” from To Mega Therion (MP3, Album, Rock, 1999) on Sanctuary Records

12:18PM-12:21PM (3:00) Ceremony “Hysteria” from 7" on Matador (USA)

12:21PM-12:24PM (3:00) Archers of Loaf “Web In Front” from 7" on Alias

12:24PM-12:28PM (3:17) Broadcast “Come On Let'S Go” from The Noise Made By People (MP3, Single, Private, 2000) on Warp Records

12:28PM-12:30PM (2:45) Wolf Parade “Call It a Ritual” from At Mount Zoomer (2008) on Sub Pop Records

12:30PM-12:33PM (3:00) The Magnetic Fields “Andrew in Drag” from Andrew In Drag (7 Inch, Single, Private) on Merge Records

12:33PM-12:36PM (2:55) Woven Bones “I've Gotta Get” from I've Gotta Get / Hey Kid - Single (2010) on Hardly Art

12:36PM-12:40PM (3:36) The Smiths “Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before” from Strangeways, Here We Come (Remastered By Johnny Marr) (CD, Album, Private, 1987) on Rhino/Warner Bros.

12:40PM-12:43PM (3:00) Mutantes “she's my shoo shoo” from technicolor

12:43PM-12:53PM (10:04) Connan Mockasin “Forever Dolphin Love” from Forever Dolphin Love (2011) on Phantasy / Because Music

12:53PM-12:56PM (3:00) Sewer Trout “pure and beautiful love” from songs about drinking

12:56PM-12:59PM (3:00) Railroad Jerk “Younger Than You” from 7" on Matador (USA)

12:59PM-01:02PM (3:00) Them “gloria” from them

01:02PM-01:05PM (3:00) The Doors “Love Her Madly” from L.A. Woman (CD, Album, Rock, 1971) on warner brothers

01:05PM-01:08PM (3:00) Scared of Chaka “hotdog on a stick” from 7 inch 1994 on ponch is naked

01:08PM-01:11PM (2:55) Joy Division “ISOLATION” from Closer (2007 Remaster) (2007) on London Records

01:11PM-01:16PM (4:55) Heart “Sing Child” from Dreamboat Annie (CD, Album, Rock, 1976) on Capitol Catalog

01:16PM-01:21PM (4:50) Girls “DIE” from Father, Son, Holy Ghost (2011) on Turnstile

01:21PM-01:24PM (3:00) Patti Smith “Horses” from Horses (CD, Album, Private, 1996) on Arista

01:24PM-01:28PM (4:31) The Rolling Stones “Gimme Shelter” from Let It Bleed (Rock, 2002) on UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)

01:28PM-01:30PM (1:57) Woods “Any Other Day” from Sun And Shade (2011) on Woodsist

01:30PM-01:33PM (3:00) Harvey Averne “You're No Good” from single

01:33PM-01:36PM (3:00) The Marvelettes “All The Love I Got” from 7"

01:36PM-01:39PM (3:00) Jackie Wilson “Lonely Tear Drops” from 7"

01:39PM-01:43PM (4:13) Jeremy Jay “Just Dial My Number” from Splash (2010) on K Records

01:47PM-01:53PM (5:11) Ween “Did You See Me?” from Shinola, Vol.1 (2005) on Schnitzel Records

01:53PM-01:56PM (3:00) JEFF The Brotherhood “Hey Friend” from we are the champions on Infinity Cat Recordings

01:56PM-02:00PM (4:04) The Horrors “Wild Eyed” from Skying (CD, Album, Private, 2011) on XL Recordings Ltd.

02:00PM-02:08PM (8:38) Atlas Sound “Quick Canal (w. Laetitia Sadier)” from Logos (CD, Album, Private, 2009) on 4AD

02:08PM-02:14PM (5:22) Tame Impala “It Is Not Meant to Be” from InnerSpeaker (Rock, 2010) on Universal Music Australia Pty. Ltd.

02:14PM-02:19PM (4:50) Jerusalem “Hooded Eagle” from Jerusalem (CD, Rock, 2009) on Rockadrome/Vintage

02:19PM-02:22PM (3:00) The Ramones “Psycho Therapy” from Ramones Mania (CD, Album, Rock, 1988) on Sire

02:22PM-02:25PM (3:00) Dom “Impetigo” from Wait No More (Bonus Track Version)

02:25PM-02:29PM (4:29) The War On Drugs “Brothers” from Slave Ambient (MP3, Single, Private, 2011) on Secretly Canadian

02:29PM-02:32PM (3:00) The National “Anyone's Ghost” from High Violet (CD, Album, Rock, 2010) on 4AD

02:32PM-02:35PM (3:03) Yo La Tengo “Beanbag Chair” from I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass (2006) on Matador (USA)

02:35PM-02:42PM (7:22) Real Estate “All The Same” from DAYS (2011) on Domino Recording Co Ltd

KUSF In Exile 02.13.12 9-Noon Permamelt DJ Evyn Stevyn

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LAURIE ANDERSON- Angel Fragments
SKIN- My Own Hands
BROADWAY PROJECT- I Believe In Superman
COLIN STETSON- Time Is Advancing With Fitful Irregularity (Tim Hecker White Pulse Mix)
ULVER- Dressed In Black
QUEEN- March Of The Black Queen
ZECHS MARQUISE- Everlasting Beacon Of Light
RUSH- 2112 (Overture & Temples Of Syrinx)
THE DARKNESS- Holding My Own
O-RANG- Mind On Pleasure
THE POP GROUP- Don't Call Me Pain
MALARIA- You're Turn To Run
THE GROUP- Technology (Dub Mix)
UFO- Pack It Up (And Go)

ART ZOYD- Ba Benzele
ALL INDIA RADIO- You'll Never Go To Bollywood
THE UNKNOWN CASES- Masimbabele (83 original)

WHITNEY HOUSTON- Where Do The Broken Hearts Go?

KUSF In Exile 02.13.12 6-9 AM DJ Jennifer Marie Joyce

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The Vortex (Music) with Jennifer Marie Joyce 02/13/2012 06:00AM to 09:00AM

(~A Swirling Mass of Cooperative Components~)

06:00AM PJ Harvey “To Bring You My Love” from To Bring You My Love (CD, Album, Private, 1995) on Island

06:05AM 10CC “I'm Not In Love” from 10cc (LP, Rock, 2007) on Revvolution Records

06:08AM Beach Boys “God Only Knows (A'Capella)” from God Only Knows (A'Capella) (MP3, Album, Private, 1999) on Capitol

06:11AM Bear In Heaven “Lovesick Teenagers” from Beast Rest Forth Mouth (CD, Album, Private, 2010) on Hometapes

06:14AM Cut Copy “Future” from Bright Like Neon Love (MP3, Album, Private, 2004) on Universal Music Australia Pty. Ltd.

06:20AM File Not Found “Give Me a Sign” from Radio Schwarze Welle Vol. 2 (CD, Album, Private, 2010) on Golden Core

06:23AM Ink Spots “My Prayer” from My Prayer (CD, Album, Private)

06:26AM Art Of Noise “Moment In Love” from And What Have You Done With My Body, God? (CD, Album, Private, 2006) on ZTT Records

06:33AM Frazier Chorus “Sloppy Heart” from Sue (CD, Album, Private, 1989) on Virgin UK

06:39AM Pet Shop Boys “Love Comes Quickly” from Please (LP, Album, Private, 2001) on EMI UK

06:43AM Syd Barrett “LOVE YOU” from Crazy Diamond (LP, Album, Private, 1994) on Harvest/ EMI

06:46AM Tom Waits “I Want You” from The Early Years Vol. 2 (LP, Album, Private, 1992) on Fantasy

06:49AM Split Enz “I Got You” from True Colours (LP, Album, Private, 1979) on Budget (AM)

06:53AM Beck “Think I'm In Love” from The Information (CD, Album, Private)

07:25AM Heliotropes “True Love's Knot” from True Love's Knot (Single)

06:58AM Bryan Ferry “Love Me Madly Again” from Love Me Madly Again (Single)

07:02AM Atlanta Rhythm Section “So Into You” from Atlanta Rhythms (Rock, 2008) on Zenith Blue Records

07:06AM TV On the Radio “Love Dog” from Dear Science (CD, Album, Private, 2008) on DGC/Interscope

07:11AM The Gap Band “You Dropped a Bomb on Me” from You Dropped a Bomb on Me (LP, Album, Private)

07:14AM The Human League “Open Your Heart” from Dare (2003) on Virgin UK

07:18AM Ben Folds “Songs of Love” from Supersunnspeedgraphic

07:22AM Little Peggy March “I Will Follow Him (Japanese version)” from I Will Follow Him (2011) on Master Classics Records

07:28AM David Seville “The Witch Doctor” from 101 R&B Hits Of The 50's (MP3, Album, Private, 2011) on DWK Records

07:30AM Death Cab For Cutie “I Will Possess Your Heart” from I Will Possess Your Heart - EP (CD, Album, Private, 2008) on Atlantic Records

07:39AM Sweet “Love Is Like Oxygen” from Love Is Like Oxygen (Single, Rock, 2009) on Mixed Repertoire

07:42AM Ida “Tellings” from I Know About You (1996) on Simple Machines Records

07:46AM Beatles “Come and Get it (demo)” from Come and Get it (demo) (MP3, Other, Private)

07:53AM Loquat “Go Hibernate” from Secrets of the Sea (2008) on Loquat

07:58AM Hall & Oates “Running from Paradise” from x-static

08:04AM PHOENIX “Love Like A Sunset, Pt. 1 /2” from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (CD, Album, Rock, 2009) on Co-operative Music

KUSF In Exile 02.13.12 3-6 AM DJ Battleax

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KUSF In Exile 02.13.12 Midnight-3 AM The Music Room DJ Nathalie

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the music room (Music) with nathalie 02/17/2012 12:00AM to 03:00AM

12:00AM Alice Coltrane & Pharoah Sanders “Journey In Satchidananda” from Journey in Satchidananda (Jazz, 1997) on GRP Records

12:06AM The Swans “Intro” from Live 2011 on younggodrecords

12:09AM David Bowie “The width of a circle” from bowie at the beeb (CD, Album, Private, 2002) on emi

12:12AM Irhe Kinder “Komm zu dir” from Cloud Cuckooland

12:15AM Dariush “Cheshm-e Man” from Pomegranates (2010) on B-MUSIC

12:20AM The Golden Ring “Sun full moon” from Iranian 60's garage & other exotic sounds

12:23AM Tala'i, Musavi & Kiani “dastgah-e charhargah” from les maitres de la musique traditionelle

12:26AM Psychic TV “OV Power” from Force the hand of chance

12:29AM Iggy and the Stooges “Raw Power” from Raw Power

12:32AM The Stranglers “In the white room” from In the white room (7 Inch, Single)

12:35AM 8 Eyed Spy “Diddy Wah Diddy” from Hysterie 76-86

12:38AM Tragic Mulatto “Suspect” from Suspect (7 Inch, Single)

12:41AM Pop-O-Pies “In Frisco” from In Frisco (7 Inch, Single)

12:44AM Captain Beefheart “MIrror Man” from Mirror man

12:47AM Nina Simone “Revolution” from live in germany

12:50AM Serge Gainsbourg “Personne” from Live 1963

12:53AM Kevin Ayers/John Cale/Eno/Nico “Driving me Backwards” from June 1, 1974

12:56AM Dr Hajime Murooka “Sounds to relax the newborn baby/sounds of the main artery and veins of the mother” from Lullaby from the womb

12:59AM Bruce Haack “Angel child/Cherubic Hymn” from The Electric Lucifer (2007) on The Omni Corporation

01:02AM The Residents “I left my heart in san francisco” from Subterranean modern on Ralph Records

01:05AM Tuxedomoon “I Left MY Heart In San Francisco” from Subterranean modern

01:08AM MX-80 Sound “I left my heart in san francisco” from Subterranean modern

01:11AM Chrome “I Left MY Heart In San Francisco” from Subterranean modern

01:14AM The Evolution Control Committee “Whipped cream mix” from Whipped cream mix (7 Inch, Single)

01:17AM Fluff Grrl “For my wife” from Whats that noise

01:20AM Grethe Agatz “Ekkoleg” from Ekkoleg (7 Inch, Single)

01:23AM Wilhelmenia Fernandez “La wally” from Diva soundtrack

01:26AM Throbbing Gristle “Subhuman” from Throbbing Gristle's Greatest Hits (Remastered) (2011) on Industrial Records Ltd.

01:29AM Butthole Surfers “22 going on 23” from Locust Abortion Technician (MP3, Album, Private, 1987) on Touch and Go

01:32AM Wiseblood “Stumbo” from Dirtdish (Rock, 1995) on Thirsty Ear Recordings

01:39AM Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention “America Drinks” from Absolutly free

01:42AM Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention “Flower Punk” from Only in it for the Money (CD, Album, Private, 1990) on Rykodisc

01:45AM Roxy Music “The Bob (Medley)” from Roxy Music (CD, Album, Rock, 1999) on Virgin UK

01:51AM Pere Ubu “Not Happy” from Terminal Tower (1985) on Cooking Vinyl

01:55AM Pere Ubu “Life Stinks” from Modern Dance (1977) on Cooking Vinyl

KUSF In Exile 02.12.12 10-Midnight PM Caught Up DJ The Chair

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KUSF In Exile 02.12.12 8-10 PM The Cotton Exchange DJ David Katznelson

Blues like you want to hear....


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KUSF In Exile 02.12.12 6-8 PM Pomo Literati DJ Frank Andrick

the Pomo Literati, words on the radio ... and fun on the air. we have a very special " headphone session " swirly music segment for your listening pleasure from David Houston. Michelle Tea and Sister Spit friends, Sage Alexandra, William S. Gainer, rare recordings and i'm sure some kind of anarchic situation well develop. The Pomo Literati is engineered by Bryan Chandler and hosted by frank andrick. 6pm to 8pm TONIGHT !! on KUSF IN EXILE ...

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KUSF In Exile 02.12.12 1-3 PM Liquid Konspiracy DJ Emerald Koolant

An incendiary journey into the kool depths of humanity's collective unconscious like sol blending lights 'round planets of discontent'. A red glare of bubbling eclectic esoteric over ground soundscapes...

DJ's: Emerald Koolant and Phoenix Catsinger

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KUSF In Exile 02.12.12 1130-1230 PM Renters Radio

Tenants Together
California's Statewide Organization for Renters' Rights



Tenants Together is a nonprofit organization dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of California tenants to safe, decent and affordable housing. As California’s only statewide renters' rights organization, Tenants Together works to improve the lives of California’s tenants through education, organizing and advocacy. Tenants Together seeks to galvanize a statewide movement for renters’ rights.

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KUSF In Exile 02.12.12 8-10 AM Whiskey Before Breakfast DJ Richard White

A two hour set of Folk, Acoustic, Flat Picking, Traditional, Bluegrass, Contemporary, and everything else related with waking up in a relaxed way to get the Sunday started off. Originally a radio show that was on WKSU, with Kerry Blech in the 70's, which led to the Folk Alley that we hear now.

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Harry "The Hipster" Gibson "Who Put The Benzedrine In Mrs. Murphy's
Ovaltine" (1944)
The Fugs "The New Amphetamine Shriek" (1965)
The Holy Modal Rounders "Hey Mr. Spaceman" (1963)
Donovan "The Trip" (1966)
The Byrds "Artificial Energy" (1967)
The Holy Modal Rounders "Bird Song" (1968)
Canned Heat "Amphetamine Annie" (1968)
The Small Faces "Here Comes The Nice" (1968)
Mad River "Amphetamine Gazelle" (1968)
Tommy James & The Shondells "Crystal Blue Persuasion" (1969)
The Not Ready For Prime-Time Players "Speed" (1975)

The Velvet Underground "White Light/White Heat" (1968)
Lou Reed "How Do You Think It Feels" (1973)
Lou Reed "Sally Can't Dance" (1974)
Peter Laughner "Amphetamine" (1975)
The Fall "Totally Wired" (1980)
Primus "Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers" (1991)
Third Eye Blind "Semi-Charmed Life" (1997)
Daycare Swindlers "Crystal Meth" (1999)
Toys That Kill "Amphetamine St." (2001)

Catherine Wheel "Crank" (1993)
Mark Lanegan "Methamphetamine Blues" (2004)
Sisters Of Mercy "Amphetamine Logic" (1985)
The Holy Modal Rounders "My Mind Capsized" (1968)
Tim Buckley "Goodbye And Hello" (1967)
Charlie Parker (w/Howard McGhee) "Max Making Wax"
"Lover Man"
"Bebop" (last 4 songs from 1946)

KUSF In Exile 02.12.12 2-8 AM Rampage Radio DJ Tonus

RAMPAGE RADIO is a 6 hour Heavy Metal radio show founded by Howie Klein, Ian Kallen & Ron Quintana which has aired on KUSF 90.3 FM in San Francisco every weekend since 1982. The early years of Rampage featured the heaviest bands from the UK NWOBHM scene, Europe & the worldwide metal underground along with classic '70s bands and the roots of metal going back to the late '60s. Legendary artists such as Mercyful Fate, Yngwie Malmsteen & Metallica sent demo tapes, receiving their first airplay on this show when no one else was willing to take a chance, and we are proud to have introduced listeners to every new worthy development in metal that has emerged over the last 30 years. 2011 marks the beginning of our 4th decade of weekly broadcasts and we continue to play the latest non-commercial metal to an enthusiastic worldwide audience.

1st Three Hours

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2nd Three Hours

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2-3 am

Shape of Despair - Entwined in Misery
Dreaming Dead - Overlord
Funerus - Reduced To Sludge
Erevos - Possessed by The Moon
King - The Ruthless Attitude of Evil Soberia
Coldworker - Living is Suffering
11th hour - Tears of the Bereaved
Ausder TRANSZENDENCE - Breed of a Dying Sun
Church of Misery - Boston Strangler
Almah - Soul Alight
Slough Feg - Live in Poland
Crowbar - No Quarter

3-4 am

Motorhead - Metropolis
Desaster - Splendour of the Idols
Corrosion Of Conformity - the Doom
Dragonland - Trails of Mount Farnor
God Seed - Live At Wacken
Horrendous - The Ritual
Funeral Whore - Step Into Damnation
Crowbar - I Have Failed
Enthroned - Patroleum Salvia
Draconian - Dead World Assembly

4-5 am

Dead - Wall of Flesh
Helvetron - Tzalemoth/Shadows of Death
Huntress - 8 of Swords
Lantlos - Bloody Lips and Paper Skin
Immolith -Ghost Power Of Inverness
Pharoh - the Year of The Blizzard
On Top - Fire Down Below
Pestilential Shadows - Shrine
Mystic Prophecy - Hollow
Nocturnal Torment - Fresh Flesh Fetish
Rising - Under Callous Wings
Stephan Forte - Prophecies Of
Katatonia - Onward Into Battle
The Kandidate - Total War

5-6 am

Svartsyn - Ghoul Haunted Forest
Witchaven - Ardent Lust
Slash - Rocket Queen
Wykked Wytch - Fade To Black
Supreme Pain - Spiritual Sickness
Warbringer -Echoes From The Void
Vise Massacre -Pushed Down
Strike Master - The Way To Na Trang
Skeleton Witch - Reduced to the Failure of Prayer
Psycroptic - Unmasking The Traitors
Ram - Under The Scythe
Unkind - Johtajat Uhrit

6-7 am

Profetus - Fiery Canticle
Ribozyme - Leverage
Oz - Burning Leather
Lord Mantis - Vile Divinity
Prong - No Justice
Katatonia - Deliberation
Ozzy - I love You All
Crowbar - All I Had I Gave
Thundercraft - Future Word
Sigh - Somniphobia
Rahu - Side A

7-8 am

Umbah - Hypnotic Implant
Saturnian - Temps De Crane
Ominous Crucifix - Secular Omens of Doom
Pact - The Middle Pillar
Pilgrim - Masters of the Sky
Inferion - Purest Evil
Laura Wilde - Backseat
Loincloth - Sactopus
Iron Fire - Leviathan
Isole - Born From Shadows

KUSF In Exile 02.12.12 1-2 AM Swamphell DJ Swamplord

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Intro: organ solo from Type O Negative – Black Sabbath
Kalmah – The Third, The Magical
Ensiferum – Token of Time
Wintersun – Beautiful Death
Northland – Where the Heroes Die…
Pagan Reign – By Fire and Sword
Thorondir – Bündnis
Orphaned Land – Ocean Land (The Revelation)
Wolfhorde – Kirvesmies

Hello all! My name is Andrew Noerr, and I am a DJ here on KUSF in Exile. I am a freshman at the University of San Francisco, and I have always been interested in radio/TV broadcasting. Because of that, I chose to be a media studies major. Music and sports are my main interests, and music is what I am pursuing on the radio side.

I have a show on KUSF in Exile titled "Swamphell", and my name on the air is DJ Swamplord. The show airs from 1-2 a.m. late Saturday nights/Sunday mornings, and it actually is a very intense heavy metal show! I feel that it works well airing right before the famous Rampage Radio show that airs from 2-8 a.m. My focus is to shed light on the many great foreign bands on the metal scene, which also means that I will not be playing many bands from the United States. The genres that I play are 50% folk metal and 50% a combination of black and death metal. A fun thing I do for this show is that I am willing to play metal from all around the world, as metal is actually a very prevalent genre of music in many areas. One can realize this if they tune in to my show, so support me and give this a chance! Thanks for all the support!