KUSF In Exile 06.10.11 3-4 PM DJ Germ

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KUSF In Exile 06.10.11 Noon-3 PM Put The Needle On The Record DJ Billy Jam

1st Hour

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2nd Hour

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3rd Hour

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John Doe + Exene Cervenka of X 
KUSF interview from May 6th 1983  

Grandmaster Flash KUSF interview 
David Bassin interviews GMF on KUSF May 25th 1984  

Grandmaster Flash  
grandmaster flash on the wheels of steel (excerpt)  

REM interview 3 O Clock (excerpt) 
June 24 1983  

Kate Pierson of B52's interivew with KUSF's Kate Ingram 
July 1st 1983  

KRS-One and Zizwe interivew  
KUSF interview October 1991 + "Beef"

DJ Ammbush 
Keep it lit  

Hail Mary Mallon  
Are You Gonna Eat That? 

The Freeze Tag  
The Vision  

Clean Ass Whip feat San Quinn  
Prince Aries Cool Ass Whip mixtape 

interview DaVinci 

Blame Game  
Drums and Ammo Vol I 

All I Think About  

Dave Chappelle 
Irish - the Blacks of Europe  

crystalline complex  

Young Montana  

Sebastian Speaks! 
Your Watchdog On A Disc 

Melt Banana 

My Name Is John 
slan leat  

Lady Don't Tek No

interview with Midnigjht Bombers 

MIdnight Bombers 
bedbug attack  

Shiney Things 
live on WFMU from Lightrail Studios  
Shiny Things from Oakland, CA feat. Bill (drums) and Joesph (keys) 

The 3 Jaguars 
live on WFMU from Lightrail Studios, SF  
The 3 Jaguars from SF feature Elton (Vox jaguar/drums/keyboards), Greg Turner (Fender Jaguar), and Ryan James (Fender Jaguar)