KUSF In Exile 06.20.12 6-9 AM DJ Shekky

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live to eat and ejaculate...and to eat again...

the english beat--i confess
erykah badu--love
the mary jane girls--all night long
love and rockets--the light

dantes--can't get enough of your love (psychedelic states ohio-1)
blossom toes--look at me, i'm you
gala drop--ubongo
white hills & gnod--subordinate contact

the cigarettes--valium world/peel session
mudhoney--urban guerilla (in search of hawkwind)
the psychic parchmount--paris part two
no age--eraser
guided by voices--i am a scientist

falter bramnk--alice bis
oliver nelson--sound pieces for a jazz orchestra
graham knox frazier--days gone by
t.u.b.a.--theme for an underground bowling alley (speakeasy collective)
ska cubano--cubia en do menor

yes--and you and i

yo la tengo--sugarcube
nuzzle--crimson tide
reigning sound--we repel each other
toy killers--the devil may be your santa claus

parenthesis = compilation title

KUSF In Exile 06.20.12 3-6 AM 360 Sound Show DJ Richard White

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First, here's four tracks from Emily Jane White's new album, Ode To Sentience:

"Oh, Katherine"
"I Lay To Rest (California)"
"Clipped Wings"

McDonald & Giles "Birdman" (1970)
Soft Machine "Moon In June" (1970)

Faust "Miss Fortune" (1971)
Tone Float (pre-Kraftwerk) "Tone Float" (1970)

Six Organs Of Admittance "You Can Always See The Sun" (2009)
Pelt "Road To Catawba" (2003)

Ali Akbar Khan & Ravi Shankar "Raga Palas Kafi" (ca. 1964)
James Blackshaw "The Elk With Jade Eyes" (2005)

KUSF In Exile 06.20.12 Midnight-2 AM World of Wonder DJ Matt Davignon

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0:00:00) Opening Chimes
0:00:17) Delia Derbyshire "Ziwzih Ziwzih 00-00-00"from "BBC
Radiophonic Music", recorded in 1967
0:01:57) hello
0:02:40) Tangerine Dream "Wahn" from "Atem", 1973
0:06:47) Agitation Free "Pulses" from "Malesch", 1972
0:11:30) Triosk meets Jan Jelinek "Neckless" from "1+3+1", 2003
0:16:01) Beck "Dead Wild Cat" from "Stereopathetic Soul Manure", 1994
0:16:23) Thomas Strønen "Dispatches" from "Pohlitz", 2006
0:22:12) announcements
0:23:49) Erland Dahlen "Monkey" from "Rolling Bomber", 2012
0:28:33) Michael Gordon with Den Haag Percussion Group "Timber: Part
III" from "Timber", 2012
0:35:42) BoorBaar "Crag" from "A Churlish Disturbance", 2011
0:42:43) announcements
0:43:53) Gino Robair "English Change Gamelan" from "Other Destinations", 2007
0:48:52) Gino Robair "Old Gods" from "Other Destinations", 2007
0:51:54) Erland Dahlen "Piratman" from "Rolling Bomber", 2012
0:57:24) Karen Stackpole with Die Elektrischen "Quantitative Treatment
Of Reflection" from "Machine Shop", 2010
1:02:35) announcements
1:03:58) Gamelan of Central Java "In Nem Four (Phrases: Joko
Purwanto") from "XV. Returning Minimalism In Nem", 2009
1:25:52) You "H.Rays Identity" from "Electric Day", 1979
1:31:32) Georgia Anne Muldrow as Jyoti "Unchanged Reverie" from "Ocotea", 2010
1:33:59) announcements
Georgia Anne Muldrow "John De Conqueror (ona Moove)" from "Umsindo", 2009
1:39:39) Georgia Anne Muldrow as Jyoti "Thread's First Stitches" from
"Ocotea", 2010
1:44:14) Michael Jackson "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough" from "Off
the Wall", 1979 (modified by Matt Davignon)
1:50:18) Announcements & Kristin Miltner "Altamont Pass" from "Library
Catalog Music Series: Music for Dreaming and Playing"

KUSF in Exile 06.19.12 9-11 PM Freefall DJ David Bassin

David Bassin hosts an eclectic two-hour mix of future jazz, R &B, global grooves & abstract beats that has received international acclaim since it's debut in 2000. Weekly rebroadcasts are available on Live365.com, Live1.FM (Brazil), FutureJazz (Germany), Space Invader Radio (UK), DanceAndSoul.com (Singapore). RadioPellenera.com (Italy) and the weekly podcast, available for free from the iTunes music store, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Pod-o-Matic and others. More information, links to our partner sites and contact info is available at: www.freefallradio.com.

Producer and Host, David Bassin

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FreeFall 593: 6.19.12
Lakecia Benjamin - Soulsquad - Retox (Motema)
Funkommunity - The Light - Chequered Thoughts
DJ Oil - P.O. Box - Black Notes
The Ruffcats - Dr. Cosmo - The Essence Vol. 1
Jazz Collective - Noema - Jazz Collective
Sleepin’ Giantz - Badungdeng - Sleepin’ Giantz (Tru-Thoughts)
IG Culture - Future’s Back - (The Many Districts Of) Soulful Shanghai (Kindred Spirits)
Tote - Light Beams (Cut)
Tensei - 100 Ton Press - Tensei 2
Sonarpilot - June Dub (Jonny Miller Rmx) (Sonarpilot Audio)
The Bamboos - The Wilhelm Scream - Medicine Man
Cadence Weapon - Hype Man - Hope In Dirt City
Versus - The Don Walks In - Mr. Blue
The Cinematic Orchestra - Manhatta - In Motion 1 (Ninja Tune)
Gare Du Nord - Tom’s Song - Rendezvous 802
Gabriele Poso - Afro Blue - Roots Of Soul
Jonathan Blake - The Eleventh Hour - The Eleventh Hour (Sunnyside)
Allen Stone - Sleep (Stickystones)
The Jezebel Sextet - Makin’ Gravy - Lift It Up! (Sookie)
Bukky Leo & Black Egypt - Afrobeat Jam - Skeleton (Agogo)
Arnaldo Antunes/Edgard Scandurra/Toumani Diabaté - Se Você - A Curva Da Cintura (Mais Um Discos)
KonKoma - Handkerchief - KonKoma (Soundway)
LV feat. Okmalumkoolkat - Zulu Compurar - Get A Grip (Hyperdub)
The Brothers Johnson - Stomp - Light Up The Night (A&M)
Gregory Porter - 1960 What? (Opolopo Tokyo Dawn
D’Steph - Getting It On - Jalapeño Funk (Jalapeño)

KUSF In Exile 06.19.12 3-6 PM Hip Hop DJ David Ford

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KUSF In Exile 06.19.12 Noon-3 PM Carolyn

If anyone personifies the word 'maven' it's DJ Carolyn. Her impeccable
taste in punk, garage and rock has influenced Bay Area listeners for over
two decades. A listener passionately sent in, 'she has always been the
only DJ that matters. She finds music nobody else does, and it rocks!' Her
dedication to the local scene goes beyond spinning the latest indie disc
or old-school classic, to outright mentorship of fledgling talent. Catch
her weekly show... and you'll find out why, when it comes to Bay Area
rock, you've been served." -From SF Bay Guardian who awarded Carolyn as
2006's and 2008's Best DJ: Terrestrial Radio

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Penetration "Don't Dictate" from "Penetration" (LP)
XTC "This Is Pop?" from "White Music" (CD, Album, Rock) on Virgin UK (UK)
Bush Tetras "Too Many Creeps" from "Bush Tetras" (CD)
Los Buenos "Woovy Groovy" from "Sensacional Soul Vol 1" (LP, 1969) on Vampisoul
The Wailers "You Weren't Using Your Head" from "Live Wire" (LP) on Norton
Mind Spiders "Don't Let Her Go" from "The Mind Spiders" (LP, 2011) on Dirtnap Records
The Psyched "I'm Psyched" from "The Psyched" (CD, Rock, 2012) on Slovenly Recordings / Black Gladiator New
Poppets "Heaven Only Knows" from "The Long Highway b/w Heaven Only Knows" (7 Inch, 2011) on Ken Rock
The Hookers "Out Of My Head" from "split with White Barons" (7 Inch, 2012) New
Pins of Light "Western Sky" from "II" (LP, 2012) on Alternative Tentacles (USA) Local, New
Dr. Feelgood "Roxette" from "Down By the Jetty" (LP, Album, Private, 1974) on EMI UK (UK)
Missing Monuments "(It’s Like) XTC" from "Painted White" (LP, 2011) on Douchemaster
Acid Baby Jesus "Homo Sapiens" from "LP" (CD, Rock, 2011) on Slovenly
Scarcity Of Tanks "Forgiveness" from "Fear Is Not Conscience" (CD, 2012) on Total Life Society Records New
Whatever Brains "The Petfinder" from "Whatever Brains (2012)" (LP, 2012) on Sorry State Records New
Ty Segall "Pettin' The Dog" from "Rated G.G." (7 Inch, 2012) on Best Show On WFMU Local, New
The Intelligence "I'm Closed" from "Everybody's Got It Easy But Me" (LP, 2012) on In The Red (USA) New
The Chrome Cranks "Black Garage Door" from "Ain't No Lies In Blood" (CD, Rock, 2012) on Thick Syrup Records New
The Playgue "I Gotta Be Goin'" from "Teenage Shutdown" (LP) on Teenage Shutdown
Cyclops "Goblins Part I" from "Eye Can't Take It EP" (7 Inch, 2012) on Bachelor Local, New
Los Culitos "No Me Hables" from "Un Año Sin Verte EP" (7 Inch, 2012) on Teosto New
Ben Gibbard "Friends In The CIty" from "Rated G.G." (7 Inch, 2012) on Best Show On WFMU New
Mrs. Magician "Don't Flatter Yourself" from "Strange Heaven" (LP, 2012) on Swami New
Grass Widow "Spock on Muni" from "Internal Logic" (LP, 2012) on HLR Local, New
Violens "Through The Window" from "TRUE" (LP, 2012) on Slumberland (USA) New
The Only Ones "Another Girl Another Planet" from "The Big Sleep" (LP, Rock, 1993) on Jungle Records
Doubtful Nonagenarians "Let Us Go Then" from "Spokanarchy! (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" (CD, 2011) on Flat Field Records
Jilted John "Jilted John (Single Version)" from "True Love Stories" (CD, Rock, 2005) on Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.
Liquor Store "Bud Lite Killers" from "Yeah Buddy" (CD, Rock, 2011) on Almost Ready
Teledetente 666 "Les Rats" from "Les Rats b/w Panne Sexe" (7 Inch, 2012) on Sweet Rot New
Love Collector "Circuit Breaker" from "Human Bodies EP" (7 Inch, 2012) on CQ Records New
Cheap Time "More Cigarettes" from "Wallpaper Music" (LP, 2012) on In The Red (USA) New
Evans The Death "I'm So Unclean" from "Evans The Death" (LP, 2012) on Slumberland (USA) New
The Stones "Down And Around" from "Time To Go - The Southern Psychedelic Moment 1981-86" (LP, 2012) on Flying Nun (New Zealand) New
Screaming Urge "HomeWork" from "Homework b/w Runaway" (7 Inch, 1980) on Sing Sing
The Sloths "Makin' Love" from "Makin' Love b/w You Mean Something" (7 Inch, Single) on Ugly Things
The Monacles "I Can't Win" from "I Can't Win b/w" (7 Inch) on Norton
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "Gadzooks!" from "Gadzooks! b/w Tell Me That You Love Me" (7 Inch, 2012) on In The Red (USA) New
Family Curse "Julia Armant" from "Julia Armant b/w Last Days" (7 Inch)
Starshooter "Get Baque" from "Get Baque b/w En Chantier" (7 Inch, 1978) on Pathe Marconi
The Nervebreakers "My Girlfriend is a Rock" from "The Nervebreakers" (LP)
Nuevo Catecismo Catolico "Detras de tu mirada" from "Nuevo Catecismo Catolico" (LP, 2012) on Solo Para Punks New
World War XXIV "HEART ATTACK" from "Flowers From The Dustbin" (CD, 1983) on Aberrant
Bad Trouble "SAY GOODBYE" from "split with Wooly Bullies" (7 Inch, 2012) on Fone Records New
Slug Guts "Coathanger BLue" from "Stranglin' You Too EP" (7 Inch, 2012) on Hozac New
TV Ghost "Phantasm" from "Phantasm b/w Panic Area" (7 Inch, 2012) on Sweet Rot New
Tronics "T.V. On In Bed" from "Love Backed By Force" (LP, Rock, 2012) on What's Your Rupture New
The Apartments "HELP" from "Return Of The Hypnotist" (7 Inch, 1979)
Noh Mercy "Pay the Devil" from "Noh Mercy" (LP, Rock, 2012) on Superior Viaduct New
Jack Ruby "OUT OF TOUCH" from "Jack Ruby" (CD, Rock, 2011) on Ug Explode
Testors "TOGETHER" from "Together / Time Is Mine - Single" (7 Inch, Rock, 2012) on Windian Records New
Images "Can't Get Enough" from "Thought Patterns EP" (7 Inch, 2012) New
Guided By Voices "BREATHING" from "Jon the Croc - Single" (7 Inch, 2012) on GBV Inc New
The End "People Talk" from "People Talk - Single" (7 Inch)
Now In 3D "I Wanna Go To Prison" from "The Knife Is The Law EP" (7 Inch, 2012) on Total Twitch Records New
X (Australia) "Good On Ya Baby" from "Aspirations" (CD, Album, 1993) on Amphetamine Reptile

KUSF In Exile 06.19.12 9-Noon Radiodrome DJ Schmeejay

Visceral Cinematic Radio

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The Pali Gesztro Orchestra "Kicsi Feher Meszelt Szoba" from "Musical Memories of Hungary" (LP, 1957) on London (USA)
Circle "CODA" from "Earthworm" (CD, Rock, 2006) on No Quarter
Shirley Temple "Hey! What Did The Bluejay Say?" from "On The Good Ship Lollipop" (LP, 1934) on Ling Music Group
Dr. Hook "Sexy Eyes" from "Slow 45" (7 Inch, 1979) on Capitol Catalog
Todd Rundgren "Can We Still Be Friends?" from "Slow 45" (7 Inch, 1978) on Bearsville -- Born 6.22.48
Oneohtrix Point Never "Explain" from "Replica" (LP, 2011) on Co-operative Music
Glen Campbell "Without Her" from "Gentle On My Mind" (LP, Album, Private, 1967) on Fantastic Voyage
Jacques Brel "Heureux" from "Le Disques D'or" (LP, 1957) on Impact
David Sylvian "The Stigma of Childhood (Kin)" from "Alchemy" (CD, 1986) on Virgin UK (UK) -- Paul Born 6.18.42
Wings "Let Me Roll It" from "Slow 45" (7 Inch, 1973) on Apple
Caroliner "Fanged Hymen Flee in Terror" from "The Sabre" (LP, Single, 2002) on SR
Normal Love "Grimy Super Soaker" from "Survival Tricks" (CD, Rock, 2012) on Ugexplode/Public Eyesore
The Drifters "(If You Cry) True Love True Love" from "History of R&B Vol4 The Big Beat" (LP, 1959) on Atlantic (USA)
Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkacem "Vous et nous" from "Vous et nous" (CD, 1977) on Saravah
Aphex Twin "We Are The Music Makers" from "Selected Ambient Works 85-92" (CD, Album, Private, 1992) on R&S Records
Bob Welch "The Ghost of Flight 401" from "Three Hearts" (LP, 1979) on Capitol Catalog
Torgos Lanthimos "Song and Dance Scene Excerpt" from "Dogtooth (Film)" (Other, 2010) on Kino
Uton "Aikavirta" from "Mystery Revolution" (CD, 2006) on digitalis
Ann Murray "Day Tripper" from "Slow 45" (7 Inch, 1974) on Capitol Catalog
Ulla-Greta Hansen "Ekorren" from "Swedish Single" (7 Inch, 1950) on Barnparaden
Plasticland "Don't Antagonize Me" from "Salon" (LP, 1987) on Pink Dust
George Michael "Father Figure" from "Slow 45" (7 Inch, 1987) on Columbia (USA)
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffitti "Fright Nght" from "Before Today" (CD, Single, Private, 2010) on 4AD (UK)
Tony Orlando & Dawn "Knock Three Times" from "Tony Orlando & Dawn: The Definitive Collection" (LP, 1973) on Arista
Ruth Etting "Happy Days And Lonely Nights" from "Encores" (LP, 1928) on Take Two
Paul McCartney & Wings "1985" from "Band On The Run" (LP, Album, Private, 1973) on Apple -- Paul Born 6.18.42
The Family Dogg "Waiting in the Storm" from "Das Chris Howland Schlager-Studio" (LP, 1970) on S*R
Sky Saxon & Galaxy Chamber "Sky King" from "Sky King" (CD, Single, 2012) on Cdr
Mills Brothers "Glow Worm" from "Greatest Hits" (LP, 1934) on MCA
Hella "Nixed" from "Church Gone Wild/ Chirpin Hard" (CD, Album, Rock, 2004) on Suicide Queere Rocords
The Notwist "Boneless" from "Boneless - Single" (7 Inch, 2008) on Co-operative Music -- Slow 45
Noel Coward "We Were Dancing" from "Noel and Gertie" (LP, 1921) on Parlophone
Thee Oh Sees "Ghost In the Trees" from "The Master's Bedroom is Worth Spending the Night In" (LP, 2008) on Tomlab
Bay City Rollers "Rock And Roll Love Letter" from "Bay City Rollers: The Definitive Collection" (LP, Rock, 1974) on Arista
Microwaves "Penetration In the Centerfold" from "Psionic Impedance" (CD, Rock, 2012) on ugEXPLODE
Olekranon "Catacomb" from "Armor" (CD, 2012) on Inam

KUSF In Exile 06.19.12 Midnight-3 AM Stylus Fly8 DJ D-Synthesis

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Stylus Flight (Music) with Dave Synth 06/19/2012 12:00AM to 03:00AM

Hawaiin Pups "Baby Judy" from "Baby Judy" (12 Inch, EP, Other, 1982) on Portrait/CBS (USA)
The Toy Dolls "James Bond Lives on My Street" from "James Bond Lives on My Street" (12 Inch, Single, 1985) on Volume (UK)
Slutmachine "Xistor" from "Slutmachine" (12 Inch, EP, 2005) on Zhork (UK)
Muzlimgauzz "?" from "?" (LP, Album) on ? (UK)
Collisionoun 7 "Brooklynese" from "Brooklynese" (12 Inch, EP) on AreUready (USA)
Spooky "Found Sound" from "Found Sound" (LP, Single, 1996) on Generic (UK)
Gabor Presser "2000 Dioptera" from "Electrommantic" (LP, 1982) on EMI UK (UK)
Konstrukt "Dis-Co" from "Dis-Co" (LP, Single) on Hammerwerk (Austria)
The Timelords (The Jams) "Gary In The Tardis" from "Gary In The Tardis" (12 Inch, Single, 1988) on KLF Communications (UK)
Zinga Linga "?" from "?" (12 Inch, Single, 2001) on Humble (UK)
Love and Rockets "This Heaven (Lost In It)" from "This Heaven - EP" (1994) on Beggars Banquet (UK)
Zomby "Where Were U in '92" from "Where Were U In '92 ?" (LP, 2012) on Cult Music
The Damned "New Rose" from "EP" (12 Inch, EP, 1977) on Stiff (UK)
The Human League "Toyota City" from "Travelogue" (LP, Album, Private, 1980) on Virgin UK (UK)
Los Straightjackets "Munsters Theme" from "Halloween Hootenannny" (LP, Comp, 1998) on Telstar (USA)
Runaways "Levitation" from "Levitation" (12 Inch, Single, 1998) on Ultimate Dilemma (UK)
Mystic Minds "Power Of The Mind" from "Mind Over Matter" (LP) on SMOA (USA)
The Grassy Knoll "Evolution #9" from "12"" (12 Inch, Single, 1994) on Netwerk (USA)
Cube & Sphere "Silberregen" from "Seperator Series" (12 Inch, EP, 1999) on Disko B (Germany)
Budgie "Hot As A Dockers Armpit" from "Squawk" (LP, Album, 1973) on Kapp (USA)
Thomas Dolby "The Devil Is An Englishman" from "Gothic Soundtrack" (LP, Album, 1987) on Virgin America (USA)
Xela "Gilted Rose" from "The Illuminated" (LP, 2008) on Dekorder (Germany)
Asmus Tiechens "Ritual Der Kranken Freude" from "Litia" (LP, 1983) on Sky (Germany)
Cumulonimbus "Portable" from "Precipitation Ep" (12 Inch, EP, 2003) on Morten Industries (UK)
Interloper "Daddy Vegas" from "Interloper - EP" (12 Inch, Single, 1996) on Plink Plonk (UK)
Anjali "Maharani I" from "12"" (12 Inch, Single, 1998) on promo (UK)
D.J. Decent "Soul Instrumental" from "The Stupiid Def EP" (12 Inch, EP, 1998) on Rennaisance Infinity (USA)
Jan Davis "Pepper Stick" from "Flemco USA" (LP) on Cambria (USA)
Akita, Azuma, Haswell, Sakatbara "Ich" from ""Self Titled"" (LP) on Mega (Germany)
Non "Storm" from "Blood & Flame" (LP, 1986) on Mute (UK)
Angela Werner "Aus Und Vorbei" from "self titled" (LP, 1981) on RCA (Germany)
Artist Unknown "Overdose" from "12"" (12 Inch, Single) on promo (UK)
Ray Buttigieg/ Cykx "Compucircuit Pase II" from "Cykx" (LP, 1981) on Cykx (USA)

KUSF In Exile 06.18.12 11-Midnight Room For Four DJ M Theo

Before there were recordings, music at home meant playing the piano; and before the inexpensive mass-produced piano, music at home meant gathering to play instruments together. With focus on the quartet, Room for four explores the music that was written not primarily to be performed for an audience, but to be played – for the players’ own enjoyment.

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KUSF In Exile 06.18.12 7-8 PM Fembot and Friends DJ Gary Fembot

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KUSF In Exile 06.18.12 7-730 PM Folks Law DJ Daniel Everett

Folk Law focuses on law and policy topics that affect the everyday people in our communities.  The prevailing view is that there are essentially two society's functioning side by side - one for tho who can afford legal and political representation, and one for those who cannot.  This program seeks to bridge that divide.  Folk Law does not give legal advice - but it does provide much needed insight and information concerning a myriad of civic and legal issues important to our listeners.
website: folklawradio.com
Producer and host:  Daniel Everett, Attorney at Law
California State Bar Number: 268967

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KUSF In Exile 06.18.12 3-6 PM DJ Blue Lew

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