KUSF In Exile 09.20.12 3-6 PM In the Music Room DJ Nathalie

KUSF In Exile 09.20.12 11-Noon Lado B DJ Sue Lopez

KUSF In Exile 09.20.12 10-11 AM Set De Set Catalan DJ Lluis Vall

KUSF In Exile 09.20.12 9-10 AM Salsa Sides DJ Cathy Cohn

KUSF In Exile 09.20.12 6-9 AM Ghost Light Grammar School DJ Fillbee

KUSF in Exile 09.19.12 3-6 PM Box of Records DJ Pete Accident

art blakey percussion ensemble -- the sacrifice
ron kuivila -- alphabet
NTU w gary bartz -- st felix street
the third eye foundation -- the out sound from way in

swamp dogg -- sam stone
marion brown -- hurry sundown
larry young -- means happiness
miles davis -- sivad

unrest -- imperial
tall dwarfs -- up (pt 2)

marj snyder -- god 
judee sill -- the kiss
patty waters -- moon, dont come up tonight

ojas -- seven levels of man

chico freeman -- autumn in new york

chris mcgregor's brotherhood of breath -- night poem

shop assistants -- its up to you
close lobsters -- firestation towers
miaow -- sport most royal

creative arts ensemble -- one step out
alan silva -- skillfullness

KUSF In Exile 09.19.12 Noon-3 PM Open Mind Music DJ Henry

KUSF In Exile 09.19.12 6-9 AM DJ Shekky

KUSF In Exile 09.19.12 3-6 AM 360 Sound Show DJ Richard White

KUSF In Exile 09.19.12 Midnight-2 AM World of Wonder DJ Matt Davignon

Each week, the World of Wonder brings you a wide variety of music from different genres, focusing on fascinating sounds. Local drum-machinist Matt Davignon hosts, with occasional guest hosts from the Bay Area experimental music scene.

0:00:00) Opening Chimes / hello
0:01:16) Pink Floyd "Atom Heart Mother Suite" from "Atom Heart Mother", 1970
0:24:48) announcements
0:25:26) Starving Weirdos "A Change in the Lexicon" from "", 2012
0:33:19) Ashley Bellouin "Vibraphone, Piano, Guitar, Shruti Box" from "http://soundcloud.com/ashley-bellouin", 2011
0:39:33) Jan Jelinek "Im Diskodickicht" from "Kosmicher Pitch", 2006
0:44:30) Ursula Bogner "Illusoriche Planeten" from "Sonne = Blackbox", 2011
0:47:09) PSA
0:47:54) Emerson, Lake & Palmer "Toccata" from "Brain Salad Surgery", 1973
0:55:13) Alberto Ginastera "Piano Concerto No. 1, Op.28: Iv. Toccata Concertata" from "Ginastera: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 and 2", 1961 / 2001
1:02:19) announcements
1:04:29) Lumerians "Untitled track #3" from "Transmissions from the Telos, Vol. IV", 2012
1:11:18) Information "Nightwheel" from "Artifacts", 2004
1:16:48) Liz Allbee "Running" from "Quarry Tones", 2006
1:21:10) Alog "Son of King" from "Amateur", 2007
1:27:24) Dajuin Yao "Warbling Orioles Returning" from "Cinnabar Red Drizzle", 1999
1:32:43) Felix Kubin "X-Ray No.9 (Original Mix)" from "Txrf", 2012
1:35:58) Skozey Fetisch "Track 18" from "Momma:Key", 1995
1:39:54) Grampus "Spyhobbing" from "ILKILK", 2011
1:43:58) Pram "Sundew" from "The Moving Frontier", 2007
1:46:57) Igloo Martian "What We Did that Night" (featuring Hilary Glass)  from "The Final Days of the 23rd Room", 2010
1:51:16) PSA/Announcements
1:53:44) Kammerflimmer Kollektief "Neumond Inselhin" from "Cicadidae", 2006

KUSF In Exile 09.18.12 Noon-3 PM Carolyn

Carolyn (Music) with Carolyn 09/18/2012 12:00PM to 03:00PM
The Penetrators “Teenage Lifestyle” from Teenage Lifestyle / Rock 'n' Roll Face - Single (7 Inch, Rock, 2012) on Windian Records New
The Heartbreakers “Chinese Rocks” from The Heartbreakers (LP, 1977)
All-Night Newsboys “She's Gone Hollywood” from Buttons: From Champaign To Chicago (CD, 2012) on The Numero Group (USA)
The Features “Floozie Of The Neighborhood” from Floozie Of The Neighborhood b/w I Wanna Be Your Man (7 Inch, 2012) on Last Laugh New — reissue from 1979
The Rock and Roll Bitches “Someone Could Lose An Eye” from Wild West EP (7 Inch, 2012) on Ugly Pop New — reissue from 1980
Bing Selfish “Australia” from Spanish Dictators EP (7 Inch, 2012) on Messthetics New — reissue from 1983
The Modds “Leave My House” from Leave My House b/w All The Time In The World (7 Inch, 2012) on Groovie Records New — reissue from 1965
Bizarros “WITHOUT REASON” from Complete Collection 1976-1980 (LP, Rock, 2012) on Windian Records New
Ty Segall “Mother Lemonade” from The Hill - Single (7 Inch, 2012) on Drag City (USA) Local, New
Cheap Time “More Cigarettes” from Wallpaper Music (LP, 2012) on In The Red (USA) New
Overnight Lows “Cones and Rods” from Cones and Rods b/w Shouldn't Say It (7 Inch, 2012) on Blahlll! New
The Intelligence “Evil Is Easy” from Everybody's Got It Easy But Me (LP, 2012) on In The Red (USA) New
Colleen Green “Goldmine” from Milo Goes to Compton (LP, 2012) on Art Fag Recordings (USA) New
Fury “FLYING” from Flying b/w (7 Inch, 2012) on Hozac New — recorded in 1972
Deniz Tek “What Gives?” from Live on WFMU (Other) on WFMU — live May 19, 2012
Francis Harold & The Holograms “My Hell” from The White Bull Weeps From Valhalla (LP, 2012) on Video Disease New
Young Prisms “Apartment Song (Prequel)” from Apartment Song EP (7 Inch, 2012) on Holy Mountain (USA) Local, New
Wooly Bullies “WAITING FOR YOU” from split with Bad Trouble (7 Inch, 2012) on Fone Records
Slug Guts “Coathanger BLue” from Stranglin' You Too EP (7 Inch, 2012) on Hozac New — playing Wednesday night Sept 19 at Hemlock Tavern, SF
The Charles “Motorcycle” from Scum Of The Earth (CD)
The Northwest Company “Hard To Cry” from Hard to Cry b/w Get Away From It All (7 Inch, 2012) on Ugly Pop New — reissue from 1967
UV Race “Lego Man” from UV Race/ Eddy Current Suppression Ring - live at Missing Link Records (LP, 2012) on Almost Ready New
The Dream Dates “Tallahassee Lassie” from Surfer Joe b/w Tallahassee Lassie (7 Inch, 2011) on Ugly Pop — reissue from 1979
The Reactions “She's The Only One” from Saturday's Gone Wild (LP, 2012) on Cheap Rewards
Puffy Aerolas “1982” from 1982: Dishonorable Discharge (LP, 2012) on Hozac New
Hank IV “Garbage Star” from III (LP, 2010) on Siltbreeze (USA) Local
Total Control “Carpet Rash” from Henge Beat (LP, 2011) on Iron Lung (US)
Noh Mercy “Revolutionary Spy” from Noh Mercy (LP, Rock, 2012) on Superior Viaduct
The Spy's “Underground” from Windsor Nov. '79- Sept. '80 (7 Inch, 2012) on Ugly Pop New — reissue from 1980
Born Loose “Move Along” from Move Along EP (7 Inch, 2012) on Black Lung New
Roger Miller “Big Steam” from Big Steam b/w Dream Interpretation (7 Inch, 2012) on Good Road New
The Liminanas “SALVATION” from Crystal Anis (LP, 2012) on Hozac New
A Passing Fancy “I'm Losing Tonight” from I'm Losing Tonight b/w A Passing Fancy (7 Inch, Rock, 2012) on Ugly Pop New — reissue from 1966
Bent Wind “Sacred Cows” from Sacred Cows b/w Castles Made Of Man (7 Inch, 2012) on Ugly Pop New — reissue from 1969
Spray Paint “Spock Fingers” from Spock Fingers b/w Pink Pus (7 Inch, 2012) on SS Records New
Mrs. Magician “Dead '80s” from Strange Heaven (LP, 2012) on Swami New
Adam Widener “Groovy Intuitions” from Make Out (7 Inch, 2012) on Fuzz City Local, New
Gardens “Alive In 5D” from Gardens (CD, Rock, 2011) on Alive Records
Nones “Shake Your Brain” from Shake Your Brain EP (7 Inch, 2012) on Hozac New
Crash Kills Five “What Do You Do At Night?” from What Do You Do At Night? EP (7 Inch, 2012) on Ugly Pop New — reissue from 1980
The Hot Nasties “I Am A Confused Teenager” from The Invasion of The Tribbles EP (7 Inch, 2012) on Ugly Pop New — reissue from 1980
Murphy “The Encampment” from 12 Minutes at the Hot Club (7 Inch, 2012) on Messthetics New — reissue from 1982
Echo Lake “Further Down” from Wild Peace (LP, 2012) on Slumberland (USA) New
The Cleaners From Venus “Factory Boy” from Midnight Cleaners (CD, 2012) on Captured Tracks New
Cindy Sisters “She's Burning Inside” from She's Burning Inside b/w Waiting For Tomorrow (7 Inch, 2012) on Hozac New
Rat Columns “Spectre in the Hall” from Sceptre Hole (LP, 2012) on SmartGuy Records Local, New
Vincas “Radiation Lady” from Blood Bleeds (LP, 2012) on Douchemaster New
Ben Gibbard “Friends In the City” from Rated G.G. (7 Inch, 2012) on Best Show On WFMU New
Contra-Band “See You Tonight” from Buttons: From Champaign To Chicago (CD, 2012) on The Numero Group (USA) New
Hurriganes “Get On” from Hurriganes - 25 Golden Greats (CD, Rock, 2001) on Siboney Oy
The Beavers “I Don't Care Anymore” from Silly Girls EP (7 Inch, 2011) on Frantic City
Little Queenie “I'm Going Stag” from live at Stork Club (Other, 2011) on Lemon Sessions Local
The Essentials “Turn Off Your Radio” from The Essnetials EP (7 Inch) — played this one for Greg Kihn

KUSF In Exile 09.18.12 9-Noon Radiodrome DJ Schmeejay

RADIODROME (Music) with dj schmeejay 09/18/2012 09:00AM to 12:00PM
Sean McCann & Matthew Sullivan “Cabrini Green” from Vanity Fair (LP) on Recital One — 2012
Art Bears “Moeris Dancing” from Hopes & Fears (CD, Album, 1978) on RE — 1978
Christmas Decorations “Build a House” from Model 91 (2002) on kranky — 2002
Kemialliset Ystavat “Maksaruohoja” from Ullakkopalo (LP, 2010) on Fonal — 2010
Yes “Leave It (A Capella Version)” from Slow 45 (7 Inch) on Atlantic (USA) — 1983
Nico Muhly “Clear Music” from Speaks Volumes (Classical, 2006) on Bedroom Community — 2006
The Woodentops “(You Make Me Feel)” from Slow 45 (7 Inch) on Capitol (USA) — 1988
Hodag “Flylknegl” from Flylknegl (Single) on S/R (USA) — 2004
Jacques Brel “Quand On N'a Que L'amour” from Le Disques D'or (LP, 1957) on Impact — 1960
Shogun Kunitoki “Montezuma” from Tasankokaiku (CD, 2005) on Fonal — 2005
Sophie Tucker “He Hadn't Up Till Yesterday” from Some of These Days (LP) on Pelican — 1928
Tirath Singh Nirmala & Richard Youngs “UniTitled” from Tirath Singh Nirmala & Richard Youngs (LP) on Unknown — 2005
Alan Parsons Project “Damned If I Do” from Slow 45 (7 Inch, 1977) on Arista — 1977
Snap! Crackle! Pop! “RICE KRISPIES” from Single on Kellog's — 1969
Toni Lenz “Das Echo Vom Königsee” from Mein Bercgtesgardener Land (LP) on Capitol (USA) — 1957
LOW “SUNSHINE” from I Could Live In Hope (Rock, 1994) on Vernon Yard — 1994
Brigitte Fontaine “Le beau cancer” from Brigitte Fontaine est. . . (CD, 1973) on Saravah — 1973
RV Paintings “Millions” from Samoa Highway (LP, 2010) on The Helen Scarsdale Agency — 2010
Jethro Tull “ROVER” from Heavy Horses (LP, Album, Rock) on Chrysalis UK — 1977
Mike Nichols And Elaine May “A Little More Gauge” from Examine Doctors (LP, 2011) on Mercury (USA) — 1963
Carla Thomas “Gee Whiz” from History of Rhythm & Blues Vol 4 (LP) on Atlantic (USA) — 1959
Microwaves “Ultra Plus” from Psionic Impedance (CD, Rock, 2012) on ugEXPLODE — 2012
Frank Zander “DA DA DA” from Single (7 Inch) on Ariola — 1982
Rob Reich “Waltz in B Minor (Chopin)” from The Balancing Act (CD, 2008) on S/R (USA) — 2008
Jack Frost “Every Hour God Sends” from Single on Polydor (USA) — 1990
Ulf Langheinreich “Pulses” from Degrees of Amnesia on Asphodel (USA) — 1998
Kreayshawn “BFF” from Something 'Bout Kreay (MP3) on Columbia (USA) — 2012
Caravelles “You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry” from Single (7 Inch) on Collectables — 1956
Joe Venuti And Eddie Lang “Really Blue” from RCA Victor Encyclopedia of Recorded Jazz (LP) on RCA (Germany) — 1930
Normal Love “I Heard You Could See Baltimore from There” from Survival Tricks (CD, Rock, 2012) on Ugexplode/Public Eyesore — 2012
Sylvia “Pillow Talk” from Soul Train on KTel — 1975
Ian Gomm “Jaguar” from Single on Stiff (UK) — 1978

KUSF In Exile 09.18.12 6-9 AM DJ Stevil

6-9 am The Stevil show is a moody collage of music that soothes and attacks your senses every Tuesday morning from 6 to 9 a.m.  If music is the language of the heart, then the Stevil show is hieroglyphics on the caverns of the aorta.
Stevil Show (Music) with Stevil 09/18/2012 06:00AM to 09:00AM
Rovo “Sinno” from Tonic (2001) on Tzadik
The Skein: Andrea Parkins and Jessica Constable “Ides for Two” from Cities and Eyes (CD, Album, Other, 2008) on Henceforth Records
Bobb Trimble “Selling Me Short While Stringing Me Along” from Harvest of Dreams (Rock, 1982) on Secretly Canadian
Animal Collective “Also Frightened” from Merriweather Post Pavilion (2009) on Domino Recording Co. LTD
Deuter “SoHam” from Soul Jazz Records Presents: Deutsche Elektronische Musik - Experimental German Rock and Electronic Musik 1972-83 (Rock, 2010) on Soul Jazz Records
Gilberto Gil “O Canto Da Ema” from Expresso 2222 (2004) on Universal Import
Asylum Street Spankers “Gettin' High” from Spanker Madness (Rock, 2000) on Buffalo Records
Little Teeth “Between My Ears” from Child Bearing Man (2008) on Absolutely Kosher
Little Claw “Frozen In the Future” from Human Taste (2009) on ecstatic peace (USA)
Sunil Ganguly “Amar Akbar Anthony” from Bollywood Steel Guitar (2008) on Sublime Frequencies
Exotics “The Corrido Twist” from Hot Rods to Hell (1996) on Blood Red
Lost Sounds “No Genetic Engineer” from Lost Lost Demos, Sounds, Alternate Takes & Unused Songs (CD, 2012) on Goner (USA)
Normal Love “Crimy Super Sodker” from Survival Tricks (CD, Rock, 2012) on Ugexplode/Public Eyesore
Television Personalities “I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives” from And Don't the Kids Just Love It (Rock, 1990) on Fire Records
Syd Barrett “Octopus” from The Best of Syd Barrett: Wouldn't You Miss Me? (2001) on emi (UK)
Samara Lubelski “The Trip Is Out” from Future Slip (2009) on ecstatic peace (USA)
The Parting Gifts “(Walking Through The) Sleepy City” from Strychnine Dandelions (LP, 2010) on In The Red (USA)
Zmrzlina “Schoolgirls” from Katastrophe Vol. 3 (2001) on Incidental Music
The Teardrop Explodes “Brave Boys Keep Their Promises” from Peel Sessions Plus (2007) on UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) (UK)
Hugo Strasser “School's Out” from 70's Big Band Pop (2009)
Shellshag “Pogo” from Shellshag (2004) on Starcleaner
Vocokesh “Eddie Makes an Exit” from ...All This And Hieronymus Bosch (2007) on Strange Attractors
Memphis Black “Why Don't You Play the Organ, Man” from Soul Club (2006) on Sonorama
Sheriff and the Revels “Shombolar” from Shombalor / Lonely One on Vee Jay Records
Screaming Savage & the Caveman “Last Meal” from B-Movie Brain (1993) on Neurotic Bop Records
Dead Moon “Room 213” from Echoes of the Past (CD, Album, Private, 2006) on Sub Pop
The Ettes “I Get Mine” from Look At Life Again Soon (MP3, Single, Private, 2009) on KNTRST Records
Elvis Presley “Do The Clam” from Elvis at the Movies (CD, Album, Private, 2007) on BMG Records
The Rhythm Rockers “MADNESS” from The Roots of Psychobilly (Rock, 2012) on Not Now Music
Busdriver “New Aquarium” from Temporary Forever (2002) on Temporary Whatever
The Inner Space “Kamerasong” from Agilok & Blubbo (2009) on Wah-Wah Records (Spain)
Eskimo “Bellyup” from The Further Adventures of der Shrimpkin (1995) on Mammoth
Kreidler “New Earth” from Tank (2011) on bureau b
Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds “At the Ruin of Others” from Gorilla Rose (LP, 2011) on In The Red (USA)
Mission of Burma “This Is Hi-Fi” from Unsound (CD, 2012) on Fire Records
Davilla 666 “Obsesionao” from Tan Bajo (2011) on In The Red (USA)
The Dirtbombs “Cosmic Cars” from Party Store (CD, 2010) on In The Red (USA)

KUSF In Exile 09.18.12 3-6 AM Innerworld DJ Post Pink

DJ Post-Pink's Innerworld (Music) with DJ Post-Pink 09/18/2012 03:00AM to 06:00AM
GANG OF FOUR “We Live As We Dream, Alone” from Return the Gift (CD, Album, Rock, 2005) on UMC Mercury V2 International
Throbbing Gristle “Dead On Arrival” from D.O.A. The Third and Final Report of Throbbing Gristle (Remastered) (MP3, Album, Private, 2011) on Industrial Records Ltd.
Dead Can Dance “Black Sun (Remastered)” from Aion (Remastered) (CD, Album, World, 2007) on 4AD (UK)
Cabaret Voltaire “Sly Doubt” from Red Mecca (MP3, Album, Rock, 1981) on Mute Artists (USA)
Pram “Blue” from Helium (MP3, Album, Rock)
Elsa Popping And Her Pixieland Band “Java Martienne” from Delirium In Hi-Fi (CD, Album, Jazz, 2010) on SINETONE AMR
Grand Mal “The Final "D" in Grand is not Pronounced” from Grand Mal (CD, Album, Jazz) on Barely Auditable Records (USA) Local
Sheila Chandra “ABoneCroneDrone 2” from ABoneCroneDrone (CD, Album, World, 1996) on Real World Records
Phil Thornton & Hossam Ramzy “The Land of the Pharaohs (Zaar Rhythm)” from Eternal Egypt (CD, Album, World, 1996) on New World Music
Andrea Centazzo “Clarinet Quartet (I Mov.)” from Clarinet Quartet (I Mov.) (MP3, Single, Classical)
Andrea Centazzo “Clarinet Quartet (II Mov.)” from Clarinet Quartet (II Mov.) (MP3, Single, Classical)
Andrea Centazzo “Clarinet Quartet (III Mov.)” from Clarinet Quartet (III Mov.) (MP3, Single, Classical)
Edmund Welles “I.Z.T.” from Tooth & Claw (CD, Album, Rock, 2007) on Zeroth Law (USA) Local
Ghost in the House “Stormville” from Ghost In the House (CD, Album, Other, 2007) on Edgetone Records (USA) Local
Alla Francesca “Adiu, Adiu, Dous Dame (Virelai)” from Francesco Landini and Italian Ars Nova (CD, Album, Classical, 1992)
Inner Ear Brigade “Forgotten Planet” from Rainbro (CD, Album, Rock, 2012) Local
Tezeta Band “Nostalgia” from Ethiopiques Volume 4: Ethio Jazz & Musique Instrumentale 196 (MP3, Album, Jazz)
Jack O' The Clock “First Of The Year” from How Are We Doing And Who Will Tell Us? (MP3, Album, Rock, 2011) on Jack O' The Clock Local
DJ Spooky “Gnossienne (Satie)” from Collected Ambient Tracks '94-'05 (MP3, Album, Other, 2005) on Synchronic
Del Sol String Quartet “Quartet No. 1 for Strings in One Movement” from Antheil: The Complete Works for String Quartet (CD, Album, Classical, 2005) on Other Minds (USA) Local
Oceansize “Women Who Love Men Who Love Drugs” from Effloresce (MP3, Album, Rock, 2003) on Beggars Banquet (UK)
Ebola Soup “(George Martin's) Feelin' Logy” from Ebola Soup (7 Inch, EP, Rock, 1995) on Community Challenged Local
The Scaramanga Six “Like an Insect” from CURSED (MP3, Album, Rock, 2011) on Wrath Records
Clannad “The Wild Cry” from Macalla (CD, Album, World, 1985) on rca records label
William D Drake “Me Fish Bring” from The Rising of the Lights (MP3, Album, Other, 2011) on Onomatopoeia (UK)
Slowdive “WAVES” from Just for a Day (MP3, Album, Rock, 2007) on Slowdive
Autechre “MONTREAL” from Amber (MP3, Album, Other, 1994) on Warp Records

KUSF In Exile 09.17.12 9-10 PM Raggabass Radio DJ Dub Gabriel

2. EPROM- Regis Chillbin
3. Rannking Levy- Mad Man Style
4. DREAD FOXX/BUKKHA- Jah Bless The Jobless
5. Wayne Jarrett- Every Tongue Shall Tell
6. Roots Radics- Jacket Dub
8. DREADSQUAD/NATALIE STORM- Beat That Chest (Jstar remix)
10. JING BONG TING/TOP CAT- Drunken Master
11. ROOMMATE- Pon Mi Head (feat Lutan Fyah - Dubsworth remix)
12. MUNGOS HI FI- New York Boogie (feat Ranking Levy)
14. SOLO BANTON- Kung Fu Master
15.  Damian Marley & Skrillex- Make It Bun Dem (Process Rebel Remix)