KUSF 01.03.11 3-6 PM DJ Stereo Steve

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

3:30 - 4

sounds of siam comp - tracks 1&2
acid mother's temple - brainstorm
gaucho - avalon
sugarhill gang - rapper's delight
kmfdm - piggybank

4 - 5
johnny johnson and his bandwagon - mr tambourine man

international hello - someone's coming
mickey and the soul generation - iron leg
sun ra - call for all demons
oneida vs konono no.1
spinal tap - stonehenge

catalyst - a country song
the microscopic septet - bye ya
kurtis blow - the breaks
cold cave - cursed by the cross
mystery twin - back in time for tea
agent ribbons - i'm all right

apache - bad kids
weekend - coma summer
pentagram - broken vows
bardo pond - lord of light
o0o00 - burnout eyess

johnny thunders - you can't put your arms around a memory
pink floyd - corporal clegg
cream - what a bringdown
grandmaster flash -the message

dave douglas - creature

KUSF 01.03.11 Noon-3 PM DJ Cathy Cohn

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

4th Hour

KUSF 01.03.11 10 AM-Noon DJ Jantine B

1st Hour

2nd Hour

KUSF 01.03.11 6-10 AM Pete Accident's Box Of Records DJ Pete Accident

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

4th Hour

brides of funkenstein -- when you're gone
syl johnson -- come on sock it to me
caetano veloso -- if you hold a stone
the gospel singers -- noah found grace

roedelius -- mein freund farouk/mutee
heldon -- perspective 1
reuber -- ring ring
deathly fighter -- depth charge/heat

this heat -- horizontal hold
the happiness boys -- in native tongues
tone set -- out out!

chromatics -- i want your love
james 'blood' ulmer -- interview
rova -- sport
steve reich -- 2x5 pt 3

the good ones -- sara
the casual dots -- hooded
trumans water -- aroma of gina arnold
thomas jefferson slave apartments -- negative guest list
the bassholes -- rout

eric dolphy -- 245
roy montgomery -- pressed bloom

david qualey -- sunset
two gospel keys -- i can't feel at home in this world anymore
sexteto bolona -- te prohibido el cabaret
sol hoopii -- in ma-la-ka-mo-ka-la
shirley collins & the albion country band -- claudy banks

dollar brand -- tintiyana, first part
john surman -- walrus
chico freeman -- kings of mali
michael hurley -- penguins

the bats -- holiday 
the bats -- castle lights
14 iced bears -- come get me
purling hiss -- porch dude/slight return
scaredy cat -- permanent green light, part one
stereolab -- ABC (the multitudes)

KUSF 01.03.11 3-6 AM DJ Moondoggie

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

Shred The Gnar w/ Moondoggie

The Chandelles | El Gato
Grass Roots | Let's Live For Today
The Kinks | David Watts
The Mothers of Invention | The Return of the Son of Monster Magnet

The Leaves | Hey Joe
Tirogo | Tirogo
Rev. Johnny L Jones | He Didn't Have to Do It but He Did
Group Inerane | Golf

Public Image Ltd. | Albatross
Funkadelic | Can You Get to That
The Supremes | Love is like an Itching In My Heart
The Welders | Baby Don't Go
oOOoOo | Sedsumting

The Beach Boys | Frosty the Snowman
Blank Dogs | Goes By
Cold Cave | An Understanding
Daft Punk | Derezzed

Electric Wizard | Black Mass
KIT | Cure Light Wounds
The Creation | Making Time
☨☨☨ Kenny Rogers & The First Edition | I Just Checked In ☨☨☨
Buzzcocks | Ever Fallen In Love

Joy Division | Interzone
Tricky | Black Steel
△△△ Daily Horoscope / PSA Announcement - CANCER (June 21-July 23) △△△

Michael Jackson | Pretty Young Thing
Belle & Sebastian | Come On Sister
Weekend | Youth Haunts
My Bloody Valentine | What You Want

The Seeds | Can't Seem to Make You Mine
The Ramones | Chinese Rock
John Lennon | I Found Out
Tangerine Dream | Ricochet Pt. 1

Orange Juice | Rip It Up
Bob Dylan | On The Road Again
Otis Redding | (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Trawler Bylatch | Initial Melody
Brian Eno | Horse
Agent Ribbons | I'm Alright
Dead Kennedys | California Uber Allies

Sam the Sham | Wooly Bully
The Cure | Lovecats
The Grateful Dead | Truckin'

KUSF 01.03.10 Midnight-3 AM DJ Taco

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

You Tube Videos of the Protests to STOP The Sale OF KUSF FM, 90.3 San Francisco

Chinese Star Radio Supports KUSF 90.3FM

San Francisco hates USC's guts for killing

Jet Supports KUSF 90.3FM

Daniel Hooper Supports KUSF

DJ Sky Supports KUSF

Farinaz Agharabi Supports KUSF

Irwin Supports KUSF

Seniors and the Disabled Support KUSF

Galaxie Chamber Emerald Koolant Supports KUSF

Damin Esper Supports KUSF

JJ Holingsworth Supports KUSF

San Francisco Supports KUSF

Phenix Catsinger Supports KUSF

Ty Segall - Song #1

Ty Segall - Song #2


FEB 1, 2011: Ross Mirkarimi Speaks Out

Shame on USF chant at Save KUSF City Hall rally

Shame on USF Save KUSF at Presentation Theater

Irwin Swirnoff and Noella Teele on Soapbox Derby (January 20, 2011)

SF Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi introduces Save KUSF resolution.mp4

SF Supervisor Eric Mar supports KUSF resolution, waves t-shirt.

Save KUSF Resolution Introduced by SF Board of Supervisors Pt. 2 - Tuesd...

KUSF Supporters Speak at City Hall Protest

KUSF Has Been Sold-Volunteers Seek Answers

KUSF Protest at City Hall

Ross Mirkarimi Speaks at KUSF Protest

Protest Closure of KUSF

Community Save kusf protest in USF Presentation Theater

KUSF 01.02.11 10-12 PM Locals Only Music Show DJ Nicole D

San Francisco has always been home to one of the most varied and vibrant music scenes on Planet Earth. Every week our rotating crew of KUSF DJs takes you on a two hour survey of diverse and up-front local sounds for your listening edification.

1st Hour

2nd Hour

Soft Pink Truth - Out of Step
Glaciers - Give My Regards to Hope & Prosperity
Mammatus - Dragon of the Deep, Part One
Moon Duo - Silver Bells
Sea Hags - Doghouse
Triclops! - With SARS, I'll Ride the Wind
Tragic Mulatto - Swineherd in the Tenderloin
The Fresh & Onlys - No Second Guessing
Zmirzlina - Swiss Song
Sly & the Family Stone - Love 'n Haight
Thinking Fellers - Hurricane
Jefferson Airplane - Spare Chaynge
Moby Grape - Changes
Giant Haystacks - Are We Safe Yet?
The Mall - Advantage Out
Nuisance - Nicotine
Coachwhips - Purse Peekin
Sagan - JabPun Plus
Secret Chiefs 3 - The 3
Ava Mendoza - Tennessee Waltz
Ovarian Trolley - Pockets
Flying Luttenbachers - Kkringg #2
The Residents - Would we be Alive?

KUSF 01.02.11 8-10 PM Radio Jukebox DJ Terror Bull Ted

Whatever happened to those former KUSF New Music jocks you used to listen to and bother on the air for requests and free tickets? Well, we dug 'em up and gave them two hours to express and explain themselves in music...maybe a KUSF history lesson for the hell of it.

Producer, Terrorbull Ted
DJs, Rotating Weekly

1st Hour

2nd Hour

KUSF 01.02.11 6-8 PM Spotlight The Sweet DJ Loren

1st Hour

2nd Hour

KUSF Spotlight: THE SWEET 1/2/11 with Loren & Foxy Jennifer

Set Me Free
Block Buster
The Man With The Golden Arm (Live At The Rainbow 12/21/73)
Funny Funny
Co Co
Wig Wam Bam
Alexander Graham Bell
Little Willy
Man From Mecca
Teenage Rampage
Chop Chop
Done Me Wrong All Right
Fuchs Geh Voran (The Hunters aka Scorpions)
Turn It Down
Ballroom Blitz
Action (The Hunters aka Scorpions)

Burning/Someone Else Will (Live At The Rainbow 12/21/73)
No You Don't
Flight Of The Rat (Deep Purple)
Burn On The Flame
Fox On The Run
Yesterday's Rain
Lady Starlight
Anthem No. II/Air On 'A' Tape Loop
Hard Times
She Gimme Lovin'
Love Is Like Oxygen