KUSF 05.09.10 2-8 AM Rampage Radio DJ Ron Quintana

Amanaz-Sunday Morning
Ludicra-Truth Won't Set You Free
Arcanium-Gone Away
Graves Of Valor-Locusta
Weasel Walter Septet-Invasion
Slayer-Not Of This God
Tank-Blood, Guts & Beer (demo)
Celtic Frost-Journey Into Fear (demo)
Magma-Mekanik Machine
Budgie-Crash Course In Brain Surgery
'Temple City Kazoo Orchestra-Miss You/2001/Stayin' Alive

Suicidal Tendencies-I Saw Your Mommy (Mystic demo)
Exodus-Seeds Of Hate'
Anvil Chorus-Blue Flames
Blind Illusion-Demon Master (new CD)
Orchid-Into The Sun
Green Jello-Anarchy In Bedrock
Soul Lifters-Hot, Funky & Sweaty
King Diamond-Abigail
Mercyful Fate-Satan's Fall (live 1983)
Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band-The Intro And The Outro

Brocas Helm-Ravenwreck
Scorpions-Virgin Killer
Dr. Know-Citizen Of The World
Voie De Fait-Amnesie
Motorhead-Love Me Like A Reptile
Black Sabbath-Swinging The Chain
Passive Agressive-Clump
Heathen-Fade Away
Malevolent Creation-In Cold Blood
Vader-Black To The Blind
Hate Plow-Everybody Dies

Internal Bleeding-Driven To Conquer
Green Jello-Obey The Cow God
Jungle Rot-Left For Dead
Mortuary-Killing Waves
Castigate-Moon Dust
Osage Tribe-Arrow Head
New Trolls-Corrodate
Procession-Ancera UNa Notte
La Legia Sorobanda-Todos O Ninguno
4th Level Of Existence-Metamorpho

Socrates Drank The Conium-Close The Door & Lay Down
Foodbrain-Liver Juice
Apryl Fool-Tomorrow's Child
Speed Glue & Shinki-Run & Hide
Yoya Uchida & The Flowers-Hidoriashi No Otoko
Blues Creation-
The Spades-We Sell Soul
13th Floor Elevators-Fire Engine (Gold Star Studios demo)
Roky erickson & The Aliens-Two Headed Dog
Sweet Slag-Specific
Supersiter-She Was Naked
Flying Hat Band-Seventh Plain
Clear Blue Sky-Veil Of The Vixen
Black Sugar-Viajecito
Boris & natasha-No Good Niks
Slowbone-Quicksand Dream
Bram Stoker-Extensive Corrosion

Silberbart-Chub Chub Cherry
Irish Coffee-Child
El Reloj-Camino Al Estu Cofen
Drugi Nacin-Zuti
3 Hur El-Biter Yol
Lucifer Was-Tarobas
Birth Control-Foolish Action
The Accused-I'd Love To Change The World
Painted Ship-And She Said Yes
Bwana-La Patado
The Sonics-The Witch
Dirty Wurds-Why
The Rats-The Rats Revenge
Witch-Black Tears

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