02.04.11 Save KUSF Podcast Network Stereo Steve's Apocalyptic Podcast Number Three

1st Hour

2nd Hour

So it's three weeks into the crisis and once again I am podcasting in my room at more or less the same time my radio show would normally commence.
I don't think I need to say too much about this week's apocalyptic podcast, it kinda speaks for itself.

Thanks to all who are donating, attending events, and keeping up on kusf-archives.com, savekusf.org, etc.

The next SAVEKUSF event will be a DJ night at VERTIGO (on polk street across from hemlock) with myself, Moondoggie, and Terry Dactyl, and some nice people with info, t shirts and hats, petitions, and a jar for donations. No cover.

Here's the playlist:

ty segall - live in front of city hall 02/01/11
the aggregation - city of toys and games
steve carlisle - theme from wkrp
g.i.s.m. - endless blockades for the pussyfooter

sidney crooke - march of the ants (+ talk break)

the cure - fire in cairo
desperate bicycles - a can of lemonade
television personalities - look back in anger
andre previn - executive party (+ montage)
chinese song (unknown)
the seeds - pictures and designs
the peanut butter conspiracy - dark on you now
beast - when we rise

polmo polpo - requiem for a fox
flying lizards - money (+ montage)

pro radio spot
bonnie koloc - guilty of rock and roll
gene ammons - jungle strut
leadbelly - bourgeois blues
lightnin' hopkins - please don't quit me
link wray - run chicken run

pierre henry - psyche rock (chopped up by coldcut and hex)(+ talk break)

psychomania ost - riding free
the carrie nations - sweet talking candy man
sublime - smoke two joints/we're only gonna die for our arrogance
the nu people - i'd be nowhere today
beacon street union - may I light your cigarette?
led zeppelin - communication breakdown
finch - scars on the ego (+ montage)
trans am - armed response (+ montage)
the living strings - i'm not your stepping stone (+ talk break)

Highlight the need for donations. Were 3/5 there and will need the dough by this time next week.

City Hall final meeting on Tuesday

For 33 years KUSF was an essential voice on the Bay Area FM airwaves. It featured unusually diverse, cutting edge music and a broad range of cultural programming not heard elsewhere on the dial. The university abruptly pulled the plug on the station under a $3.75 million deal that transfers KUSF's 90.3 FM frequency to classical music station KDFC, just purchased by a University of Southern California-controlled nonprofit. KDFC's old frequency, 102.1, is being taken over by rock station KUFX.

The move is part of a larger deal that still requires Federal Communications Commission approval. The organization saveKUSF is fighting to block the sale of the broadcasting rights to 90.3fm.

The university plans to make KUSF an online-only entity. KUSF enjoyed a mix of students and volunteers from the community. Community volunteers will not have a role with the on-line KUSF.

For up-to-date information and how you can help block the sale, here are several links:


Facebook Page


KUSF Archives"

02.04.11 Midnight-3 AM KALX At War With Heaven DJ The Fallen Angel w/Guest KUSF Rampage Radio DJ Loren

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

AT WAR WITH HEAVEN 2/4/11 KALX 90.7 Berkeley, CA.
Host: The Fallen Angel with Loren of RAMPAGE RADIO/KUSF

Watain-Reaping Death
Black Sabbath-Stonehenge/Disturbing The Priest
Slough Feg-Trick The Vicar
Soulburn-Feeding On Angels
Sadus-Fight Or Die (D.T.P. demo)
Motorhead-Waiting for the Snake
Angel Witch-Extermination Day
Tytan-Blind Men And Fools
Tygers Of Pan Tang-Wild Catz (re-recorded)

Bible of the Devil-Womanize
Dorsal Atlantica-Violencia e Real
Immortal-Storming Through Red Clouds
Heathen-Arrows Of Agony
The Obsessed-Field Of Hours
Electric Wizard-Dunwich
Sacred Oath-Battle Cry

Death Angel-Truce
Brainoil-One Leaf Untouched
Memento Mori-The Caravan Of Souls
Trouble-Revelation (Life Or Death)
Manilla Road-The Veils Of Negative Existence
Bulimia Banquet-Loadhead Destructor

Hellhammer-The Third Of The Storms (Satanic Rites demo)
Cirith Ungol-Atom Smasher
Sweet Savage-Into The Night
Anvil Chorus-Digital Mousetrap (Thought Crimes demo)
Anvil Chorus-Deadly Weapons
Sacred Blade-The Alien (demo)
Skupina F.R. Cecha-Into The Void

KUSF 09.06.10 11-Midnight Guitar Journeys DJ Brian Dowdy

Guitar Journeys champions diverse traditions of guitar music from around the world, including classical, fingerstyle, jazz, bossa nova, and genre-defying contemporary compositions.  Featuring the ancient music of 16th century lutenists, fresh compositions by today's living artists, and just about everything in between, Guitar Journeys is the Bay Area's portal into a spectacular universe of guitar music. Email guitarjourneys@yahoo.com, and tune in Monday nights at 11pm.

Producer: Brian Dowdy
Hosts: Brian Dowdy, Theresa Calpotura, DJ Tuggy, and Teja Gerken

“Guitar Journeys” with Giacomo Fiore – September 6, 2010

Giacomo joined me Monday night to talk about his work with the guitar and play music from his upcoming concert program. Interview portions can be heard in between the musical selections listed below.

1. Fairwell to Stromness, by Peter Maxwell Davies (Giacomo Fiore, from the CD “Genteel”)

2. Selections from Hill Runes, by Peter Maxwell Davies (live)

3. “Flight of the Lovers through the Valley of Echoes,” from El Decameron Negro, by Leo Brouwer (live)

4. “The Leaning Lady,” from Scenes from Nek Chand, by Lou Harrison (David Tanenbaum)

5. “Passagaglia” and “Slow and Quiet,” from Nocturnal, by Benjamin Britten (live)

6. A Scot’s Tune, anonymous (Giacomo Fiore, from the CD “Genteel”)