01.06.10 KUSF 9-12 PM DJ Schmeejay


1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

beak : ham green
zevious : where's the captain?
hanagar liberty baptist church : china
xtc : no thugs in our house
OOIOO : uda hah
roxanne shanti : bite this
squarepusher : problem child
bare wires : runaway heart
the present : press play
mark kozelek : finally
tagaq : force

vic chesnutt - r.i.p.
(november 12, 1964 – december 25, 2009)

vic chesnutt : latent blatant
vic chesnutt : bug
vic chesnutt : withering
vic chesnutt : sponge
vic chesnutt : where were you
vic chesnutt : lucinda williams
vic chesnutt : florida
vic chesnutt : stupid preoccupations
vic chesnutt : panic pure
vic chesnutt : steve willoughby
vic chesnutt : west of rome
vic chesnutt : big huge valley
vic chesnutt : soggy tongues

uriah heep : sweet freedom
eartha kitt : i wantcha around
occult chemistry : occult chemistry
bobby sherman : easy come, easy go
chll pll : now, then and when
this mortal coil : you and your sister
neal morgan : to the breathing world
the reaction : it's about time
the pastels : nothing to be done
the mills brothers : you only hurt the one you love
tijuana panthers : red headed girl